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The bond of love between humans and animals is expressed by this story.

"When Her Little Dog Cried and Said Good-bye".
By Mr. Harry Oakes, Search and Rescue Coordinator & Dog Handler.

On 08-06-96, we flew two K-9 SAR Dog teams to Tennessee, to try and find a kidnapped victim. The lead dog handler, Harry E. Oakes Jr. with Search and Rescue (SAR) Dog Valorie, took time from his work and donated his own money, time, and skills to assist on this case.

When we arrived at the little girl's home, we found a little brown pregnant dachshund named Mudpuddle. The sadness in her eyes said it all. Her heart was aching and broken and if you looked deep into her sad eyes, you could see the tears. You could feel the emptiness and loneliness in her heart as her best friend, Jackie, was gone, taken by a monster, forever. A monster named "R" had stolen her 9 year old partner named Jackie from the front yard, savagely raping her and then strangling her to death. Then the monster buried the little girl in a cold, wet, shallow, dirt grave.

When we started our search for the little girl, our hearts were filled with sadness when our dogs tracked the victim to the suspect's car, and then to where he performed his horrible acts of terror. When our dogs gave the death alerts in the suspect's vehicle, we knew that Jackie would never return to Mudpuddle, or her family alive.

When we were all done with our search, I was sitting down with my dog, Valorie, wiping the tears from my eyes. I was looking into the sky trying to find some answers and comfort in what we do, from God above. I felt a nudge, a soft gentle nudge of a little scared dog with a broken heart. She was asking me if she could share her pain. In my heart as I looked deep into her big brown sad eyes, I could feel that she was asking me if her best friend was coming home. I pulled her close, gave her a long hug, and I kissed her gently on her head. I sadly told her that her best friend would never be coming home again and that "It wasn't her fault at all, her best friend Jackie was dead" and I reassured Mudpuddle that we shared in her loss and sorrow.

You see, when I talked to Jackie's mother, I was told that Mudpuddle never left Jackie's side. If Jackie got a bath, so did Mudpuddle. If Jackie went to school, Mudpuddle was there, waiting to walk her home. When Jackie went to bed. Mudpuddle was lying there asleep next to Jackie on the bed, protecting her from the night. They were inseparable. When Jackie disappeared that day, Mudpuddle had been at her side and was forced by "R" to be separated from Jackie.

Mudpuddle was found by the family, police, and searchers, lying right at the spot where "R" abducted little Jackie. And where he had driven off with Jackie, leaving poor little Mudpuddle all alone in the rain, shivering and cold, crying for her Jackie. Mudpuddle wouldn't leave the spot from where her partner, Jackie, was taken.

Mudpuddle was never to see her friend alive again. When I saw the sadness in her heart and in her eyes, I held her close and reassured her that she did everything she could, and this wasn't her fault. As I held Mudpuddle gently in my arms and as I talked with her, a peace seemed to come over her heart and Mudpuddle gently licked my face and laid her head on my shoulder and whined. As the tears streamed down my face, I could feel a little broken heart next to mine. I had to go, and as I walked my own SAR Dog Valorie to the van, I looked back at Mudpuddle and bent down one more time and gave her a hug and a kiss and told her she was a good girl.

Mudpuddle walked towards the house, paused and looked back towards me as if to say: "Thank you for doing what you did for Jackie and me." She then walked to Jackie's bedroom, lay at the entrance of the door and looked out to the woods and roads where Jackie disappeared, never to return again. She only moves to go to the bathroom and then she returns to Jackie's room, waiting.

My Letter to Jackie
Dear Jackie,
We did our best to find you, my partner and I, along with your dog Mudpuddle and our search dog Valorie. Your mom and dad searched day and night, along with Billy Hale, an NMCLC Investigator, and a lot of good people from your home town. We were able to find enough evidence to put the monster that hurt you away forever. I just want you to know that though we never met you. You're a very lucky and special girl. You have a very special friend waiting for you. Ask God if you can come say good-bye to Mudpuddle? She is pregnant and when she has puppies, this will give her someone to love and hold dear. Jackie, Mudpuddle wanted me to say she loves you and misses you and she just wanted to say GOOD-BYE. Your friends from Search and Rescue, Harry with Search dog Valorie.

This is why Harry and SAR Dog Valorie do what they do. "To bring the kids home so the family can have closure". If you ever wish to assist I.K.9.S.A.R.S. with our efforts contact us at our web site: or, email us at:
International K-9 Search and Rescue Services P.O. Box# 1472, Longview, Washington 98632 USA.
Thank you
Harry and SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1.

Cadaver Training for you and your search dog

International K-9 SAR Services
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Longview, Washington 98632 USA.
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“Service you can count on - Integrity you can trust”.

Cadaver Scent Training.

Recommendation: Don't use real cadaver scent from an individual deceased person until later on in your training. It can be too confusing for the beginning search dogs.

Scent Tubes. Make five scent tubes. Obtain five PCV tubes. 6” in length, ¼ to ½” in width. Capped at both ends. A minimum of 8 - 1/8 to 1/16th of an inch holes drilled in various sides of the tube. Then number the tubes from # 1 though #5.

Once the tubes are completed, boil them in hot water to clean your scent tubes. Once the scent tubes are dry, take a clean syringe with a 22G needle and inject a 4x4 sterile gauze pad or sterile cotton with pseudo scent formula# 1, or # 2. (or) You may also put some unwashed 50 strands of human hair in the scent tube. Make sure they are from one person only, in each scent tube.

In the beginning of your training, keep the scent tubes on the surface; don't bury them for the first 10 search-training missions. This will help your dog learn to use their eyes and nose to find what you are looking for. You may also obtain real human teeth from a dentist and place a single tooth in each scent tube.

Starting your training. Introduce each search dog to the item before they have to go search for it. Give the tube a HUMAN Name. "SAR Dog Valorie this is Debbie, let's go find Debbie".
Put your dog on a down stay and go hide the item under some grass or leaves, or under a pile of rubble. Let the dog see you hide the items each time.

Allow each dog to make a positive find 10 out of 10 times. Get the dog to perform numerous refinds before you give them their reward toy. Once the dog has the idea that he / she is looking for the scents origin, and not a live human on the surface, they'll begin to understand the concepts.

Next, have someone go hide the scent tubes. Let the scent age for 48 hours and then have the search dog work an air scent search pattern and mark each find. Dig up the scent tubes in front of the dog and give the search dog their reward toy on each successful find.

My command for Valorie is "Clear the area". If I don't have a scent article for the missing person. She will then show me everyone who's live, dead, buried or on the surface. It just takes practice and watch your wind currents. Make a diagram for each search. Always make sure the training area is safe for you and your dog. No hazards which may injure either of you. (example broken glass, sharp sticks, wires, etc.). Make sure you work your search dog into the wind. Watch your dog work the Scent Cone.

How to use Pseudo corpse scent formula. 30 days and Post 30 Days.
1). Put on some rubber gloves. Make sure you are wearing safety glasses and do this in a well
ventilated area.


2). Break open an Pseudo scent formula container. Next, draw up the formula into a Syringe.
Inject one capsule of pseudo scent into some cotton or a sterile 4 x 4 gauze pad.
Place the scent into a scent tube.

3). Bury the scent tube in a rubble pile, or under some dirt about two inches. Then return with your
search dog.

Give your dog the "Go search command". For my search dog Valorie I use the command, "Clear the area" when I want her to find everyone out there. When she finds someone alive, she'll stop and dig and bark. Her tail and ears will be up and she will be very happy.

When she finds someone dead, she’ll be very sad. She'll stop, dig, whine, and bark. Her tail will be down. She'll physically get upset at the scent of death. Just by watching her body language I know whether the person is alive or dead under the site.

Carry your dog’s reward toy and hang it from your side on a small rope. When the dog makes a find of someone buried, stop your dog, give her / him their reward toy, and then make her / him refind the victim.

Once this is done, give your dog their reward toy. Repeat this with each training. She / he can't get the reward toy until she / he shows you where the victim is by digging and barking. Or sitting and barking where she / he smells the victim(s).

Try this. If you need any further help, please feel free to contact me and I'll assist you.

Test: The search dog must be able to find the hidden scent tubes with pseudo scent, human hair, or human teeth, 10 out of 10 times, hidden by a separate tester. The dog is passed as a cadaver dog.

Another way of watching for a real “Death Alert” with your search dog is go to an old grave site where the person was buried before 1915.

They didn’t use preservatives before that era. This will be a real deceased person in the ground. Watch how your dog alerts as he / she approaches the grave site.

Please be respectful of the person buried at the site. Don’t let your dog dig at a real grave.

Obey all laws regarding dogs in cemeteries etc.

I.K.9.S.A.R.S. Harry’s Yahoo 360 blog re SAR.

Photos of Harry’s search dog teams in action.

Before your child comes up missing, identify them. If a child is missing, send us the information. We search for missing children and adults.

Write us at and we’ll send your our free child id kit.
If you hear of anyone who needs our service for a missing person or lost pet, please feel free to pass on our web site info.
Visit our web site for more information.

Before Disaster Strikes

Before Disaster Strikes.

Many disasters that respond to there’s a strong push to rescue the people and many times, the pets are left to die. Example in NY City during 911, the police refused pet owners and rescuers to enter the outlying stricken areas to rescue the pets until almost four days after the initial disaster. Many pets were found dead.

Here’s what you can do to help rescuers find your pet alive.
1). ID YOUR PET. See our section on photos, hair samples, DNA, etc.

2). Mark the outside of your home with a sticker that tells firefighters, rescuers how many pets and what kind are in the house. Example 1 dog 2 cats. Sticker in the window closest to the door.

3). Find a neighbor or someone who you trust who knows your pets, and give them a key to your home. Give them specific directions on what to do during a disaster with your Pet(s).

4). If you are going on vacation and leaving your pet behind with a pet sitting service or having someone come check on your pet, always leave emergency vet, and contact information. This information should contain info on how to contact you during your trip,
what the person should know regarding which vet to take your pet to.

What specific medical history does your pet have, and what medications is your pet on.
The nearest family or friend who will take physical custody should you be injured, killed or if a disaster strikes while you are away.

Remember ALWAYS check pet sitter references. Make sure they are licensed, bonded, insured and know how to contact search and rescue should your pet escape.

5). Make up a missing poster of your pet before you leave. With contact #’s of friends, family. Include several different photos of your pet, a reward, contact #, and specific directions to the person in charge of the search. (While you’re gone).

If you travel with your pet you should make up the poster before you leave so if your pet gets lost or is stolen while you are on your trip, this info is ready to print.


The American Red Cross will not allow your pet in the emergency shelter. So it’s up to you to take responsibility, pre plan, tent, food, sleeping bag, water, for yourself and your pets. Should include kennels, food, water, first aid supplies for your pet for a minimum of one week. So if a fire, flood, other disaster strikes and you are ordered to leave your home, take your pets with you. It may be days or weeks before a rescue team is in the area to search the homes to find survivors. If you love them, don’t leave them.
I.K.9.S.A.R.S. Harry’s Yahoo 360 blog re SAR.

Photos of Harry’s search dog teams in action.

Before your child comes up missing, identify them. If a child is missing, send us the information. We search for missing children and adults.

Write us at and we’ll send your our free child id kit.
If you hear of anyone who needs our service for a missing person or lost pet, please feel free to pass on our web site info.
Visit our web site for more information.

Awards for Harry Oakes K9 SAR

International K-9 Search and Rescue Services.
P.O.Box# 1472, Longview, Washington 98632 USA.
Office (503) 705-0258. Office: (360) 414-8093.

My Accomplishments and Awards.
In the following pages, you will see documentation of my credibility.
Photos of actual searches, letters from County, City, State, and Federal Government agencies. From Parents to Presidents,
for the work I’ve accomplished.

Growing up, I traveled the world as an Air Force Dependant. We lived in Oregon, Alaska, Japan.

In 1974, I graduated from Parkrose Senior High School in NE Portland, Oregon.
During my senior year, I received a letterman’s award for the wrestling team. I also achieved my First Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do World Form.

1974 Harry was the first Law Enforcement Sheriff's cadet to graduate from a Board On Police Standards and Training Certified Police (Reserve) Academy. Graduated from the Multnomah County Sheriff's Reserve Police Academy. Harry was also awarded the M.C.S.O. letter of accommodation for saving a victim during brutal knife attack. He arrested all three of the suspects after saving the victim's life. Harry at age 17 in Sheriff’s Dept. Rope Rescue Team.

Involved in Law Enforcement for 10 years. Involved in Search and Rescue since 1972. Volunteered as an Emergency Medical Tech. since 1976.

1974 US ARMY Military Police. Logged 182 sport parachute jumps. Jump master Certificate through the United States Parachute Association. Served as an MP at Fort Ord, Ca. with the 7th Division Combat MP Co. during the end of Vietnam. Also served overseas with the 165th MP company. Obtained an honorable discharge Sept. 1977.

1979. As a deputy sheriff with Morrow Co. Harry coordinated a winter rescue operation during a major winter snowstorm. The elk hunter had been shot by his hunting partner by accident; the victim was in deep shock and had lost a lot of body heat and blood. We The temperature was - 30 degrees F, below zero, with over 5 feet of snow. Harry and his rescue team worked to save an elk hunter's life. treated, and extracted the 300lb. victim. It took over 9 hours traveling 5 miles in rugged wilderness in deep snow to effect the rescue. Harry also won a letter of Valor, from Sheriff Larry Fetch for pulling an unconscious boy out of a fully involved car fire, saving the boys life. Seconds later, the tires exploded on the car from the fire. Harry also volunteered in the local services.
Heppner, Oregon Pioneer Memorial Hospital Emergency room and on the volunteer ambulance rescue squad.
1981 Received a letter of thanks for presentations made to the Boy Scouts of America.

1982. Worked for Care Ambulance as an EMT supervisor. He obtained his state EMT#2 certificate and also volunteered to teach the public, CPR and First aid.
Harry became heavily involved in Mountain Rescue Training.
Harry flying on one of his many SAR and EMT rescue missions.

1982-1983. Washington County Sheriffs office, Reserve Dept. A paid Reserve Deputy Sheriff. Under the direction of Lt. Jim Spinden. Harry became active in teaching the local law enforcement, Defensive Tactics through the Board on Police Standards and Training. Harry was the first certified state instructor for the teaching of the Monadnock PR-24 Defensive Baton. Sheriff Probstfield issued Harry a letter of recognition for his outstanding work in law enforcement.

Deputy Oakes posing with his patrol vehicle.

Dep. Oakes

Washington County Sheriff’s Dept.

Photo of Harry in Federal Law Enforcement Uniform before his medical retirement.

Photo of Harry with his first search dog Kodi.

1986. As a part of the Portland Mountain Rescue Team, Harry was a part of the rescue effort for the Oregon Episcopal School climbing accident where 2 adults and 9 children lost their lives. , Harry was very frustrated with the outcome of this mission and saw a need for better education in outdoor safety and also the need for proper use of search dogs in the state of Oregon and S.W. Washington. Harry started both programs.

Harry developed the Help Us Find You (H.U.F.Y.) Educational Search & Rescue Safety programs. Since 1986, Harry has with his search dogs have taught over 2900 Search & Rescue safety programs, locally and world wide. The program has documented (16) SAVES of children's lives so far. Harry teaches the children and families in school assemblies, camp programs, churches, corporate lectures, and local safety fairs and in wilderness programs.

Harry also teaches through local TV Programs and on radio talk shows, how to: Stay safe, be prepared and how to stay alive if they should ever get lost. Harry also lectures to the community schools, local parks and recreation agencies and through many community service organizations. Winner of the KPTV

"For Kids Sake Award" this has been a very successful program. The program also includes: How to: Help searchers find the kids and adults, let the kids use basic survival tools such as: a space blanket, plastic whistle, signal mirror, glow lite sticks, food, water etc. Harry also teaches the children and families, city survival, block home protection and staying away from gangs, guns, drugs and "Stranger Danger". Harry developed a program for Disaster Preparedness called, "Duck, Cover and Hold".

Aug. 1986, Harry along with another Mtn Rescue instructor started the SAR DOG Team of Oregon D.O.G.S. (Dogs Organized for Ground Search and Rescue).

Jan. 1988 Harry founded the Mountain Wilderness Search Dogs. A non-profit International response team for missing PEOPLE and PETS.

1988 Received letter of thanks from Skamania County Director of Emergency Management Nancy Sourek.

Harry and SAR Dog Ranger along with Jim Burgett with SAR Dog Brandy flew down and assisted California Dept of Emergency Services in the Northridge, Ca. earthquake. Photo of family sifting through charred remains for their personal belongings.

Photo of Kaiser Hospital destroyed by earthquake.

1989 Jefferson Award Winner. Issued by KOIN 6 TV Channel 6 NEWS along with a letter from President of the United States.

1989 Nathan Madsen. Nathan was missing for 9 months in Chemult, Ore. Lost during a winter storm deep in the Deschutes National Forest, no previous search teams found anything. We repeatedly offered to assist the Klamath Co. Sheriff’s Dept. in their search and they refused our offers.

MWSD teams finally made contact with Nathan’s family and brought closure to their private search in helping their family find Nathan's remains in less then 48 hours after we started our own private search efforts.

Over 2000 searchers had been through the same area and the Klamath Co. S.O. claimed no one could find any remains in snow. (What happened to all the avalanche training we do?).

Harry coordinated the private search that ended with Harry’s searcher Bill Galowski with his search dog Lady finding of Nathan’s remains.

Nathan’s parents still today, refuse to give Harry’s team credit for bringing closure to their son’s case. Even though it’s officially documented through the Oregon State Police Files. See Bill Galwaski’s statements and OSP report.

1990 Received a letter of thanks from the Chief of Police in Battleground, Washington for his teams assistance in locating and saving the life of a Alzheimer patient in their city.

1990 Harry's search dog "Ranger" awarded the Oregon Pet Hall of Fame award. Ranger's Footprints placed in the entrance to the Portland Zoo.

1990, Harry and SAR Dog "Ranger" won the M.W.S.D. Medal of Valor and the N.A.S.A.R.'s National Higgins-Langley Swift Water Rescue Award, for saving the lives of two drowning children in Pacific Ocean near Seaside, Oregon.

1990 Philippine Earthquake, Harry and his Search Dog "Ranger" found 59 victims dead and assisted in treating over 287 injured victims. President Corazono Aquino personally thanked Mr. Oakes and his search dog "Ranger" for their brave rescue efforts in the Philippines. 1992 Received letter of recognition from Governor Barbara Roberts complimenting him on his work in Search and Rescue

1992 letter from President Bush recognizing my volunteer efforts nationally in SAR work.

1992 Winner of the National Golden Rule Volunteer Award from JC Penny.

1992 Letter of recognition award from the National Missing Children's locate Center for our efforts in finding missing, kidnapped children.

1993 Received a letter of recognition congratulating him from Sheriff R. E. Steele Polk Co. Sheriff's Office.

1993 Letter of Appreciation received from Mr. Karl Tesch, Director of emergency management Skamania County for MWSD SAR Work.

1993 Letter of Certificate of Recognition from Sheriff Gary Lucas Clark Co. Sheriff's Office Vancouver, Washington for MWSD SAR work.

1994 Letter of Appreciation from the Mazama’s Executive Council for his leadership and teaching skills.

1994 Letter of Appreciation presented by US Coast Guard to Harry Oakes and MWSD for their efforts in SAR and education. Photo of Harry and Ranger with U.S.C.G. .during Boaters Awareness Days.

Photo of Harry and Ranger being hoisted by rescue helo after winter rescue on Mt. Hood.

1994 Clark Co. Brian Harris. MWSD teams located victim in original search area after Search One K-9 Detection, Clark Co. SO and SAR and SSSAR and NCEMS and bloodhound teams failed to locate him. We found him DOA in search area in less then 15 minutes. One of the original searcher's flagging ribbons was 10 feet from his head.

1994 Dela Carlson Search.
SAR Dog Ranger and Harry bring closure to the Carlson Family in Clatsop Co.
After Clatsop Co. Sheriff’s Dept. and State SAR Cert. Dog teams failed to find Dela’s remains.

Harry and Ranger entered the search privately and found enough remains for the State of Oregon Medical Examiner’s office to sign a presumptive Death Certificate.

1994 Harry's partner and world famous Search Dog "Ranger" died Nov. 24, 1994 in Harry's arms. "Ranger" was the first of Harry's SAR dogs to hold an International SAR Dog Record of 370 missions with 157 documented finds. "Ranger" is gone but not forgotten and is dearly missed by everyone who got to know his loving gentle personality. "Ranger, Rest In Peace". You are America's HERO.

1995 Letter of Thank You from the Camas City Police Dept. Chief Michael Slyter after we located "Billy Talent" remains after he had drowned in the Washougal River.

Photo of Harry and Valorie with US Navy Whidby Island searching for Deb. Palmer’s remains.

1995, Harry with his SAR DOG" Valorie" along Becky Nimmo with SAR Dog "Quigley", and Charlie Irving, traveled to the Oklahoma City Bombing Disaster and responded privately as part of the rescue effort. We were successful in assisting the local fire department in finding 10 buried victims in the rubble, 4 were children. We also performed Grief Therapy at St. Anthony's Hospital.

Even though we donated our time and efforts, faced the dangers of the search in such horrible conditions. Our successful findings were documented by the FBI, The Oklahoma City Police and Fire Dept officials, ATF, and FEMA. Certain members of California FEMA teams bad mouthed Harry’s teams efforts to make their Cal. Teams look less inadequate when the Cal. Teams failed to find the victims that Harry and his teams located. Harry’s response was ,”Who cares who finds the victims? Aren’t we all supposed to be working together to help bring closure for the families.
Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial Quilt. Note photo of Harry and Valorie in upper left Diamond area.

Photo from Ground Zero Oklahoma City Bombing. Taken by Harry Oakes during his search with Valorie of building.

M.W.S.D. & I.K.9.S.A.R.S. Teams have also assisted in disasters all around the world. Armenia, Philippines, Dominican Republic, Turkey, Honduras, South America, Canada, Mexico, Japan, USA. Iraq, Iran. Equidor.

Harry has been featured with his famous Rescue Dog, SAR Dog "Kodi, Ranger, and SAR Dog "Valorie" on the TV shows: PM Magazine, Rescue-911, AM Northwest, 60 minutes, 48 hours, 20-20, and many other TV specials. He has also been featured in star roles in movies "A land for all seasons", story about mountain rescue and survival. Also "Bring em back". Story about missing children.

1995 Letter from County Commissioner B. Stein, presented by Mayor Vera Katz, City of Portland, County of Multnomah for Volunteer award. Presented to both Harry and his sar dog "Valorie".

1997 Linn Co. Missing 4 yo child Elijah Kelt Missing x 4 days. Harry's dog Valorie tracked Elijah's remains in less then 40 minutes" after the sheriff with their local certified search dogs failed to find anything after four days of searching.

1997 Mr. Oakes formed the first for profit International K-9 Search and Rescue team called: International K-9 Search & Rescue Services & Consulting Firm. His business taught outdoor safety and survival. Also taught rock climbing, rock rescue, kayaking, water rescue, winter and summer survival, avalanche awareness, back packing, camping, search and rescue, K-9 search dogs, urban safety lectures, disaster preparedness, and stranger danger. His team also works search and rescue missions all over the world relating to missing people and missing pets.

Harry donates an average of $145,000 dollars in services locally and internationally per year in services to help those during their time of need.

1997 Letter of Thanks from Rodger Zegg, Wanda Ellis for tracking their missing son, "Abe Ellis" after he had been missing for 14 days. Harry with his famous search dog Valorie located Abe's remains in 81 feet of water in the Willamette River, after the Portland Police and local search teams refused to help the family. River patrol from Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office Superviser Dennis Fitz stated,”Harry’s search dog was 100% accurate in that we found Abe’s remains right where he tracked Abe to in the Willmatte River.”

1997 Became an active member of the American Red Cross Disaster Team, through the Oregon Trail Chapter. The ARC has never supported SEARCH and RESCUE or the rescue efforts for pets.

1998 Darke Co. Ohio, Lynn Topp, Kidnapped, murdered missing person. SAR Dog Valorie located the site where Lynn's body was buried five feet deep on a pig farm. Her face had and fingers had been cut away from her body, her remains wrapped in plastic, soaked in gasoline. SAR Dog Valorie and Harry located her remains in two days of searching, after numerous search dog teams locally had failed to find any trace of her.

1998 We responded to Tegucigalpa, Honduras to assist in SAR regarding Hurricane Mitch. I.K.9.S.A.R.S. was the, "only search dog team from the USA to respond". Harry and SAR Dog Valorie and Michelle Keating with SAR Dog Yogi each paid our own way, and paid out of our own pockets, for our shots. We had to take time off work, using our vacation days to obtain special permits for the search dogs, airline tickets, shots, and respond to help those in need. While there we were featured in People magazine Nov. 30, 98 issue page 61.

Our SAR Dog Teams located 28 sites where dead victims were buried in the jungles, urban areas, rural areas and rivers in the flooded ruins. We donated over $46,000 in services to the Honduran Government and the victims. We were never reimbursed or assisted financially by anyone or any government. We did win a medal of Valor from the President of Honduras and the Fire Chief of Tegucigalpa, for our efforts in Honduras.

Photo below of Downtown Tegucigalpa after Hurricane Mitch struck. Pushing a 40 foot wall of mud, water, bodies, cars, debris down through the downtown area.

Photo below of Harry and Valorie locating human remains in mud avalanche.

Photo of Harry and Val with Michelle and Yogi leaving Honduras after completing their successful search and rescue work.

1999 Klamath Co. Derrick Engebretson Case. We found evidence of where Derrick slept, cut a log with his hatchet, climbed a tree, and where he fell through the ice in the marsh. Family photographed this and gave it to OSP. This after State Certified search dogs from Oregon and 20 other search dog teams from Oregon, Washington, and California failed to find anything. Derriks’ family was present and photographed Harry and Valorie’s successful findings.

Harry’s comment publically, ”Some day the Klamath Co. Sheriff’s Dept SAR Coordinator might pull his head out of his ass and quit killing children with his ego. This is the second time a child has died needlessly in this county, because the Sheriff couldn’t swallow his ego and allow the most experienced
K-9 search dog team in to the job.

1999 Letter from President Bill Clinton for recognizing my volunteer work.

1999 H. Oakes with SAR Dog Valorie obtained permission to respond from the Turkish Government and paid our own way, donated our own time, traveling 16,000 miles round trip to search the rubble of the 8/99 7.4 earthquake near Izmit. In 10 days Search dog Valorie and Harry located 41 victims dead and found 2 alive. A 50 yo woman, and a 14 yo girl. Harry donated 278 hours and over $43,000 dollars in services to the people of Turkey.

1999 H. Oakes with SAR Dog Valorie was the only search dog team to be invited back to Turkey to teach Urban Search and Rescue and K-9 SAR.

When we completed teaching our 10-day urban K-9 SAR course, a 7.2 quake struck the eastern Turkish cities. Harry and Valorie were immediately called into action. We were the only experienced search dog team in the stricken areas for the first 2 days. Harry and Val along with Turkey's 7 new K-9 teams that Harry had just completed teaching and testing. Together we found 29 dead, and 8 live buried victims in the rubble. We were able to make a difference because we were so close and got into the stricken areas so quickly. Harry’s Turkish K-9 SAR
dogs posing next to their rescue aircraft.

Agility training the Turkish K-9 SAR dog teams.

Photo of Harry and Valorie in Turkey working Pet assisted Grief Therapy for children in Instanbul, Turkey Hospital. All of these children lost their parents during the earthquake.

Photo of Harry and Val with Sami and Dax near one of many search areas during the Turkey earthquake.

1999. Safari toys produced an Angel Animal Beanie baby in memory of "Ranger". They also used two of Rangers missions in their book called Angel Animals. Ranger is the first search dog in the history of Search and Rescue to have an Angel Animal produced after him. What an honor. You can order an angel animal by contacting:

2000 Harry and Valorie were the only dog team from around the world invited in by the Jamaican Government to work with the Miami office of the FBI on the Claudia Kirshock case. Valorie and Harry were successful in their evidence search for Claudia. This confirmed by the forensic division of the Miami FBI office.
Val wearing her Island hat at the Jaimaca Airport.

2001 Harry and Valorie were the only search dog team invited in by the Police Force of St. Thomas / St. Croix US Virgin Islands to assist in a missing police officer Wendell Williams search. SAR Dog Valorie was able to determine the area, where Wendell's remains were dumped.

2001 Chandra Levy Case Wash. DC. Offered Services to Wash. DC Police they refused and were later very embarrassed when their own search dogs failed to find the victim in the original search area.

2001 Offered services to the World Trade Center Disaster and to the US Pentagon. FEMA refused all 250 non-FEMA teams offers to assist. I.K.9.S.A.R.S. provided a support role and forwarded supplies and donation offers to various teams that did respond. We also received a letter of thank you from NY Mayor Geuilani.

2002 We offered our services to Deschutes Co. ref: a Lost snowboarder instructor. They used their own state Certified dog teams. They failed to find the victim who was later found 300 feet away from PLS (Point Last Seen). Their SAR Coordinator who refused our services was later fired.

2002 Guinea Missing Person. We did consult on the case.

2002 On 03-15-2002 We located the burial site of Ashley Pond and the location of Miranda Gaddis along with a third body nearby. This was after STATE CERT. SAR Dogs from Search One K-9 Detection, and Lane Co. SAR failed to find the victims in seven different searches. (Same dog teams who failed to find the missing snowboarder on Mt. Bachelor). The FBI didn't listen to us and on Aug, 2002, Harry wrote Senator Wyden's office. 3 days letter the FBI went in, dug up the human remains of Ashley Pond right where we said they were back in March 2002. We also located Miranda Gaddis and a third victims remains.

2002 12-20-2002 SAR Dog Valorie and Handler Harry Oakes flew to the Dominican Republic and located a missing 18-year-old American missionary Sean Stover. Sean had drowned in the "Bay of Eagles" near the Haitian border.

2003 01-22-03 offered our services to Mexican Council ate ref: the 7.6 earthquake in Central Mexico.

2003 Earthquake Offer to assist in China.

7-2004 Harry Oakes with search dog Valorie was contracted to teach 3 search dog teams in St. Croix USVI. While there, SAR Dog Valorie located two dead buried victims. Remains turned over to USVI Police Dept. Forensics. Harry started the first all African American K-9 team in the USA and also the first and only K-9 Disaster team in the US Virgin Islands.

Photo of Valorie locating human remains buried for over 100 years.(Old Slave Grave) in St. Croix USVI.

Photo of Harry’s St. Croix USVI K-9 SAR Dog teams.
11-15-04 2004-3243-243(E). Clark. Co. Wash. Carolyn Killaby Search. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. M. Keating SAR Dog Yogi K-9-2. Results; Found some human remains.
01-06-05 2005-3349-006(B).. Lost person Herminder Sidhu Hwy 1 Rock Climbing. Moss Beach. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1.Results: Tracked Herminder where he fell to his death on the south side into the Ocean.

02-27-05 2005-3405-063(A). Pierce Co. S.O. Drownings x 2. Lake Kapowsin Thomas Johnson age 26. (Missing presumed drowned). Kenneth Brisby, 26. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. J. Russell SAR Dog Mocha K-9-3. Results: Located both subjects whereabouts in water in front of their family and friends. S.O. Advised. Police ignored our findings. Victims surfaced where we flagged. Family gave us full credit for the findings. Shame on Pierce County.

04-17-05 2005-3455-109(B). Eureka, Ca. Missing Person – Murder case. Brad Thompson from Garberville, Ca. DLS 02-24-05. Teams: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Drove to Ca. Met w/ Family. Obtained scent articles, searched house, location where veh. Was found. Val gave death alerts and tracked death scent to river. See reports and diagrams.

06-21-05 2005-3520-176(A). Marion Co. Missing 15 yo. Scott Spansel Jr. Wallace Marine Park. Salem, Ore. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Drove to Salem, did search. Located victim's position in large pond in Wallace park. Police and family advised. The next day (Wed) an Ore. STATE CERTIFIED CADAVER DOG TEAM was brought in and they failed to find anything in front of the victims family, friends and law enforcement. The victim’s body floated up 3 feet from where I put my flagging in the pond. Again we're right and the state of Oregon has failed the families.

07-12-05 2005-3548-202(A). Lake Berryessa, Ca. Drowning. Victim: Kellie Forristall Did telephone consult. Victim’s boyfriend located her remains after doing what I suggested to find her.

07-31-05 2005-3572-226. Clack. Co. Missing person Carlos Rubio. Teams; H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. C. Umphrey’s SAR Dog Thor K-9-7. Results: Found victim’s right shoe, bloody cling, tied balloon and nylon cord. All items photographed and flagged. This after local search dog teams and ground search teams failed to find anything.
08-04-05 2005-3575-229(A). Sabine Parrish, Lo. Missing person. Missing 2 days Missing person. Mykel Sonnier Mother Denise Sonnier. Richard Sonnier DOB 04-01-56. WMA, 6’01 155lbs. Brn hair, no facial hair, wears reading glasses. Medical heart condition High BP, Cardio Mioprathy. Since 2000. Wearing: Pair of Cammo pants, tennis shoes size 12. white T shirt. Catholic brown jewelry. Bad back. Pain meds. Ruptured five discs. Mult. Surgeries. Muscle relaxers. 323 Mike St. Many, Louisiana. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Pending. Totals: .15 min. 0 miles. Local volunteer Fire Dept. from Peg Lake and Lake side F.D. vol. Searched for 3 hours. Totals: 180,000 acre lake, alligators. Did consult.

08-05-05 2005-3577-231(A). Homorsa, Fl. Missing 61 yo man. Kathleen Howarth Kathleen Howarth wrote: Help find our dad and bring him home.... Please visit his website: Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Sent client contract and info. Totals: .15 min. 0 miles.

08-17-05 2005-3588-242(A). King Co. Missing Person. RP: Jill & Juan Reyes Pl. Renton, Wa. Son Sean Casey McClain Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results. Sent contract, prepped for SARM. Drove to Search site. Canceled near

08-23-05 2005-3594-248(A). Wash. Co. Lost Bearded dragon, Twister”. RP: Stephanie Thompson SW 5th Beaverton, Ore. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Val located it alive in 1 minute under couch PLS. Totals; 3 Hrs. 80 miles.

08-28-05 2005-3596-250(A). Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans Emergency Management Ofc (504) 565-7200 1300 Perdido St # 9eo6 New Orleans, LA Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. On S/B. Results: Faxed Governor’s office 225-342-7099. Pending. Sent offer to help. FEMA Had this so %&#@ed up they turned away our services along with the US Navy, Houston and Dallas Fire Depts as well as Police officers from Idaho. We wrote Senator Clinton and with her help got the director of FEMA and The director of the ARC fired.

If this disaster had happened in Beverly Hills, Ca. the victims would have been rescued in hours instead of weeks later. We did assist in the overhead logistical support for animal rescue efforts with LSU. Office of Public Affairs Louisiana State University 3960 West Lakeshore Drive Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70808 Vini

09-09-05 2005-3572-226(P). Clack. Co. Death investigation. Re:Carlos Rubio SARM Teams: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. J. Russell SAR Dog Mocha K-9-3. Results: Drove to 4220 Rd. Hiked into location where body was recoverd. Located game stalking overslippers which explains how Carlo’s shoes were so clean. Found remains in bear feces. Debriefing with family. Totals: 10 hrs. 300 miles.

09-20-05 2005-3614-268(A). Klamath Falls Medford Ore. TV producer Re: A. Pond Case. Bishop, Shane (NBC Universal)"
10-08-05 2005-3626-280(A). India/Pakistan Earthquake. 7.6 Teams: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. M. Keating SAR Dog Yogi K-9-2. Results: Sent email to Embassy LA, Ca. Offered services. They couldn’t afford to pay our way and neither could we.

10-21-05 2005-3455-109(J). Myers Flats, Ca. Missing Person – Murder case. RP: Carl Re: Brad Thompson from Garberville, Ca. Teams: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Met with family, debriefed. Asked to do another search along S Eel River near Arch hyway. Val located an area where she smelled a dead human body. I then drove to Eureka and met w/ Detective Pete Jimenez. Advised him of Valorie’s findings.

11-01-05 2005-3654-306(A). Clack. Co. Ashley Pond Interview w/ MSNBC Clackamas Park. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Did interview re: Pond case. Totals: 5 hrs. 161 miles

11-01-05 2005-3654-306(B). Clack. Co. Ashley Pond Interview w/ MSNBC Lake Sacajewa Park. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Did more film shoot with MSNBC re: Pond case. Totals: 1 hr. 10 miles

12-29-05 2005-3706-357(B). Jefferson Co. Wa. Poss. Suicide. RP: Bob Carter . Re: Lynn Ohana Port Townsend , Wa. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Drove up to Port Townsend, met w/ Bob. Drove to PLS. Obtained scent articles. Did search. See reports.

01-07-06 2006-3714-004(D). Suicide RP: Suzanne Bellingham, Wa. 98225. Suicide victim was Peter Holzman. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Drove to residence. Did death notifications and grief therapy. Man walking his dog located Peter DOA sitting against a tree 300 yards up on the ridgeline above the parking lot.

02-07-06 2006-3744-034(A). Tillamook Co. Drownings x 3. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: UCSG recovered one near Twin Rocks. Jeff King, 30, of Garabaldi, The captain and owner of the vessel, Craig L. Larsen, 32, of Warrenton, and crew member Trona B. Griffin, 30, also of Garabaldi, are still missing. SAR Dog Valorie located one of the remaining missing near the debris pile boat, North of Tillamook Jetty. USCG Tillamook and Garabaldi stations advised.
02-17-06 2006-3753-043(A). Philippine Mud slides. Sent letter and email to Wash. DC. Offered services.

02-20-06 2006-3755-045(A). Iraq. RP: Ajay Surtani Iraq re: Bomb Detection Dogs. See reports.

02-28-06 2006-3737-027(B). Skam. Co. Downed Aircraft. Team; H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. ST Carol Dreyer. Searched area of HPOD. Nothing found. Heavy snow on the ground and in the trees.

03-16-06 2006-3770-060(A). Klamath Co. Missing Family in Motorhome. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Sent offer to assist to Senator.

03-18-06 2006-3772-062(A). Kaui, Hawaii Broken earthen dam search for victims. Team; H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Offered services to gov. office. Teams Placed on Standby.

04-09-06 2006-3790-080(A). Cowlitz Co. DAT Response. Trailer Fire Alabama St. Longview, Wa. 98632 Victim A. M. H. Oakes Bob Galivan. Results: Met at ARC Longview. PU ERV. Drove to site.

05-02-06 2006-3822-112(A). Columbia Co. Cadaver Search. Delina Megar Team; H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results:Val located four sites. Consulted with land owners. Old Indian artifact area.

06-14-06 2006-3890-181(A). Thurston Co. Missing Person Christopher Bridgeman Jr., Missing since 1964. Evening magazine did a story. Consulted with family.

06-20-06 2006-3902-193(A). Polk Co. Missing Person. Byron Jeffrey Fusselman disapeared Nov 4, 2005. Case pending. Consulted w/ Family.

06-23-06 2006-3909-199(A). Yakima Co. Missing 15 yo girl. Greg (Father) Missing child Kirstie Gurnlose. Team; H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Did consult with family.

07-11-06 2006-3956-236(B). Murdered victim search. Byron Fusselman. Case pending. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Team placed on S/B.

07-16-06 2006-3968-257(A). Himalayas South America Jose Antonio Delgado Has been in his tent at 7.000 meters for 4 days in mountain nanga parbat. He has a GPS and a radio. He is continiusly talking with his group but they cant rescue him because the weather is not good and is snowing, so the snow over his tent is too soft. we just need a helicopter but in Pakistan nobody seem to help. Just the army but I couldn’t contact the army. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results; Started working on getting permission to go over there. Sent letters to US Air Force asking for an emergency air drop.

07-21-06 2006-3976-266(A). Grant Co. RP: Antonio Javier Ramos DLS: 06-03-06 Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Did consult.

07-24-06 2006-3983-272(A). Cowlitz Co. Missing Person Lori Hamm. Team; H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Faxed offer to help to LPD Det.

07-26-06 2006-3983-272(B). Cowlitz Co. Missing Person Lori Hamm. Team; H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Searched various areas.

07-30-06 2006-3988-277(D). Lost climber RP: Missing Jon Francis Stillwater Saw Tooth Mountain Ranger Idaho. Team; H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: did all night search. Stayed on the mtn all night long searching. Val indicated death alert from South. Family advised. Our findings were documented and turned over to the family, Police, Governor’s office and USFS.

09-21-06 2006-4078-378(A). Missing person Cyn Dee (Cynthia) Maurer Height: 5'10" Weight: 160lbs Eyes: Brown Age: 50 Last Seen: Sept 19th 9:30pm - Silver Honda Accord 2005 4-Door. Heading to Barnes & Noble Walnut Creek from Dublin. Results: Offered our assistance. Sent overhead management information.

10-03-06 2006-4104-404(A). Cowlitz Co. Child Safety. RP: Hello Harry this is April from US bank. I would love some more info for protecting my son. Your fingerprint and child id cards and Child Safety Info. Thanks April. Have a great day! Sent info.

10-09-06 2006-4114-414(B). Tillamook Co. Missing Hunter. RP: Norman Moore. 79 yo male. Veh. Located in forest with hearing aid, weapon, in veh. Flat tire. Foss Road in the Cook Creek area around 10 a.m. Results: Drove to Tillamook. Met w/ RP. Obtained contract, down payment and scent articles. Drove to PLS did search. Val located the area where Norman’s death scent was present on west side of canyon. Family and S.O. advised.

10-25-06 2006-4128-428(D). Crater Lake, Ore. Missing child. Samuel Boehlke Cleetwood Cover area. Portland, Ore. 97221. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Drove to Crater Lake, Did search for Sam. Val tracked SARM and located where he was dead. Possible cougar. Also located what appeared to be two strands of human hair in predator feces. Park Ranger given hair for evidence. Family advised.

11-12-06 2006-4167-467(B). Missing Person. RP: Re: Michael missing from LV Nv. RP: Tara Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Did overhead management and consulting for family.

11-29-06 2006-4198-498(A). Inj. Child. Cowlitz Co. First Aid Pt: Alison T. on payment in front of 616 20th ave. Longview, Wa. 98632 12 yo female child fell with numerous witnesses on pavement. Small lac. On forhead. I applied 2x2 gauze pad and kling. Step father on scene.
Patient transported to hospital.

12-01-06 2006-4200-500(A). Missing Kim Family. Southern Oregon. SFPD. Case# 061269588 Kim family. PLS Ptld. Ore. DLS: 11-25-06. Cal DOESF 2005 Silver SAAB SW SFPD Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: We received a request from the private search efforts to assist. I did the initial overhead management for the Kim search. Their family and friends refused to sign our contract for services. So the only thing I could do was to give them some free advise.

They did listen to my suggestion and ping’ed the cellular telephone to determine the area where the vehicle and family were later found by volunteer search helicopter. The sheriff nor their search teams never did find these victims. It was strictly the volunteer helo pilots.

If the family had hired our services with my 32 years of SAR Experience, we may have brought closure to this case much more quickly. This isn’t arm chair quarterbacking. It’s the truth. I’m not passing judgement on the Kim family or the sheriff’s dept and their search teams. Just stating the facts.

I’ve taught outdoor survival and the Kim family made many huge mistakes that cost them Mr. Kim’s life.

1). Not sticking to the main roadway. Depending on an electronic GPS device to show you a shorter way to your destination doesn’t take away the use of common sense. The family ignored four posted signs that stated, this road impassible during winter conditions. When they first spotted snow, that should have been a clue to turn around immediately.

2). Not being prepared for spending the night in their vehicle in inclement weather.
All families / persons who drive on a trip should have a min. of 4 days supplies of water, sleepbags, change of clothing and food for everyone in the vehicle. In case of disasters, earthquake, floods, fires, bad weather, snow, ice, etc. This is common sense.

3). Never ever leave the vehicle unless it’s on fire. Had the Kim family had the sleeping bags, min. equipment to survive, they could have stretched their food supplies to last a week or two.

4). If the private search efforts are paying $2000.00 per hour for a helicopter, why not use experienced help? That’s what we’re here for. They overlooked our professional services which could have guided the helicopters and ground search teams into the area of highest probability in a more timely fashion.

The sheriff’ should have used all available resources. He still can manage his / her search effort when using both state resources and private search teams.

12-08-06 2006-4215-515(A). Hood River Co. Missing Mt Climbers. Brian Hall, 37, of Dallas, and Jerry "Nikko" Cooke, 36, of New York. And Kelly James, 3 missing Climbers on Mt Hood, Ore. We’ve offered our avalanche k-9 teams and technical ice rescue teams to the sheriff by email. They refused our trained professional services.

Note: These climbers could have survived if they had built a snow cave, marked it’s location and stayed in one place for rescue. I’ve led climbs up Mt Hood and was part of Portland Mountain Rescue from 1986 to 1994. I’ve led climbs for search and rescue, teams for the US Forest Service and members of the Mazama’s. I’ve taught winter survival to search and rescue since 1986. Things to remember.

When you dig a snow cave, you must remember to dig it deep enough for all persons to lay flat comfortably. The person(s) inside the snow cave must also mark the location for search and rescue folks to spot it from the ground or the air. They should have ensolite or other padding between their bodies and the snow and their sleeping bags.

When the winds gust to 50 mph, this brings the wind chill factor and temp down to 35 to 50 degrees below zero. Inside the snow cave, it stays a constant 34 degrees above zero. So if you stay inside, light a candle, melt snow, and ration your food, you can survive for weeks inside.

The main concern at this altitude is HAPE HACE and Hypothermia. High altitude Pulmonary Edema, High Altitude Cerebral Edema, and Hypothermia can kill quickly. Usually HACE and HAPE won’t occur unless your at the 10,000 foot level or above.
Hypothermia can kill you within minutes depending on your location and clothing attire.

Another concern is suffocation. A build up of carbon dioxide. CO. When you sleep in a snow cave, it’s vitally important to punch a fresh air hole with your ice axe or ski pole every two hours. Make sure you are getting fresh air. We’ve seen climbers die on Mt Rainier from carbon dioxide poisoning from not doing this.

Search dogs in this environment. I won’t risk our search dogs or teams until the weather calms down. We can and have worked in white out conditions. But when a person purposely puts themselves at risk and climb during the winter time, they must realize help could be a few days in coming. I’ve snow camped in snow caves in the Three Sisters Wilderness, on Mt Rainier, Mt Hood and Mt St Helens. If you are prepared then you’ll survive.

What are the searchers faced with? Lugging up a 60Lbs rescue pack in these conditions is hard work. The search teams face extreme avalanche conditions, heavy winds, crevasses, falling ice, rock, snow. Blinding winds. Extreme cold temperatures. We’re willing and ready to put search dog teams in the area, but not until the winds calm down to at least 20 MPH. The dogs can air scent the search areas and determine if there victims in the area. Our prayers are with the victims, their families, and the searchers at this time. Mr. Oakes
SAR Coordinator. IK9SARS.

01-31-07 2007-4282-040(A). Soiux Falls N.D. In flight Med. Emergency. (See reports). Did BLS on Passenger w/ Seizures in flight.
02-06-07 2007-4288-047(A). Wash. Co. Missing Person. Mr. D Johnson Husband Re: the search for his missing wife Beverly Johnson Offered Services.
03-24-072007-4369-126(A). Missing Person Mult. Co. J May Subject located alive.

04-09-07 2007-4406-162(A). Clark Co. Missing person. 22 yo Vietnamese male Khoi VU. Did search. Sent report to FBI Seattle.

04-15-07 2007-4423-179(A). Virg. Tech. Shootings. VA. Contacted PD and Campus. Offered Pet Grief Therapy Teams.

04-19-07 2007-4426-182(A). Missing Persons Anacortes, Wa. Missing Rasmussen, Janet 98 Honda Civic Wa.168PIX. Results: Sent client info.

04-20-07 2007-4427-183(A). Homicide Honduras. RP: Bianca Rijo Team: H. Oakes. Results: Did overhead management.

04-21-07 2007-4406-162(B). Clark Co. Missing person. 22 yo Vietnamese male Khoi VU. Clark Co. S.O. DLS: Sat. 0200Hrs. Search results turned over to Clark Co. S.O. and FBI Seattle via email.

05-14-07 2007-4458-214(A). MISSING PERSON: MARK SHIPPY Results: Sent info.

05-23-07 2007-4476-233(A). Hawaii Bodies being found in construction sites. The Honorable Linda Lingle Governor, State of Hawaii` Executive Chambers State Capitol Honolulu, Hawaii Results: Letter sent showing how cadaver trained SAR Dogs can be used before digging, construction to save money and time.

05-23-07 2007-4477-234(A). Missing Person. RP: Plainfield Police Department Deputy Chief Mark Eiting re: Missing Person Lisa Stebic Results: Sent investigative info via email.

05-27-07 2007-4484-240(A). Cowlitz Co. Missing person. Phil Craig, 47 year old. Results: Sent contract. Drove to scene. Obtained missing persons profile. Subject called while we were there. He’s ok. In St. John’s hospital self admitted.

06-01-07 2007-4493-249(A). Mult. Co. Missing Person. RP: Ken Palmer age 44 Results: Sent info. to Fairview PD.

06-02-07 2007-4495-251(A). Mult. Co. Missing Person. RP: Michael Austin 24. Results: Sent info. via email.

06-10-07 2007-4509-265(A). Benton Co. Missing 17 yo. Tommy B. Results: Canceled enroute. Sub. Located alive in Sac. Ca.

06-15-07 2007-4520-276(A). SAR Dog Resources List. RP: M J R Police Communications Panama City, Florida. Results: Sent resource info.

06-21-07 2007-4529-283(A). Canton, Ohio Stark Co. S.O. Missing person Jessie Davis Offered services.

06-21-07 2007-4530-284(A). Mult. Co. PPB Detectives: RE: Search for : Cheryl Gibbs & David Schwartz. Worked on case.

06-21-07 2007-4529-283(A). Canton, Ohio Stark Co. S.O. Missing person Jessie Davis. Sent letter to Police Dept.

06-24-07 2007-4537-291(A). Clack. Co. Missing person. RP: Police are looking for a 53-year-old man last seen at his Lake Oswego home on Wednesday night. Police said Michael Kennedy, LO 97034. an area chiropractor, was reported missing on Thursday at 6 p.m. Kennedy's vehicle, keys, wallet and cell phone have been located. Kennedy is described as 6 feet tall and 178 pounds with blue eyes and balding gray hair. He has a gray mustache and was last seen wearing a gray sweat shirt and an unknown baseball hat. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Lake Oswego Police Department. Made offer to LOPD to assist.

06-26-07 2007-4541-295(A). Lake Tahoe, Ca. Fire Disaster. Offered services.

06-26-07 2007-4542-296(A). Clatsop Co. Air Nat. Guard aircraft down. Offered services to USCG. Cannon Beach, Ore.

08-01-07 2007-4616-371(A). St. Paul Minn. Bridge Collapse. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. SAR Dog Willow K-9-1A. Results: Sent contract. And SAR search overhead management letter. Received nice Thank You letter from the Sheriff.

08-20-07 2007-4651-416(A) Peru Earthquake offer to assist. We didn’t have the money to send teams.

08-21-07 2007-4653-418(A). Utah Mine Disaster. Jim Paulson Mine owner. Team; N. Irwin (ST). H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Left message w/Genwal resources/hunnington UT secretary re: Use of sar dogs on surface at vent holes to determine wether miners were alive or dead.

09-26-07 2007-4716-481(C). Pierce Co. Drowning. Silver Lake Wa. Silver Lake at 1200hrs. to assist in continued search. Divers having a hard time finding victim. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie SAR Dog Willow K-9-1 and K-9-1A. Results: Drove to scene. Did search. Victim 200 feet north of PCSO Marker. Family advised. Victim recovered four feet from my water marker per father of victim.
09-27-07 2007-4722-487(A). Cowlitz Co. DAT#4 ARC Apt Fire. Assisted Phil and teams on five people displaced by fire. Team: H. Oakes.
10-04-07 2007-4734-498(A). Lake Co. Ca. Drowning. RP: Jennifer Z and Mike (father) Z. Re: Matt Z. Drowned at Clear Lake, Cal Windsor, Ca. Kelseyville. Did telephone consult. Subject located dead.

10-21-07 2007-4768-532(A). Cowlitz Co. ARC Fire Call Rcvd Call 0843Hrs From 911 re: Single dwelling fire. Request from Battalion Chief LF ARC Team DAT Captain H. Oakes and Asst. TL Phyllis Adams House ceiling electrical fire $5000.00 damage. Smoke damage. One cat one dog rescued by family.
10-22-07 2007-4771-535(A). S. D. Fires. sent offer to assist. Did overhead management regarding lost and found pets.
11-01-07 2007-4789-553. Missing Person. Oscar Sparrow. Burlington, N.C. RP: Fabian David Sparrow. Missing brother Oscar Sparrow Age 28 DLS: Sat. PM Missing Burlington, N.C. Lake MacKintosh. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Flew from Portland, Ore. To Burlington NC. PU at airport. Did search. Located victim’s route, foot prints. Showed CSI that victim did not enter the water where his remains were located prior to my arrival.

01-03-08 2008-4881-001(A).Columbia Co. Missing Person. RP: 77 yo missing altz pt Sterling Blades DLS Dec. 17-07.93 Blue Dodge pu D-20 Ore. TBF-558 187000 Block of NW Logie Trail Rd Scappoose, Ore. Blue vest blue jeans billed cap Church Rd. Wife Beula. Did search.

01-03-08 2008-4883-003(A). Missing person Canada Did consult work.

01-03-08 2008-4884-004(A). Missing person GA Meredith Emerson. 34°44′23″N 83°56′14″W Blood Mtn. Union County SO. Sheriff Blairsville, Georgia Meredith Emerson, 24, Results: Did consult work.

01-05-08 2008-4887-007(A). Fernley, Nv. Flood Disaster Washoe County Did consult work.

01-13-08 2008-4899-019(A). Dauphin Island, Alabama Missing children. Team; H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. SAR Dog Willow K-9-1A. Results: Sent offer to help through FAX. Did consult work.

02-02-08 2008-4939-059(A). Reno, Nv Briana Denison Missing 19 yo woman Did consult work.

02-04-08 2008-4944-064(A). Aruba, Natalie Holloway offer to assist in water search.

02-11-08 2008-4955-075(A). Portland, Ore. Missing Person. Heidi Anderson
Did search.

02-13-08 2008-4959-079(A). Danielle Anderson Offered to assist.
02-21-08 2008-4955-075(B). Portland, Ore. Missing Person. 37-year-old woman. Heidi Anderson Results: Drove to Laurelhurst pond. Did search. Dogs alerted. Body recovered in water 02-24-08.

02-27-08 2008-4987-107(A). Cowlitz Co. ARC DAT D Fire call. 18th ave Longview, Wa.

03-03-08 2008-4998-118(A). Tulsa OK. Missing Child. RP: Vickey Maroon Tulsa, OK for Corie Baker age 13, Tulsa Nov. 9, 08. Picked up after school from sister’s boyfriend, he’s in jail, not talking.

03-07-08 2008-5008-126(A). Col. Co. Missing Person. RP: Gabriel Triplett, Goble Falls area, where Triplett sometimes went to meditate; the property surrounding the Tripletts' home in Goble; and Neer City Cemetery, where Triplett's sister, Lola, is buried. Team on standby. Orginal search teams failed to find this person. He was found IN THE ORIGINAL SEARCH area dead by hikers.

03-07-08 2008-5009-127(A). Colorado, two missing persons. RP: L K The search for two skiers reported missing near Wolf Creek Ski Area resumed Monday morning. The missing men are in their mid-20s and are believed to be from New Mexico. At around 8:15 a.m. Monday a helicopter and several snowmobiles searched for the men with no success. The family of Michael George and Kyle Kerschen, both 27 have continued the search for these young men. Weather conditions near Wolf Creek have limited what search crews have been able to do. At this point the family has realized no chance of life is left. But still want closure. Mineral County Sheriff's Office, heavy snow and poor visibility has made it difficult to search for the men and forced the early suspension of the search Sunday evening. The car of the missing men, with New Mexico license plates, was found in the resort parking lot Saturday night. Results: Sent contract.

03-12-08 2008-5018-137(A). Mission BC Canada Missing person. Johnny Kahler who went missing November 4th, 2007 at Stave Lake in Mission BC. Sent contract. Client refused to pay for us to come up and search. So no search was conducted by our professional agency.

03-17-08 2008-5028-147(A). Mult. Co. Missing Person. Wood Village, Ore., Donald Palmer

03-24-08 2008-5039-158(A). ARC House Fire. Kelso, Wa. Z B 4th Kelso, Wa.
04-25-08 2008-5091-210(A). Missing Person. Heather Mallory Portland, Oregon. Offered services.

05-12-08 2008-5131-250(A). China Earthquake. Sichuan province including the capital Chengdu.

06-04-08 2008-5181-299(A). Clatsop Co. Airplane Crash. RP: Private person John Wage Rd Seaside, Ore. Wit. Plane crash. Team: H Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. SAR Dog Willow K-9-1A. Results: Drove to scene. Did search. Returned home. Wrote report on our findings. Sent copy to US Coast Guard and Clatsop Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

06-04-08 2008-5184-302(A). Wash. DC SAR Stuff. Speaker Invitation to IDGA'S Joint Search & Rescue Conference 22SEP08-24SEP08 Washington, DC 3rd Annual Joint Search & Rescue Conference The Roadmap to Today’s SAR Needs, at Home & Abroad.

06-10-08 2008-5193-311(A). Missing Person. RP: eloisa Palisoc" lost daughter name angel p bernaldo.

06-16-08 2008-5206-325(A). ARC house fire Hawthorne St Kelso, Cowlitz Co. H. Oakes Responded. Assisted clients.

08-07-08 2008-5354-473(A). Mult Co. RP: Keating. Re: Aunt missing Demensia. Rcvd call 1218hrs. 07-07-08 Fran went on a walkabout for 3 hours and ended up a few blocks away at Rose Schnitzer old people place. You can use the same address for Fran and Jane. They said that the police used their dog to search. They couldn’t find anything. She wound up in the place next to the large grassy area due west of A. Alpenrose Dairy area. Results: Canceled while in route. Missing person located at another care facility having lunch with her ex husband.

08-12-08 2008-5361-480(A). Plano, Tx. RP: Subject: 13 year. old and her dog missing in plano tx A friend’s 13 yr. old daughter and family dog have been missing since last night. Girl went our to walk the dog in front of home at approx. 10:25 (per cell phone info). Never came home. 11 registered sex offenders registered within 1 mile of her home. Police will not issue an Amber alert b/c she ran away last Nov. But last night she was barefooted and in her PJ and spoke with a friend to make plans for Monday ( today). Results: Did telephone consult.

08-13-08 2008-5367-486(A). Missing person Kent, Ohio. Brain injury. KENT, Ohio. August 13, 2008. Brett Preston was last seen leaving his home on Hudson Drive in Kent, OH on foot. He was wearing a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flop shoes. He has no ID, no car, no money, no credit cards and no cellphone. Preston is brand new to the area and has no friends or family here. Results: Did telephone consult.

08-14-08 2008-5368-487(A). Medical Assistance Service Dog Regarding Seizures. Kim Marrow Camano Island, Wa
09-11-08 2008-5427-548(A). Hollywood, Florida Caylee search. Contacted: Orange County Sheriff's Department Offered services.
10-28-08 2008-5529-638(A). Sherwood, Ore. Missing 15 yo. Received call from Annette Tillberg (Sister in law). Regarding child missing Santiago Trejo Sherwood, Ore. Did email and telephone consult.

11-16-08 2008-5579-689(A). Earthquake Indonesia. 7.5 Results: Sent offer to help.

11-20-08 2008-5584-694(A). Wash. Co. Aloha, Ore. Missing woman. Holly Hinman. Results:
Woman returned alive on her own).

11-22-08 2008-55-89-699(A). Col. Co. Suiside, drowning. C&E Thurston DLS Last wed SS Beach Sauvies Island Aaron Fernando Thurston Age 31 Veh. 2003 Mitsu bi. Burgundy. Results: Did telephone consult.

01-12-09 5661-021(A). From: chicana_QT missing grandfather. Los Angeles, CA My grandfather has been missing since jan 8, 2009, We have filed a police report, and posted some flyers. But we have not heard a thing. He has dementia, heart issues, and was talking that he was going to mexico. If he did go , no family m emeber in mexico have heard from him. He have checked bus, train stations and airports, but nothing. He carries his passport with him, but no tickets have been bought under his name. We need your help, but don't have much money. Please help my family? I am attaching his missing flyer.

02-01-09 5702-062(A). Missing child, PORTLAND, Ore. 12-year old D S C

02-06-09 5711-071(A). Clark Co. Missing person. J D R age 33,

03-02-09 2009-5737-097(C). Missing person Hebo, Ore. Z Brown Results: Drove down. 0845Hrs. Arrived 1135hrs. Met w/ family. Obtained missing persons profile. Obtained scent articles. Shoes. Photographed veh. Room, search areas. Conducted searches. Debriefed family. Zach’s death scent in Nestucca River.

03-03-09 5755-115(A). Cowlitz Co. Missing Person F McCoy. Results: Met w/ Relatives. Obtained contract, Obtained scent article. Did search. 03-10-09. Subject floated up in Lake Sacajewea right where SAR Dog’s Willow and Tyler tracked him to.

03-15-09 Re: 02-20-09 5737-097(C). Missing person Hebo, Ore. Zach Brown Results: Did research of boat ramp at Cloverdale and Hebo. Both dogs did exact same death alerts at down stream from Hebo boat ramp down to Cloverdale. Victim surfaced where my search dogs indicated he was.

04-07-09 5808-168(A). Earthquake, Italy. Teams offered assistance.

04-07-09 5809-169(A). Missing child Spokane, Wa. Did consult.
04-10-09 5814-174(A). Suicide Portland, Oregon J G F Did search. Located death site. Family advised.
04-10-09 5816-176(A). Clark Co. Missing 17 yo. (Cold case homicide). Jamie Grishim.
04-13-09 5814-174(B). Portland, Oregon. Missing persons case Juan Garcia Francisco Did a second search with ST Laurie McQuary. Located death site at same location. Family advised. Mon, 7/13/09, MIKKI PATE wrote: From: MIKKI PATE Subject: HI harry just wanted you to know Juans body was found To: "" Date: Monday, July 13, 2009, 5:37 PM HI harry just wanted you to know Juans body was found washed up right were the dogs were, Francisco is headed up there to pick up his ashes. again thank you for all your extra help you did for us.Mikki Pate
04-24-09 5833-193(A). Cowlitz Co. Filming for KPTV Ch# 12. Kim Singer. Spent from 1100Hrs. to 1600hrs. W/ Kim Singer and camera man. Did filming.
05-05-09 re: 04-10-09 5816-176(B). Clark Co. Missing 17 yo. (Cold case homicide). Jamie Grishim. Drove to E. Clark Co. Did search. Located one grave possible site. Clark Co. S.O. advised.

05-06-09 5846-206(A) Missing child MO. Joshua Childers The blond toddler, about 3 feet tall and weighing 35 pounds, was wearing a dark blue shirt and a pull-up diaper when he left his house through the back door around 11:30 a.m. His parents searched for about 45 minutes before calling authorities.Madison County Sheriff . Results; Did consulting on this case with family members. Child found alive.

05-08-09 5850-210(A). Patagonia, Argentina SAR Dog Training.

06-15-09 5816-176(C). Clark Co. Missing 17 yo. (Cold case homicide). Jamie Grishim. RP: Starr Grishim. Results: Drove to E. Clark Co. Did research. Relocated one possible site.

06-23-09 06-12-09 5928-288(B). Missing persons (Tennesse). Lisa Maxwell Morristown, Tn.
Did consult work on this case.

06-29-09 re: 06-23-09 06-12-09 5928-288(B). Missing persons (Tennesse). Sent team in from Ky.

07-02-09 Re: 06-28-09 5963-323(B). Missing child. Gray’s Harbor Co. Wa. Lindsey Baum McCleary, Wa. Age 10. Sent my search report to FBI and McCleary City PD.

07-09-09 5978-338(A). Missing person Missouri. RP: Kim Reed Simpson County, Mississippi. AUNT IS MISSING. Did consult work.

07-19-09 6001-361(B). Hood River, Ore. Missing person. Hood River, Ore. 49 yo wfa, 5’ 06” 127lbs. Hair gray short 1” no eye glasses, or contacts. Cancer Survivor. Size shoes 8, grey shorts, blue tank top. Last seen 0900hrs. Going for a walk. Results: 0200hrs. Drove to HR. Did search. Found her alive in 2 minutes. She was located in unattached storage shed/garage. Family advised to transport her to hospital.

March. 2009 Diamond Collar Award issued to Harry Oakes for SAR Dog Valorie’s work around the world. Awarded by the Oregon Humane Society.

Mr. Oakes has documented # 7,389 missions, with 3,431 documented finds & assisted finds, of people, pets, suspect identifications, and evidence. Documentation of credibility in local court systems, search missions, and awards, on file for review at our office. This is a world record in # of search missions performed and successful finds in the history of search and rescue (SAR).

Harry has trained over 6,026 dogs and handlers all over the world for SAR. He's won hundreds of local awards for life saving and community service to include the Higgins and Langley Swift Water Rescue Award, the National Jefferson Award, The International K-9 Services Life Saving Award and three letters from the President of The United States of America.

International K-9 Search and Rescue Services.
P.O. Box# 1472 Longview, Washington 98632 USA.
Office (360) 414-8093 Cellular (503) 705-0258.
Email: Web:

SAR Dog Valorie Oakes K-9-1. May 1, 1994 – Jan-09-2009.

On 01-09-09 at 1450hrs. SAR Dog Valorie Elizabeth Oakes died in her partner’s Harry Oakes’ arms from a stroke and complication of old age.

SAR Dog Valorie worked for 14 1-2 years with Harry Oakes in Mountain Wilderness Search Dogs and International K-9 Search and Rescue Services.

Before SAR Dog Valorie’s retirement and death, she documented 5,876 SAR Mission callouts for missing persons and lost pets. She had 1,651 documented finds & assisted finds of people, pets, suspect identifications, and evidence.

(All these findings have been reviewed and verified by an independent auditing firm).

Photographs of both Harry and Valorie can be reviewed in People Magazine Nov. 30, 98 issue page# 61.

Valorie was saved from a dog rescue facility in Corvallis, Oregon. She was a Schiperkee, border collie, and Mutt Mix. Found wandering the streets of Corvallis, Ore. in 1994 at the tender age of 5 months old.

Ms. Valorie has traveled around the world twice, with Harry performing search and rescue. When Harry and Valorie weren’t working Search and Rescue calls, SAR Dog Valorie assisted Harry in his child safety programs called HUFY (Help Us Find You), which teaches children City, and Wilderness Survival tips. From Stranger Danger to being safe and helping us find you when
Ms. Valorie was Harry's personal dog as well.

Harry trained Valorie for all aspects of search and rescue to include searches in and for: People and Animals, kidnapping's, evidence finds, homicide searches, Rock-Snow-Mud-Sand-Building Debris Avalanches. Day or Night searches in Mountain Wilderness, Glaciers, Crevasses for Mountain Rescue missions. Jungles, Bayou's, Urban, Desert, Fresh and Salt water Ocean drowning victims, transportation accidents, Bombings, Fires, Floods, Tornados, Earthquakes, Storms.

SAR Dog Valorie's favorite food was a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich from McDonalds.
Her favorite TV Show is M.A.S.H. re-runs. Valorie slept in Harry's bed and was spoiled rotten.

She always wore her seat belt when flying inside the airplane and traveling in a vehicle. Her seat belt ran through her harness. Valorie got her teeth brushed every day and a full body massage after every mission.

SAR Dog Valorie documented finds of dead victims (humans) in the Oklahoma City Bombing Disaster in 1995.

She assisted in the search for missing pets after the Skeleton Fires in Bend, Oregon.

She documented finds of 29 dead humans in Honduras after Hurricane Mitch struck in 1998.

In April of 1995, Ms. Valorie responded privately with her handler Harry, to the Oklahoma City Bombing Disaster. Valorie has been credited for finding 10 dead victims remains there and assisted in Pet Assisted Therapy at St. Anthony’s Hospital for 5 survivors and their families.

Valorie was given full credit by DATELINE NBC report “Into Thin Air” regarding her alerts and findings. Harry’s report to the FBI and Oregon City PD on Ashley Pond remains buried under cement in the Ward Weaver case in Oregon City, Ore.

She also found victims in both the 8/99 and 11/99 Turkey Earthquakes. Finding 71 dead and 14 alive. (humans). One of her best live saves was a 10 year old child buried 32 feet down in the rubble pile in Turkey who had been laying next to her dead mother for 10 days with no food or water. “SAR Dog Valorie kept alerting and we kept digging. For 8 hours straight until we found her. Doctors without borders had to amputate the child’s legs to save her but she’s alive today because of Valorie”.

Val had quite a gift at finding people buried in dirt, snow, rubble and even in the water.

SAR Dog Valorie was used in every state in the USA for a mission regarding a missing person or lost pet.

SAR Dog Valorie assisted Harry in a search for a missing Alzheimer patient in Cabo, Mexico and was able to determine what happened to him.

She determined what happened to a missing 18-year-old American missionary in Dominican Republic Bay of Eagles. She documented numerous searches in Canada. St. Thomas, and St Croix USVI.

SAR Dog Valorie assisted Harry in teaching K-9 SAR to the teams in Turkey after the 1999 earthquake and to the teams in St. Croix USVI.

Valorie flew over 650 times in cabin in commercial and military aircraft to and from search and rescue missions.

SAR Dog Valorie is the first search dog ever to be allowed into Jamaica for a search mission. She was successful in finding evidence and identifying a murder suspect in the case. This documented by the Miami office of the FBI forensic teams.

Photo of Harry and Valorie SAR Dog Valorie resting
SAR Dog Valorie and Harry in the Oklahoma City Bombing.
Book cover written about Valorie’s work in Oklahoma City.
SAR Dog Valorie and Harry resting in the Turkey quake.

“Today the world lost a HERO and I lost my friend and the love of my life”

Harry Oakes C/O International K 9 Search and Rescue Services.

Remembrances cards, gifts can be sent to:
International K-9 SAR Services PO Box# 1472 Longview, Washington 98632 USA. C/O Valorie Memorial.

If you wish to make a donation to your local K9 Search and Rescue team, or Humane Society in memory of Ms. Valorie Elizabeth Oakes Search dog and Hero that would be appreciated as well.
SAR Dog Valorie’s last trip to the Oregon Coast. She loved to bark, dig and play.

Thank You.

Mr. Harry E. Oakes Jr.
Her Handler, Partner, and Friend.

SAR Dog Valorie is survived by her partner Willow a 3-year-old Border collie, her human Brother Brandon Oakes. Her co workers SAR Dog Yogi and Therapy dog Maggie.

More info available on Harry Oakes / K9 SAR.

"Valorie's Valor". A book telling Valorie's story about being saved from the dog pound, trained for search and rescue and locating victims in the Oklahoma City Bombing Disaster. Author, Joanne Cook-Cramberg (918) 622-3932. 2433 South 108th East Ave. Tulsa, Ok. 74129.
Cost $10.00 dollars.

After Hurricane Mitch struck Honduras in 1998, Harry used his own money, took time off work and flew himself and his search dog Valorie down to Tegucigalpa, Honduras and donated his search efforts. SAR Dog Valorie found 29 dead human remains buried in the ruins in 5 days.

In both of the 1999 Turkey Earthquakes, Valorie found 71 dead and 14 alive humans. SAR Dog Valorie was the only dog with her handler Harry invited back by the Turkish Government to help teach K-9 SAR after the first earthquake to their search and rescue teams.

SAR Dog Valorie is the first search dog ever to be allowed into Jamaica for a search mission. Valorie is the only search dog to locate the buried remains of Ashley Pond in March 2002. Her remains were found wrapped in plastic, stuffed into a barrel, buried under dirt, gravel and concrete. This documented by the Oregon City Police report March 2002. and TV Show Dateline MSNBC “Into Thin Air” aired Jan. 2006.

Valorie has flown over 750 times in cabin, without incident. The search dog never flies in a crate, and she must accompany her handler in cabin inside the aircraft at all times.

For More information, please visit our web site at:

Other stories about Harry and his search dogs.

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Photos of Harry’s search dog teams in action.

Before your child comes up missing, identify them. If a child is missing, send us the information. We search for missing children and adults.

Write us at and we’ll send your our free child id kit.
If you hear of anyone who needs our service for a missing person or lost pet, please feel free to pass on our web site info.
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Scent evidence by Harry Oakes

P# 1. Introduction to Scent Evidence.
P# 2. HB#3093.
P# 3. SAR Background.
P# 4. Who can use this book?.
P# 5. What is Scent Evidence – Introduction.
P# 6. Case Example # 1.
P# 7. More Case Examples.
P# 8. More Case Examples.
P# 9. Understanding Scent Evidence.
P#10. Types of Scent.
P#11. Scent ID.
P#12. Vehicle tracking.
P#13. Collecting Scent Articles.
P#14. Testifying in Court. Affects of Cigarette smoking.
P#15. Multiple victims.
P#16. Dog Depression.
P#17. Liquid Scent.
P#19. Scent in Water.
P#20. How long does scent last?
P#21. Type of Dogs used for SAR.
P#22. Facts not Rumors.
P#23. Verbal Attacks. Testing.
P#24. Harry destroys the OSSA test and testers credibility.
P#25. Witnesses to Harry’s success.
P#26. Proper call out procedures.
P#27. Two Rules of Success in searching with a search dog.
P#28. Civil Liability.
P#29. Certification. What does it really mean?
P#30. Documentation. Water Searching.
P#31. NASAR and some case review. Neer brothers and Lee Isle murders by W.A. Dood
P#32. Case Review. Child Suicide.
P#33. Case Review. Nathan Madsen.
P#34. Case Review. Tommy Gibson Murder by his father who was a deputy sheriff.
P#35. Case Review. Peter Rudge and Jade Vinsen Cases.
P#36. Case Review Jade V. continued.
P#37. Case Review Billy Talent and other cases.
P#38. Case Review Deb Palmer Case.
P#39. Case Review More ugly politics. County SO screwed up bad on this one.
P#40. Case Review Eli K and J Leffler.
P#41. Ranger and Harry save two drowning children on Oregon Coast.
P#42. Live save of a child missing in wilderness for 3 days / nights in the cold.
P#43. Beeson Case.
P#44. Missing Child in Tennesse. Also, rescue at 33,000 feet.
P#45. M. Pelker murder. Marion Co. Ore.
P#46. Runaways. How we find them.
P#47. Runaways More reviews.
P#48. Wilderness SAR missions. Case Reviews.
P#49. Wilderness SAR missions. More Case Reviews.
P#50. Wilderness SAR missions. More Case Reviews.
P#51. Case Reviews. SAR Teams badmouthing our search teams.
P#52. Case Review. Crumm case.
P#53. Case Review. SAR Dogs located crucial evidence on a double homicide in Clark
P#54. Mountain recovery of Hoskins. Climber who fell to his death in the Olympic Nat.
P#55. Dela Carlson Case. Clatsop Co. OSSA missed another one.
P#56. Case Reviews. Clark Co. Search One K-9 Det. Silver Star SAR all missed this one.
P#57. Botched search by Skamania County SO.
P#58. Drowning Case reviews.
P#59. Harry finds another one by picking up the telephone. Clatsop Co. Murder case.
P#60. Vehicle Track.
P#61. Jackie’s case.
P#62. Search dog proves a murder case.
P#63. Philippine Earthquake response.
P#64. Oklahoma City Bombing Disaster.
P#65. Skeleton Fires Bend, Ore. Lost pet searches. Post Fire destruction.
P#66. Missing Cat case. Missing Horse Case.
P#67. Missing Turtle.
P#68. Missing dog named Shadow.
P#69. Telephone call saves a life.
P#70. A missing dog puppy adopted by coyote mother.
P#71. Dog left to die in the wilderness by the sheriff’s dept. & Dog fell over cliff
P#72. Tracking a stolen dog in a stolen vehicle.
P#73. Tracking someone in a vehicle.
P#74. Vehicle tracking Safety concerns.
P#75. Victim / Suspect tracking.
P#76. Dog eaten by neighbor.
P#77. Dog Drowning’s.
P#78. Stages of use of force against an person / animal.
P#79. Dog Attacks – Cat owner suffers a heart attack.
P#80. Turkey earthquake.
P#81 – 89. Turkey earthquake continued.
P#90. Suspect ID through scent.
P#91. Derrick Search. Klamath Co. SO screws up again.
P#92. Dog stuck in dry well. Rescued. Turkey quake# 2.
P#93. I filed a criminal complaint against Marty Neiman the OSSA tester.
P#94. Claudia Kirshoch’s case in Jamaica.
P#95. Missing Police Officer St. Thomas, St. Croix USVI.
P#96. Ashley Pond Ward Weaver case.

P#97. Hornbeck Search.
P#98. Stover case in Dominican Republic.
P#99. Overseas request for help
Val recovers human remains buried in the late 1800’s on St. Croix USVI.
P#100. Pierce Co. Politics. And Letter I sent to the Sheriff.
P#101. Pierce Co. Politics. And Letter I sent to the Sheriff. Continued.
P#102. Pierce Co. Politics. And Letter I sent to the Sheriff. Continued.
P#103. Pierce Co. Politics. And Letter I sent to the Sheriff. Continued.
P#104. Katrina. FEMA FUBAR.
P#105. Rubio death investigation.
P#106. Himalayas South America Assist stranded Mtn climbers.
P#107. Kim Family missing in S. Oregon.
P#108. Missing climbers Mt Hood.
P#109. Reflection and Politics.
P#110. Reflection and Politics continued.
P#111. Letter written by a grieving father regarding Pierce Co. S.O.
P#112. Thank you.
P#113. Closing.
P#114. Closing continued.
P#115. Closing.
P#116. News articles.


Finding the lost, missing, kidnapped,
PEOPLE & PETS, around the world
With the use of a search dog and some “common scents”.
Case-by-Case study.
Mr. Harry E. Oakes Jr.
International K-9 SAR Instructor. Professional K-9 Tracker.
Expert Witness regarding scent, scent evidence,
and search dogs.

Forward. I came from a very structured and loving family. My dad was in the US Air Force and we traveled around the world. Living in Alaska and Japan in my early years. We settled in the Pacific Northwest in Portland, Oregon. As I grew up, I was introduced to two after school activities that would later guide my life. The first was Martial arts - Judo, and eventually Tae Kwon Do (Korean Karate). And the second was Cub Scout and Boy Scout programs. My family and I loved the outdoors and I soon learned early on in my life to respect both human and animal life and to help others in their time of need. All I’ve ever done is used what I learned to “do my best for my God and my country”. I was raised to respect authority, God, and my country. I was also raised to tell the truth no matter what the consequences was, and to stay focused on what really matters.

In 1972, I got involved in SAR (Search and Rescue). I had been a member of the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Explorer Post #900. I was 16 years old and I was the first Law Enforcement cadet to ever graduate from an adult Board of Police Standards and Training (BPST) Police academy. During my senior year of high school I attended and graduated from the 9 month long academy in March-1974.

Sept.-74. I served as a combat Military Policeman in the US Army both stateside, and overseas. This was as the war in Vietnam was starting to end. During my tour in the service, there were a few times when I was called upon and got involved in Helicopter medivacs of my fellow injured soldiers. Between my interest in Law enforcement and my O.J.T. (On the job training) in emergency helicopter rescue operations, and emergency medicine, thus my interests in rescue operations was initiated.

In 1976, while still in the service, I obtained my Emergency Medical Tech. (EMT) status, and worked and volunteered, for the next 21years as an EMT / SAR Tech. (search and rescue) person. From 1977 to 1984, I served in Law enforcement as a regular police officer and later a reserve officer for 10 years with various law enforcement agencies.

While working as a deputy in Morrow County Sheriff’s Office in Heppner, Oregon I was assigned as one of the training deputies to train civilian and other law enforcement officers in SAR work.

What I learned about SAR, and the politics that go with it, the life that is lost because of the officials and their egos would make a grown man cry and a dead person turn over in their grave and puke. I eventually became so fed up with the politics in law enforcement that I left my chosen profession to find a different one.

After watching the State of Oregon run a search operation so poorly that an innocent child died needlessly, I tried to make some changes in our laws. (See the Nathen Madsen Search).

I’ve tried to make changes while working within the system. Lobbying for new laws (See HB 3093) in the 1991 session of the Oregon’s legislature. The most organized lobbying force (OSSA) Oregon State Sheriff’s Assoc.) Destroyed the HB (House Bill). Even though the Oregon State Police, The Oregon Firefighters Assoc., The CAP, OREGON Nurses Assoc. and Mountain rescue teams supported it, we all lost the battle.

I was told by two high ranking members of the OSSA that,” If I testified against them during the hearings, they would see that I was never used in Oregon again as a searcher”. I did what I felt I had to and that was to “tell the truth”. We had families of the victims testify to the Oregon Legislature regarding their horrible experiences with the local sheriff’s departments that cost these families to lose their child. The OSSA was totally embarrassed by everyone’s testimony but they kept their word. Now I’m a rogue searcher, and damn proud of it.

I fight the battles for changes. For the children who’ve lost their lives and can no long speak for themselves. For the families that go home to an empty home at night because a sworn officer of the law made a poor judgment call and cost these families their children. I always work within the laws of the states / countries that I assist. I will continue this fight until the day I day I die. ”SO OTHERS MAY LIVE”. God gives me my strength to fight for what’s right.

If I sound angry, I am. If I sound frustrated, I am. I’ve put too many innocent children in body bags because of pure stupidity. I use this anger not to fuel hatred, but to fuel the energy I need to push forward in a positive manner to try and make a positive change. To turn something so negative into something so very positive. Saving a life.

Because of my work against the system, I’ve been character assassinated by the media who tells only their one sided stories. The local law enforcement agencies have a field day badmouthing me and our efforts on TV, Radio, and the newspapers, so they can cover their incompetents. Remember the free speech Amendment, the sheriff’s and media can say pretty much say anything and make someone else look very bad, then the attention is taken off of the sheriff’s. But, it’s starting to backfire. Now the public is starting to see the truth. After many years, many battles, many lives lost, many tears shed, the truth is finally coming out.

One of the many things I’ve learned by working in Law Enforcement is to document everything very well. We’ve proven we’re successful by documenting each search mission. The dates, case #, times, locations, names, addresses, telephone numbers, names of witnesses, victims, participants, our findings, etc. Because we’re successful despite all the odds against us, this is really embarrassing to the local law enforcement agencies. The truth is painful. Read on and you’ll understand why I wrote this book. Then you make your own choice as to what the truth really is.

As you read this book, you’ll learn how I’ve learned to use scent evidence to find missing humans and animals who have either found themselves lost or who have fallen victim to foul play. You’ll read how I’ve used scent evidence to help identify and prosecute the suspect(s) involved. You’ll also learn how politics and egos on behalf of the law enforcement community have cost many innocent lives. This book is written for the purpose of educating persons who may be involved in the use of SCENT as EVIDENCE.

To assist family members, friends, search and rescue staff, and honest law enforcement officials, in locating missing people and pets and identifying the suspect(s) involved with the victim's disappearance. To educate attorneys and judges, regarding the use of scent evidence, in criminal and civil matters.

P# 2.
Some have said, ”I have a personal grudge against law enforcement agencies”. Not at all. I have the deepest respect for those who wear the badge and work to better our society against all odds. But, be on notice, there is absolutely no excuse in today’s world with the materials present in our libraries and bookstores, for anyone in the position of trust to screw up a search so badly that they cost a person their life.

Now if the Law Enforcement official used all of his / her available resources properly and the victim(s) still died during the SAR effort, I’ll give that official my 100% support in and out of the courtroom. But if they’ve failed in any part of their sworn duties, and didn’t use all of their resources properly, then I’ll be the first in line to testify on behalf of the victim(s) in the court of law against the officials who screwed up.

SAR BACKGROUND. Since 1972, I've been involved in tracking hundreds of missing people and pets around the world. From the bayous of Arkansas, to the jungles of the Philippines, Honduras, Jamaica, St. Thomas and St. Croix. Through thousands of cities and rural areas, to the destroyed cities of Turkey after the earthquakes. From the deep wilderness areas in Canada and Alaska to the Pacific Ocean to the fresh water class five rapids of the Wind River. From the Mojave Desert to the Glacier peaks of the Olympic Mountain Ranges. Day and night, in all kinds of weather and terrain, I’ve been there with my trusty K-9 partners.

Through my work in search and rescue (SAR), law enforcement, and in emergency medicine, I've worked out a system that works for my SAR business, through the use of search dogs, in helping us to locate missing people and pets. I’ve developed a professional K-9 tracking service and continue to provide closure in missing person and pet cases throughout the world. Often when hundreds of other K-9 teams have failed on the same cases. I’m not here to say that I’m any better of a tracker then these other teams. I have documented more successes in the history of K-9 SAR then any other team in the world. Why am I more successful? It’s because I’ve learned to trust my dog partners, my instincts, and learn to understand why scent does what it does.

Through scent evidence identification, we can determine if the missing person or pet has been in a specific location, the route they took on foot or in a vehicle, and whether or not they've become a victim of a kidnapping, and or a homicide. In many cases, we can also use scent evidence in identifying the suspect(s) involved with the person or pets disappearance. We’ve successfully identified scent evidence outside in the elements up to one year later. Inside a closed environment we’ve identified scent evidence up to 3 -1/2 years later. (Piqua, Ohio).

Since 1986, I've given over 2000 lectures throughout the world, regarding what we do and how we do it. I can't begin to count the number of times people have approached me after one of my lectures and said, "Harry great program, you should write a book about the material you presented because, it's so interesting". Well folks, here it is.

First and foremost, please understand that my way is not the only way. What works for one group of people may not work for another. All I would ask of you the reader is to take from this book what you can with a clear mind, free of egos, prejudices, and politics. Free of preconceived ideas, attitudes, and misguided information put out by many in SAR who think they have all the answers. These are what I call the roadblocks to success in SAR, Law Enforcement and the EMS fields.

If you can move through these roadblocks, then hopefully I will have succeeded in sharing with you what I've learned about search dogs, scent, and the use of both as evidence in the courtroom. This information was gathered through the search & rescue missions that I've documented since 1986. I've documented over 5,903 Search & Rescue (SAR) missions for missing people and pets, with 3,073 documented finds from 1986 to 2007. All missions are documented and on file for review by the public, at our offices of International K-9 Search and Rescue Services. PO Box# 1472, Longview, Washington 98632 USA

P# 3.
By writing this book, I will attempt to enlighten the reader on how I use scent as evidence with the utmost success, to bring closure to my cases. Scent evidence is nothing new. It's been documented since the early 16 hundreds, and is now being used daily in bomb detection, suspect apprehensions, drug detection, missing person and pet cases around the world.

I've included documented information about how politics and egos have cost many lives. Since my book is based on documented cases, and the facts relating to these cases, you must understand that politics and egos play an ugly role in search and rescue, and in the work of law enforcement.

In many missing person cases, ugly politics and stupid egos will actually be the determining factors on whether your missing loved one will be found dead or alive. Many law enforcement officials would rather let your loved one die in the woods then to admit that they can’t handle the search themselves and call in professional services that can do the job better.

Note: Not all law enforcement agencies are like this. There are many police agencies that are professional and will swallow their pride to bring in whatever resources can help them do the job and bring closure to the case. My deepest respects go these fine officials.

But, for the hundred’s of ignorant agencies that we have dealt with in the past, whose egos outweigh their IQ’s, and who because of their stupidity has cost a human or animal life, they deserve to be publicly reeducated with a stern lecture and a huge lawsuit to get their attention and force them to make the needed changes.

Now that you are armed with this information, you can better prepare yourself should you face such an experience. I will do a case by case review and discuss how we used the search dogs and how we were successful in finding out what really happened through what I call SCENT EVIDENCE.

Having been in Law Enforcement as a Police Officer, an instructor in Law Enforcement and now as a private national advisor regarding training, testing, and working SAR Dogs. Also regarding scent, scent evidence and testifying in the courtroom, I have found that certain departments still in today's society don't have a clue on how SAR dogs are used and how they can be effective in helping Law Enforcement Officers. From tracking down a missing child, to identifying where the suspect traveled from the scene of a crime. From identifying a crime scene through scent and evidence walked on, or touched, by a victim or a suspect. To identifying the suspect in a line up through scent. These are just some of the ways a trained, tested SAR Dog team can help bring closure to a case.

Who can use this book on Scent Evidence?
Search & Rescue dog handlers who get involved in missing persons and or missing pet cases to include evidence and article searches, live and cadaver searches, disaster and
Non-disaster related search missions.
*SAR coordinators and team managers.
*SAR K-9 dog handler instructors.
*Federal, state, county and city police officers and detectives involved with crimes
Against persons, animals, and property.
*Police K-9 handlers and their instructors.
*District Attorney's who prosecute these cases.
*Forensic investigators.
*Defense attorneys who consider this resource when some law enforcement officials
And SAR coordinators refuse to.
*Judges who listen to these cases.
*Animal welfare associates and organizations.

P# 4.
*Animal control and protection agencies.
*Private investigators.
*Family members who have two legged or a four legged loved one missing.
* Missing Children organizations, who search day and night for our missing kids.

What is scent evidence?
Scent evidence is evidence of scent, or the lack of evidence of scent, which assists qualified search dog handlers and investigators in proving or disproving a specific scent, is present at a particular scene.

(Note) Qualified SAR dog handler / dog team. A team that has documented they’re training, testing, search missions, and successes. Remember regarding the courtroom. "If it wasn't documented, it didn't happen". Be very careful in accessing who’s qualified and who isn’t as a dog handler. There are numerous dishonest K-9 testers who pass themselves off as experts, who will test and pass only their own people and fail others to make themselves look better. Don’t fall into their line of crap. Check the final results of there past missions and take the time to call the victim’s families. That’s where the honesty lays.

Most victims’ families will have no reason to lie unless they have their own personal agenda. Not like the sheriff’s and other law enforcement agencies that we’ve had contact with at times, who are trying to cover their own butts by making others look bad and protect themselves from lawsuits.

INTRODUCTION -Using scent evidence to disclose a crime scene.
Case#1: The J. B. Case.
Photograph on front cover: Search Dog Ranger resting and watching crime scene technicians processing a murder crime scene.

Case#89-005. On 04-06-89 Polk County Sheriff’s Department called in our team. SAR dogs Ranger, a black lab Newfoundland mix, Buddie, a Lab mix and Lady, a Sheltie, responded with their handlers, to search a rural wooded area for a missing person's remains.

Detectives had already searched this area; ground search teams made up of SAR, law enforcement officers, ESAR explorers and horse posse personnel. A male subject had been missing for 45 days and it was suspected that he had been killed in this area during a drug deal rip off. The weather had been miserable with high winds and rain. The area was highly contaminated by previous search teams. We obtained a scent article of the missing person from his father's home, and we put the three SAR dog teams to work.

P# 5.
We located the victim's buried remains on our first search in the search area. Also through scent evidence searching, SAR dog Ranger alerted near the fireplace on a loose floorboard in an old abandoned house on the property. In making a closer inspection of this area, upon pulling it up, I located a newspaper dated the day the victim disappeared. The newspaper contained the suspect’s fingerprints all over it. I also found an empty beer can, stashed in this hiding place which also had the suspects fingerprints on it. Without Ranger alerting to this hiding spot, I doubt we would have ever found it.

We also found a syringe used by the suspect for drug use. We obtained a death alert on the ground near the shed behind the abandoned house. We also identified some corrugated tin roofing where each of the search dogs indicated death alerts on the material. We later found out it was used to transport the victim after he was shot and killed. Once the suspect was arrested and interviewed regarding the murder charges, the suspect pleaded guilty, as the evidence located by the search dogs was overwhelming.

During the interview, the suspect admitted to smoking some cigarettes, shooting up on crank, drinking a beer, and reading the newspaper while waiting for the victim to arrive. When the victim arrived, the suspect stated he hid everything and then went outside and shot the victim twice in the head and then realized the victim was too large in size to move. So the suspect pulled off a piece of corrugated tin roofing from a nearby shed. He rolled the victim onto the roofing material and dragged the victim to a trash fire pit where the suspect proceeded to bury the victim and cover the victim up with some trash. The suspect then replaced the roofing material on the shed and left the scene.

Here is an example where scent evidence was useful in many ways. The search dogs located the evidence that assisted the police in identifying the date and time of death and who the suspect was. The SAR dogs also determined the exact location on the property, where the victim was killed, how he was transported, and where the suspect buried him. Case closed.

EXAMPLE (Kidnap / Murder Case). A child named Jackie is missing. Police suspect that Mr. "bad guy" has kidnapped the child and transported her in his vehicle. Of course Mr. "Bad guy" denies any knowledge of this child and denies ever having the child in his vehicle.

The knowledgeable law enforcement detective, having read this book, knows to obtain a witnessed verbal or written consent to search the suspect's vehicle, home, and property, and brings in a credible, highly trained, scent discriminating, search dog team. The SAR dog handler then properly collects and introduces the missing child's scent article to his/her search dog, and gives the SAR dog the command, "GO FIND JACKIE."

If Jackie had been inside the suspect's vehicle, home, or on the property, then her scent will have been transferred on to these locations, and the SAR dog will give a positive alert.

Based on the positive alerts by the SAR dog, and the findings of the SAR dog’s handler, the detectives now have more admissible evidence to obtain a search warrant, to proceed further with their investigation. Remember that the courts recognize the fact that A SAR dog does not know how to lie. Thus, the evidence you produce is called Scent Evidence.

This is an example of a case we worked in Tennessee. We flew in 45 days after the child disappeared. Our search dogs identified the victim’s trail, where the abduction took place, found forensic evidence to prove the case. We also identified the suspect’s vehicle, his boots he wore, his clothes hamper at home, and a shovel he used; all had Jackie’s “death scent” on them. (See the Mudpuddle story at the end of this book dedicated to Jackie and her dog).

The police did an outstanding job and obtained a conviction and recovered the remains of Jackie’s body. The search dogs from our team helped the detectives make their case.
P# 6.
We were repeatedly bad mouthed by the local search dog teams in Memphis, Tennessee in their local newspaper after they failed to find the suspect, the evidence, and Jackie. Why did they fail, it’s because of their ignorance in their training, testing, and working methods. Their team trainers not understanding scent and scent evidence. Their instructor claimed “scent would be destroyed after 48 hours and no search dog could find anything after that period of time”. Pure 100% ignorance.

EXAMPLE (Dog Theft Case). Law Enforcement officers from Animal control contact a suspected dog theft ringleader who is also running a veterinarian clinic. Officers attempt to interview the suspect regarding a rash of dog theft cases. A witness came forward and made a written statement regarding a particular stolen dog having been seen at the veterinarian's office. The suspect, also having been to Law School, knows his rights and refuses to cooperate with law enforcement officials.

After being given the scent of the stolen dog, a qualified search dog team, posing as clients, entered the public area of the veterinary clinic, (premises open to the general public) to see if there are any positive alerts. The search dog did in fact show the handler, positive alerts inside the office regarding the stolen dog scent.

The dog handler writes up an accurate report of his findings, and the officials present it to a local judge. After obtaining a search warrant, not only did the police recover the stolen dog, but they were also able to file a criminal complaint with the DA's office against this veterinarian. All because of the scent evidence obtained by the search dog team and through good police work.

Scene#(1). Picture if you will your officer has just found a body lying on the ground, a victim of a rape and murder. The first officer(s) in on scene, confirm the victim is dead and preserve the scene for Detectives. The officers immediately dispatch a Search Dog team and as detectives arrive on scene, so does a trained, tested, qualified Scent Discrimination Search dog with its handler. The handler scents the Search dog on the victim (Using the victim as a scent article) and starts the track of the missing persons scent. The missing person is the suspect(s) who’ve touched the victim and left the scene.

The search dog leads the handler 8 blocks away from the scene, right up to a set of apartments and right to the front door of the BAD GUY. The whole search from beginning to end takes 15 minutes. The officers now have more evidence and PC (Probable Cause) to interview the occupants at the residence.

Scene#(2). Your agency is called to the scene of a kidnapping. A 3-year child has been reported stolen from a parked car in the parking lot of a busy mall. The security officer and on scene supervisor from the local Law Enforcement jurisdiction contact a scent discriminating Search dog team and bring in the team to track the, "missing child". When the dog team arrives, they obtain a proper scent article of the victim reported missing, they scent on the PLS and the track leads the search dog team absolutely nowhere. Since there is no detectable scent, a second team is brought in and reconfirms the first team. Detectives sit the RP (Reporting Person(s) down in an interview room and soon learn the victim is lying. This leads the department into obtaining more proof that the complainant has filed a false police report. Proof was the SAR Dog teams had no scent to follow and prior statements of the RP., statements from witnesses, etc… Eventually the investigator proves the complainant has filed a false police report to cover up an accidental death of the child.

Scene#(3). A Bloody Glove and a stocking cap are found at the scene of a double murder where two people have been stabbed to death. The suspect is brought in and placed in a line up with each person in the line up standing 9 feet apart.
P# 7.
A Search Dog handler is brought in and collects the evidence with the crime technician and the medical examiners office.

Showing in the reports a good chain of evidence log, the dog team travels to the location of the line up and introduces the scent to the dog. If the person who has touched the glove and stocking cap is in the line up.

Their scent will be present and the SAR dog will be able to identify the bad guy standing in the line up. This gives investigators more PC to discuss the matter with the individual the dog identified. REMEMBER: DOGS DON'T KNOW HOW TO LIE. It's not in their nature. Now be very careful here. Just because their scent is on the glove or hot and the dog identified them in a line up, doesn’t mean that they’ve committed the crime. Now your detectives must go to work and find out why the suspect(s) scent is on the glove and hat.

Scene#(4). A footprint is found at the scene of a burglary, the first officer on scene carefully secures the footprint scene and calls in a dog handler. The dog handler scents on the footprint and the team tracks the BAD GUY right to where he/she (The bad person), had parked their car. Detectives photograph a tire treads print found in the dirt on the road. Interviews in the area produce two witnesses who describe the suspect and his vehicle. Through matching the tire tracks to the suspect vehicle and through scent id off the footprint you now have PC for a search warrant depending on your local jurisdictional requirements.

Last Scene#(5). Two persons are missing and detectives think the people are victims of a homicide. The evidence tends to lead the detectives toward their theory that this might not just be a missing person’s case. A Search Dog team is brought in and the search dog is scented on the victims shoes left in the closet inside the house. The SAR dog walks into another room and give off a Death alert. Then walks to the Garage and alerts on top of a Lawn mower where you see a single ski glove. Then the SAR Dog displays another death alert in the grass area aside of the house near the garden hose.

The dog also alerts inside the victim's vehicle and bed of the truck. What does this all mean when you put it together with a qualified witness (Dog Handler)? The dog alerts on the carpet. Detectives pull the surface cleaned carpet off the floor and there were numerous bloodstains under the carpet that had soaked into the wooden floor below the carpet. The dog also alerted on the steel brush (Found outside of the house on the deck near the Barbecue grill). The death scent was transferred to the brush from the carpet when the suspect tried to clean the carpet. Tests showed positive blood traces on the cleaning brush. The dogs alerted in the room where the victim was killed. The dog alerts on a single ski glove, which was stained with the death scent of the victim (Not noticeable to the human eye). Later in your interview with the victim's son, (the suspect), admits, "This is his ski glove". You now can tie him to the dead victim’s body through scent.

The dog alerted on the grass outside the house and during the interview you learn that this is where the suspect washed the victims blood out of the back of the vehicle. The death scent soaked into the ground here and now is giving off lots of death scent for the search dogs to find.
The suspect had placed the victims in the back of a pick up truck, covered them with split wood and then drove them into the wilderness where he hid the bodies. The search dogs identified which vehicle was used for transporting the victims even though swabs showed negative traces of blood in the vehicle.

All this was later confirmed through the detective’s interview once the suspect gave his confession. The SAR Dogs even tracked the victim’s scent from the vehicle and could show the direction of travel of the suspect vehicle with the victims inside. If you run into cases like this you will find that there are times they may be hard to prove in a court case.
P# 8.
We all know that the more evidence that you can produce in the courtroom, the stronger your case may be. Many suspects are like many officers and have little or no knowledge on how scent works and how scent can be used to identify a person.

Understanding Scent.
Now that you’ve read some examples that I’ve taken from real cases that we’ve worked or offered our services on here’s what I’ve learned on how scent works.
With you taking the time to learn all you can from this and any other articles out on the market regarding scent. You will arm yourself with more ammunition to take the bad person off the streets and bring closure to your cases. First understand that this is not some new venture into the realm of the unknown. Scent dogs have been used in law enforcement and the court systems for years. With this article, I'm not "reinventing the wheel". I'm just trying to help you understand how scent and SAR Dogs work so that you may use it in a more effective manner.

Let's get down to basics. Any dog can be used for search and rescue, tracking, trailing, and air scenting. Some are better than others are and no matter whom you talk to around the world. Everyone is an, "expert” and “his or her way is the only way". Don't believe it for a minute. What works for one handler team may not work for another. Look at their success record. Their training, testing and actual finds in searches, then make a qualified decision on the dog teams skill level. Now that you understand that Ego's and Politics cloud many people’s judgments, let's look at the basics of scent.

Scent. Where does scent come from?
Each human and animal contains DNA. They also contain their own scent that can be identified by a highly trained and tested search dog and dog handler teams. Just like a fingerprint, there are no two scents that are exactly alike. There are however very similar scents like those that come from a set of twins. A person or animal loses approximately 10,000 pieces of scent called RAFTS, per minute. In a closed environment, this scent can be detected up to 3-1/2 years later. (See the Piqua-Ohio case described later on in this book). In an open environment, scent can be detected and tracked from 60 days old, up to 365 days old, or longer, depending on the terrain, weather and many other factors.

How can scent evidence be used successfully to identify a victim or suspect?
Since each person and animal has its own individual scent, that scent can be tracked, traced and identified in buildings, on clothing, in vehicles, out in the wilderness, city, desert, jungles and even under water. Even after a person is dead, their scent can be used to identify them. I’ve used scent articles to find human remains in transportation accidents, disasters, homicides, drownings, suicides, and bombings.

Example. In Honduras following the 1998 Hurricane Mitch disaster. We flew two teams in to assist the local fire department in their SAR efforts. Our teams were the only private K-9 SAR teams to respond from the USA. We worked with the local fire dept. in searching the destroyed cities and countryside. During one of our searches on 2nd Ave. The search dog’s showed us that a destroyed home contained five bodies. (The search dogs had id where each body was buried in the mud and debris filled room. One of the victim’s family members wanted the mother to be unburied first.

The family member produced an apron that the mother had worn that had not been washed. I introduced this scent article to SAR Dog Valerie. Valorie identified exactly where the site was inside the destroyed house where the mother had died. My partner Michelle Keating with her SAR Dog Yogi confirmed this site. When the family and crew dug at this site, SAR Dog Valorie and SAR Dog Yogi were correct in identifying one particular body scent location among the other four bodies buried in the same room. Val and I did this again in Turkey after the earthquakes.

Page# 9.
Humans and animals drop approximately 10,000 rafts per minute. (Rafts are dead pieces of scented cells that drop from skin tissue, hair fibers, sweat, perspiration etc.) When the rafts fall to the ground or are picked up by the air currents, a dog has been proven to be able to have picked up one: one trillionth of a scent particle up to forty miles away. The dog can smell 500 times better than you and I. A lot of factors will affect and eventually destroy scent.

Contamination from people walking over the same area day after day. Cigarette smoke can alter the scent and desensitize the SAR Dogs nose. Petroleum products can mask the scent. Plastics can trap scent. Rain can wash it down hill, down stream, and eventually drown it out. It takes a lot of rain over a period of months to destroy scent.

Heat can dry out scent and the SAR Dogs sinus passages and make it very hard for the dogs to track. In water dogs can sniff out bodies in both fresh and salt ocean water. The deepest recorded saltwater find by SAR Dogs is 245 feet in the Pacific Ocean by the Sitka, Alaska SAR Dog Teams.

Different types of scent.
When a human gets upset, they produce adrenaline. This changes the acid base balance in the human system and forms a stronger scent. Ever get upset and your body produces strange odors such as gas? With the stronger acid base balance, the physical changes in your body produce a stress scent.

There are three types of scent that a human produces normally. We'll call them, Normal or Live scent, fear or stress scent, and death scent.

NORMAL - Live SCENT: When a dog picks up on each scent, they react differently. Example of a normal scent. You come home and you're in a good mood. Your dog can smell that your scent is a normal non-stressed scent and your dog knows it's OK to approach you to get its daily body rub, loving session, and get fed.

STRESS SCENT: Now let's say you've had one heck of day at the office. Your child got in trouble at school. You didn't receive the 60 hours overtime pay in last weeks paycheck, taxes are due, and the car just broke down in 95 degree weather while you were in rush hour traffic. You walk in and immediately your dog runs and hides instead of greeting you as he normally does. Well by smelling the stress scent, the dog knows to leave well enough alone and your dog will take a hike until you've calmed down. Can you relate?

When dogs are born, they instinctively learn to read scent and body language. That's how they find each other at night. That's how they hunt down wild game to eat, and practice their pack pecking order and mating rituals.

Death Scent? When a human or animal dies, their body immediately starts to decompose. The scent the body gives off while decomposing is called “DEATH SCENT”. How strong of scent that’s present at the death site is determined by many factors. Air temp, ground temp, age of person when they died, weather elements, what the victim last ate and drank before they died. How the victim died.

HOW WE USE SCENT TO FIND PEOPLE / PETS. Yes, even the domesticated dogs still have their basic instincts and can still relate back to reading scent and body language. What a dog handler's goal is, is to learn the dogs body language in various situations and by piecing together all the clues, the dog handler comes up with a logical explanation. The handler sees the dog put her nose in the air. Her tail is up and wagging, she (the dog), has a smile on her face and her body language is one of a happy dog. The handler now knows through hundred's of hours of training, testing, and actual missions, that he needs to find the source of this live alert.

Page# 10.

The dog handler looks at the terrain and sees that his SAR dog is picking up an airborne scent with the winds blowing directly into his face. So the handler directs the dog to "Go Find". The dog through training knows this is a working command and works the scent cone in a "Z" pattern until the dog picks up the strong origin of the scent and walks directly up to the VICTIM who is sitting motionless waiting to be found. This is an air scent search pattern.

The dog handler immediately is told by watching the dog’s body language, the barking, the wagging tail, the smile on his/her dog’s face, that the dog has found a live person and all is well. Now let's change the story a little.

The handler is told that there is a possible "dead victim in a specific area". The dog handler obtained the victim's scent from the victim's home and introduces the scent to his dog. We'll call the dog "Valorie". Valorie now knows through training, and testing that she is to focus on this scent only. This is called scent discrimination. Her job is rule out the thousands of scents, (human, animal, vegetation, mineral, old and new), and see if this one scent is in the search area. The dog is given the command to work and the handler starts working into the wind to work the scent pattern.

Valorie immediately starts smelling the victim's scent and alerting. The handler sees that Valorie is not happy. Her tail is down between her legs, her ears are back and she is sniffing the air and whining. From prior training and testing, the handler now knows Valorie has picked up the scent of death on who she is looking for.

And as Valorie grows closer to the scent, her handler can see Valorie getting more physically upset. The handler follows his dog through the bushes and finds the victim laying in the tall grass, dead. Valorie immediately comes to the side of her handler for her reward and reassurance that she did a good job with a sad ending.

SCENT ID. Now let's get a little more advanced in our search problems. The victim is walking along and decides to take a path that is a short cut between and apt. Complex and shopping mall. It is littered with old newspapers; toys that kids left behind and high brushy trails. All of a sudden the victim is viciously attacked and injured. The bad guy forces the victim into his car and drives off. The victim is knocked unconscious and her hands are tied with duct tape so she can't move. He takes her to a secluded spot, rapes her and then strangles her. He then picks up her dead body and throws into a nearby river hoping that the water will wash away the evidence and the suspect.

The suspect then drives off, goes home, and takes off all his clothing. Puts his clothing into the hamper, he then jumps into the shower to wash away the evidence. He then removes the clothes from the hamper and washes the cloths in the washing machine. Here's how your dog team can detect and recreate the crime.

The person is reported missing. You send a search dog team to the victim’s house and they obtain a scent article. The search dog team tracks from the PLS to where they find the grass and dirt in the area disturbed with numerous footprints and broken vegetation. You've just located a crime scene. The SAR dog immediately goes from a friendly happy track to a stressed track / trail. You now know the person you are looking for is giving off adrenaline from stress (fear). Your dog team should call in a forensics team to gather and photograph the evidence found at the initial crime scene. Your dog team tracks the victim’s scent to a nearby road where you find tire tracks leaving the area.

If the suspect’s window is open even a little bit, the air currents will enter the vehicle and pick up the victim’s scent, which will drop out side the vehicle in a specific pattern.

Page # 11.
The scent will not stay on the pavement. Cars and trucks that drive over the scent form their own air currents and along with the winds in the area, the scent is blown to the adjacent grasses and dirt along side the roadway where scent attaches itself and can be detected and tracked successfully for up to three months later. Now your dog handler gets the scent entering onto a highly traveled freeway. Knowing this is not a normal path the victim would willingly walk or travel on from the PLS on foot. The handler starts a vehicle track.

VEHICLE TRACK. Your handler gets into a squad car with overhead lights flashing to prevent the dog team from becoming one with the earth, flattened by a visually impaired motorist. The dog team is driven along the road until they come to each side road, off ramp area. They let the SAR Dog team working on lead out of the vehicle with the handler now wearing his/her bright orange safety vest for SAFETY. The handler reintroduces the victim’s scent to the SAR dog.

The dog will then follow the freshest scent naturally and show the handler by tracking or trailing methods if the scent left the main road or continued straight. This method is used and may take many hours and handlers to perform to it success. (We’ve used this method all over the world successfully). Rest your search dog repeatedly during this type of search, as it’s very stressful. Give your dog lots of water and watch for cars. Use a very short tracking lead in congested areas.

Did we invent this tracking method? No, a bloodhound team in Idaho found a dead kidnapped child using this method. The dog handler tracked the victim’s scent escaping from the suspect vehicle for 12 miles from the PLS.

When coming to a busy intersection and if the SAR Dog loses the scent. Stop and put the dog on a sit stay ON LEAD. Reintroduce the scent article and safely lead the dog across each intersection until you can determine that the dog is back on track or has lost it completely. Usually your dog will be able to pick up the scent again after walking 50 yards past the intersection. This is the only time I will ever suggest to you to lead your tracking dog on a search. Once the dog indicates that he/she has picked up the scent then let your dog lead you as it's supposed to. If the track stops then either there is too much contamination for the dog to continue or the suspect rolled up the car windows thus not allowing anymore of the victim’s scent to escape.

What destroys scent? Petroleum products such as vehicle fumes and cleaning products. Heavy handling of the scent articles will also mask the scent with newer scents. Cigarette Smoke can destroy the dog’s ability to scent by approximately 95%. Inclement weather over a long period of time can also destroy scent.

How does scent evidence transfer from the victim to a suspect's clothing, vehicle, home, tools etc.? Imagine you have white powdered chalk on your hands. Now touch the top of a desk, door handle, broom handle, knife, firearm, shovel, your pants, someone else’s pants, car keys, the steering wheel, etc. You will see a small amount of chalk transfer from your hands to the items you’ve touched.

Scent transfers the same way. It will stay on these items until the items are cleaned, or contaminated by another person’s scent, or destroyed by the weather elements.

Certain materials collect and hold scent better than others. Clothing such as shoes, slippers, boots, and hats hold scent well. Fabric material such as mattresses, pillows, pillowcases, sheets, mattress covers, blankets and furniture such as couches, carpet and carpet pads, padded chairs, interior seat covers inside a vehicle also hold scent well. Items that won't hold scent long in the outdoors are usually made of metals, such as keys, firearms, knives, etc., unless the victim's body fluids are flecked or stained onto the item.

Page # 12.

When searching a suspect's personal belongings for scent evidence, I usually find the suspect's footwear, gloves, and his / her motor vehicle, to be some of the best items to search with a search dog to obtain scent evidence of a missing victim’s scent. These items seem to hold the victim's scent the longest.

Do bones give off scent? Yes as the bone marrow and the bone itself starts to decompose, it will give off scent until fully decomposed.

DECOMPOSITION SITE. When an animal or human dies, as their remains lay on the surface of the ground, their body decomposes. The gases given off attract insects. Insects will lay their eggs in the remains. By studying the size of the larvae, eggs, insects, specialists can determine how long the body remains have been at this specific site. Local area predators may consume some of the body remains. As advanced stages of decomposition takes place, the ground acts like a sponge and absorbs the body fluids and it’s smell. So, even if the victim is removed from the death site, the search dog can detect where the dead body has been lying on the ground.

COLLECTING A SCENT ARTICLE PROPERLY. How do we collect the scent article properly to contain the most amounts of scent and use it to identify the suspect?

The best way to collect a scent article is for the actual dog handler and an investigator to go to the victim's house and collect the scent articles. The scent articles that I've found to work best are hairbrushes with only the victim's hair in it. Non-washed pillows and pillowcases that only the victim slept on. The victim's footwear, dirty socks or shoes. Worn clothing such as underwear that hasn't been washed. I've even obtained four strands of hair from the victim's vehicle headrest to successfully track her after she left the vehicle and committed suicide in the wilderness.

Only the dog handler should collect the items while he/she is wearing rubber gloves. The scent articles are placed into a clean paper sack. The sack is then closed and placed into another clean paper sack, which is also rolled up. Then these sacks are placed into a clean plastic bag to protect the items from contamination from outside elements such as liquids, weather, and the plastic bag itself. NEVER PUT A SCENT ARTICLE DIRECTLY INTO A PLASTIC BAG.

Don't make this common mistake. The police officer asks the victim's family for a scent article such as a shoe. The family member picks up the scent article and hands it to the officer. The officer then throws the item into a paper or plastic bag and then hands it to the search coordinator who then hands it to the dog handler. WRONG. Now you've contaminated the scent article three times with three separate scents. Handle scent articles as physical evidence, using a good chain of custody evidence control sheet. Log the date, time, location regarding where the item was removed from, and whom it was given to. Each time the item changes hands, the chain of custody must show this. Two years from now when you get called to testify in the courtroom you will appreciate having documented this information.

DOCUMENTATION - PROOF. DOGS DON'T KNOW HOW TO LIE. And the courts recognize this issue. Handlers however can easily manipulate a dogs actions and reactions through the handlers body language and through verbal and non-verbal communications. So it's very important if you wish to build up your credibility, "To tell it like it is". If your dog lost the track, then so be it. If you're not sure, then say so. If you're track is right on, then say so. Video taping the training, testing, and actual search, really is important evidence in demonstrating to the Judge and Jury what exactly it is that your dog and you are doing.

Besides videotaping, create a paper trail. Document date, terrain, and air temp. Time; wind directions, routes traveled and your findings. When you go to get a search warrant, the first thing a Judge should do is establish proof that your dog handler and dog can do what you say they can do.

The proof is in your documentation. Record your training, testing and missions. In every state that I've worked in regarding criminal matters, I’ve had absolutely no problems qualifying the dog and myself as a reliable witness to obtain information for a Search Warrant based on my documented training and testing records.

I obtained a presumptive Death certificate regarding a missing person signed by the STATE MEDICAL EXAMINERS OFFICE, off a fingernail that my dog alerted on in coyote feces that we found deep in the wilderness. I was able to prove through my documentation of training, testing and actual missions that the dog will not alert on anything but the victim's scent once he/she was introduced to the scent article.

TESTIFYING IN COURT. I strongly suggest that you and your Deputy DA meet before bringing your case to trial and get first hand information on what will be the elements of proof regarding your case. Discuss how you will present your testimony. Diagrams work very well. I recently testified on the stand in a kidnapping case. As soon as I was done, the defense attorney asked for a 10-minute recess and came back and entered a plea of guilty on all charges. That was before the DA called the remaining 6 witnesses to the stand. I had met with the Dep. DA prior to the court date and we were able to develop a diagram and plan on how to walk the JURY through the kidnapping case and show by diagrams, how the search dogs tracked the suspect and each of his victim’s in this case.

CHALK works well in demonstrating the transfer of scent. Put chalk on your hands and then touch various objects. As you do this, the chalk will transfer from your hand to everything you touch. If you demonstrate this and explain that scent works exactly the same way and by using different color chalk, one color for each victim / suspect, it makes it easier for the jury to understand the transfer of scent. Now they can see the chalk (Scent) transfer from suspect / victim to an object.
NON-SMOKING-VS SMOKING DOG HANDLERS. Here's an issue that will raise the hairs on the back of some dog handler's necks. It is my strong suggestion to have a non-smoking dog handler work your cases, over a dog handler who smokes. It has been proven time and time again that the drug NICOTINE found in tobacco products such as cigarettes desensitizes the dog’s nose.

Yes, a dog exposed to NICOTINE can still track, trail, and air scent. But remember the dog already has to work with animal, vegetable, mineral, and human scents that have been in the area for years. Now add on petroleum products, contamination, wind, rain, heat, and time. Your dog will need every scent receptor he / she has to do the best job possible. If you smoke or allow your dog around anyone who does smoke, the search dog’s nose is desensitized and now is only working at approximately 5% of its full capacity instead of 95% or 100%.

What this also means is that if you're going to use a scent dog to track a victim or suspect. Don't allow your responding law enforcement officers to smoke on scene. One whiff of cigarette smoke can desensitize the search dog’s nose for up to 6 hours. Do your own study locally. Inspect the dog handler’s logs on their number of finds. In our 1997 nation-wide study, we were able to come up with averages as follows: Non-smoking teams averaged one find every two searches (1:2). Smoking teams averages one find in ten (1:10).

It’s a proven health risk for you the handler and your dog if you expose yourself to tobacco smoke. Cigarette smoking exposure causes CANCER. What part of this sentence is too hard for you to understand? Also understand that you don’t have to be a smoker to die from cancer. It’s proven second hand smoke (breathing in smoke from a smoker) is just as deadly. So if you are a smoker, and if you chose to kill yourself slowly, that’s great. Do it away from your dog and your children and those of us who chose life.

P# 14.
Over 190,000 children in the USA go into a hospital from second hand cigarette smoke poisoning every year. 90,000 never leave the hospital, they die. Studies have been done on non-smoking adult partners of smokers and pets of smokers, who die from second hand smoke as well. The chemicals in cigarette’s have proven to kill not only the smoker but everyone who breathes in second hand smoke.

If you want to quit smoking contact me and I’ll teach you how to quit in less then 6 weeks absolutely free of charge. We’ve helped over 2800 people quit. In I.K.9.S.A.R.S. If you smoke, or are exposed to cigarette smoke, we won’t hire you. Not only are you a health risk, but a danger to the rest of the team.

Tracking more than one suspect? Focus on one scent at a time and one search at a time. What this means is look for your scent evidence by focusing on one suspect. Then when you've completed your search, your reports and diagrams move on to the next scent id and the next suspect.

If you, the dog handler, introduce more than one scent at a time to your SAR dog, when your dog starts alerting, you will not know which person’s scent your dog is alerting on. This can throw your scent ID case into turmoil and can be a mess to try and explain in the courtroom to a jury. Remember to keep it simple. Also remember, if your mind is not focused on each search, you may miss your dogs alerts. A very common mistake among search dog handlers including myself. Learn from our mistakes.

While I was working in the 1994 Northridge CA. earthquake, a highly respected team leader from Orange County Search and Rescue reminded me that; "One mistake will take away from the 100 successes that you received from the work that you do. People will remember the mistake and forget about the successes". How true, his statement was. Try not to make any mistakes, but if you do, (and we all do), learn from them through debriefings, and don't make the same mistake twice.

What if there is more than one victim to be located? A different kind of search must be conducted to locate multi-victim or multi-casualty victim's, from transportation accidents, earthquakes, tornadoes, bombings, avalanches, floods, etc.

The dog is trained to search a specific area, directed by the handler and show the handler where every live and dead victim is. During a response to a disaster search, we don't normally use scent articles, because we don't have the time to collect them and work individual scents.

So, as the dog handler, I search a specific site given to me by the IC, (Incident Commander). I watch my dog’s alerts. If Valorie gives me a live alert, my support team member will mark the location of the alert as such. If Valorie gives me a death alert, then that too will be marked. My support person or myself will mark the location of each alert with surveyor's ribbon flagging, chalk or spray paint. The information will be as follows: Date, Time, Team Assignment, and Findings. Example: 04-21-95 0200Hrs. USAR T#1 (IK9SARS K-9-1). 6 DOA. 1 live alert. Marker#4.

During debriefing, my support person and I will bring out our diagrams, our maps, and debrief with the debriefing teams on our findings. A second dog team, a listening device, or a confined space camera will then be brought in to reconfirm the first dog’s findings. Once a second team or piece of equipment has confirmed the search dog’s findings, then the recovery team will come in and dig through the debris to locate and recover the victim(s).

P# 15.
(I put this in because you have to have a search dog that is happy and emotionally capable of doing their job. If they’re upset and or depressed, they will not wish to work and they may not be used properly for a search).

Photo of SAR Dog Ranger inside cockpit of Airlplane. Captain’s seat.

Does a search dog get depressed? YES. When I was working in the Philippine Earthquake with my search dog partner “Ranger”. He had located 25 sites where eventually 59 victims were located by recovery teams. The third day working in country, I gave him the command to, “let’s go to work”. He sat there at base camp, looking very sad, depressed and not wanting to go to work at all. I then asked several of the nurses and paramedics from Seattle King County Disaster Team to go hide. I then encouraged "Ranger" to go find them. He did and I found that this cheered him up enough to back to work looking for more dead victims. So don’t forget to use CISD/CISM techniques on your search dog as well as yourself and your teammates. (Critical Incident Stress Management and Critical Incident Stress Debriefings).

How do you debrief a SAR Dog? I’ve learned that if you can, remove your dog completely from the search site. Wash the dog with a mild dog soap and rinse. (Not easily done in the jungles or disaster areas). Then brush them out, and give them a full body “T touch” massage. It’s our common practice to check the dog from nose to tail anyway after each and every search for cuts scrapes, ticks, other blood-sucking creatures, and other critters. All the while talking to your search dog and reinforcing to them that they’ve done a great job. Don’t forget to wash yourself and your clothes too.

Your boots, and clothing, the dog’s harness and search gear will all contain the death scent from working in the areas. Clean your gear thoroughly. Another thing that I’ll do to de-stress the search dog and myself, is to take your dog teams to the local hospitals, evacuation centers, and orphanages. Share your dog’s ability to love openly to all people and you will be very surprised at the end results.

Pet Assisted Therapy works great. We’ve done this in many of the disasters that we’ve responded to such as the Northridge and Philippine earthquakes, The Oklahoma City Bombing, Hurricane Mitch disaster in Honduras. Both of the earthquakes in Turkey and our search in Jamaica. Also, on hundreds of local missions where the victim(s) were found dead.

What is the definition of a SAR dog team? One trained, tested, and qualified dog handler and one trained and qualified SAR dog.

P# 16.
How do Search and Rescue (SAR) dog teams work? As a person or animal travels along a surface, they shed scent. This includes but is not limited to "Rafts" (dead skin), hair, dandruff, dry scent and perspiration. An animal or person loses approximately 400 strands of body hair per day and approximately 10,000 "rafts" per minute. These scent particles fall to the surfaces nearby and give off their scent for long periods of time.

LIQUID SCENT. If the scent is from a liquid, it can stain the surfaces it strikes such as on a carpeted floor inside a closed environment, inside a shed, home, or vehicle. Outside the closed environment, the scent can stain soil, vegetation, wood products, like fences, decks etc. Eventually it will dry out, and heat will cause its odor to evaporate. If it rains, the moisture will reactivate the scent until time eventually destroys it. Liquid scent can come from body fluids such as blood, saliva, sweat, urine, vomit, and feces.

When a person or animal is motionless out of fear, or is trapped in debris from a disaster, or upon their death, the air currents strike the surface of the person or animal, picking up their scent and carrying it down wind. When the air currents pick up and transport the scent, it can transfer the scent to other surfaces such as moss, trees, brush, dirt, grass, rocks, mud, cracks in ice, snow, cement and many other surfaces. These are some examples of where scent filters through and lands on the other surfaces and holds. Someone walking on the scent particles can also transfer scent from one area to another.

EXAMPLE: A person trapped for multiple days inside a destroyed building from an earthquake. This person will either go to the bathroom in their clothing if they are injured and can’t move, or they’ll remove clothing and go to the bathroom. In either case, each time they urinate or defecate, they are leaving their scent, which can be detected by SAR Dogs.

Inside a building, scent can stick to carpets, walls, counter surfaces, and many other objects. Once it lodges itself onto a surface, it gives off its scent while the scent decays. Scent can also be pulled down hill through debris, mud, water, snow and air currents.

FINDING THE SOURCE OF THE SCENT. DOG HANDLERS PLEASE NOTE understanding scent and what air currents do with the scent, will either make you very successful or a very disappointed dog handler. I've gone in on many cases where other dog teams have been called in first and failed to find the victim. My first question to their coordinator was always, did any of your dog teams have any kind of alerts at all, and if so where? Usually the answer was, "we sure did get some alerts, but we couldn't find anything."

This is a very common mistake made by the SAR dog handler's and their SAR coordinators, not the search dogs. The search dog handler didn't follow up the source of their SAR dogs alerts and the SAR dog coordinator didn't put all of the pieces of the puzzle together properly, wind currents, direction, terrain character.

It comes from lack of experience on the handlers and coordinators part and has been many a SAR dog teams and SAR coordinators downfall when it comes to making a successful find. Not putting all of the clues together to figure out the puzzle.

When we come in after a local area search with local area teams has failed, I will find out exactly where the prior SAR dogs have alerted if they have at all. I will then look at the POA's & POD's percentages. (Probability of Areas and Probability of Detection within these areas), for the search area and then go back and look at the weather, the wind conditions, time of day, and the exact location for each alert noted. I will then look at the terrain to figure out what the air currents are doing and where the scent is originating.

P# 17.

I will then figure out whether the air currents in the area of the SAR dog's alerts were moving up, moving down, or moving across the ridge tops or through a canyon.

By looking at this information and knowing how hard it was raining or snowing at the time, this information will tell me through experience, (usually within a mile) where the ORIGIN of the SCENT was coming from. I will then take in my teams and follow up the scent alerts to their origin. When one of my teams located the victim(s) in the original search area, usually it was within a one-mile radius from where the prior search dogs had alerted.

If there were no SAR dog teams used in the original search, we conduct our own search from the Point Last Seen of the victim. By following up each and every SAR dog alert and clues found to their origin, we are able to determine where the victim is, and if his / her remains have been scattered by the local animals. (See cadaver finds).

I'm sharing these stories with you not for the purpose of putting down the other SAR dog handlers or their SAR coordinators. We’ve all been there and made those same mistakes. I’m sharing these stories in hopes that you can learn to do your search the right way, the first time.

If you know of somebody missing, and the sheriff either refused to use search dogs or already has used search dogs, and the search efforts failed to find any clues that lead to the missing person, give me or another qualified search dog team a call. Very often I'm called in after teams have repeatedly searched a specific area and failed to find the missing person. And repeatedly, I find the missing person in the original search area. So, don't ASSUME just because SAR dog teams have already searched it and ground search teams that the victims isn't in the original search area.

TRUST YOUR DOG. When I first started working SAR dog Ranger, we were called to Lake Oswego, Oregon. An elderly gentleman had been missing for 7 days, in 95-degree weather, near a golf course. His vehicle was found parked in the golf course parking lot. We were not sure if this person walked away or fell victim to foul play and was transported out of the area.

Search teams had already been through this area with negative results. My SAR dog tracked the missing person for 2 miles into a patch of briars and through an animal trail. The detective with me told me, "We've already searched that area." So I made the mistake of pulling my SAR dog off of his alerts.

Because of Ranger's insistence and numerous alerts, the detective went back the following day and researched the area again. The victim was found 4 feet into the briars where Ranger was alerting and I had stopped the track. The victim apparently had crawled into the briars to go to the bathroom and clean himself up, during which time he suffered a heart attack. He then rolled down a slope within the briars and died. SAR dog Ranger was right and we were wrong.

The detective apologized for pulling me out of there. He had me convinced that we were wasting our time because it had already been searched. I apologized to my SAR dog Ranger, for not trusting him.

Remember the four lessons we learned from this search.
(1). Trust your dog.
(2). Your dog doesn't know how to lie.
(3). Follow up on each and every alert to its origin.
(4). Conduct your own search and base your findings on your own investigation and search efforts. Don't let anyone else's thoughts or opinions pull you off of the right track. When I practice these four lessons I'm successful in my searches.

P# 18.

Can scent be detected that originates from under the water? Yes, this is how search dogs locate victims and evidence under water. As the body goes under the surface, it immediately starts giving off scent. Scent from oils in the victim's hair, rafts (dead skin tissue), gasses that start escaping from the body as it decomposes.

If you heard of someone that has just drowned and a search dog is available that is trained in water SAR, put him or her to work immediately. Example: Police respond to a report of a vehicle entering a water source, car over a bridge, etc. The first police officer on scene should call for rescue divers and a search dog team. The victim doesn't have to be dead to give off enough scent for a SAR dog to locate the victim in the water.

As the body enters the water, the body gives off gases that leave the victim and rise to the surface. This is the easiest type of search a dog can do. In my experience, the bodies, unless weighted down, will drop down at a 10 to 40 degree angle to the bottom of the water source. No matter how strong the water current are. Then depending on the victim's weight, clothing, what they ate last, rate of decomposition, water temperature, current water speed, and amount of debris, (logs, kelp, snags) the victim may surface anywhere from 1 day in shallow water to 40 days (if at all) in deep water.

One problem we face in ocean drownings is that the sea creatures feed on the victim's remains. One body was found after being in the water for only 3 days, fully skeletonized in 245 feet Deep Ocean water, near Sitka, Alaska. When the sea animals digest the human remains and dump the remains out as waste material, the victim's scent may be scattered in quite a large area.

To conduct a water search, the SAR dog just has to sit at the bow of a boat, or walk up stream along the shoreline, into the wind. When the dog smells the scent surfacing out of the water, the dog will immediately become agitated, start whining, put its tail between its legs. Some dogs will immediately defecate and urinate. The dogs will put their ears back and stare, some will bark loudly. Others will bite at the water in order to save the victim, or show the handler where the source of the scent is coming from. Some dogs will even jump in the water and try to pull the victim to shore.

The Sitka Alaska SAR dogs have the deepest recorded water find that I know of. A boater drowned near Sitka and the Sitka Fire Dept. SAR dogs took three of their SAR dogs out to an area of high probability, (POA). All three dogs independently confirmed where the victim's remains were, through their alerts. A video camera was lowered and the victim was visualized under 245 feet of salt water in the Pacific Ocean.

Years ago we got called to Camas, Washington regarding a child that had drowned. One of our SAR dogs Tracker, a bloodhound working with his handler Mr. Bill Rivera, started baying and jumped right into the water where the child was later found under 14 feet of water and silt. My dog Valorie does the same thing in each of her 89 documented water finds that she's made to date.

ALTERED SCENTS. Does a burned victim give off a different scent, then a non-burned victim? Yes, though the original scent is the same, as most of you know who have been around a burned victim, there is a distinct odor. We had a suspect take two prostitutes up into the mountains and kill them both. He then buried each separately and poured fuel over their bodies. The killer’s attempt was to mask the odor of decaying human scent escaping from the gravesite, so the coyotes and search dogs would not smell the bodies. The detective handling the case didn't need the search dogs. He just followed his nose to the origin of the fuel smell and after some probing, located one of the victims with his own nose. Ever watch a detective air scent? It’s quite amusing.

P# 19.

How long after a scent is given off by a victim can a search dog track it?
This depends on many factors. Terrain, weather, dog and handler training, time, and area contamination, are just some of the factors that determine whether the dog team will have success or not.

Search dog handlers, including myself, have made numerous finds, months after the person has disappeared, by performing either a track, trail, or air scent search. I personally have documented a successful track regarding a missing victim, six months after he disappeared in a heavy urban environment. I've also documented successful air scenting searches and located hundreds of victim's remains, a year after they've disappeared. I've read of some teams who have been successful even longer than a year after the victim has disappeared.

How can we trust information coming from one dog team that contradicts everything we've been taught or have seen for ourselves? Base your information on documented facts. Remember the TV show "Dragnet". Detective Joe Friday used to say, "The facts ma'am, just give me the facts." If a person comes forward with rumors, statements, or questionable information, it would be in the best interest of everyone involved, especially for the department receiving the information, to request written documentation to support this person's claims.

One of my dog handlers shared what they overheard when two experienced dog handler instructors, one from Canada, and one from Oregon, make statements to a class of novice dog handlers, "It's impossible to find and track a scent after 48 hours." With that kind of attitude I would agree. They are just holding themselves back and giving out bad information. This is pure nonsense. Unfortunately there are a lot of self-proclaimed experts, and these individuals pass along bad information to the police departments, families of missing persons and to fellow dog handlers.

One of the same individuals also made a statement to the media stating that," it was physically impossible for dogs to scent bodies that were under water". After this individual made his statement, numerous other SAR dog handlers from other states came forward and told the media that, “this handler didn't know what he was talking about”. He is now an OSSA K-9 tester. " Makes me shudder.

Unfortunately, this individual is in a leadership position in the state of Oregon. So now maybe you can understand why so much bad information gets passed around and confused. Stick with documented facts and it won't come back to haunt you. Before you call yourself an expert, make sure you can back up your statements through documentation and results. I suggest that if you know of someone who has made these statements, send them a copy of this book or have them spend a week with me reeducating them selves. Remember my comment early on about Ego’s.

How strong is the dog’s sense of smell?
I've read numerous amounts of books regarding studies of scenting dogs. Many of the books relay the same following information.
Fact: A SAR dog can smell 1/1,000.000,000,000th of a scent particle.
Fact: A SAR dog can pick up and smell and ID an airborne scent up to 40 Miles away, if the wind is blowing the scent towards the dog.

Do bloodhounds make the best tracking dogs?
In 21 years of working a variety of breeds, I've found that there is no such breed that is "THE BEST" at tracking, trailing or air scenting. In fact, my mutts have repeatedly out tracked bloodhound teams on 10 documented cases in city and wilderness environments.

P# 20.

The dog, no matter what the breed, is only as good as the handler working with it. If the handler isn't clue aware, then the dog and handler are just out for a walk. What this means is, if the handler continuously trains, tests and documents everything and trusts his/her dog and if the handler is clue aware, then you will find they will make a successful team.

Are bloodhounds tracking dogs only?
No, back in 1986 I was working with a bloodhound team out of Idaho on a track during a testing exercise with an instructor from the Rocky Mountain Rescue Dog SAR Unit. The Idaho law enforcement dog handler stated, "My dog only tracks and will never air scent". I bet the dog handler with his 6 years experience that I could prove he was wrong. We bet a steak dinner on this question. I had a victim walk one-mile making four 90-degree turns into and away from the direction of the wind. We came in two hours later on the track.

The bloodhound was doing a great track until the winds started swirling on a hillside. Then with four other dog handlers acting as witnesses, we all watched as the bloodhound did a picture perfect air scent alert and worked the air scent cone, with his nose in the air right to the subject. We all ate well that night compliments of the Idaho K-9 officer and the Bloodhound who was just doing what was natural for him to do.

Many of us in K-9 SAR have found that a SAR dog will use whatever his / her instincts tell it to do. I've seen bloodhounds and other dog breed’s track to a given point and then turn their nose skyward and catch an air scent and go off track and air scent right to the victim.

Is it true that one dog should be trained for only one type of searching?
Example: One for water, one for cadaver, one for disaster, etc. In my opinion, no. I've been involved with training hundred's of K-9 teams around the world for multi purpose use. Their performances over the years have actually been much better than that of a single task dog team. My own SAR dogs Kodi, Ranger and Valorie, have been trained for all phases of SAR to include urban, wilderness, mountain rescue, avalanche, water, cadaver, suspect id, disaster, article and evidence, tracking, trailing and air scenting.

By training in one field only, yes you’re team will be good at performing that one task, but should you be needed to immediately perform another task, you’re limiting yourself and your dog. That may not be the wisest use of your skills and your dog’s skills.

Example: Tracking a victim from land to then working a water search drowning of the very same victim.

In SAR Dog Ranger's 7-1/2 year career with my team, Ranger documented 370 SAR Missions with 157 confirmed documented finds using all of his skills. This included his work in the 1990 Philippine Earthquake, the 1994 North ridge LA California Earthquake and numerous mountain rescue calls. If I had only trained him to perform one specific task, then we would have only been able to perform 20 missions instead of 370. Please read Valorie's statistics and it will also show that a multi-trained SAR dog serves a much better purpose for general SAR work.

When should I call a search dog team in to perform a search?
If you are in the position to call a search dog team. Here are some suggestions. PLEASE call in a qualified search dog team first. Don’t make the following mistakes that many SAR officials make by bringing in their "hasty" teams, detectives, and ground searchers first. Followed by their horse posse, helicopters, and motorized patrols. Then, if they still can't find the victim, they will either call off the search, or call in a dog team as a last resort. As you can see, this is a political and egotistical approach to a search mission. Clues and scent belonging to the victim are all to often destroyed by well meaning people.

P# 21.
Please call me if you have any questions or concerns about a particular situation. All to often I see this happening and not just in Oregon. Remember my comments about the downfalls to effective searching, ego's, politics and false information. This comes from work all over the world not just in Oregon.

FACTS NOT RUMORS regarding CREDIBILITY. Let me address the FALSE INFORMATION ISSUE. Law enforcement officials and SAR personnel are supposed to base their opinions on pure facts and not rumors. Yet I repeatedly hear, " I didn't call you out because, I've heard you're a troublemaker".

DOCMENTED EXAMPLE: There was a four-year-old child missing in Albany, Oregon from his rural home. His name was Eli Kelt. It was a humbling experience for this Sheriff in Linn County, Oregon in Nov. 1997 when he called in Bloodhound teams and state certified cadaver dogs and after a three-day search found nothing.

After the sheriff refused my offers for assistance from the first day of the search, I was called in privately by the missing child's family and SAR dog Valorie tracked the boy from the PLS, 1/2 mile into the searched area and went right to Eli's body in less than 45 minutes from start to finish of our track.

Eli was under four feet of water pinned in under some large logs in a murky pond. It appears that he was throwing rocks into the pond and he accidentally slipped in and drowned. The divers told me, "that Eli's body never would have surfaced or have been found because of the logs and other debris which would have kept him pinned down under the surface of the water". From beginning to end, my track took less than 45 minutes. After the sheriff's search dog teams had been searching for 3 days and failed to find the child in the search area.

Please bring in qualified search dog teams as the very first line of attack during a search. If you've heard someone say something bad about someone else, so what. Base your actions on documented facts, not fears and rumors. Unless the information has been documented in a court of law, don’t listen to it.

Use your teams correctly. Remember if you are a SAR coordinator or law enforcement official, You're still in control of your search. Have the search dog coordinator bring the units and team members documentation, showing their training, testing, search missions, and documented finds. This will back you up later should the need arise. Then pull the search dogs and dog coordinators aside, brief them on their mission and take the time to listen to them and their ideas regarding your specific search efforts. Nothing irritates experienced search dog handlers more, than to have a non-search dog coordinator try to tell them how and where to search.

A good SAR Coordinator will go to his or her SAR dog team resources and train with them. Meet with them before a search arises, and learn what their limitations are. Then the coordinator can meet with the dog teams and their coordinators to work out an agreeable search plan of action for future missions.

CONTROL ISSUES. All too often I hear from a sheriff's coordinator on scene, "This is my search and you will do it my way or not at all". Now is this an ego issue, a control issue or a political issue?

Ask yourself, do you really want a search dog team out there because it makes you feel better? Or do you want to use their skills, experience, and training to help bring closure to your efforts?

P# 22.

PERSONAL ATTACKS ON MY CREDIBILITY. There have been numerous written and verbal attacks against my International K-9 Search and Rescue teams and I. Attacks from other K-9 groups who are jealous of our successes. Teams, who over the last 14 years, have repeatedly attacked our credibility and my teams successes by going through the media, TV, radio talk shows, and through the newspapers. Here’s our response to such attacks. Read this and make your own informed decisions.

RESPONSE. It’s so easy to sit back and arm chair quarterback our missions. In the last 21 years, we’ve never seen one single person from any one of these agencies, or any one of the sheriff’s OSSA K-9 teams, spend their own money, risk their own lives, to crawl through a collapsed destroyed building, looking for the living and the dead victim’s of an earthquake disaster.

We’ve never seen one of this individuals wading through the hot steamy snake, and crocodile infested jungles, in the Philippines, Honduras, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica, looking for missing victims. Or, in the flood ravaged lands of Honduras, and the Pacific NW looking for drowning victims. We’ve been there. We’ve assisted in missions in Armenia, Philippines, Northridge, S.F., Honduras, Turkey, Jamaica, and in numerous other search missions around the world.

VERBAL ATTACKS. Many Sheriff’s in the state of Oregon have made comments such as "Harry’s a controversial figure in Oregon in regards to SAR work". Yet when we ask the Sheriff’s to produce one single written document showing factual information regarding their statements, after 21 years, we have yet to see any known factual documentation to support such statements. We can produce hundreds of letters and reports in support of everything we’ve said and done. When we ask the sheriff’s and other K-9 teams to contact our references that support what we’ve done, they never have. Instead they just continue to attack us to try to make them look better and less competent.

HONESTY. When I was investigated regarding my search and rescue services and my successes, it was found that I've been truthful. I've even taken and passed a polygraph on this matter. (See the 1998 D.O.J. Audit and IRS Audit reports).

TESTING. My documented searches and success qualifies me as an expert in the courtroom regarding scent and scent evidence. We are one of 171 search and rescue K-9 teams that is a self-testing dog team. We’re not doing anything different, then the other 171 search dog teams in the USA and Canada. (See the 1997 national survey). Yet we don’t see the other K-9 teams testing and standards under attack by the OSSA. Why is that? Does that make them any less qualified because they didn’t take the OSSA Certification test? I don’t think so. Especially when we’ve just destroyed the OSSA testing credibility.

We feel it’s because the OSSA, (Oregon State Sheriff’s Association) wants everyone to believe their testing is honest, reliable, and credible. If that’s the case then, why is it documented that we’ve gone in after the OSSA has called off their official search, after they have used their OSSA State Certified SAR Dog teams, and they’ve found nothing, yet we find the victim? Dela Carlson, Eli Kelt, Brian Harris, are just three dead victims listed. We found their remains when the OSSA teams couldn’t. Results and actions can speak louder then any word can ever spoken.

We’ve repeatedly documented entering the search after the OSSA has called their efforts off and we’ve repeatedly either found the victim, or found out what had happened to the victim, in the original search areas. Now whose credibility is really on the line here the OSSA K-9 teams, or ours?

P# 23.

THE OSSA Test isn’t credible. We allowed the OSSA Tester to test us on the OSSA K-9 standards. This after the tester openly bragged on the “LARS LARSON RADIO TALK SHOW” that, “he would see that Harry would never pass his tests”. This statement on file with MOBA MEDIA.

When Harry took the OSSA K-9 test, this individual not only failed Harry and Valorie at the test, but when Harry asked this individual to show Harry where the scent tubes were hidden on the first cadaver search, the tester found two of the five and in inspecting the scent tubes in front of witnesses, they were empty. CLEAN. NO SCENT for the search dog to find. The little bastard set us up to fail and we caught him at it.

When Harry and Valorie retook the state cadaver test, Valorie hit on numerous decomposing sites. When the tester brought out the “SCENT TUBE” Harry examined the scent tube for the smell of “pseudo scent”, there was no scent detected. Harry’s been testing with pseudo scent for the last 10 years and is qualified to determine if it was used or wasn’t used properly. What’s wrong with this test? Let’s talk about a credibility problem here. The tester is the same person who over the last 14 years had bad-mouthed Harry and his teams for the documented successful work he’s done locally and internationally.

If a person was to believe in the O.S.S.A. test as a true honest test of a dog team, then Harry and his search dog we’re not qualified to fly overseas to Turkey in Aug. and Nov. of 1999, and search for victims buried in the earthquakes.

Yet, it’s been documented and proven that in both of the earthquakes, Harry and Valorie found 71 dead and 14 live buried victims. Just by Harry and Valoire making one single find of a live or dead person, this totally destroys the OSSA K-9 testing credibility completely. This is why nobody puts any credibility on the OSSA Test or it’s testers and why the OSSA themselves have suspended their tests.

COURT ROOM PROVEN. My documentation and credibility regarding expert witness testimony in criminal cases, was established and has held up, in the Clark County Courtroom Washington State Vs Beeson. And numerous other criminal court cases. The state of Oregon Medical Examiner signed a presumptive death certificate on Dela Carlson based on my search dog’s findings, reports and test results. (This after local search teams and Search One K-9 detection teams and failed to find any trace of her.

Fact: We’ve won numerous state, county and national awards for our work in search and rescue. (So much for State SAR Dog certification standards).

Fact: My teams and I, have found many people dead and alive in the ORIGINAL SEARCH AREAS when the local K-9 and SAR teams failed to do this. (Tim Bunner, Jay Burroughs, Eddy Zawaski, Joey Lefler, Butch Huston, Nathen Montz, Eli Kelt, Abe Ellis, Brian Harris, Dela Carlson, just to name a few victims). Many more on file.

Fact: We’re the only search dog team in the world to win the prestige’s Higgens and Langley Swift Water Rescue Award, and the National Jefferson awards. We’ve received two letters from the President George Bush and President Bill Clinton for our outstanding work.

Fact: We have the skills to find the missing. We have proven and qualified ourselves numerous times over the last 2100 missions. We have proven that we are the most successful search dog team in the world in regards to finding both missing people and pets.

P# 24.
Other comment’s we’ve heard is " We’re preying on vulnerable people during their time of need". Any one, who provides professional qualified services to a family in need, isn't "preying on them in their time of need". If that is true, then police officers, paramedics, doctors, nurses, medical examiners, lawyers, and ministers, are all preying on these poor people also. So why is that any different? They all either volunteer their time or get paid, to provide a service to people in need. We are no different. We offer a specific skill that provides results at times when others can’t or won’t.

Fact: Each client is given a business contract. They’re required to read and sign the contract before we start on a search. This contract explains in detail what we can and cannot provide, and our chances of success in the search efforts. They also are instructed to retain a copy of the contract. It also explains what the client will or won’t be required to pay for the search effort.

FACT: We are a licensed business in the state of Washington to perform our search and rescue services around the world.

Our References:
Charlie Ringo (My Attorney) 4085 SW 109th Beaverton. Office: 643-7500
Fax: 644-4754. Email: Charlie was with me during the 1998 Oregon D.O.J. AUDIT, and can provide documented information to show that:
1). We cooperated with the audit and that it was a random audit.
2). That I have always told the truth in my business dealings.
3). There were no criminal or civil actions ever brought against myself or any of
my team members when the audit report was completed.

Retired Deputy Sheriff Bill Sealy. Polk Co. SAR. (Known Harry for 10 years). He can testify to Harry's team’s successes and the ugly politics that exists.

Kris DeSylvia Kris performed an independent investigation on the Oklahoma City Bombing Disaster Response by Mountain Wilderness Search Dogs. She can provide first hand knowledge along with an attorney who was hired to do his own investigation, that Mr. Oakes was honest in his response and what really occurred there.

Michelle Keating (Dog Handler) Email: One of I.K.9.S.A.R.S. Employees and K-9 testers. She's been present with Harry on numerous search missions in the USA and in Honduras. Michelle can verify Harry’s passing of all I.K.9.S.A.R.S. Documented K-9 tests. Michelle can attest to their success in Honduras and to searches locally.

Marla Petal. Witness to Harry’s and Val's numerous finds in Turkey in the first earthquake response.

Witnesses. Tim Nordwig (Nurse) Email:
Witness to Harry and Michelle’s work in Honduras.

Riley and Tana Wooten (Group Leader through the Fire Dept.) Now teaching for the State Police Academy. Email: Witnesses to Harry’s and Michelles work in Honduras and their successes.

Samy Nesurud (Dog Handler - SAR Coordinator). TURKEY Samy was witness to both the first and second Turkey Earthquake responses and Harry's teaching credentials for K-9 teams and successes with his search dog Valorie.

P# 25.
Mary Kuhn. (Client). Mary can testify to Harry's credibility and work and the total incompetents of the Clark County Sheriff's office after her daughter was kidnapped and transported to MEXICO. Harry assisted in finding the four kidnapped kids and returning them safely to their families.

Mrs. Sally Cutter, Assisted Mary Alice Ford in the 1991 HB 3093 in the Oregon Legislation. Sally caught the then director of EMD State of Oregon in a Lie about his statements towards various dog teams and Harry.

Janice Saukko It was her mother's remains that we found in the original search area in Clatsop Co. when Search One and other teams failed to.
Many more references available if needed.

THE LOCAL MEDIA IS GUILTY ALSO. The local media has a responsibility to show both sides of each issue. Yet they have failed miserably in doing this. Every time a statement is made against I.K.9.S.A.R.S. Or myself, they print it or discuss it on the TV, radio, or in magazines. Yet when I and others, have brought forth documented proof to dispute the statements made against my team, or myself the media has fail to provide their readers and viewers with both sides of the issues. Shame on them.

Example: We responded to Turkey, Honduras, and Jamaica. There are no stories done by the local media on us. Yet whenever the other K-9 teams do a search, the media is all over their actions in a positive action. Look at the coverage the NW Medical teams got for responding to the same sites where we’ve responded. Is this fair? We don’t think so.

A LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY MAY BE SUCCESSFULLY SUED FOR NOT USING SEARCH DOGS. There is a sheriff's department in California that is getting sued right now because the sheriff didn't call in SAR dogs because; "he had a bad experience with one in the past". When the sheriff's search was called off, the family called in a SAR dog team privately and the dog team located the missing person in the search area dead. Now whom do you think the jury is going to side with? The family who has lost their loved one, or the Sheriff who made a bad decision based on misinformation and failed to use all available resources properly.

PROPER CALL OUT PROCEDURES. When a person comes up missing, the Sheriff's first call should be to an experienced SAR coordinator who can manage the scene using the Incident Command System. (ICS). The second call should be to all experienced SAR dog teams in the area. The third call should be to a qualified man tracking team. The fourth call to a containment team. Bring them in; figure out your POA's and POD's. (Probability of Detection and Probability of Areas). Assign your containment and deployment teams. Then go to work.

Here is what has worked for me on over 2100-documented SAR missions. I usually won't put anyone out in the search area until myself or another experienced SAR dog team and a man tracking team get together and figure out the victim's direction of travel. Then we put the containment teams out and bring in the other resources as needed. I've saved many police department’s money, time, resources, and many lives using this method.

I always come in with the attitude that I'm there for the victim. Not the sheriff, not the family, not for the glory, there isn't any. Not for the money, there is any. I really don't care who finds the victim, just as long as I know when I go home after the search, I personally know that I've done everything within my training and experience to bring closure to this case.

Yes, I've missed a few. Anyone who coordinates missions for any period of time will tell you the same thing, if their honest. They've missed finding people also. When we look at why we've missed them, it usually comes to the same conclusion.

P# 26.
We either assumed that the search area had been cleared properly by ground SAR teams, helicopters and man tracking team, or that the SAR dog teams that were brought into the area knew what they were doing. We usually learn later that the SAR dog handler teams fell prey to handler errors. Usually because of the handler's not trusting his/her SAR dog or not following up on each alert to its source. Remember my comment "learn from your mistakes".

On many searches, the Sheriff’s departments or the families have called me in privately when everyone else has failed to find the victim. I never ASSUME anything. Assuming makes an ass out of you and me. (ASS-U-ME). I try to find out what has and hasn't been searched. If there were any dog alerts from previous SAR dog teams and if so, where.

I then start from the beginning and do my own search. The last 500 victims that I've found or assisted in finding, have been in the original search area, within 5 miles from the PLS. (Point Last Seen). Ninety Five percent of the victims were within two miles of the PLS.

On one search in the state of Washington that we responded to for a missing person, we found search ribbon flagging put on a branch of a tree, from the earlier search efforts of other OSSA State Certified SAR dog teams from Oregon and Washington.
The ribbon was touching a log, which was only 10 feet away from where we found the victim's remains.

TWO RULES. For you dog handlers out there, I would ask you to learn two rules to success. First Rule: Trust your dog and follow up each and every alert and determine its origin. Why is your dog alerting on it? Second Rule: Never, look for the victim. You will always miss them. Always look for the clues that lead to the victim.

In a search area, usually there is only one victim. But there are a hundreds of clues, footprints, fecal matter, candy wrappers, clothing, etc. that will lead you to the victim if you are clue aware and know what to look for.

What is the best tracking dog? Many types of breeds have been trained and perform as well as bloodhounds. Bassets, beagles, coonhounds, along with bloodhounds, are more commonly known for their ability to track. But any dog can be trained for the same work.

Who can call in a search dog team? For a private search, any responsible person, 18 years of age or older. For a Law enforcement search, the victim's family calls the local sheriff or other responsible agency. The Sheriff's department will then activate their search resources and then they will also call the state department of Emergency Management and obtain a state SAR case #. Then state and federal resources can be activated as needed.

PRVATE VS LAW ENFORCEMENT. Can the family call in private search dog teams while the initial search is going on? Yes, but there are a lot of problems with this method of operation. Most Sheriff's and local search teams are very territorial. They don't appreciate strangers coming onto their turf and showing them up. We have entered search operations on behalf of the family’s private request to our SAR agency. Here is what we have to do. We need the family to sign a written agreement contract regarding the search, a general release of liability, and a written private request of resources agreement.

If the sheriff is a professional law enforcement officer, he or she will welcome the additional resources and put them to work with his/her resources out in the field. This normally doesn't happen though again because their egos get stepped on.

P# 27.
We've been threatened with arrest by Clackamas County Sheriff's and Multnomah County Sheriff's SAR coordinators, on several missions, when we were called in on private searches, during their on going search operations.

What the family has to understand is, that if the sheriff designates his/her search as a possible crime scene, then legally, without the backing of a family attorney, there isn't much any search dog team can do, until the sheriff's department officially calls off their search efforts.

I’m not going to jail for a live or dead victim. It’s the family’s responsibility to deal with this issue with law enforcement.

Clearly the laws are written to protect the Sheriff's departments and not the missing person. The sheriff, once he / she designates a scene as a possible crime scene, can allow who he or she wants into the area. Anyone else entering this area can be arrested for trespassing.

CIVIL LIABILITY. On the same issue, the sheriff is civilly liable to the victim, and his or her family, if the sheriff fails to use available trained resources properly. So if the family has called our teams in, then out of professional courtesy, I will make contact with the on scene SAR coordinator for the sheriff's department and give them a copy of the families signed written contract. This puts the department on notice that we are here on behalf of the family. If the sheriff refuses to allow us entrance to the search site, then it falls on the Sheriff's departments responsibilities legally, should the victim later be found dead in the search area, and it is later determined that the victim could have possibly been saved, had the sheriff allowed private resources in to assist in the SAR operation.

If the Sheriff does refuse private professional SAR teams access to their search operations, the family can still do a number of things to assist the sheriff's in changing their minds on using private resources. First, get an attorney and have your attorney contact the County District Attorney's office and ask your attorney to tactfully remind the District Attorney, to remind the sheriff, that legally, all available trained resources are to be used properly.

Your family and attorney should keep a journal of who is contacted, what was said, and when all this occurred. (This will help your case, should you take the sheriff's department to civil court later). Of course, all communications should be in writing. This way the sheriff's department can't say, "we never were contacted by the family". Have each letter hand served or faxed directly to your contact person at the sheriff's department or District Attorney's office. Or, have your letters delivered with a return receipt signature card through the US mail or by a process server.

I recommend that your family obtain the use of a fax machine that prints out a receipt showing the date, time, telephone #, the fax was sent or received. Once you have a paper trail established, you will be surprised at the results and change of attitudes that you get. The threat of a lawsuit usually will get the Sheriff's attention.

Second, go to the media and inform the public that their public appointed officials are in fact hampering the family’s efforts in finding the families missing person. Which is a very truthful statement. Now, please note I'm not saying get a bunch of private citizens together and go out and do your own search. The most important issue here is to bring in and use all available properly trained resources. The last thing any search effort needs is people becoming part of the problem and not part of the solution.

You may have noticed I have continued to say train and qualified resources instead of certified resources.

P# 28.
CERTIFICATION OF SEARCH DOGS. In Oregon, certification doesn't mean much. It means a dog handler has paid $65.00 dollars to a search dog council to take a specific type of test. Water, avalanche, air scent, track or trailing search test. (Note), the overseer of these tests is has made statements such as "A search dog cannot track a scent after 48 hours", "One dog should be trained only for one specific task", and "dogs can't find people in water". Now does that instill confidence in Oregon's SAR system or what? He’s also bragged on a radio talk show that,” he would see that we failed his tests”. And he’s kept his word. We’ve taken five tests and he’s failed us on each of them to prove his tests were not honorable.

We then went to a disaster in Turkey a month later and found 71 dead and 14 live victims. This destroyed his credibility and the OSSA testing credibility.

If and once you pass their test, you get a little card saying you’re CERTIFIED. Then this card is good for two years, before you have to retest.

The problem with this certification is that the sheriff's don't respect it and in the overall picture of the search dogs, doesn't mean anything. Anybody can walk their dog and search a one-mile search area and come up with a victim within 4 hours if they know what they're doing.

But the sheriff can still refuse to use your certified dog team, if he/she doesn't like you. So what are you really accomplishing when you pay $390.00 every two years for 6 different tests, when in reality it really doesn't show that you know what you are doing in the first place? We’ve repeatedly proven this statement to be true. When we continue to find the victims that the STATE CERTIFIED OSSA Dog teams have failed to find.

Over the last five years, we've repeatedly found numerous missing persons, dead from hypothermia in the search area, where these "CERTIFIED DOG TEAMS" have already searched. So our issues are:
 Why do we have to pay $65.00 dollars to prove that we can find people, when our
Documentation and search history already shows this. What's good enough for the legal court system, ought to be good enough for the sheriff's departments?
* Why must we test within a system that still allows the sheriff to refuse your service?
* Why waste the money? Especially since we continue to find the victim's after the certified dogs teams repeatedly have failed to in the original search areas.

Documentation is where it's at, not certification. Document your training, testing, hours, missions, money spent, and miles traveled, along with the results. This is what matters in the courtrooms, to the victim's and their families. Not a little piece of paper supported by a GOOD OLD BOY SYSTEM that supports discrimination practices. Example: (Read the Eli Kelp case).

DOCUMENTATION OF TRAINING. Each time a dog handler trains, he or she should diagram the training area noting, date(s), time(s) involved, names of the person(s) involved, type of search, location, weather and wind conditions, air temperature. (See attached example). After each real or training search, perform a debriefing and figure out what you did right and what you can do better next time.

Document all of your expenses. When I first started working in the nonprofit world of K-9 SAR, I had an IRS agent help me set up my record keeping business. This has kept me out of trouble for years. I then contacted three different IRS offices and obtained three different answers. The question was a simple one. What is tax deductible when working with a service dog? Here’s the general response that I obtained. If you can prove that it was used specifically for use in work regarding SAR, then its tax deductible.

This will include: Vehicle, the insurance, fuel, repairs while on a mission or training mission, the cost of the dog, it’s food, and vet. Bills, health certificates, harness, SAR jackets, tracking equipment. The search gear for your use, backpacks, radios, food, ropes, boots clothing, etc. At the end of the year you can write this off on your taxes and it adds up quickly. Our expenses average $6000.00 dollars per year, per dog team, just for training and testing. Not including $9,000.00 for rescue gear backpacks radios, uniforms, etc.

DOCUMENTING HOURS. Also at the end of the year, I suggest you add up your total hours in each search category. Make two copies. Carry one with your travel file, so that if you show up on a scene and the SAR coordinator asks for your documentation, you can present it. This will end all questions regarding your SAR work history. Keep the original in your computer files or hard copy it onto paper, and keep it in your training files. This has kept me out of the courtrooms or has helped me get accepted once I'm there, testifying on matters relating to scent and scent evidence and search dogs,

"The dog is only as good as his/her handlers ability to read and understand why and how the dog is working". Quote from Mr. Harry Oakes during a lecture at a State SAR conference in the state of Washington.

OVERVIEW: As the victim’s scent escapes the body, it floats to the surface where a search dog can detect it and notify their handlers by alerting "BARKING" at the surface. We don't use pseudo scent for drownings. Except for training. For the real search we use a scent article belonging to the victim or nothing at all. From there we just watch our SAR dogs body language and their alerts.

TRAINING: Make four scent tubes. PVC tubing 10" x 1 or 2" in diameter. Cap both ends. Drill 10 holes in the tube 3/8 or 1/2 " each hole. Inject 8 drops of pseudo into a sterile 4x4-gauze pad or piece of cotton. Shove it in the tube. Human hair from a barbershop works well also along with the pseudo or even without the pseudo.

Take your search dog to the waters edge. Let him/her get introduced to the scent
Tube. Give the scent tube a name. Example: "Search dog Valorie this is Martha,
Let’s go find Martha".

Then put your dog on a sit stay or down stay, and let the dog watch you hide "Martha"
(The scent tube) in the water just under the water surface. Then go back to your dog and give your dog the command to, "go find Martha".

Help the dog play this hide and seek game until he/she understands it, and goes
right to where the scent tube is hidden in the water 10 out of 10 times. Remember to reward the dog each time after each find. Get the dog to do a bark alert when he/she finds the scent tube, "Martha", or what ever name you wish to use. You should change the names of the victim every other search.

TESTING: When the dog has this down, then go hide the scent tube in 3 feet of water. Work from down stream up to the PLS, (Point Last Seen). Try to work into the wind, watching your dog's alerts. When the dog alerts by barking, whining, pawing at the surface where the scent tube is, give your dog a big reward, pull up the tube and let the dog see the FIND...
Next, go out in a boat and sink the scent tube down about 90 feet to 150 feet.

P# 30.

Mark the surface the first few times, so you know where the FIND will be. Work from 100 yards down stream of the PLS, all the way up to the marker and watch your dogs alerts. Encourage your dog to bark when he/she smells the cadaver or victim. Give the dog a reward when you pull up the victim.

NOTE: We've actually let each of the search dogs smell a real victim that we found in the water to let their handlers see how each dog would react. The family should never be around when this type of training is done. Keep it very discreet. This teaches the handlers what to watch for.

Once you've done this 10 out of 10 times. Then test your dog. Have a second tester go hide the scent tube in your search area. Either a river, creek, stream or lake. Then go to work. Document the water temperature, air temperature, diagram the area, show the surface water flow speed, and wind directions.

What about National Certification for SAR Dogs and their Handlers?
N.A.S.A.R. National Association for Search and Rescue has adopted some very basic skill tests for the dog and handler. Yet the testing / testers are not in place as of yet, to set credibility standards. So the testing reverts back to testing from within the unit’s own people. N.A.S.A.R. is supposed to be a non-discriminatory organization. But, again we’ve proven this to be wrong as well. Our staff has repeatedly written to the President of NASAR, and the board members asking, Why we’re not allowed on their Internet Chat Board? Why haven’t they sent one of their testers to test our teams? Every time we requested a tester, we got stonewalled.

They not only refuse to respond to our letters, but have also refused to respond to our emails as well. When we’ve asked them 10 different times both by telephone, snail mail, and emails (All documented), to place I.K.9.S.A.R.S. on their resource list for SAR dog resources, they again refuse to respond. So why should we support an organization that is bias? We don’t support NASAR and never will until the discrimination stops.

The following pages are SAR case reviews. It shows the dates, mission number, location, and results of each search. Whether you have a missing family member or not, this will show you the reader, what we've accomplished over the years. SAR CASE REVIEWS.

KIDNAPING-HOMICIDE. 06-21-88 88-011 Kidnap Homicide. (DR). Delray Beach, Oregon. Ranger located some possible evidence. "D's" body was eventually found one-year later, 25 miles away. The suspects dumped her body in the woods. One of the suspects was a deputy’s son.

KIDNAPPING, RAPE, DOUBLE HOMICIDE. (Warning-There will be some harsh reading in this report). 09-04-89 89-016 Clark Co. Vancouver, Washington. David Douglas Park. 2 boys missing. (W. & C.). The police, fire department, and search teams found both boys dead. They had been molested and then stabbed to death.

With the police department’s permission, I used one of the victim's bodies as a scent article. Knowing that only the suspect had touched the body, the suspect(s) scent was all over the victim and the crime scene. I walked SAR dog Ranger up to the dead child's body and told Ranger to, "Go find the bad guy".

Ranger did a good hard track on the suspect from victim's body, through the park; one mile into the city, to Andresen St. Vancouver City PD was with us on the track. We tracked until we lost the track, where the suspect had entered a vehicle and drove away with his windows rolled up. The suspect had left the scene before we arrived at the location where he had parked his car. If the suspect had a vehicle window rolled down 1/8 Th of an inch or more, he would have dropped enough scent out of his vehicle for us to perform a vehicle track.

P# 31.
LESSONS: If you are the first team in on a homicide or where a crime has been committed, and you think the suspect(s) left the scene on foot, don't enter the crime scene until a dog team can come in. The dog team can pick up the freshest scent and track them. Keep the original officers and witnesses on scene for the dog to smell.

Eventually this "bad guy" was captured and rightfully executed. His name was W. A. Dodd. For those who don't believe in the death penalty, I wish you could have stood next to me and the others in SAR, when we put these children into the body bags.

I wish you could have looked deep into the eyes of the police officers, searchers and firemen, as they wipe the tears of anger, frustration and disgust from their faces, while trying to understand how on earth, a monster could do such a thing like this to innocent children. I wish you could have been on the death scene and listened to the search dogs as they whined in sadness as they smelled the death coming from the site. I wish you could have heard the parent’s cries of anguish, pain and loss, when they were told their sons weren't coming home anymore, because a monster brutally raped and murdered them.

Those individuals who think it's cruel and unusual punishment to take a murderer's life, should have been there with us on this double murder crime scene, to see how this monster stabbed the children in places that wouldn't kill the children right away. To see for themselves, how he stabbed them, just to make them scream in pain a little louder, so this monster could get himself excited and get off sexually. Then when he was done raping them, he murdered these little children.

My compliments go to all of the searchers, fireman, medics, FBI, the Vancouver City PD, Clark County Sheriff's Dept., Portland Police Dept. and the DA's office who worked on this case and convicted W.A.Dodd. My compliments goes to the father of a kidnapped child who had the guts to grab the suspect and call the police when Dodd tried to grab a fourth child at a movie theatre in Camas, Washington. Dodd was a convicted repeat offender. Our current court system doesn’t work. A bullet in this mans head early on would have done the job the court failed to do. It would have saved two lives that we know of and countless dollars of taxpayer money to convict and kill this animal.

In loving memory of W. and C. Neer and L. Isle. The victims of our good old justice system who allowed W. A. Dodd to walk the streets after repeated sexual offenses and convictions, so that he could murder these three innocent kids. How many more must die before we get on these bleeding heart liberals and say “ENOUGH”? God gave us the rules, let’s enforce them.

SUICIDE-RURAL-CHILD. 09-09-90 90-015 Polk Co. Report of a missing 11 year old child with a gun. "N.M." Search. Teams: H. Oakes, SAR Dog Ranger and Bill Galowski with SAR Dog Lady. The child was upset because his dad wouldn't let him go to a football camp. The child grabbed a 22-cal. rifle and walked off into the countryside. SAR dog Ranger tracked N.M. west from the property up to the top of a hillside then started giving me strong death alerts.

Since I now knew what area the victim had walked to, and that he was in fact dead (by watching SAR dog Ranger's alerts), and since I was the unit’s grief counselor, I felt it was best at this point to return to the family where I would be needed the most. I marked this location with ribbon flagging. I then brought in a fresh team, Bill with his SAR Dog Lady to finish the job.

After I briefed Bill on what he would find and where, Bill started his search from my ribbon flagging and within 1 minute, located the victim within 20 feet of where I stopped at 0400Hrs. The young child was dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound to his head. I assisted the family and sheriff's office and our own search teams in Critical Incident Stress Management and debriefing, and grief counseling.

P# 32.

LESSONS: The child went up to watch the sun set, and then he killed himself. Its been my experience that when a person wishes to kill themselves, they will either go up to the top of a nearby mountain or hillside to be closer to GOD. They will usually be on the West Side or the ridge or mountaintop, to watch the sun go down or the East Side, to watch the sun rise. If they are not at the top of a ridge, hillside or mountain, then I find that they will travel down to a water source such as a lake, creek or stream, to cleanse themselves before their death. Then they will kill themselves. So when a search comes in of a possible suicide, look at all of your local hillsides, cliffs and mountain peaks and local water sources nearby, as your areas of highest probabilities.

Don't forget you as a searcher are out there for the whole effort. Emotional first aid or grief therapy is just as important, as finding the dead victim. Helping the victim's mother and father move through their pain will be remembered, long after the child has been buried.

A SHERIFF'S EGO COST A CHILD HIS LIFE. 07-07-90 90-012 Chemult, Ore. Private Search for missing 9 year old child lost on his pony in the Mt. Jefferson wilderness area. "N.M." was lost Oct. of 1989. The sheriff of Klamath Co. repeatedly refused nine offers of assistance from our teams during the initial major search efforts. Yet the sheriff was allowing untrained volunteer searchers to participate in his search efforts.

On 07-07-90 after being requested in privately from "NM's" parents, K-9 teams and a Clark County K-9 team went in and performed a private search. I sent one dog team North, South, East and West of the PLS. All the dog teams alerted in the NE corner of the search area in less than 12 hours of searching.

On 07-10-90 I responded to the Philippine earthquake, so the vice president of our search team, Mr. Bill Galowski with his SAR dog Lady, went back into the NE area where our first search effort brought in numerous alerts. By following up each alert, Bill with his SAR dog Lady, located coyote feces with human remains in them. This assisted the family in bringing in more teams, who located the pony's saddle, tack and blanket and the child's remains.

A very sad ending for an innocent child, because the sheriff in Klamath County refused to allow qualified SAR teams to perform a search, when Nathan became missing. Nathan did everything he was supposed to when he got lost and cold. He stopped, took off the tack and saddle from his pony, and let the pony go range. He lay upon the saddle and put the horse blanket on him to stay warm. He then died from hypothermia within the next 24 to 48 hours.

It is our professional opinion that if we had been called in or allowed in, immediately upon the initial search, we possibly could have saved this child. If not, at least Nathan's parents wouldn't have been put through the 9 months of hell. The sheriff's response was, "There was a foot of snow on the ground and dogs can't smell through snow".

Three months earlier, I had met with the Oregon State Sheriff's Association, the SAR coordinator from Klamath County was present during this meeting. We showed the SAR coordinators from all the counties that attended, how we work search dogs, that we didn't charge for our services and showed video and slides showing the search dogs finding buried victim's in 5 feet of snow. This meeting was video taped by my secretary, Nina Jacobson, to later prove that the Sheriffs had previous knowledge of available resources and what we could do with our resources.

Eventually the politics got so ugly even Nathan's father started bad mouthing us, so he could take credit for finding his son. You wonder sometimes if this is all worth it. The fact remains that nobody had a clue of where Nathan's remains were, until we were brought in and through scent identification and proper air scenting follow up, the child's remains were finally found. Thanks to Bill Galowski and his SAR dog Lady.

P# 33.
In the opinions of all of our search team members who were involved in this search, this sheriff should have been tried and convicted of negligent manslaughter. He had the resources and ability to call in teams that could have made a difference and because of his ignorance, we believe the sheriff cost Nathan his life. Bill G. and SAR dog Lady found Nathan's remains in coyote feces, in the original search area, two miles from the Point last seen. Over 2000 trained and non-trained volunteers had searched the area and found nothing, before we entered the search effort on behalf of the family.

KIDNAPPING-RAPE-MURDER. 01-27-91 91-004 Sk. Co. Stevenson, Washington. Missing female child. Kidnap, rape and homicide case. Victim's initials were "A.D.". Sheriff's Deputy "B" assigned us specific search areas and was extremely focused on the search dogs searching only his assigned areas. We located the site where the victim was raped. Victim later found outside of our assigned search area, 1 mile away by a logger. The victim had been stabbed and buried in a shallow grave.

The sheriff was very upset that we didn't find the victim. What he needs to understand is that, "this was not our assigned area to search". When his SAR coordinator makes it very clear to all of us participating in the search effort that, "We will not venture out of our assigned search areas". We do exactly what we are told to do. When we are working under his direction, then it's his responsibility, not ours, for the results or lack of results, when the SAR coordinator doesn't allow us to search the areas, that we felt were more appropriate.

Heavy vehicle and foot traffic before and during the operation destroyed much of the physical evidence. Extremely poor SAR management skills from the SAR coordinator on this case effected the whole search operation and morale.

North Country Emergency Services, Silver Star Search & Rescue and Mountain Wilderness Search Dog teams did the best we could under these conditions. We all feel this was a control issue on the part of the SAR deputy in charge.

Lesson: Was there anything we could have done to have a different outcome regarding this case? Absolutely not, when the SAR coordinator doesn't want to listen to those of us in the field that has different ideas. To make a good SAR coordinator, you need to act like a sponge. You absorb as much information about all things as you can. Then you squeeze out what's not needed, and use what is needed to get the job done.

DOUGLAS COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPUTY IS CONVICTED OF KILLING HIS OWN SON AND THEN BLAMING IT ON A STRANGER ABDUCTION. 05-22-91 91-015 Douglas Co. S. O. Missing child, "T.G.". Homicide case. Douglas Co. Deputy, "L.G". Claimed, "his son "T.” was kidnapped while "T." was playing in front of "L's" house. The house was located deep in the country, down a long private road, past four occupied houses. "L" had two big dogs sitting in the front yard, along with a marked police car parked in front of house and four people were at "L's" home, sitting in front of a large picture window. After an extensive search by now state certified K-9 teams and local area SAR teams, nothing was found.

The Oregon State Police served a search warrant on "L's" house and called our K-9 teams to research the home and surrounding wooded areas. "L" was suspected of killing his son, "T" and fabricating the whole story. The scent evidence that Ranger and I found, showed me that "T" died in the kitchen while "T" was sitting in his high chair. "L" then put "T" in the back of the patrol car and left the scene. I destroyed "L's" story about the child wandering away, when I started my search of the residence. The track of "T” led me right into the kitchen where Ranger gave me a death alert.

P# 34.
Then to the driveway where the scent ended. Ranger, in his initial search, also located "T's" shirt, where I feel "L" buried it. Outside the house, under some corrugated tin roofing. Ranger gave me a strong death alert on the shirt. There wasn't any blood that was apparent on the shirt. The shirt hadn't been buried for more then a week.

While we were standing in the kitchen talking, "L's" little daughter came right up to us and made the statement, "My daddy hurt my brother". She was quickly whisked away by "L", his attorney, and "L's" wife. "L's" story was," that he was jogging up behind the house and when he returned his son was missing". There was soft dirt behind the house, and this hurt "L's" statement, because there wasn't any walking or jogging footprints leading anywhere up hill behind the house to support "L's" original story, "OOPS". "T's" remains have never been found. "L" was eventually convicted of his son's homicide and given one year in jail. That's the good old boy system for you. Our fine court system at work. "L's" wife and daughter finally turned states evidence against "L".

CHILD KIDNAPPING CASE. 09-04-91 91-027 Multnomah Co. Private Call reference a missing 13 y/o male named P. R. (Possible kidnapping). Team: H. Oakes SAR dog Ranger. Peter had been missing for three days when his parents called me in privately because the police were handling their son's case as a runaway. I always work a search dog through the house and get a direction of travel on the victim.

This does a number of things for the investigation. If the parents were lying about their son's disappearance, and if "P.R." had been killed or removed from the house forcefully, then my search dog, Ranger, would give me a death or stress alert. Once I've ruled out the parents, then I investigate the other possibilities. On a runaway case I always search the child's room with the parent(s) right there. I search under the bed, in every drawer, note books, etc.

In this case I found a spiral notebook behind "P.R.'s" desk in his room with a shopping list that "P.R." had made to include a list of clothing, colored contact lenses, a passport, money and hair dye. This told me it was a planned disappearance. When we investigated this case further we found that "P.R." had disappeared with a 43 year old women whose initials are "D.W." We later located evidence that showed that the suspect, "D.W." had kidnapped "P.R.". The police finally had to do their job and after lighting a few fires under their bad attitudes, they located both the suspect and the victim, in Atlanta City.

LESSONS: Police can become complacent regarding certain types of cases. It's important to go in with an open mind and rule out possibilities with the use of your search dog. With Ranger's alerts and track, I could tell that "P.R." left the scene in a vehicle. Since he was only 13 years old, this brought in the idea that he left with someone he knew. We then looked at his associates and found out his boss was missing. Her husband was covering this fact up because of their status in society. Her manicurist supplied me with vital information and her past history with young boys.

Scent evidence: Tracking the victim and ruling out foul play inside the home helped me focus the search on a kidnapping. The suspect was later convicted and sentenced to one year of probation. I heard money played in important part in the outcome of this case. Had this been a male adult who kidnapped a 13-year-old girl, the suspect would be in prison for a long time. Our criminal justices system needs work.

CHILD-HOMICIDE-DROWNING. 02-11-92 92-161-003 Yamhill Co. "J. V.". This 11-year-old child had been missing for three days. Yamhill Co. Sheriff's office had searched for three days with no success. The feeling of the searchers was that the child either drowned or was kidnapped. Divers found his fishing pole and a pair of blue jeans and nothing else.

I then offered our services to the Sheriff's office. Despite the Sheriff's objections, because of rumors he had heard, the river patrol Sgt. from the sheriff's office asked us to come in. Teams: H. Oakes SAR dog Ranger, J. Burgett SAR dog Brandy. C. Blevins SAR dog Tika.
P# 35.
On the first pass in a boat by SAR dog Tika, Charlotte Tika's handler called me on the radio and stated, "they had located what they believed to be the victim's tennis shoes". This was 1/4 mile downstream from the PLS on the West Side of the riverbank. Both shoes were laced up and placed next to each other on the riverbank.

I then had Jim Burgett with his SAR dog Brandy make a pass in one boat going from the PLS (Point Last Seen), up stream to rule out foul play. When the boat worked up stream, they found nothing. When the boat worked down stream, Brandy gave a death Alert 10 feet off shore and in 14 feet of muddy water, 20 yards down stream. The Surface water was flowing at 5 feet per second and the water temperature was 49 degrees F.

I then brought in SAR dog Ranger and he confirmed Brandy's death alerts. We called for a dive team. Once the diver located the victim's body, the diver told me that the victim was wearing only a T-shirt with no other clothing. I found this to confirm my suspicions. I immediately got on the radio and asked for a homicide detective. After a grueling five minute argument over the SAR radio with the Sheriff's base camp, I kept stating that," this was a probable homicide and that I wasn't going to allow anyone to touch this victim until I had a detective at the scene". A detective finally showed up and demanded to know, "Why I was causing so much trouble?"

I pulled him aside and explained the following. "First, Charlotte and her dog located both of the victim's shoes, 1/4 mile downstream from the PLS, on the river bank. Second, other searchers had located the victim's fishing pole on the bank and his pants in the water near the PLS. Third, I found two sets of footprints, one matching the victim's near the PLS, and the second where a bit larger.

As I followed the second set of tracks, I found four empty beer cans up stream approximately 50 feet. This gave me the impression that someone was watching "J" or offering him alcoholic beverages". "Having been in law enforcement and considering the fact that "J" was found nude except for a T-shirt. It was February and the water and air temp. Was COLD? There was no doubt in my mind that this was in fact a crime scene".

Once the detective looked at the physical evidence and listened to me as I walked him through what we found, he changed his attitude. The beer cans were processed, and a suspect's fingerprints were found on them. Two days later, a suspect was arrested and later convicted of the murder of "J.V.". This case was closed do to scent evidence, man tracking skills, and me sticking to my training, and the sheriff's office working with the facts.

LESSONS: If you can support your findings through scent evidence, physical evidence and man tracking signs, then hold your ground, despite the attitudes, and get someone in authority to listen to you. Then allow them to do their work. This didn't make sense from the start. If it was an accidental drowning, then we would have located the victim either fully clothed or partially clothed. The fact that there were two sets of footprints in the area, and there were empty beer cans at the scene, told me that a second person may have been involved. The fact that "JR’s" fishing pole was found along with his jeans, in the water along the embankment.

His shoes were found down stream 1/4 of a mile from the PLS, with the shoe laces tied and placed side by side on the shoreline, told me that they were put there to throw us off the track. Being a swift water instructor and ex-police officer, knowing the water temperature and strength of the water currents would have taken the victim's shoes further down stream.

The fact that the pair of tennis shoes weren't separated, and the fact that the victim's pants and underwear were removed, and the tennis shoes laces weren't undone. It all didn't make any sense.

P# 36.
We located the evidence and the victim in 14 feet water and proved it was a drowning -homicide. It took us 45 minutes to find him and the evidence, (from start to finish). This, after the sheriff hadn't found anything during their three-day search efforts. The suspect was caught and convicted. That sheriff needs to learn to trust his resources and base his information on the FACTS. Not on rumors.

SUICIDE-DROWNING. 06-12-92 92-174-016 Vancouver, BC Canada. Missing 16 year old, "M. H." Missing for six months. Teams: H. Oakes, B. Oakes, SAR dog Ranger, Jim Burgett and SAR dog Brandy. We tracked "M.H." to the ocean and then pin pointed by calculating depth, current speed, water temperature, and terrain, where his body would be. Our SAR dogs located his scent in an ocean inlet, near Taswassen BC Lessons: Talk with the local area fishermen to learn what the current does in a specific location. I've used this method a lot and it works great.

KIDNAP-MURDER-OF A CHILD. 09-07-92 92-186-028 Calvary B.C. Canada. Received call from the Missing Children's Society of Canada, Rhonda Morgan, director. She informed me about a case being worked at this time. I was put in touch with the SAR manager from the RCMP's, regarding the missing 6-year-old child. I consulted with the RCMP SAR manager and through our combined efforts, we figured out places of highest probability. (POA's). The RCMP called me back the next morning, they had located the child dead, three miles from the PLS, at a construction site. This was within the 80% POA that we came up with.

MISSING CHILD-KIDNAP-MURDER-VICTIM (2 YEAR OLD CASE). 06-09-93 93-222-014 Telkwa, SMITHERS B.C. Canada. Homicide over 2 years old. SAR dog Ranger and I flew up to Canada and brought in Karen Royce with her SAR dog Amber, from Sitka, AK. We worked with the RCMP's from this district. A bloody shoe matching the victim's shoe description was found along the highway.

KIDNAP - MURDER SUSPECT ID. 08-17-94 94-335-027 "C. Hall" Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Flew there with Ranger and worked the homicide case. We identified the suspect through scent evidence located by Ranger. We obtained death alerts of the victim, on the suspect's military issue boots and inside his vehicle. This provided police with more evidence and information for a search warrant.

CHILD DROWNING WHILE FISHING. 10-14-95 95-569-164 Drowning Clark Co. Camas Washington. 14 year old, "B.T." Drowned 10-13-95 while fishing with a friend. Responded teams. H. Oakes SAR dog Valorie, Bill Rivera with SAR dog Tracker, and 4 other dog teams. Clark County dive teams, Silver Star Search & Rescue. We all located the victim down stream from the point last seen. The dogs were alerting in the river and the divers made repeated dives to locate the victim. They couldn’t find him. Yet they could see the search dogs all alerting in one specific area.
Finally, a novice diver on his first recovery mission kicked around the soft clay bottom and discovered the drowned child.

His body had been covered with silt from all the activity of the previous divers and search teams. Remember if you are a diver to don’t just use your eyes, use your hands and dig around in there. Find out why the search dogs are alerting. When a human dies, they often will urinate and defecate. This “STAINS” the death site in water and will hold the scent in the death site area for up to one month in fast moving water and up to a year in stagnate water. So don’t ever just look for the victim. Look for signs the victim may have left behind. Clothing, vomit feces, body parts, etc.

Lesson: Because of the fast moving water and the terrain, there were many concerns here both logistical and support. We needed transportation into the area; a safety officer was assigned for the dog teams, the dive teams, and a staging area for the media and family. Once the dog teams pin pointed the location where the victim was, the Clark County Dive team did an outstanding job of removing the victim underwater out of site of the cameras and victim's family to a waiting boat downstream. The dog teams then took over performing the grief counseling with the family and friends of this young man. We were effective that day, because of safety and teamwork practiced by all teams on scene.

KIDNAPPED MISSING CHILD. 03-29-97 97-972-049 Island Co. "D. P." Case. Cleared assigned areas and then put SAR dog Valorie on a track of the missing child. Now missing for five days. We tracked from the victim's home, to her school, then to the City Beach children's play area, then past some apartments, and then into the water near the marina. Upon performing a water search, our search dogs revealed the victim's location mid channel in Oak Harbor. Three other SAR dogs from our unit verified the child's position through scent id. We also cleared more areas for evidence and cleared a suspect vehicle through suspect id. That night, a very rough storm with 60-MPH winds hit the island. Between the winds, and the ocean currents, the victim's body washed up on shore miles away and was discovered by a man walking on the beach.

LESSONS: The detectives and chief of police were very impressed with our track. The first question was, "How can you come in here a week later and successfully do what three blood hound teams failed to do?" My response was this. "Bloodhound teams are over rated. They make great tracking dogs, but unless you have a dog handler who has trained and tested repeatedly, then these teams won't be any more successful then anyone else. Now on the other hand, if you have a bloodhound dog team whom constantly works together and trains and tests hard, then you will have a great tracking team. It's all in the training and testing".

Many bloodhound handlers that I've met over the last 25 years have big attitudes. Not all just a few. I've only met two dog handlers working bloodhounds, who really knew what they were doing. My other response to the Chief of Police was, "You have volunteers that work about 3 to 10 hours a month at tracking, trailing and air scenting.
They may do approximately 150 searches in 7 years which is the average work span of a search dog. I average one search a day and sometimes 2 or 3 a day. In 1996 I documented 406 missions.

When you have the confidence in your abilities to quit your day job, and rely solely on your professional abilities to track missing people and pets for the last 14 years full time, when you work search missions around the world, in all kinds of terrain, and in all kinds of weather, then you gain the skills and confidence to be where I am today”.

I have many sheriff's who will come right out and say to my face, "Oakes you're a difficult person to work with, but if I'm ever lost, you're the first person I want out looking for me".

The combination of years that I've spent in the military, in law enforcement, and in the emergency medical field, combined with my extensive guiding into the wilderness, up mountain peaks, rock faces, down swift water rivers and through the deadly interiors of the jungles and into the arid deserts, has given me an education and an advantage that most folks don't get in SAR. Combine this with over 1600 documented SAR missions, and hundreds of hours teaching, training, and testing, in high angle mountain rescue, urban SAR, man tracking, swift water rescue, suspect id, and grief therapy. This is what has made me qualified and capable.

P# 38.
I hope that through my writing this book, the general public may achieve awareness about the law enforcement and SAR community, about search dogs, handlers and scent. Also about the ugly politics, ideas, and egos that hold so many people back from doing a good job and costing a lot of innocent people and pets their lives.

A very special thanks go to all the men and women from the Whidbey Island Naval Air station and the US Navy divers that assisted us on this difficult search.

CHILD-DROWNING WHILE PLAYING ON THE BEACH. 08-10-97 97-1056-133 Mult. Co. Lost Child. "J. C." age 4. Blonde hair blue eyes, 3 foot tall, 35 lbs. Missing from Sellwood River Front Park on the beach, by the dock, since approx. 1400Hrs. On 08-10-97. Teams: H. Oakes SAR dog Valorie, O. Gomez SAR dog Buddy, Dr. Angie Untiz, ST#4. Responded.

Portland Police called us in. Once we arrived on scene, Multnomah County Sheriff's Dept. had their own searchers and search dogs in the area and refused to allow us access to their search area. We were told "It was a possible crime scene and that if we trespassed we would be arrested". Yet they allowed hundreds of civilians not belonging to the search area, to repeatedly walked through the park and the search area, with their kids. They allowed these families into the possible "CRIME SCENE" and nothing was said or done about it. After 3 hours of sitting and watching the "State certified" SAR dog teams work and finding nothing, the Multnomah County Sheriff's called off their search efforts. I approached the family and told them that the Portland Police Bureau had requested us and asked the victim's mother if she wanted us to try to find her daughter with our search dogs?

The mother said, "I don't care who finds my baby, just find her". I took SAR dog Valorie over to the child's car seat and used that as a scent article. Valorie immediately went to the PLS and went south along the beach, then up to the dock, then Valorie jumped right into the water next to the dock, biting at the water repeatedly. This is Valorie's death alert. I told Portland Police Bureau and the mother that her child had drowned and that the child was pinned under the dock. The Portland Fire Bureau divers refused to go look under the dock because, "They already searched it and she wasn't there". I then brought in a second dog team, Orlando with SAR dog Buddy who confirmed Valorie's findings.

I then went up to the leader of the and in front of his team, he had his dog search the dock area. This individual stated, "I'm not getting any alerts". His dog was in fact giving a strong death alert, but the handler wasn't watching his dog. I then asked another one of their dog handlers, to use her dog.

Her dog also alerted in the same location, but again she wasn't watching her SAR dog’s alerts and trusting them. Two days later a large boat passed by the dock kicking up a wave, which lifted the dock, enough and out popped the little girls body. Right out in front of 4 adults and 12 children playing and swimming. Right where our search dogs Valorie and Buddy told us where the body was.

Lessons: Politics and egos have no place in Search and Rescue, yet we are faced with it every single day. You would think that these two “State Certified Search dog handlers from this K-9 team searching for the Sheriff's Dept. would learn from their mistakes and bad judgment calls, evidently not. If that was my child, I would have obtained an attorney to file civil charges against Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, for not using all available trained resources properly.

P# 39.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that this individual is the Oregon State Sheriff's Association's lead K-9 tester for their "Certification" program. This is the same individual who made statements that "Dogs can't find victim's under water" and "nobody can track a scent after 48 hours". SCARY, ISN'T IT. Remember, you as a parent can call in any private resource immediately, to help you in your private search efforts.

This is a classic example of where qualified people with qualified search dog teams should be used. Not persons who make false claims about their abilities and who are supported by egotistical law enforcement deputies. The Portland police later apologized to us for the treatment we received by the Sheriff’s deputies.

AUTISTIC CHILD DROWNS WHILE PLAYING NEAR WATER. 11-06-97 97-1108-185 Linn Co. Missing Child. "E. K." Age 4. (Autistic). Date Last Seen: Monday, 0830Hrs. 11-03-97. Riverside Dr. SW Albany, Oregon. Near Truax Island Park. 11-05-97 Request came in from the family. Valorie tracked the child to where Valorie and Rusty located the child victim, dead under log debris and in 4 feet of water. Divers recovered body. We performed grief counseling for the victim's family. This after State Cert. Dog teams couldn’t find the victim’s body along with over 200 search teams scouring the area for 3 days.

CHILDREN FOUND ALIVE CASES. MISSING CHILD IN THE WILDERNESS WITH 3 DOGS. 07-07-89 89-010 Clack. Co. Squaw Mtn. "J.L.", a lost 3 year old boy with 3 dogs. The Lt. from Clackamas County Sheriff's Office called us in right away. We searched through out the night and into the next day. Ranger and I, along with my support team, located the child's footprints and the dogs footprints and dog hair belonging to his dogs, Australian shepherds, down in a canyon near a creek, a mile away from the PLS.

I had the sheriff's man tracking team come in and confirm that these in fact were the child's footprints. The Sheriff had received a telephone call that; "the child had been kidnapped and drowned in a nearby river". The Sheriff scaled back their search efforts due to the lack of clues. I challenged the Sheriff's judgment on scaling back the search efforts. We had finally found the boys footprints, the search dog was going nuts in the canyon, the sheriff’s own man tracking team confirmed these were the boy’s foot prints. A battle began between the SAR Coordinator and myself.

The family got a hold of this information and raised holy terror. The search effort was then finally continued. I sent in two containment teams on Sunday morning. Ranger got a deep cut on his foot from a piece of broken glass in the search area. At 1100 Hrs. my containment team called me and said, "We’ve located the boy and he is alive". The sweetest words I've ever heard.

Lessons: If the sheriff wishes to close off his/her search efforts, don't argue with him / her. Just smile and say, “OK”. Let them close it off and pack up and go home. Then you immediately continue with your private search efforts. I was getting comments from the SAR coordinator like," How do you know these footprints were Joey's? My response was," Well Sheriff, how many lost little three year olds are missing out in the wilderness that would leave his size of shoe prints in the mud? Besides your own man tracking teams confirmed them."

Next question. "How can you tell that the animal tracks and dog hair that you found next to Joey's footprints were from his dogs?” My response," I'm a dog handler and know the difference from dog foot prints and coyote footprints. Also I know what kind of dog hair I found at the creek site and it matched the breed of dogs that were with Joey."

P# 40.
These dogs kept Joey warm, safe and alive. Joey was hiding from the search teams because, "We were strangers and his parents told him never to talk with strangers." (See my comments to instructors of the Hug a Tree, Help Us Find You Search & Rescue Safety programs and the Stranger Danger classes in the back of this book).

When Bill, one of our team members picked up Joey, after he had been out in the wilderness for 3 days, Joey smelled strongly of cigarette smoke on his clothing and in his hair. His parents were chain smokers.
See my comment in the back of the book about the effects of cigarette smoking on children and search dogs and scent. Suggestion, don't get lost in Clackamas County when this SAR coordinator is working.

MISSING CHILD RECOVERED INSIDE HOUSE ASLEEP. 11-26-91 91-150-045 Clark. Co. Missing 9-year-old child named, "H. N.” Girl missing for 4 hours in a rural area, near Battleground, Washington. With a large-scale search going on, Ranger and I were called in by the Clark Co. Sheriff’s Dept to track the child. I introduced the girls scent article and Ranger tracked her from the PLS, her bedroom, to the families laundry room, where she was found sleeping under numerous amounts of clothes inside a sleeping bag curled up.

LESSON: Always search the house or PLS first with a search dog. The Sheriff's deputy and I had a good chuckle over this search.

DROWNING SAVES OF TWO CHILDREN. 03-07-93 93-211-003 Clasp Co. Water Rescue- Seaside, Ore. South Shore beach. On Scene, team H. Oakes SAR dog Ranger and Brandon Oakes. While walking on the beach, we witnessed 5 children being pulled out to sea by a sneaker wave and tide undertow. One 13-year-old girl made it back to shore on her own. Two parents jumped in and saved two other children that were drowning. This left two more children still heading out to sea, drowning.

My son Brandon acted as a safety spotter, while Ranger and I swam out to help. I pulled the drowning 9 year old boy out of the water and Ranger swam out to the 10 year old girl. I yelled to her to, "grab a hold of Ranger's harness". (Ranger had previously been trained for surface water rescue by me). The little girl hung on to his tail. I could see by the look on his face that he was not too happy about where she grabbed him. Ranger then pulled her safely back in to shore. The Seaside Fire Dept. and Police Dept. were notified of this incident by the victim's family. This was our first two live surface water saves. Ranger and I later would win the 1995 Higgins & Langley Memorial National Swift Water Rescue Award for our role in saving these two children's lives.

COMMENT: During the National Association Search & Rescue (NASAR) conference held in Nashville, Tennessee in 1995, the Higgens & Langley award was presented. I was unable to attend as I was still suffering the emotional effects from the Oklahoma City Disaster Response and was trying to sort through the many emotions we all were feeling from our work there.

When NASAR presented the award to Ranger and I, in our absence, the presenters asked,” if anyone else would like to stand up in our place to receive the awards".
The attendees refused to receive the awards on our behalf stating, "they doubted that the incident even occurred". This kind of political and egotistical ugliness exists in SAR and makes for some very hard feelings. These attendees should have had the intelligence to know that all awards are researched by the presenters for their accuracy before the awards are issued.

So if I don't have anything nice to say about these individuals who base their opinions on our work, based strictly on rumors, maybe you can understand why I don't tolerate such stupidity.

P# 41.

RURAL-WILDERNESS MISSING CHILD SAVE. 12-17-93 93-258-050 Polk Co. Dallas, Oregon. Missing 17-y/o girl in a wooded rural area. Missing for three days in very cold weather. "A. K. Bush". She had the mentality of an 8 y/o. stemming from a prior head injury, and was missing with her cocker spaniel dog. We found her and her dog barely alive in an area already searched by other teams. The air temperature had been in the high 20's and low 30's for the last three days. We obtained scent articles belonging to the missing child and gave them to each dog handler. I then assigned each handler an area North, South, East and West of the PLS.

My dog team of Becky Nimmo with her SAR dog Quigley called in North of the PLS at around 0100Hrs. And stated, "that she thought she found the girl's day pack". I then went to Becky's location and found that Becky, with her SAR dog Quigley, not only found the girl's backpack, but also the missing child. I called to Angela twice and had no response. I then checked her carotid artery for a pulse. At first I felt none. The child was non-responsive and her skin was extremely cold to the touch. With no pulse, I felt tears welling up in my eyes and our worse fears taking over.

I stopped and pulled away and took a deep breath and then checked Angela again for a pulse. I felt a very slow, 6 beats per minute, pulse with 3 shallow respirations per minute. I knew we had to move quick and very carefully or this girl would die. I contacted our base camp for an extraction team with the stokes rescue basket and our hypothermia kit. As I brought out my stethoscope, to listen to the child's heartbeat and lung sounds, I then felt something moving under her pullover sweatshirt. As I moved my hand to see what was stuffed under Angela's jacket, I saw a flash of teeth, just barely missing my hand.

It was her dog; her dog was stuffed under her jacket, keeping Angela alive. It took some fast moves between Becky and I to grab the terrified dog and remove it from inside of Angela's jacket. Once it was removed, it calmed down and just watched, as we worked on saving Angela's life. We transported Angela and her dog out of the field and into a waiting ambulance.

LESSONS: The local media gave credit to the police department for calling us in. I give credit to dog handler Becky Nimmo, her SAR dog Quigley, to the little girl’s dog and to the Dallas police department for bringing us in. Even with all of my years of experience, I found this to be a highly charged emotional search.
By keeping focused on our mission and performing exactly how we trained and tested for, we were able to manage the search mission, our emotions and effect the rescue.

After it was all said and done with, we had a big group hug and the tears of joy washed our fears away. This is what we're in Search & Rescue for. To make a difference, for this little girl and her dog, we had done just that. All the ugly politics, all the nasty rumors, all the bad media reports didn’t mean crap as we as a team had just saved a little girls life. We had made a difference, what a miracle, what a Christmas present to us all. This was Becky's and SAR dog Quigley's first FIND. Right before Christmas. "Merry Christmas Angela and to your dog, from all of your friends from our search team".

MISSING CHILD -RUNAWAY. 01-03-94 94-263-001 Mult. Co. Missing female runaway. "K. S.". We used Ranger to track her down and confirmed sightings. We found her alive and brought her back home.

HIDING CUB SCOUT. 07-26-94 94-338-075 Missing Person, "D. J. " Pack 657, BSA. Camp Discovery. Child was angry at his scout leader and ran away into the woods, while we were there giving a H.U.F.Y. safety presentation. Ranger tracked him to a nearby canyon creek where the child was found hiding. He was crying and very upset. Child returned to camp alive and OK.

P# 42.
CHILD-KIDNAP-RAPE CASE. 07-31-95 95-513-109 Polk Co. SO. Falls City, Ore. Kidnap, sexual abuse case, Camp "K". lower Green wood Cabin. Victim: "S. E". Age: 10. Occurrence: on 07-21-95 between 0430Hrs. and 0500Hrs. suspect entered victim's cabin through front door of cabin, while victim was asleep and the suspect then kidnapped the victim at knifepoint. He then took her down the trail and molested her. She later reported the actions to Polk Co. SO. They did their investigation, and grid searched the area for evidence. We were then called in on 07-31-95 and searched the area for evidence.

Lesson: By using the victim's scent article, we were able to trace the route she was forced to take that night. This confirmed her story and also helped in identifying evidence and identifying the suspect to police.

KIDNAPPING-ASSAULT SCENT EVIDENCE ID CASE. 09-02-95 Case#95-541-137. Clark Co. Washington. Clark Co. Sheriffs Dept. Request search dog teams for a possible kidnap homicide case. State Mission# DEM#95-1217. Victims: Martha, Michael and Crystal B. missing from a house on NE 72 Ave. Vancouver, Washington. Clark Co. Sgt. Warren, Incident Commander. Upon arriving at the home we were briefed that someone broke into the home. Small amounts of blood was found around the house. It was thought that the victim's had been kidnapped and possibly killed by someone they possibly knew.

Upon inspecting the crime scene, I then searched the victim's house. The front door had been kicked in. Blood was found through the house. Valorie and Bloodhound SAR dog Tracker, were each brought in, independently of each other. Both SAR dogs gave strong STRESS alerts inside the living room and the bathroom.

We then obtained a scent article from the mother and tracked her to the front door to the driveway. We then obtained a scent article from the daughter's bedroom and we tracked her route through the house, out the back door, then to the side of the house and then to the front driveway.

We then obtained a scent article from the boy's bedroom and tracked him to a side door of the house, then through the bushes south of the house and then to the front driveway.

Conclusions: All three victims left the scene alive and in a vehicle. Our SAR dog teams did an area search of the property and found no bodies, any death alerts. We established a direction of travel on each victim from scent articles found inside the victim's home.

Eight months later, I was subpoenaed to testify against the suspect. I was the third person to testify on the witness stand regarding this case, out of 10 witnesses to be called for the state case. When I testified in the jury trial, I displayed a diagram showing where each person traveled, their routes and how they left the scene. After giving expert testimony regarding SAR dogs, scent evidence and scent id, the defendants attorney called for a 10-minute recess and then returned and entered a plea of guilty on all counts.

The district attorney handling this case said that he had been practicing law for 10 years and had never seen anyone enter a plea of guilty during a trial. The DA stated " Because of my expert testimony regarding the search dogs findings and scent evidence, this caused the defendant to realize he didn't have a chance. And that's why he changed his plea".

LESSONS: Diagrams and accurate reports along with a good chain of evidence, and documenting with photographs and sketches of the crime scene made this case. Documentation of training, testing, and prior mission cases, all were brought forward during this trial. Scent evidence along with good police work by the detectives made this case.

P# 43.
RUNAWAY CAPTURED. 06-27-96 96-779-135. Clack. Co. Missing runaway female, B. Allen. RP"C. S." Investigated and ref: over to DA's office Clack. Co. for Criminal Charges regarding suspect, for harboring a runaway.

MISSING CHILD and SUSPECT'S ROUTE TRACKED. 09-26-96 96-855-211 Responded to Milan, Tennessee ref: a missing child case. I flew to Nashville and then drove to Milan and interviewed the family of the missing child.

I then obtained scent articles belonging to the victim and with a detective along side of me, Valorie and I did a successful track (a month after she had disappeared,) to where the child made a telephone call to a specific residence, walked to a known person's house and was then driven out of the area on her own accord. So much for the theory of not being able to track a scent after 48 hours.

NOTE: While flying, SAR dog Valorie, like all SAR Dogs, have the right to fly inside the aircraft cabin as a SERVICE DOG. Valorie is wearing her search jacket and possesses her SAR photo id. I also am in uniform. I've flown over 650 times around the world with my SAR dogs without any incidents.

Sometimes she will lay down right at my feet and other times she gets her own seat. That's why I like a smaller breed of dog. When Ranger was alive and flew with me, it was quite interesting flying on a full flight with him weighing out at around 90 lbs. What I do to prepare Valorie for flying is, wash her and her uniforms, get her health travel certificate from the state of Oregon. Carry a copy of her shot records, and SAR qualifications id, training, and testing levels. I don't feed her that morning, so that there aren't any accidents to clean up. I also type out travel orders showing our destination and purpose of travel. See attached Flying with a service dog.

I check in early and confirm with the ticket agent that the search dog will be flying IN CABIN. They usually will rearrange the seating to accommodate the service dogs when they have space available. I then board early and get her situated. She wears a seat belt through her harness while flying. Both Ranger and Valorie and all of our other search dog team members get spoiled rotten while flying. I also carry lots of public relations information about Valorie and what we do. This is the first time for many people to meet a search dog and get introduced to our services. I also carry lots of business cards.

On our return flight home from Tennessee, on 09-28-96, I had to get involved with assisting a heart attack patient in flight. Patient: "Sheila F." from Tenn. The flight attendant came on the loudspeaker and asked if there was anyone medically trained. Well, there I was in uniform and having been a state certified EMT#2-IV-Airway Tech. in Oregon, I knew I should do what I could to help. Myself and a doctor on vacation with his wife, provided some basic life support and some advanced life support treatment until we arrived at the airport, where paramedics took over treatment. The patient did survive.

Reason for this story is, in this incident, training took over for both Valorie and I. She stayed on a down stay during this whole ordeal and I did what I was medically trained to do to help save this woman's life.

MT. HOOD WINTER RESCUE INJURED BOY SCOUT. 01-25-97 97-938-013 Clack. Co. Mt. Hood White River Canyon rescue. Victim, "D. M." lives at NE Farmcrest Rd, Hillsboro, Ore. Age 13. During a training exercise, we came across this young man with a fractured left radius and ulna.

P# 44.
He was playing with his BSA group during an outing and broke his arm. We splinted the fractured arm and also put his arm in a shoulder sling. We monitored his blood pressure, pulse and respiration’s watching for and treating for shock. The victim was transported to the Mt. Hood Hospital Emergency Room. We advised his family by telephone. What does this have to do with scent evidence? Documentation and training. The SAR dogs were used to help re-warm the victim. They also reacted to his Stress scent. It was a great learning experience for the new dog handlers.

SAR DOGS CATCH A MURDERER IN A LIE. Marion County. Victim age 17 "M.P." On 09-05-97 myself and another dog handler went to a possible suspect's residence and interviewed him, with his parents present as witnesses. He was age 17. He told us that he last saw "M" on Friday but it was earlier in the day, before her reported disappearance. He gave us his statement and denied seeing "M" that night or picking her up from work, as he was supposed to. Suspect, as I will call him, claimed that "M, called him that afternoon and told him not to pick her up as she was going to get a ride from somebody else to a party that night".

I interviewed numerous people who attended that party and nobody saw "M" at the party that night. As we were leaving the suspect's house, his parents gave us a consent to search on the suspect's vehicle. SAR dogs "B" and Valorie gave strong death alerts on the suspect’s vehicle left front tire and bumper area. Also in the driver’s seat and floorboard, gas and brake pedal areas. This was based on using "M" scent articles, so we knew that both dogs were hitting off of "M" death scent.

When I asked the suspect if he had accidentally hit and killed "M"? He stated," No way, I ran over an animal and that's why your dogs are alerting on my vehicle". So we had the suspect take us to the exact location on where he hit this animal. He took his father and our teams to a rural road, where a dead raccoon was laying flat in the road. By the looks of the decomposing raccoon, it had been dead for a month or so. "M" had only been missing for a week. So his story didn't match.

This same suspect passed the rumor around town that, "he had gotten in a knife fight and that's how his shirt got all bloody". We located the individuals that the suspect alleged to have been in a fight with. They gave us a different story. The kids told us that, "the suspect got into a shoving match during a basketball game with the local kids and the suspect said a few choice words and walked off".

The police had investigated the suspect regarding the alleged knife fight and had the suspect's shirt logged in the possible evidence regarding the fight. So it was just a simple matter of providing the police with the following information.
1). The Search dogs tracked the missing victim to where she entered a motor vehicle.
2). This was an unplanned disappearance on behalf of the victim.
3). The suspect had the victim's death scent all over his vehicle.
4). The suspect lied about the blood on his shirt and the fight he was involved in.
5). The suspect lied about striking and killing the raccoon a week prior.

All the police had to do was interview a few people, do a DNA exam to prove the blood on the shirt was "M"s, and perform forensics on the vehicle. They got the suspect and he later confessed to picking up "M" at the store, right where the search dogs tracked her to. He then drove off, with a couple of his friends in the car also. They drove her to an orchard, where the suspect struck her repeatedly with a shovel. Believing she was dead, he left her there. The suspect later returned that night and found that "M" had crawled from the area of the attack and almost made it to a nearby road. The suspect then finished her off and buried her in a shallow grave.

P# 45.
Motive. "M" was pregnant with someone's child and the suspect didn't want to take the chance that it was his. We tried to get the DA's office to prosecute the suspects for the murder of "M" and her unborn baby. They refused and prosecuted the suspects for just "M"s murder.

RUNAWAYS RECOVERED ALIVE. 11-25-97 97-1121-198 Mult. Co. Missing child runaway. "A.M.B". Being a volunteer with the National Missing Children's Locate Center of Portland, Oregon I often get called regarding missing runaway children. Here is how we often find them.

The first thing I do is sit down with the parents and the missing child's friends and find out all about the child. Who, What, When, Why, Where and How information about the missing person.
Who do the child hang out with in school, outside of school, in the neighborhoods?
Who did the child keep in contact with by telephone and through letters?
Who is the child's best friend?
What are their interests? Animals, bowling, art, fishing, movies.
What are the child's habits? visiting, eating, sleeping.
What does the child look like? Complete description. Are the child's fingerprints on file at home?
Are the child's dental records on file?
What are the resources available to help track down this child?
What kind of supplies, clothing, personal equipment did the child take with them?
When was the last time anyone talked to the missing child?
Where was the last place the child was seen.
Where did the child say he or she was headed?
Why did the child leave home? Sexual abuse, verbal abuse, stupidity, break down in family communications, drugs, alcohol, gangs?
How did this child leave? On foot or by a vehicle? (This information really helps when you’re tracking them with a SAR tracking dog).
How much money does the child have in their possession and have access to through ATM's, checking, savings, trust accounts?
How does the family plan to advertise that their child is missing? Internet, Missing Children's Locate Centers, Putting up posters, and the news media.
After I compile a profile on the missing child, the first question I ask is, Is this child an endangered runaway and if so why? If the answer is yes, then I put pressure on the media and police to cooperate.

Most law enforcement agencies don't have the money and personnel to handle these cases. It's not uncommon for one officer to try and investigate and manage up to 150 cases a month in some locations.

That's why many parents turn to private investigators, search dog coordinators, psychics, churches, and missing children's locate centers to try and help locate their loved ones.

Usually, about 99% of the time, I find clues in the child's bedroom. I will get a verbal or written consent to search of the child's room. I usually have one of the adult family member’s present acting as my witness. I wear rubber gloves for health and safety reasons. I perform a clockwise search. Starting with what I find on the floor, in the garbage, under the bed, written in the child's diary, notebooks from home and school.

Then I search all hiding places. Personal clothing, dresser drawers, desks, school bags, and books. Lockers at school. Gym bags. I then look high towards the ceiling for false panels, behind posters, on calendars etc.

If the child has a cellular telephone, have the police request the phone company PING the celluar phone. This will triangulate the phones location.

P# 46.
Once I've collected the hidden notes, old phone books and numbers, and anything else I feel is important regarding this case, I start ruling them out one by one. Calling the numbers, interviewing the friends, and family, until I've narrowed down a few possible suspects and or locations. I then get a scent article from the victim's room and go to work.

NOTE: Before I leave the missing child's home, I always search the whole house, the family’s vehicles, and property. I rule out that this was a homicide made to look like a runaway case. I do this by working the whole area as a possible crime scene. If my dog gives me death alerts in the house, trunk of the parent's vehicles, shovel or tools stored in the garage etc. I freeze the scene and call in the police. I investigate the source of each alert just like I would in the wilderness looking for a missing person. I've personally been involved in 6 cases where the parents claimed that their child had ran away. Four were kidnapped and murdered by their own family members. One went out back to the shed behind the house and killed himself.

Regarding the other 4 cases, the children were killed on the property and either buried or concealed there or removed to another location and dumped. Usually a nearby rural road or water source. If nothing is found regarding the death scent, then I go to work on the investigation. I'll track down the possible addresses and give the scent to my search dog and conduct a building, area and vehicle search, with a signed consent to search or a search warrant.

I'll place a phone trap on the parent’s home telephone. We caught "A.M.B." and "DE" this way. We'll also have the parents install caller id and a tape recorder on their telephone to monitor calls coming in.

When A.M.B. and DE tried to call home or leave a message, we obtained a phone # and tracked it down and put the search dogs to work. I follow up each and every lead. I took a map of the surrounding area and placed a red circle around each sighting area. The circle was then numbered. Then on a data sheet, I logged in the time, date, location, and other information about the sighting. If a pattern forms, then this will help me, the police and the parents figure out what the child is doing. They usually will go into hiding through friends on the streets. They get a routine going that is comfortable for them.

A case I just completed was a 15 year old girl called "A" who joined a Hispanic gang in the state of Washington. The local police won't do anything because in the states of Washington and Oregon, as the laws are written, it is not illegal to runaway from home.

So we did the initial investigation, proved that "A" left on her own accord, wasn't dead in the area and willfully traveled to one of the gang’s hangouts. She is brought over to Portland, Oregon in the afternoons and evenings, where she acts as a MULE. This is a
person who holds and transports drugs. Since she is a minor, the gang knows if she is caught holding the dope, not much will happen to her.

Her gang member’s act as lookouts while they deal. If we try to close in, they leave. She can alter her looks, her hair, and her clothing. She cannot alter her scent to a search dog. We were able to track her exact routes. We hit the media with her picture and really make her squirm. A call came in regarding a sighting and she was captured and brought home.

12-16-97 97-1133-210 Mult. Co. Missing child. "K.K.B", age 12. Runaway missing from Gresham, Ore. We tracked the child down with the use of Valorie.

12-22-97 97-1134-211 Clark. Co. Missing juvenile "A.M.W." Runaway, NE 52nd. St. Vancouver, Washington. Date Last Seen 12-20-97 2230 Hrs. Searched room and found the telephone # of gang member where she was found staying at.

P# 47.

08-24-87 87-003 Skamania Co. Mt. St. Helens, Washington Lost Climber.
Missing person, "D. B.". SAR dog Kodi located him, weak but OK on Monitor Ridge coming down. Lightly dressed, windbreaker and light clothing.

ESCAPED PRISONER. 09-09-87 87-004 Wheeler Co. Fossil, Ore. Escapee from the courthouse. Suspect's name is "Anderson". Team: H. Oakes SAR dog Kodi. Tracked the suspect all night long to where deputies and Oregon State Police located suspect in a campground where we tracked. Kodi almost got bit by a rattlesnake on this search. The escapee almost got shot by the sheriff when the suspect started to run. GREAT CAPTURE.

MISSING CLIMBERS. 09-25-87 87-005 Skamania Co., Mt. St. Helens, Washington.
Three missing climbers, two adult males, one juvenile female, daughter. Bad weather on Monitor ridge. SAR dog Kodi, handler H. Oakes, located the climbers alive and cold, one thousand feet up the trail from base camp. How did we track them? I obtained scent from inside their vehicle and gave Kodi the command, "GO FIND EM". He tracked right up Monitor Ridge in blowing winds and freezing cold temperatures. He then air scented 1/2 mile east off the trail to a group of rocks, where they were found huddled down. They had been there for the last 18 hours, trying to stay warm. All were treated for Hypothermia and sent home with a lecture on the use of proper clothing and equipment when climbing.

LESSONS: The senior SAR coordinator kept stating, "Work higher up the mountain". If I hadn't trusted my dog, we may have ended up with three body recoveries instead of three live saves. “Trust your dog”.

LOST DEER HUNTERS. 10-17-88 88-018 Clackamas County, Ripplebrook Ranger District. Lost Deer Hunter "C.W.". Victim left business cards that ID him and which path he was taking. Both Ranger and Rommell, ID the path and were behind him on the trail when he walked out 15 miles away.

LOST MUSHROOM HUNTERS. 11-03-88 88-021 Skamania Co. Mt. Adams, Washington. Lost mushroom picker, "E.Z.". Ranger picked up his trail and we tracked his scent for five miles. I put a containment team at the trailhead where Ranger showed the victim was headed and the victim walked right into the containment team. Teamwork saved this mans life.

LOST INJURED DEER HUNTER. 11-06-88 88-023 Skamania Co. Sioxon Creek Mitchel Peak, Washington. "M. S." Search. Lost Elk Hunter. Ranger tracked and air scented into rugged steep canyon area. We put a fresh hasty team into the canyon and located the victim with a broken leg. The victim was hypothermic. The deputy stated, "We would not have searched this area if it wasn't for Ranger's alerts in it. It was to far out of the search area."

LOST DEER HUNTER. 11-05-89 89-028 Clark Co. Yacolt, Washington Missing Deer Hunter. "T. B". Ranger tracked the victim deep into a canyon, (after a bloodhound team failed to locate the victim). Ranger located the victim alive, very wet and cold, next to a creek. We found him through Ranger's tracking and air scenting capabilities, my man tracking skills, putting the earlier dog teams alerts on a map and following up on their alerts and Rangers alerts.

P# 48.
MISSING BACK PACKERS. 02-21-89 89-004 Clack. Co. Harriet Lake Winter Mission. Missing backpackers. Ripplebrook District."D.W." & "M. F". The 304th Air Force Rescue Squadron. (AFRS). Air lifted SAR dog team of H. Oakes, SAR dog Ranger into a frozen lake area. AFRS landed the helicopter on a frozen log in the lake. We searched and
hiked in snow for 4 hours, crossing the Roaring River on a frozen slippery wet log.

Ranger went swimming twice before I had to re-cross the log and walk Ranger over it. We continued our search efforts. Subjects that we were looking for walked out, and the 304th AFRS extracted us on a 150-foot hoist. WOW.

WILDERNESS - LOST VOLUNTEER SEARCHER. 10-23-89 89-024 Polk Co. Fall City, Ore. Lost Searcher, volunteer fireman, "J. D". Jody was part of a hasty team sent in to located three mushroom pickers missing. They eventually walked out and were found by containment teams. Jody disappeared from his team.

Weather was extremely bad. Team: H. Oakes, SAR dog Ranger, Support team, "B.L." Ranger picked up the victim's trail and located a direction of travel. On the second day into the search effort, we had heavy rains and lousy weather. Very windy and cold.
50. I put searcher B. L. up ahead of us as a containment team where the creek came to a service road 3 miles down stream. The victim, walked right into "B.L." the next morning. Wet, pale, very hypothermic. He had built a lean to shelter each night and then traveled by daylight.

LESSONS: Hundreds of man-hours were spent on this search. Once we brought the search dogs in, we were able to pin point a direction of travel. We put out a containment team and the victim walked right into our containment team.

Remember good SAR Coordination + Effective Communication + SAR dog teams + Man tracking skills + Containment = Success.

LOST MUSHROOM PICKER. 09-28-90 90-019 Mt Adams. Surprise Lake. Skamania Co. S.O. Missing mushroom picker. "G. T". We tracked "G.T." from the PLS for 5 miles NE across the lava fields. I asked the Forest Service to set up a road containment on the USFS road we were heading towards. They located him with us right on his trail as he walked onto the road from the lava field. Containment works.

10-29-90 90-025 Polk Co. Injured lost mushroom picker. "Sue S.". Victim located upon our arrival by CB radio and a private helicopter flying overhead. She had hiked down a 1500-foot canyon and she experienced a fall over a 40-foot cliff into a creek. Sue broke her leg and was Hypothermic. We put the search dogs away and went to work rigging up a raising system. It took us 9 separate raising system set ups to bring her out of that canyon.

ALZHEIMER'S PATIENT. 01-02-91 91-002 Clark Co. Vanc. Wash. Alz. 76 y/o male. Missing. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Ranger. Sub. loc. by SO driving containment in the area. Victim was 8 miles away from PLS. Containment works.

MISSING HIKERS, THE SHERIFF DID IT AGAIN. 03-19-91 91-008 Mult. Co. Two missing hikers, Mazama's. "L." and "S.". Multnomah County S.O. again refused our offer of services and canceled their own efforts after two days of searching in heavy snow.

P# 49.
We responded privately and picked up both of the victim's trails in the snow. The 304th helicopter rescue squadron, God Bless their souls, refused to give up even after ordered off the mission by the sheriff. They continued their TRAINING MISSIONS IN THE AREA. On day five, the 304th. AFRS located both victim's, in a small work shed along the power lines, in the snow. Both were alive and hypothermic, 9 miles away from the PLS.

The 304th AFRS landed the ladies right in front of the TV Camera's that were positioned in the Multnomah Falls parking lot. (Staging area). In front of the SAR coordinator who had called off the initial search efforts. This individual's jaw about hit his steering wheel when the victims, with their frost bitten feet and hands, were helped from the rescue helicopter and into a waiting ambulance.

Multnomah County was very embarrassed on this one, as they should have been, and had a "NO COMMENT", to the media. We all felt it was very poor SAR management regarding this whole SAR effort. GOOD JOB 304th AFRS.

INJURED BACK COUNTRY SKIER. 11-29-92 92-206-048 Clack. Co. Mt. Hood, Oregon, private ski accident response. "M. L." White River Canyon, winter rescue. We were training that day in the canyon when SAR dog Ranger started giving me a stress alert into the wind. The winds were coming from the bottom of the canyon up to our location on the canyon's ridge. We followed his alerts into the wind, down into the canyon and located an injured skier, laying in the snow in the bottom of White River Canyon. "M.L." (an attorney), was very weak from Hypothermia. Ranger laid next to the victim to assist in re-warming. Patient had a dislocated patella, kneecap. BUCK Ambulance Reach and Treat (RAT), team responded and assisted in extraction.

"M.L."stated " he had been down for 3 hours before Ranger located him and helped saved his life". Lesson: Follow up your dog’s alerts no matter where you are or what you are doing.

LOST - HYPOTHERMIC-SEARCH & RESCUE MEMBERS. 10-26-94 94-371-108 Mountain Rescue Call for 2 Searchers missing on Mt St. Helens, Wash. from Silver Star Search and Rescue. Call came in for help from Silver Star Search & Rescue. Our teams responded and upon arrival, both searchers had been located and extracted from the mountain. We assisted in re-warming the two victims. Medical response. A reminder to us all that, Mother Nature plays no favorites.

MISSING HIKER SITKA, ALASKA. 07-05-95 95-498-094 Sitka Team had a lost 19 y/o male hiker missing since Friday 06-30-95 1100Hrs. Wilderness area. Sitka, AK. 07-06-95 H. Oakes and SAR dog Valorie flew up to assist Sitka SAR dog’s teams. Upon arrival, subject walked out OK.

P# 50.

BAD MOUTHING of our search team by another search team. On 09-10-95
Case# 95-547-143 We received a call from the Olympic National Park Service. They requested a search dog team for two lost backpackers on the 54-mile loop from Lake Quinalt to the Enchanted forest area. We sent dog handler Susan Livingston with SAR dog Molson. Upon her arrival and briefing, both subjects spotted by a search aircraft, west of PLS on a game trail heading down stream. Susan and Molson then returned to Portland.

NOTE: After this search, Ms. Alice Webber, a dog handler from Clark county SAR, printed numerous untruths about this effort. She stated she got her information during a council meeting of the SAR community from, "somebody reliable". When we obtained this individual name from Pierce County Sheriff's office, he refused any comment and would not confirm or deny his statements. Ego’s - Politics’ - RUMORS.
Destroy the efforts of everyone.

LOST-HYPOTHERMIC-HIKER. 11-21-95 95-602-197 Hood River Co. Missing 67 y/o old hiker. Family called us in regarding their retired Forest Service Ranger father, who hadn't returned from a hike the day before. The RP was very upset that the sheriff had refused to call out all available resources. Upon doing a mission call out of our team members and packing the needed rescue gear, we responded. Canceled in route by the daughter who informed us that her dad just walked out uninjured.

PROWLER TRACKED RIGHT TO HIS FRONT DOOR. 02-29-96 96-685-041 Suspect track-Prowler. RP: "M.K."E 99th Ave. Vanc. Wash. RP called reference having a prowler around her house late at night. I brought SAR dog Valorie out and we tracked the suspect off of his footprints left at the scene, to Garden View Apts. RP and Vancouver City Police Dept. advised.

TRACKING A BURGLAR. 11-20-96 96-893-249 Mult. Co. "Bad guy pursuit". PPB Request. 122nd and Fremont 1210Hrs. PPB who had one burglar in custody. One escaped. Put Valorie on track off of a footprint found near the scene that had been identified as belonging to suspect #2. We tracked North on 122 from Fremont to Marine Dr. East to 162 then south, 152 turns into 162nd to a telephone booth and a bus stop. Suspect ID by PPB.

MT. HOOD WINTER RESCUE INJURED HIKER 01-25-97 97-939-014 Clack Co. Mt. Hood White River Canyon Rescue. Victim: "E. B." NE 8th St. Portland, Ore. Age 45. We located the victim with the search dogs at 1451Hrs. He had suffered a fractured fibula. We splinted and applied ice and transported to the parking lot by rescue sled. Victim was transported to the hospital. LESSON: The search dogs played important roles in this rescue. They helped calm the patient down and kept him warm by laying down next to the victim.

LOST SNOW BOARDER. 03-07-97 97-963-038 Clack. Co. Mt. Hood, Ore. Lost Snow Boarder. Sand Canyon 6500' level. Victim had been missing for 3 days and nights in heavy-snowed wilderness area. Day four of the search we helped located the victim. "C.A.W."age 20 from Vanc. Wash. was last seen wearing Black Parka and Snow bibs. When I heard about missing victim I contacted the victim's family. 03-08-97 we put out 6 SAR dog teams in the field privately. All of our dog teams obtained stress alerts into the Sand Canyon area. We immediately advised CCSO SAR teams and they located the subject there alive where our search dogs were alerting. *Clackamas County again playing politics with someone's life. Not using resources properly.

MISSING ACTOR IN HOLLYWOOD. 04-09-97 97-979-056 L.A. Co. Missing Person: Actor. "R. W. A." Missing person's wallet was located on Recita and Oxnard Dr. last Sunday. RP: "Angel V" from Laurel Canyon Blvd. N. Hollywood, Ca. Mother called me on 04-10-97 and said her son "R" was missing. I acted as consultant for this case. "RWA" was located alive in emergency room of nearby hospital. He had been drinking too much and got robbed.

P# 51.
TRACKING A MAIL THIEF. 09-11-97 97-1078-155 Clark Co. Suspect id track.
RP: M. K. Person(s) unknown opened her mail at her mailbox and then left the area. Did a scent suspect track-using scent off mail. Tracked to Mill Plain rd then east on Mill Plain towards 1-205. Tracked to apt. complex. "M" advised to file a police report.

ADULTS FOUND DEAD. DROWNING-ACCIDENTAL. WILDERNESS DROWNINGS-ACCIDENTAL. 02-18-88 88-002 Clack. Co. Drowning-Indian Henry Camp Grounds. Clackamas River. Hwy#224 MP 47. Victim was climbing on a rock along side of the swift moving water. He fell and drowned. We located the victim in the water 150 feet down stream from the PLS. Class 4 water 8 feet/second. Water Temp. 43F. 10 feet deep. Body recovered by USFS Law Enforcement officer "R. W.".

DROWNING SUICIDE. 04-19-88 88-006 Skamania County-Drowning-Suicide-"A.M". Ranger tracked victim from where she parked her vehicle in the wilderness to the river where divers recovered her body. We used four strands of hair off of the headrest for a scent article.

WILDERNESS DROWNING. 06-12-88 88-010 Mult. Co. Oxbow Park drowning "T. D.. Thong was drinking and swimming. Not a good mixture. Results: Located victim in water 100 feet down stream from PLS. Body recovered.
09-22-88 88-016 Skamania County. Stevenson, Washington Drowning. Victim "J.W.". SAR dog Ranger and SAR dog Rommel. SR#14 MP 55. Located victim in 94 feet deep water in the Columbia River.

HOMICIDES-EVIDENCE-ARTICLE SEARCHES. *04-06-89 89-005 Polk Co."Jay Burroughs" Homicide-Pee Dee, Oregon. Victim missing 45 days. See Cover Photo and information.

Drowning Sauvie's Island. 05-18-89 89-007 Victim, "W.D". Responding to a call out from the dive team officer in charge, upon arriving the "Sheriff didn't want MWSD teams there because of the politics." The family then had to call us in privately. Ranger and two other SAR dogs located the victim 20 yards off shore in 40 feet deep of water in less than 15 minutes. I called the sheriff to come get the victim and he refused. Oregon State Police had to be notified. Father present when the body was recovered on the beach the next day.

COMMENT: We feel this sheriff deserved to be terminated from his position. He allowed egos, politics, and personal feelings to get in the way of his judgment. His dive team worked for 8 hours finding nothing. In less then 15 minutes we located the victim. His refusal to come get the victim's remains after we found them was totally uncalled for.

MISSING HIKER 06-20-89 89-008 Clack. Co. Salmon River Canyon area. Welches, Ore. Missing hiker "G.C." was missing 4 days in bad weather. After being refused for two days of the initial searching because of politics, we finally got involved. The sheriff's office asked us to hike in and clear an assigned area. Unless this person could climb terrain without ropes, it was an area of lowest probability. We figured the sheriff was just putting us in to keep the family from filing a lawsuit for the Sheriff not using all available resources.

While in route to our assigned search area, SAR dogs Ranger and Smokey alerted over a 400-foot cliff in the area of highest probability. (POA). We called on the SAR radio and advised the 304th AFRS who was flying overhead at the time, about our dogs getting strong death alerts over the edge. We asked them to inspect this area from the air. They located the victim dead, from a fall and hypothermia. Same area where both of our SAR dogs alerted over the cliff. Good job Ranger and Smokey.

Lessons: The sheriff was extremely rude and angry that, "We weren't in our search area and had alerted the helicopter to check this area". I explained it this way.

P# 52.
"L.S.", Initials of the SAR coordinator, we were on our way to the assigned search area when our dogs alerted. It is our SOP, Standard Operating Procedure, to follow up on each and every alert. Upon doing so, the helicopter team spotted the victim and recovered him. What "L.S." and all the other SAR coordinators need to learn is this was an extremely costly search, regarding man-hours, money and time. All they had to do was call us in right away on the first day of searching.

The updrafts coming up from the bottom of the canyon in the morning carries any scent upwards to the top of the ridge. Exactly how we figured out where he was in the first place. Easy mission for the SAR dogs. This SAR coordinator also needs to learn to not waste his resources and time. I have better things to do with my time, than walk in the woods and rain and discuss how to do my job with someone who obviously doesn't know how to do his efficiently.

Remember my comment, "Work with your resources effectively by listening to them". This very same coordinator also placed an elderly dog handler into some dangerous terrain and she had to be assisted out the next day by a Reach and Treat Team, (RAT). This coordinator has never used us on a search since. He won't ever admit he made some major mistakes.

WILDERNESS - LOST HUNTER. 12-01-89 89-031 Wahkiakcum Co. Washington Missing Bow hunter "B. H.". Teams: H. Oakes SAR dog Ranger, Scott Rich SAR dog Otis. ST-B. L. The sheriff refused to listen to our suggestions, so the first day and night were spent wasting our time and efforts searching an area of low probability. On the second day, the sheriff finally allowed us to conduct the search the way we wanted to.

I went to the top of the ridge where the victim was last seen. In the morning the air currents were rising. SAR dog Ranger was giving me strong death alerts on the West Side of the ridge. I sent in a fresh dog team. Scott with SAR dog Otis on the West Side where Ranger was picking up his death alerts. Scott and Otis located "B" frozen against a log. "B" had died from Hypothermia. He had all the survival gear but didn't use it in time.

LESSONS: If the sheriff' is going to call in resources he/she should listen to those resources. The sheriff wasted hundreds of man-hours and thousands of dollars before he decided to use the search dogs effectively. Upon allowing us to perform the search our way (Air scenting) we had the victim in less than 4 hours. TEAM WORK.

HOMICIDE-EVIDENCE CASE. 10-17-90 90-023 Skamania County Homicide case, Green River Case Rd# 10. Located a victim's clothing and cosmetics. Evidence find.

09-27-28-94 94-359-096 Homicide case. Clark Co. Battleground, Wash. Detectives suspected the missing mother and father's son had killed both of them, but had no proof. The son kept stating that," his parents were on a vacation near Vancouver, BC Canada". We went into the house with law enforcement officers and a search warrant. The house had been thoroughly cleaned recently.

SAR dogs Ranger and Shadow confirmed where each victim had been killed inside the house. "The carpet was so clean, even under a magnifying glass, you couldn't see anything," said one of the detectives. They ran blood chemistry tests on the surface and came up with negative results.

Remembering that a search dog doesn't know how to lie, I kept to the fact that SAR dogs Ranger and Shadow kept showing us death alerts on the carpet. Once SAR dog Shadow confirmed this, the detectives pulled the carpet up and found pools of blood that had soaked into the carpet padding underneath. SAR dog Ranger also gave a strong death alert on the barbecue cleaner brush, located outside on the deck.

There was also some charcoal lighter fluid there. Eventually once detectives interviewed the suspect regarding the scent evidence and physical evidence found, the suspect confessed.

SAR dog Ranger also identified the suspect off the ski glove found in the garage. Ranger gave me a strong death alert on the glove. That showed me that this glove was used to touch and move one or both of the bodies. When detectives asked the suspect if this glove was his, The suspect stated, "Yes". We were also able to show how the suspect transported both victims out of the area. Det. Rick Buckner worked on this case and did a fine outstanding job. Suspect later plead guilty.

LESSONS: Again through documentation of the scent evidence, working as a team with detectives, proper report procedures, and diagrams, this case was brought to a close with a conviction

WILDERNESS - SUICIDE. 07-27-92 92-182-024 Polk Co. "J. M". Suicide. Ranger tracked "J." and gave searchers a direction of travel. We located the subject's backpack, the location where he sat and smoked cigarettes, and the direction of travel from there, that led searchers to the victim. Ranger had to be pulled from the search, as he was stung by 7 bees from a hornet’s nest that we disturbed. We also located two marijuana grow operations. Polk Co. S.O. removed same.

LESSONS: The track wasn't a hard one. Dealing with the hornets was another issue. This is why I always carry Benadryl tablets and a lidocaine bee sting medication. I immediately combed the stinging bees out of his fir, applied the lidocaine sticks, and then gave him some oral Benadryl tablets, to prevent a reaction from the bee stings. Make sure that if you are a dog handler, that you get trained in dog first aid.

WILDERNESS HOMICIDE - BURIAL - BODY RECOVERY. 12-09-92 92-186-028 Clark Co. Body Recovery-Columbia Tie Rd. Amboy, Wash. Homicide. Victim had been shot in the head and buried 6 feet down. Teams: Oakes & Ranger, Ken Bowlsby and SAR dog Bear. The badly decomposed body was uncovered and removed by our team and Clark Co. detectives. The detectives asked us to participate because of our outdoor mapping and search dog skills.

Lessons: This victim fell victim to a drug rip off. The suspects met him in a gravel pit, shot him in the head twice, draped him over a motorcycle, and transported him deep into the woods. Most burials are shallow ones. This was a very deep burial. Highly unusual.

04-18-93 93-218-010 Clark Co. Washougal, Washington. Columbia River. "M. R.S" drowning. Bad weather. We located victim in the water within 1 hour of searching.

06-22-93 93-226-018 Olympic National Park. Hurricane Ridge. National Park services flew our teams into the Olympic National Park after a 13-day search failed to locate a missing climber. Missing climber's name was Hoskins, and he had little outdoor experience. Jim Burgett with his search dog Brandy and Search dog Ranger and I, flew up to the Olympics.

We were then transported by helicopter, to the PLS, Hurricane Ridge. During the briefing, I felt that the subject was west of the PLS because of his lack of experience in the outdoors. Most people know the sun sets in the West. Most inexperienced climbers and hikers head that direction when they're lost.

Once in the search area, Ranger and I found him on the West Side of Mt. Angeles, after he had fallen 350' over a cliff and died. We found him in 30 minutes, through my search dog Ranger's alerts, my own man tracking skills, and my search management skills. We found him in the same search area, where all the other search teams had searched. We assisted in the body recovery with Park Rangers and Mountain Rescue teams.
LESSONS: Thirteen days of resources were use, dog teams, helicopters, climber’s etc. In bringing in our team, and through the National Parks ability to be receptive to our ideas, we put closure on this case in under 30 minutes.

NOTE: To all SAR dog handlers. If they had followed up on their dog’s alerts, then they would have probably made this find. Remember, after a body recovery, have one of rescuer's hide and perform a quick runaway search with the SAR dog, to end the search on a happier more positive note. Then remember to clean your SAR dog’s jacket, harness, all of your clothing, to include your boots, to remove the death scent. Watch your dog for depression. When you get back home, continue to perform runaways, hide and seek searches for live victims and play toys, to help cheer up your dog.

DROWNING-SUICIDE. 07-29-93 93-228-020 Clark. Co. Suicide. "S. Y". Columbia River. Vancouver, Washington. We tracked the victim from his vehicle and located the victim dead in the water. Body recovered later by the sheriff's dept.

Cadaver Scent ID & ALZHEIMER'S PATIENT SEARCH. 01-28-94 94-269-009 Clatsop Co. Private search request. For a missing person in the wilderness. "D.C.". age 77. Dela had driven her car up into the mountains. When the Sheriff's office found the car stuck in the mud on a logging road, they started their search. Dela was missing from her car.

All the original search teams had to do was track her footprints. Instead, they walked and drove all over the tire tracks and Dela's footprints, destroying the immediate area for sign cutters. (Man trackers looking for clues).

Clatsop County S.O. canceled their search efforts after searching for five days with Search One K-9 Detection dog teams, local man tracking and bloodhound teams. They failed to find the victim or any sign of her direction of travel. Dela's family called us in privately, a week after Dela became missing. The original search teams from the sheriff's office had walked and driven all over the search area destroying most of the clues.

Ranger and I picked up her track immediately, traveling east. I found her footprints and a piece of toilet paper she used to mark her trail, every time she changed her course of direction onto another Forest service road.

After talking with Oscar Carlson, Dela's husband, Oscar confirmed that Dela used to hunt elk and mark her trail this way. This type of tracking went on and eventually, Ranger gave me a death alert on some coyote and bear feces. In inspecting both, I found some human hair in one, and a small amount of skin, and a fingernail in the other. Having given Ranger the scent article of Dela, I knew the only scent he was focused on, was that of Dela's. Knowing that the local area predators were consuming Dela's remains, I checked with the Fish and Game department and the Portland Zoo officials on coyote, bear and wolf movements and habits in this area.

I then returned to the search area and searched the animal trails and found more remains. After submitting my reports to the State Medical Examiners office, the state medical examiner signed a presumptive death certificate, based on SAR dog Ranger's findings, testing, training and work history. We made search dog history with this search. At no time in the history of search dogs, was it documented where any state medical examiner in the USA had signed a death certificate, because a trained, tested search dog said this was the person.

LESSONS: Do your own search. Again I will repeat myself, trust your dog, your own skills and don't listen to the other, so called SAR experts, when the evidence you are finding provides results. These so called SAR experts, told the family that" Dela wasn't out there because none of the search dog teams from Search One K-9 Detection team or the bloodhounds and none of the man tracking teams picked up any sign of her".
For anyone searching in the wilderness, mountains, desert, or water I have a statement that I continue to make on each and every search to all of my search teams.


We were able to get the death certificate signed on Dela's case, through learning what the area predators do with human remains, trusting my search dogs alerts, following up each and every alert to its origin, diagramming and my report writing, and putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. Dela's husband Oscar, told me later that he was, "eternally grateful".

On 04-24-94, while inspecting the death scene. Ranger alerted under a tree 10 feet away from Dela's remains, down slope, underneath a fir tree. Upon inspecting Ranger's alerts, I found Dela's lower jawbone and teeth under a tree. This was after Clatsop Co. S.O. had informed Dela's family that they had "recovered all of her remains, after an extensive search of the scene". Dela's family was present during this find. Janice and Leroy Saukko, Dela's family, were very upset at having to see this. Reference: Janice and Leroy Saukko Rt#4 Box#103-A, Astoria, Oregon 97103. Family members. A total of 85:20 hours and 750 Miles were donated to this search effort by my SAR teams to bring closure to this family.

MISSING PERSON IN RURAL AREA. 12-11-94 94-385-122 Clark Co. Brush Prairie, Washington. Missing Person: "B. H.". The family of "B.H." called in our teams to search for their son who had been missing for over two months. We located "B's" remains in the search area just under 30 minutes from the beginning of our search. The victim was found in a wooded area that had already been searched by bloodhound teams, Search One-dog teams, and ground SAR teams from Silver Star Search & Rescue. A piece of flagging ribbon that had been placed by one of these searchers, was found ten feet from the victims head.

Lesson: Again don't make the mistakes these teams keep making over and over again. If the sheriff would have called us in on the original search, we possibly could have located this young man alive. Instead we found him dead from hypothermia. He had stripped himself naked and died 100 feet from a busy road. He was alleged to have been under the influence of narcotics. Follow up each alert to its source. When we came in two months later, we were getting numerous death alerts in coyote feces. Upon inspecting the coyote feces we found numerous body remains, hair, skin, etc. Once John Groh with his search dog located the main portion of the remains, we could see that the animals had been eating on the victim's remains.

Comment: When a predator eats human remains, usually the flesh is too rich
and gives the predator diarrhea. Usually within 3 to 5 hours after the animal eats. So if you have a death alert, while inspecting animal feces usually you will find fingernails, human hair or human skin remains. Look around for the animal’s tracks to confirm what type of predator you're dealing with.

A wolf will range up to 50 miles, a coyote 5 miles, and a bear 3 miles. A lot depends on the time of year and food sources in the area. So if you identify the predator and confirm that the remains are human, then check all of your game trails for feces and human remains. Mark each location on a map and eventually you will find the animal's territory.

Where the feces is being found in a specific area, is now your main search area for the remains of the victim. I've found more dead humans and pets, using this method in the wilderness and desert, then any other method.

05-27-94 94-315-53 Private Search. Missing Person "B.M." Age 23.
We found him drowned in the Willamette River.

08-03-94 94-341-078 "P. Rd. "Columbia River drowning. Washougal City PD SAR request. We located her underwater on our first pass in the boat with SAR dog Ranger.

SINGLE TOOTH FOUND IN DRY RIVER BED. 08-11-94 94-342-079. "D.S." Missing for 2 years. Homicide. Crook Co. S.O. H. Oakes with SAR dog Ranger and J. Burgett with SAR dog Brandy. Sheriff's office received a tip that Danny's remains might be located in a wooded area off an old road. We searched the area for two days, and came up with a single human tooth from a dry creek bed. Evidence was turned over to the Sheriff's dept.

MUSHROOM PICKER DIES BECAUSE OF LACK OF SURVIVAL EQUIPMENT AND POOR SAR MANAGEMENT DURING THE SEARCH. 11-03/04-94 94-378-115 Lost Mushroom picker, "B.L.". Skamania Co. request for assistance. We were canceled upon our arrival, due to "weather conditions". A new Skamania Co. director of EMS, whose initials are "K.T." in the view of every searcher present on scene, "really screwed this search up". We were told that, "K.T.'s" lack of SAR knowledge, along with the departments SAR coordinator's and the victim's poor judgment, cost the victim his life". This quote was from a Lewis County SAR member with a lot of experience. The victim was later recovered dead in the original search area.

LESSONS: This search manager is still working in this county. I've documented complaints about his lack of abilities from 12 different search teams in the states of Washington and Oregon.

When I approached the director of Emergency Services with the documentation, the state of Washington has refused to call me regarding searches from that time on.

When I approached this individual to his face, about everyone's concerns, he assured me that, "I would never work in his county again". That's what you get for being honest.

I wrote a letter to the State of Washington’s Governor and within two weeks, I was removed from the callout lists of the state of Washington’s SAR Resources lists.

FACT. If the IC (Incident Commander) had called out man trackers and search dog teams, right away instead of waiting for four days into the ground search efforts, there very well may have been a better outcome on this search. As it was, they didn't find the victim until the next spring and only after I called "K" and informed him that we were going in and would find this individual, since "K" had failed to do it right the first time.

This motivated "K" to get off of his butt, he immediately started a new search effort so that his teams could take credit for the find, and the victim was in fact then found dead, curled up in a lava tube cave, dead from hypothermia. When will people learn?

The victim's family had good grounds for a civil action against the sheriff's department, because of the botched search management efforts.

Lesson: If the state of Washington wishes to allow this individual to manage searches, then keep quiet and after his teams fail to locate the victim, offer your services to the family. Keep a low profile and do your job.

HYPOTHERMIA - DROWNING - KAYAKER. 12-02-94 94-391-128 Body Recovery Class 5 water Wind River Sk. Co. I was asked to supervise this recovery effort, by a Silver Star SAR coordinator. A kayaker was caught in a strainer of logs and had died of HYPOTHERMIA. "Dave" the victim, was a swift water kayak instructor. We used a 3:1 rigging system to pull him out of the strainer and recover Dave's body. SAR dog Valorie was used for grief counseling with the victim's girlfriend.

MORE DROWNING FINDS. 02-25-95 95-426-022 "J. P.". Polk Co. Drowning. 19 y/o drowned during a police chase at River View Park. Independence, Ore. Dog teams located the victim in 25 feet of water.

04-23-95 95-467-063 Drowning Sitka, AK. SAR Coordinator asked me to consult with her regarding this search. Lisianskie Peninsula. Victim "R. H.". We sent three SAR dog teams in the area of highest POA. They found the victim in 245 Feet ocean deep water. This is a world record.

10-14-95 95-569-164 Drowning Clark Co. Camas Washington. 14year old, "B. T." drowned 10-13-95 while fishing with a friend. We located victim down stream 20 yards from PLS in Class 3 water, 20 feet deep.

EVIDENCE SEARCHES. 11-25-95 95-599-194 Clark Co. Major search effort in Clark Co. For "C.K." a kidnapped, murdered victim possibly dumped in the Larch Mountain area. We found a cassette tape, Cult type, and a cloth with blood on it. Turned both items over to sheriff's office for processing as possible evidence.

DROWNING OF TWO FISHERMEN. 01-25-96 96-668-024 Cowlitz Co. Two drownings. "D.S." and "L.M.". Two missing fisherman. Missing for four days. We came in on the family’s private request and searched their favorite fishing holes. It was very cold outside, snowing in the hills, winds were from the West at 0-5 MPH, air temp. 35f, the water temp. was 42F. One victim found by Valorie was in 40 feet of water, and one was found in 60 feet of water. We performed our grief counseling with the victim’s families and friends after our own debriefing. The Sheriff badmouthed us to the family and to the local media because of our efforts.

This is the same search mission where M.N. from Search One K-9 Detection badmouthed us to the Press stating," It was impossible for search dogs to detect victims in the water". Many other dog teams came forward to the media and blew "M.N." statement out of the water. We are all getting tired of his lies.

TWO DROWN DURING FLOODS. 02-11-96 96-676-032 Marion Co. Hwy 99E Drowning of two occupants of a vehicle. Oregon State Police requested our SAR dog teams. The names of the victims were Gonon and Santiago. They had drowned when their vehicle went off a road into flooded onion field. We made 2 passes in the patrol boat with the SAR dogs on board. Valorie located both victims on the second pass, 100 feet down stream from the PLS. OSP Advised. Both bodies recovered right where our search dogs alerted.

Drowning Clackamas River 05-28-96 96-750-106 Clack. Co. High Rocks Area Gladstone, Ore. Initial Interview and grief therapy started. We located the victim's body in 20 feet of water. The water was moving on the surface, at 4 feet per second. The dive team, later recovered the body. The father in his disparity, handed us $250.00 dollars for our services. We refused the money, and asked him to use it towards his son's funeral expenses.

HOMICIDE Victim’s BODY RECOVERED SUSPECT CONVICTED. 05-10-96 96-730-086 Washington. Co. "D.W:" Case. While doing a TV show regarding missing people, I noticed a woman sitting in the background, crying throughout the show. After we were done taping the TV Show, I walked over to her and introduced myself and asked ,"if there was anything I could do to help her through her pain?"
She stated, "Nobody will help us, our son is missing and I suspect his girlfriend killed him". I then handed her my business card and asked if I could set up a meeting with her and her family. Upon interviewing the family and friends of "D.W." I found this case to be suspicious enough to follow it up with our own investigative team.

I found that 6 months prior, "D.W." and his girlfriend Linda, took off on a road trip to the beach. Linda drove home later on that night and called the police to report that "D" went for a hike and hadn't returned and she was reporting "D" missing.

The Sheriff's department brought in Search One K-9 Detection teams and they found nothing. I thought it very odd that this girl would drive 100 miles back to her home and then report "D" missing. Especially since there was a pay phone within 5 miles of where "D" disappeared and where Linda had stopped for gas.

I completed my interviews and found that "D" and Linda were in a stormy relationship. We searched his van and house. I found evidence that proved the suspect, Linda, was lying about "D" disappearing. I then made two telephone calls and found "D's" remains. The first was to the Coast Guard.

I asked their commander," If a person entered the ocean in this location where would he turn up?" They gave me their answer. I then called the medical examiners office for that county, and asked them if they had a reported find of a JOHN DOE matching "D's description? They said, " Yes". It turned out that this county, in the state of Washington, had faxed Clatsop County Sheriff's office and told them about their discovery. Somehow someone dropped the ball and didn't do any follow up so "D's" body was buried as a John Doe.

I then had the family ask the Oregon State Police to take over the investigation, threatening to send off a nasty press release that would really expose our investigation and findings to the public, which would greatly embarrass Clatsop Co. Sheriff's Office for not doing their job right, and causing this family to be put through this horrible ordeal. The Oregon State Police took charge of the case and arrested and charged David's girlfriend, Linda, with his murder. She was later convicted. What was sad about this case was that David's family never ever gave our teams any credit, for finding David's remains, identifying his killer, and putting pressure on the police to do their job.

LESSONS: Sometimes we all make mistakes. Police departments are no different. Don't let them cover it up and don't rub it in their faces either. Bring it to their attention and hope they learn from their mistakes. If we didn't get involved in this case, "D's" body would never have been returned to his family and his murderer would still be free to kill again. Later the victim’s mother took full credit for finding her son and gave us no credit nor paid a dime towards our search expenses.

CHILD KIDNAPPING-RAPE-MURDER CASE. "J.B." Case. 08-06-96 96-788-144 Montgomery Co. We flew two of our dog teams to Nashville, TN. and performed a night search mission, regarding the "J.B." case. The child had been missing for five weeks. Local SAR dog teams had been used and found nothing. We did a good track and found where the suspect had parked his car during the kidnapping, walked in, kidnapped the child, and then drove off with her inside his vehicle. We obtained good forensics from the evidence we found.

While we were there, a local law enforcement K-9 dog instructor from Nashville PD, badmouthed us to the media stating," it's impossible for any search dog to find any scent after 48 hours in this heat". We had two detectives and the victim's family, witness our track and observed us finding the evidence we found. This dog handler - instructor, needs to upgrade his education and turn himself in to modern science. I think modern medicine would find it fascinating to meet this person, with his head impaled rectally as his obviously is.
His statements to the local media trying to down play and disregard our hard work to catch a child killer, not only reflected badly upon him, but all of the other SAR dog teams that worked so very hard on this case.

There are very few things that make me upset in life. People who back stab, lie, cheat, and persons who try to discredit others, without factual evidence to support their statements, in an attempt to make themselves look better, are in my opinion, lower then slug slime.

Lessons: Having searched in snake infested areas before in jungles, deserts and bayou country, I knew to watch my SAR dog. Every time she stopped, stared, and pulled back from her direction of travel, I knew there was a poisonous snake nearby. In this area we had rattlesnakes, copperheads and water moccasins. So I would then put Valorie on a down stay, and work the search area by myself, wearing snake proof gaiters. Once I cleared the snakes out of the area, then I would bring Valorie back in to research the area. We also had anti - snake venom on hand in case a dog or handler got bitten. As for the medical miracle, whose head was impaled, we blew it off as jealousy.

MURDERER'S ALIBI RUINED BY SAR DOGS. 08-07-96 96-805-161 Clarksville City PD "N. D" Homicide Evidence Search While working on "J.B.'s" case, detectives asked if we could assist on another homicide case. We went to the police impound lot and put SAR dog Valorie and SAR dog Buddy to work.

We searched the victim's vehicle, which the suspect had used after the murder for his get away, and the search dogs showed death alerts in the drivers seat area around the foot pedals and carpet areas. This assisted detectives in proving that the suspect fled in this vehicle after killing the victim, and not before. Thus, destroying the suspect's alibi.

08-08-96 96-788-144 We worked on the "J.B."Case some more. We drove to Nashville and searched both of the suspect's vehicles that had been impounded. Both SAR dogs were worked independently of each other. First through one vehicle, then the second. Both search dogs alerted on death and stress scents in the suspect's second vehicle that was searched. Detectives and crime lab technicians were advised.

LESSONS: The crime lab technicians were fascinated by the SAR dogs work. I find it difficult to understand, why this search technique isn't being used nationally. It's so easy and cost effective. The suspect later confessed to his crime and JB's body was later recovered.

ALLEGED KIDNAPPING PROVEN A LIE. 08-08-96 96-804-160 "L.M." Search in Nashville Rivergate Mall, Goodlettsville, Tennessee. The mother alleged that her daughter was kidnapped during daylight hours, at a busy shopping mall. The mother claimed she got out of her vehicle and went to open the trunk to put some items away. When the mother approached the child's door, the mother claims, "she found her daughter missing". There were no witnesses to this incident.

This was a very simple case. We brought in the search dogs and gave them the child's scent. Had the child walked away or been carried off, her scent would have been tracked. There was no track what so ever of the alleged missing child detected by either SAR dog. This showed me, the mother was giving the police bad information. Police were notified of this fact.

CHILD KIDNAPPING-VEHICLE TRACK. 08-09-96 96-799-155 "V.M." Warren Co. Bowling Green, Kentucky. The child was kidnapped from an Apt. complex while she played outside her apartment. The child's mother and father were going through a divorce, and the father made repeated threats that ,"if he couldn't have the child, then he would see that nobody did". We worked with the Kentucky State Police and FBI on this case.

P# 60.
We obtained the scent article of the victim, and did a successful vehicle track, with Kentucky State Patrol acting as our witness. We tracked the victim while she was being transported in the suspect vehicle against her will, for 5 miles into a corn field, where the suspect's vehicle had been parked and where the suspect(s) switched the victim into another vehicle.

Evidence found at this scene, supported the law enforcement’s position, and that one of the suspects was known to them.

08-10-96 96-788-144 We worked the "JB" case and found more evidence. We tracked the suspect, using a scent article of the suspect, at the crime scene. This showed me that the suspect had in fact, been the person who had kidnapped "JB". The suspect's route matched identically to "JB's" scent track, to where the suspect had parked his vehicle. The tire tracks found here, where the dogs tracked to, showed me that the suspect and kidnapped victim, left the scene together. Law enforcement officials were able to matched one of the suspect's vehicle tires, to the same vehicle our SAR dogs had alerted on earlier. The SAR dogs alerted at the crime lab to the suspect's vehicle showing us that the suspect did in fact have the kidnapped child inside his vehicle.

We obtained a written consent to search of the suspect’s home, by his wife. We obtained death alerts in the suspect's house and found a shovel with dirt and hair on it in suspect's closet. The clothes hamper also contained "JB's" death scent. So, from all of our searches over the week, here is what we could put together from the scent evidence id case.

The suspect approached the child, claiming he was an undercover police officer. He possessed a fake badge and id. He had a radio, lights and siren in his vehicle.

He took the child from her front yard, and walked her down a muddy dirt road to where he had parked his car. He then drove the backcountry roads to a sight near the Cumberland River where he raped her. The child was eventually killed and buried.

The suspect then returned home with the victim's death scent all over his boots, hands, pants, socks, underwear, inside his vehicle, where he forced her to sit, and inside the trunk of his car, where he stored the shovel he used to bury her. Then instead of washing his clothes right away, he put his clothes inside a dirty clothes hamper. This transferred "JB's scent to the inside of the clothes hamper. He then put the shovel in the closet.

The dogs were able to identify the boots he had worn, the vehicle he drove, and the shovel he used, the route he took, and that in fact the victim had been in his vehicle. The police obtained a confession after all of this from the suspect.

MISSING PERSON CASE. 12-10-96 96-910-266 (C). Wash. Co. Missing Person "C.G". We cleared a ravine West of the nudist camp. SAR Dog Valorie got strong death alerts in Dairy creek, 4/10th of a mile west from Dairy Rd. off of Fern Ridge Rd. I flagged this area. On a later search, we found some human remains in coyote feces, two miles east of the PLS in the woods.

The hair we found in the coyote feces, matched that of the victim's from her hairbrush. We later determined that the SAR dogs were getting the death scent in the river, because the heavy rains were washing the victim's scent off of the mountain side, down into the canyon, and pooling it in a log jam, also known as a strainer.

P# 61.
DROWNING FROM A BOATHOUSE. 01-11-97 97-928-003 Drowning. Clark Co. Ridgefield, Wash. Victim:"B.R". age 44. Missing since Sunday PM. Our SAR dogs located area for the Clark Co. dive team to dive and locate victim. Ridgefield City PD notified.

LESSONS: On this drowning, the water was influenced by the tidal currents. We had a surface current going one way and a subsurface current working a different direction. We had no idea where this victim went. He was last seen going outside his houseboat to smoke a cigarette. He had been drinking. Valorie tracked him right into the water and gave a death alert. We then brought in the search dogs that were still in training, so our new dog handlers could see what the SAR dog’s death alerts were like. Once the body was recovered, all of our SAR dogs visualized the victim's remains. This was a great help on future cadaver searches with the newer dog teams.

Instead of using pseudo scent, a chemical scent of a cadaver, for drowning victims, I try to get a scent article belonging to the victim, so I know we are hitting on the right person. I've worked 47 drownings to date, finding 47 victims.

Drowning 02-08-97 97-949-024 Pierce Co. Puget Sound, Washington.. "R.B.". We located the victim, Puget Sound Stellicom Warf area, 80 feet deep in the Pacific ocean by our SAR dogs, Valorie and Miranda. Family and the area sheriff's office advised of our findings.

Missing Person-Drowning-Accidental 04-03-97 97-976-052 Mult. Co.. Victim,"Abe E". SE Ash St. Portland, Oregon. Mother called me in privately when the Portland Police refused to assist her. We tracked Abe, two weeks after he disappeared from the PLS, to the Willamette River. A one-mile urban track with heavy contamination from vehicle traffic. I notified the family, police, and the National Missing Children's Locate Center of our find. Abe's body surfaced 10 days later, right where Valorie tracked him to, and where SAR dog Buddy verified the track. 40 feet off shore in 80 feet of water.

MISSING PERSON'S CASE TURNS INTO A MURDER CASE. 12-10-97 97-1127-204 Washington. Co. Missing Person. "S.M.N." We met with the family and did a missing person's track from the PLS. The SAR dog’s track took us to where the victim had been picked up in a vehicle, by the kidnapping suspect. We then did a vehicle track. On 12-11-97 I met with a private investigator for the "S" case, at their Tigard office. They had six blue shop towels that they had taken into protective custody, as possible evidence. The suspect was seen using these rags to clean up his vehicle after the victim had disappeared. I had Valorie sniff each towel for a possible victim id. She alerted on three of the six towels. I then filed my report and evidence findings to the police for processing.

After we reported our findings and suspicions to the police, the police finally got off their butts and started to investigate this case. At this point they hadn't even entered the missing person's name into the NCIC/LEDS computer system.

On 12-15-97 The police located the suspect's van and obtained forensic evidence to support Valorie's findings. On 12-17-97 The police located the victim's remains up a rural gravel road. On 12-19-97, the suspect was captured in the state of Washington and is awaiting trial.

DISASTER RESPONSE-CONSULTING. 12-07-88 88-025 Armenia Earthquake, USSR. Four of our SAR dog teams geared up and were placed on standby. We were able to send two teams in from Alaska with the Seattle King Co. disaster teams. We also sent $3000.00 dollars worth of medical gear that we had collected, through donations, into the disaster site with NW Medical teams.

DISASTER RESPONSE FLOODS. 06-16-90 90-007 Shadeysville, Ohio floods. Consulted with IC for the Fire Dept. on what SAR dog resources to bring in, and how to use them effectively, for locating bodies. This really worked well. A very successful mission.
PHILIPPINE EARTHQUAKE DISASTER RESPONSE. 07-18-90 90-013 Philippine Earthquake. Team: H.Oakes SAR dog Ranger, and SAR dog Codi with his handler, responded. We responded as part of the Seattle King County Disaster Team. Assignment was to search the Friendship Highway between Sante Fe and Bagio in the Kabanotwan Region, for victims of the quake buried by debris and mudslides. We landed in Manila, the Philippine military flew us into the stricken areas by Hueys, helicopters. The NPA, New Peoples Army, pulled out of their headquarters and allowed the Seattle King Co. Disaster teams to set up their MASH unit there. The doctors, nurses and paramedics treated approximately 300 injured victims.

Because of the wide spread damage, we were brought in to work the mud and rock avalanches that buried vehicles, people, and their homes.

There were lots of dangers, both for the search dogs, and for us, the dog handlers. We worked one dog at a time, off lead, being aware of the king cobra snakes, the land mines, and other booby traps in the area, because of the war conflict going on. It was monsoon season, so we had to deal with the heavy rains, high humidity and heat.

Because of the heat, we searched in the early mornings and late evenings. When the dogs alerted, we would mark the locations with ribbon flagging, diagram and map the area. We would then pass on this information to the Lt. from Special forces, which was assigned to us for protection.

Because of my mountain rescue experience, we were able to rig a 4:1 raising and lowering system, and inspect the area highway bridges with a structural engineer that we brought with us.

SAR dogs Ranger and Cod, alerted in 25 locations, where 59 dead victims were later recovered. Per the Lt. from S.O.G. Special Forces Task Force. We also assisted in grief therapy, first aid and transporting of the injured. Sad outcome here, we brought back a lot of ugly memories.

LESSONS LEARNED: Document your missions well with dates, locations, findings, video camera's when possible. Upon our return, we were badmouthed by SAR dog instructor, Marcia Koneg, from Pacific Rim Disaster Dog teams in the state of Washington. She complained to everyone and anyone who would listen, about how," bad a job we did," and "how poor our dog teams were", yet she wasn't over there with us, so how did she come by this bad information? Ego’s & POLITICS are part of SAR. Keep focused on your work and NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.
Just consider the source and move on with your work.

Marcia was recently up in Sitka, Alaska teaching to the dog teams right after I had been there teaching. She still is bad mouthing me and my teams efforts to anyone who might listen. All I have to say is, "Grow up Marcia you’re a disgrace to SAR Dog instructors everywhere."

MUD SLIDE DISASTER. 09-28-90 90-018 The Cornet Fire Dept. called out our SAR dog teams reference a mud slide at the Cornet St. and Stark Street bridge. The reports came in that there were "possibly two cars buried in the rubble, with people trapped inside". Since the fire dept. is a bona fide EMS agency, we responded with five of our SAR dog teams.

Upon our arrival, we were stopped by the SAR coordinator from Multnomah County Sheriff's office, who made us wait for 5 hours, until the Hwy Dept. asked us to go in. We went in and MCSO threatened us with arrest, if we didn't leave the scene immediately. More Politics.

We were called out by an official EMS agency, but MCSO wanted all the glory. I filed an internal affairs complaint with the MCSO administration. It went no where, as usual.


LESSON: Keep focused on what is the right thing to do, based on your training, skills, and testing. Document everything well. You have to ask yourself, where was MCSO priorities during this disaster?

CONSULTANT TO AN AIRPLANE CRASH. 05-29-92 92-172-014 Airplane Crash. Yakataga, Alaska. I was asked to enter this search effort as a consultant. The five passengers on board the aircraft, all were from Oregon, and one of the passenger's relatives worked out of the Yamhill Co. District Attorney's office. I was faxed a map and plotted the aircraft's altitude, airspeed, weight, glide factors, and possible flight paths from the PLS. We shared our information with the Civil Air Patrol. We feel they're in the ocean.

NORTHRIDGE L.A. CALIFORNIA EARTHQUAKE RESPONSE. 01-17-94 94-267-005 Mutual aid response. We cleared assigned areas for Orange Co. SAR at Cal. State. Found one dead pet in some burned out apartments that were destroyed by the quake and following fire. We also assisted in grief therapy for a husband and child who lost their home and the child's mom. Teams H.Oakes SAR dog Ranger. J. Burgett SAR dog Brandy.

EARTHQUAKE DISASTER KOBE, JAPAN. 01-16-95 95-408-004 Disaster S/B Kobe, Japan, I acted as one of the US Delegates for our SAR teams, and arranged to have 25 members from the N.W. Medical Teams and four of our Urban SAR dog teams, to respond. United Airlines donated the airplane tickets for everyone. The Japanese government refused all help from all US Sources.

BOMBING DISASTER. 04-19-20-21-22-95 95-458-054 Oklahoma City Bombing Disaster Response. Federal Building Bombing of the Murrah Bldg. Private Response. Teams: H.Oakes SAR dog Valorie K-9-1. Becky Nimmo SAR dog Quigley and ST (Support Team) Charlie Irving. We contacted the Oklahoma city Mayors office, and obtained permission by telephone, to respond privately. We were told," If your team can make it here, then come on in. We can't guarantee how or where you will be used, but right now we use all the help we can get". A spokesperson from the mayor's office made this statement.

Upon responding, we obtained our photo id passes at the FBI Building, which allowed each of us into the restricted areas that needed to be searched and we then staged in the support staging area. While awaiting an assignment, a fire captain directed us to respond with his digging team, into the pile area. This was the basement, first, and second floors of the Federal Murrah Building. Our SAR dog teams alerted in 4 areas. We were later told by this fire captain, that 10 bodies were recovered under the rubble piles, where our dogs alerted. Totals 3 teams, 258 Hours, 4866 Miles donated to this effort.

We also assisted in Grief therapy at St. Antiphonies hospital on Sunday. Sunday morning we were informed by the ATF, that all non FEMA teams were asked to leave, because FEMA wanted only FEMA members working from Sunday on. We left Monday. Lots of ugly politics, rumors and bad information.

Lessons: Document well when you respond to a scene like this. Who called you in and what assignments did you participate in.

There were many rumors that came out of this search effort. Later we found they were started from search teams that didn't even respond and who were jealous because we were there and they weren't. Nothing stopped them from raising the money and responding as we did. Yes, even the FEMA teams were territorial. What they have to remember is, this wasn't just their search. The city of Oklahoma Fire Department was in charge of their disaster, they managed the 25 non-FEMA and 5 FEMA teams that responded, along with thousands of non-FEMA volunteers.

FEMA teams need to learn how to work effectively and non-judgmentally with non-FEMA teams. If Shirley Hammond, from the LA's FEMA team, who bad mouthed us to the media, would have done her research, she would have found out, that I had helped write her FEMA SAR dog standards, many years ago. She may have learned then to have more respect for those of us who chose not to belong to a FEMA team, but still have a lot to offer to the rescue effort as a whole.

If you are the IC, Incident Commander in a large-scale operation, and you are using both FEMA and NON-FEMA teams. Make each assigned teams very aware of where to sign in, who to report to, where to get the passes for entry, where to debrief, where your logistical staff is for support for food, sheltering and other needs. Many non-FEMA teams have just as much, if not more experience, in specific areas, than the FEMA teams. We all need to learn to work together.

So if a non-FEMA team shows up to help and is accepted onto the site, have them bring their credentials, check them out, and then put them to work. We are all in this business for one purpose. To help others during their time of need. If you turn them away because you don't know how to manage them, you are doing a disservice to the victims, their families and the searchers themselves. If you can't manage the non-FEMA teams, then find someone who can and put them to work.

Since the Oklahoma bombing incident, it has been reported that 30% of all of the responders from police, fire, medical and SAR have quit their jobs. 3% have committed suicide.

MAJOR WINTER WIND STORM. 12-12-95 95-626-221 Clack. Co. Private request. Inspected areas where trees were blow down on top of houses. Stopped in at Lake Oswego High School and did some grief therapy for families who had lost their houses.

FOREST FIRE DISASTER SEARCH FOR LOST PETS. 08-26-96 96-821-177 Deschutes Co. Bend, Ore. Our teams drove to Bend, Oregon for the Skeleton Fires, support mission. Meeting with Humane Society of Central Oregon. Reference the missing animals and livestock from the fires, we assisted in performing grief therapy for "K. J", a victim of the fire and numerous other fire victims.

"K.J." lost his house, four dogs, two cats and one horse. We ended up searching the stricken areas for three days. We located nine cats, four dogs, and two horses. One cat and one horse were still alive.

Lessons: We waited till the fire was out before we would enter the stricken areas. We proceeded through the area with a safety check first, marking the location of exposed electrical wires, glass, nails and other hazmat, hazardous materials, items. Then, with a safety observer, the dog teams would perform an area search and mark the location of each death alert. The fire was so hot, that it cremated almost all of the animals. When the SAR dogs alerted, we would have to get down close to the ground and inspect the alert site.

Sometimes we would find a tooth or a id collar. One horse owner spray painted his horse with his telephone number, and he then let the horse go. A helicopter making water drops in the area, spotted the horse and called us. We got help from some horse riders in the area, to go in an retrieve the marked horse.

If you're told to evacuate, or even think you have to evacuate, due to a disaster of any kind, you should take your animals with you, or make arrangements before disaster strikes, on how you can remove them from harms way. Should the worst happen, then call in your SAR dog teams to find their remains and assist in Pet Loss grief therapy.

The local Deschutes County Sheriff's Department, Shirley Hammond from LA's FEMA disaster dog team, Lou Sarrafin from Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, Marty Neiman from Search One K-9 Detection team all bad mouthed me and our team efforts to the media. Yet, none of them were taking time off from their work to help these stricken people and their pets. By their statements, we could see where their priorities were.

We were out doing the dirty work, saving lives and putting closure on finding the lost, dead pets, while they were sitting behind their desks badmouthing our efforts.

Flood Disaster 02-09-96 96-673-029 Clark Co. Standby. Checked in with Polk Co. and Clark Co. DEM. Picked up disaster supplies and transported medical gear. Also located two drowning victims, for the Oregon State Police. Off Hwy 99E and rescued one stranded cat up tree during floods.

LOST PET SEARCHES: LOST CAT. 10-03-88 88-017 Multnomah County, Portland, Oregon. I received a call regarding a pet search. A missing injured cat named Dweezil. Dweezil had been hit by a car and was transported to the hospital. Upon being treated at the hospital, the cat was in stable condition with its jaw wired shut. When the owner brought Dweezil back home, the cat disappeared, and the owner stated,” that without its medicine it will die". This was my first pet search. I used the cat scratching post as a scent article-figuring scent is scent to a SAR dog. Ranger tracked the injured cat upstairs in the house and he found it underneath the water bed pedestal, where the cat owner repeatedly swore she searched before without success.

Ranger located Dweezil barely alive. We recovered Dweezil the cat, and transported him to Dove Lewis Animal Hospital. He survived.

LESSON: Life is precious, whether it belongs to a two-legged victim or a four-legged victim. Throughout the years, I've heard repeated comments from experienced search dog handlers who state, "I would never let my search dog track an animal, it would ruin my search dog". ISN'T IGNORANCE BLISS? I found just the opposite effect has occurred. Having tracked over 800 pets and 500 people, a search mission for the SAR dog is just that, work. Whether it be for a human, a piece of evidence, such as a gun thrown from a vehicle, or a missing cat or dog, scent work is scent work, no matter what or who the scent belongs to.

When you've tracked a missing dog, that has been missing for 7 days, in heavy urban traffic areas, for five miles, in 95 degree heat, and your search dog takes you right up to the house where the dog is staying. The dog's owners are with you and witness the track and successful recovery. There is nothing that can make you a better believer in your dog's ability to track, than this type of mission. Instead of hurting your ability to find victims, I have found it actually helps. And for the people who say it can't be done. I say, contact me and I will be more then happy to give you hundred's of pet owners names and telephone numbers regarding success stories where we did it.

MISSING PETS. MISSING BIRD CASE. 02-06-94 94-272-010 Benton Co. Missing pet search for an African Gray Parrot. RP: "A.A." SW Brook Corvallis, Ore. Ranger was brought in to attempt a track on a clipped missing African gray parrot. Ranger found the bird 1/4-mile away. It had been killed by a bird of prey. Lesson: Scent is scent. For this family they have closure and we have documented another successful find.

LOST PET TURTLE SEARCH 10-11-89 89-021 Washington Co. Pet turtle search. Located turtle under shed near house. FUN SEARCH.

LOST HORSE. 06-25-90 90-011 Clack. Co. Mytez, the missing horse. Estacada, Ore. Horse got spooked and threw its rider and ran off. We tracked the horse, to where it was found OK, 3 miles away.
ESCAPEE FROM THE ZOO. 10-31-91 91-145-040 Washington Co. Missing African Otter from the Portland Zoo. We tracked Dezie, the African otter, to a swimming pool in the back yard of a house, five blocks away. Dezie recaptured by Zoo officials.

RABBITS. 12-29-94 94-402-139 Mult. Co. Pet search for 2 pet rabbits. R.P. "L. D." SW Hope Circle Troutdale, Ore. SAR dog Valorie tracked the rabbits. She found 1 dead from a predator, and 1 alive in a nearby field.

MISSING SNAKE. 09-17-95 95-548-143 Mult. Co. Lost pet snake, Rectangular Python named Snake, a 12-foot python. R.P."D.N." SE Gladstone St. Portland, Ore. Tracked the snake through a fenced area in a back yard, to a heavy brush area. Then down the street for three blocks, to where the scent track stopped under a crawl space, under a house. Numerous cats came up missing in this area for two months. Snake recovered under the house. Quite content.

MISSING SNAKE. 07-22-96 96-794-150 Mult. Co. Lost ball python, Squeeze. RP "Cheri M." SE Wooded Hills CT. Portland, Ore. Canceled enroute, Snake found hiding in closet.

MISSING FERRET. 12-26-95 95-641-236 Clack. Co. R.P. "C. L." S. Needy Rd. Canby, Ore. Ferret missing since 12-25-95. Valorie tracked it to where the ferret went into a large patch of briars and was hiding.

LOST LLAMA IN THE COUNTRY. 01-31-96 96-670-026 Yamhill Co. lost Llama. SAR dog handler, Pat Foss with SAR dog Breezy, and H. Oakes with SAR dog Valorie, tracked the Llama SE from the PLS, 1/2 mile down a creek bed and up a ridge line, where we found its fresh tracks in a tree farm area. Owner advised to leave her scent in the area, along with some Llama food, and post signs in this area. Owner found her llama where Breezy and Valorie tracked it to.

LESSON: When you track to a specific area and you find that the animal is running and hiding from you, but is staying in one area. One of the best ways to get it to return home, is to leave it's food, along with some pieces of clothing that haven't been washed, that has your scent all over it. Leave a trail of clothing, usually a dirty sock cut up in the size of quarters, placed every 300 feet heading back home. This has worked with horses, dogs, cats, Llamas, goats and ferrets.

MISSING TURTLE. 05-26-96 96-748-104 Clack. Co. Box turtle, Scotty-Anne. RP "T. T." SW Apple Way Portland, Ore. SAR dog Valorie tracked the turtle down to a creek area, 1/4 mile away.

MOUNTAIN LION? NO, IT'S AN AFRICA LION. 06-11-96 96-764-120 Spokane, Washington Missing African Lion. On standby for Spokane animal control teams. On 06-10-96 Animal control had two confirmed reports of residences seeing an African lion in the area. Confirmed through footprints found at the scene. When I was called to track it, I made it known that the only way that I would come out and track the cat, was if the county would guarantee me that they would not destroy the animal. I wanted to track it and then let animal control dart the African lion, so that we could capture it alive and unharmed. My services were then declined.

GOODBYE TO BELLE THE ELEPHANT. 04-24-97 97-987-064 Washington Co. Metro Park Zoo. Grief Therapy request for Zoo employees, volunteer staff, and the general public, regarding Belle the elephant that had passed away. Teams: H. Oakes SAR dog Valorie and O. Gomez SAR dog Buddy.

LESSONS: People who love animals often will turn to other animals when they suffer a loss of a friend or family member. We brought in our two pet assisted grief therapy teams, when "Belle" the elephant died. Hundred's of mourners stopped in to talk with us about their feelings and loss. The SAR dogs played a very important role in helping the people move through their loss.

LOST DOG IN THE CITY. Vehicle Track. 03-13-94 94-282-020 Multnomah Co. Lost dog, Keech. R.P. "E. Wilson" SE Knapp Rd. Portland, Ore. Ranger tracked him 5 miles through the city of Portland on busy streets. He had been missing 7 days. We tracked him to the front door of a house, knocked on the door and when the lady opened up the door there he was. She had found him on her porch. The dog had ridden in the back of her car from the PLS to her residence five miles away. Team: H. Oakes SAR dog Ranger, Brandon Oakes, Allison and the dog’s owners.

Lesson: Trust your dog. This track destroyed many SAR dog handler's theory, that "you can't successfully track a scent after 48 hours". We had just did it after 168 hours.

MISSING SEARCH DOG. 09-15-93 93-234-026 Yamhill Co. Ranger tracked SAR dog Tekoa, after Tekoa ran away from his handler, John Groh, into a canyon. We found Tekoa alive and well playing near a beaver pond.

06-16-95 95-487-083 Clack. Co. Oscar & Emmy. N. Ash St. Canby, Ore. R.P. "D.H.". Valorie tracked both dogs, for seven blocks, north to an intersection where the track stopped. Both dogs were picked up here. Owners were advised. On 06-17-95, the dog owner's called and advised me that both dogs were recovered alive from a person who had picked the dogs up, right where Valorie stopped at her track. Owners had posted signs where the track stopped, and the person who found the dogs, had seen the signs, and called the dogs owner. A happy ending.

VALORIE SAVES A DOG NAMED "SHADOW". 07-15-95 95-501-097 Clackamas Co. Wilsonville, Oregon Lost Dog named Shadow. A four year old, shelty. R.P. "R. & S. Steigleder", Wilson St. Wilsonville, Ore. Shadow had been missing from his home since 07-14-95. SAR dog Valorie tracked Shadow to the freeway and then north along the freeway to where we found him alive, scared, and in shock, hiding in the brush along the freeway.

Lessons: When we found Shadow, he looked very scared and confused. By watching his body language I knew if we approached him, he would run and probably get killed by the cars moving at 70 MPH nearby.

So I had the dog owners sit down in the grassy area near the dog and whisper. Calling the dog's name. Shadow, at first, started to run and then he tried hide in the brush. He finally recognized his owners and approached them slowly because he thought he was in trouble.

Once he realized that he was going to receive a loving warm welcome, he started wagging his tail and a happy family reunion took place. He was then inspected for injuries and after finding nothing, we walked him on lead, to a waiting car. The family then drove Shadow to his veterinarian, for a complete check up and a happy ending.

DOG IN TRUNK OF CAR. 10-31-95 95-582-177 Clackamas, Ore. Eastside Athletic club called and witnessed a person grab a German Shepherd puppy, striking it about the dogs head and face with his fists. Suspect was then observed throwing the puppy into the trunk of his car and leaving the scene.

I responded and tracked the car for two miles to a house. I identified the vehicle and obtained license plate information. I interviewed the driver of the vehicle. He turned out to be the owner of the dog. He stated," his dog ran away and when he found him, he got angry and struck the dog with his fists".

Because he didn't want to get blood all over his car, he threw his dog into the trunk of his car and took it home. I examined the dog and found the dog had been injured in the face by the dog owner. I filed a report with the Ore. Humane Society law enforcement division, and with the Clackamas Co. Sheriff's Dept. regarding this animal abuse case.

I also informed the suspect, that "If I ever caught him abusing this dog again, I would send him, the dog owner, to the hospital, after I showed him what it felt like to get hurt by somebody bigger and meaner".

DOG ALIVE RURAL TRACK LOST DOG. 11-12-95 95-594-189 Clackamas. Co. Red Healer. R.P."M.A." Burden SE 1st. Ave. Canby, Ore. Results We tracked this dog for 5 miles through rural farm lands, urban streets, down railroad tracks, behind a golf course, through a rural housing area, through more farm land to where we located the dog ALIVE. GOOD JOB VALORIE.

LESSON: Don't give up when you are on a good track. This track was easy to validate by footprints in the soft dirt. A happy ending.

URBAN TRACK LOST DOG. 01-01-96 95-644-239 German Short hair. Tracked North on River Rd. for two miles. Found it alive hiding in the bushes after being gone for 5 days. Tracked it along a very busy highway.

LESSON: Again I must remind folks that once you have found a pet that has been missing, don't run up on it in your excitement. This dog "Sadie", was in shock. We just sat down, pulled out a dog biscuit, and whispered to her to come. It took about four minutes before she decided it was OK. Once she realized her owner was with me, she came over and started whining and barking in her excitement.

96-710-066 Mult. Co. Lost stolen dog named Reva. RP "P.W." N. Haven St. Portland, Ore. The dog’s owner obtained information that his dog was located at a home on N. Astor St. in Portland, Ore. The dog had been stolen 5 months prior, and when the dog owner approached the three Rotweilers he had seen at this location, the original dog owner, thought he recognized his dog, but he wasn't sure. He called to Reva, but Reva having been renamed when she was stolen, and she didn't respond to her old name.

I brought in SAR dog Valorie and worked a scent off of the dog's toys that the owner had since the puppy was stolen. No other dog had touched these toys since then. We first did a voice check and scent id. After working two searches, with each search going to one specific dog, the original dog owner, Portland Police Bureau and Oregon Humane Society Law Enforcement Division were notified that this in fact was the stolen dog. Reva, was returned to her rightful owner. Reva had been missing for 5 months. Reva was stolen by "P's" mother in law and sold to a friend.

Lesson: By documenting the chain of custody regarding the stolen dog's original chew toys, which were used as scent articles, and writing a good accurate report regarding the scent id that was performed, we were able to return the stolen dog to its rightful owner.

A DOG OWNER AND DOG WITH NO SAR TRAINING IS TRAINED OVER THE TELEPHONE AND MAKES LIVE FINDS. 05-12-97 97-997-074 Clark Co. Lost Kittens RP: "A. McCasland" NE 120th Ct. Battleground, Wa. Two six-week-old kittens had been missing for two days. I talked the pet owner through the search techniques with her own dog, over the telephone. Her dog found the two little kittens, under the TV set, hiding and scared, in less than a minute by using my search techniques with her own untrained dog at home.

Lesson: All dogs and handlers have the ability to do searches. You just have to educate them, the dog handler, on what to look for and how to search.
MOUNTAIN SEARCH FOR A MISSING DOG. 09-02-96 96-834-190 Clack. Co. Mt. Hood South side. While Red-Dog was hiking with his companion, a veterinarian named Angie, Red-dog got spooked by a loud noise coming from a snow cat working in the area. I saw the missing dog poster signs and called the dog’s owner, Angie and asked her if she wanted a search dog to track her lost dog? She said, "sure let's try it". Valorie tracked Red-dog from the top of the Palmer ski lift area, five miles down through the ski runs and woods to the Huckel Berry Inn, where Red-dog had been sighted. Angie confirmed the dog hair found on the cabin porch was from her dog. Angie was advised to sit and wait and post signs here. Red-dog recovered alive two days later at this cabin.

Lesson: Before your pet comes up missing, identify them. Measure how long they are, how tall, how much they weigh, their coloration(s). Note the colors of their eyes, fur, and have them tattooed by a vet. or micro chipped. Comb out their fur and place it inside a dry clean envelope for us to use as a scent article. Keep a color picture of your pet inside the envelope also. Should your pet come up missing, do the following. Call a search dog team immediately. Put up posters within a five-mile radius. Check with all the veterinarians within a 30-mile radius.

Check all your animal control agencies and hospitals. Check the dead on arrival, sick, injured, adoption and destroy files. Place an ad in the local area newspaper and check the ads for up to 6 weeks under LOST and FOUND and PETS for sale section. Don't give up for 6 weeks. The normal turn around time is 6 days.

08-21-96 96-814-170 Wash. Co. Lost dog. Sky Sheep. husky mix. RP "S.M." N.W. 174th Beaverton, Ore. Valorie located dog alive, it was caught in heavy brush by its collar. It took us 3 minutes to find the injured dog on the owner's property. The owner had left for work and the dog was left tied to a tree on a cable run. The dog snapped the cable run and took off to play in the woods. It didn't get far, the dog's collar got tangled up with some heavy brush and we found it barely alive. The collar was choking the dog.

PUPPY DOG ADOPTED BY A MOTHER COYOTE. 12-02-95 95-615-210 Washington Co. Bubba. R.P. "Stacy F". NW Dick Rd. Hillsboro, Ore. Valorie tracked the puppy for one mile to where the puppy was picked up by a large female coyote. In following their tracks, we found the mother coyote and the dog puppy in the coyote den, both OK. Owner was present with me when we found her puppy and the mother Coyote. Puppy was later recovered OK.

Injured Newfoundland 12-08-95 95-620-215 Clack. Co.. Strawberry Rd. and Fragrance St. Milwaukie, Ore. I received a call regarding an injured dog. The Clackamas County Animal Control didn't know if and when they could respond. I responded and found an injured Newfoundland that had been ran over by a car and left to die in the road. He was bleeding internally, so I treated and transported to Dove Lewis Animal Hospital. The poor dog died later on that day. I found the dog owners and gave them the bad news.

SUSPECT ID REFERENCE STOLEN DOG. 04-11-96 96-717-073 Mult. Co. Stolen Sib. Husky puppy named Shasta. RP"John S." SW Wright Ct. Troutdale, Ore. Called and responded ref. a stolen dog. We did a scent track and determined that the puppy was stolen. Obtained a consent to search on one suspect's vehicles. Neighbor's son, "J. H.". With no alerts inside his vehicle, we were able to clear him of any possession charges.

Suspect ID. 04-12-96 96-717-073 Mult. Co. Obtained minor alerts in the third vehicle we checked for scent evidence, the vehicle belonged to a friend of "J.H.". Also found dog hair that matched the missing dog. Troutdale City PD advised.

P# 70.
California Bound. 10-25-96 96-879-235 LA Co. Lost dog named Stocks. RP "K.S". West Juanita Rd. Glendora, Ca. Flew down to LA and met with RP. Drove to PLS then worked the search mission. Valorie tracked Stocks for four miles to where the track ended in a warehouse area. We put our fliers up and talked with people who worked in the area. One person informed us that he had seen the dog one month ago, playing with a child on a bike. The dog was picked up at this location. This story made it on the Oprah TV Show.

DOG SURVIVES A FALL OVER A 250-FOOT CLIFF AND A WILD RIDE DOWN SWIFT WATER RAPIDS. 11-10-11-96 96-885-241. Mult. Co. Lost injured or dead dog report. Owner stated that his dog fell over a cliff on the Eagle Creek Trail in the Columbia River Gorge. RP"E.Y." SE Flavel Rd. Portland, Ore. Dogs name is Mack, an 11 m/o black lab male. When I got off the airplane from a search down in southern Oregon for a missing child, I was immediately paged from a frantic hiker. He reported that his dog was hiking with him and fell over a 250-foot cliff. I was exhausted and couldn't respond right away as I needed rest and didn't want to provide the mountains with another victim.

I did a call out to other local area rescue teams, to see if anyone else could go in earlier and rescue or recover the dog, just in case the dog was still alive. No other search agency would respond. I told the dog owner, we would have our teams at the scene at 0500Hrs. the next day. When we arrived the next morning at 0450 Hrs. in the parking lot entrance to the trail, we found the dog alive and badly shaken up and bruised. The dog was happily returned his owner. This poor dog started chasing a squirrel and fell 250 feet into a class 4 water system. This is cold glacier water snowmelt coming from the snow and ice off of Mount Hood.

The water is moving approximately 20 feet per second. The dog then had to ride the rapids down stream for 1 mile to where it crawled out and made it up a steep unstable rocky hillside to the trail. It then hiked out another 3 miles, to the parking lot. IT WASN'T HIS TIME TO LEAVE THIS WORLD. Living proof that Miracles do happen.

05-09-10-97 97-995-072 Lewis Co. Missing dog. RP "T.D." Gershick Rd. Silver Creek "Jessie" a border collie puppy, 11 weeks old. Started the track from the PLS at the residence. We went down a road to a Dam, then through a hole in the security fence, across the dam and then up a steep ridge to where we found the dogs tracks along with those of a female coyote. The puppy was taken and adopted by a mother coyote.

DOG LEFT TO DIE BY Sheriff’s SAR TEAMS: 06-09-97 97-1013-090 Wasco. Co. Missing dog named Buckwheat. RP"A.L." NE. Gresham, Ore. Mt. Hood North Face, Sunshine ridge and Horseshoe ridge. Date Last Seen 05-18-97. Dog disappeared after his owner became a victim of a climbing accident. Owner refused offers for our SAR dog teams to assist. His dog eventually was found barely alive and very weak, two weeks later, walking out of the wilderness. The original rescue team from Wasco County Sheriff's Office, while rescuing the dog's owner after he fell, should have rescued this poor dog. Instead they left him up there to die.

Lessons: If you take your dog up climbing and hiking with you and you get injured or killed, your dog will be on its own, unless we are called in or the responding rescue teams on scene, are kind enough to bring the dog out.

INJURED DOG RUNS FROM ACCIDENT SCENE. 08-26-97 97-1064-141 Mult. Co. Missing dog. RP"S.W." NE 172nd Portland, Ore. Dog owner was involved in a Motor vehicle accident (MVA), on Hwy I-84. Gunner, a brindle boxer male with no id and possibly injured, was ejected at high speed and then Gunner, scared and injured, took off from the MVA scene. I called my friends at The Critter Gitter Service and talked with Larry. Larry briefed me on what areas the dog might head to from the PLS. I tracked Gunner from the PLS, North of Hwy I-84 and East along a bike path to 207th St. Then North where the dog was hiding in the woods. Dog located alive and injured right in the area where Larry thought it may hiding and where Valorie tracked it to.
P# 71.
LESSONS: First always transport your pet in a tied down travel kennel, or run a seat belt through their harness system. NEVER run a seat belt or tie down through a dog’s collar. You will snap your pet’s neck, if you get involved in an accident. I've seen many cats and dogs choked to death by choke chains and collars.

We only allow harnesses on our search dogs. Their id is attached to the harness. The seat belt is ran through the harness. This way if I'm involved in an accident, the dog isn't going anywhere, and I have control over the whole dog, not just his/her throat.

Please don't even think of training your dog with a collar, or choke chain. This is extremely cruel and not necessary. If you love your pet, you want it to respond to you out of love and not fear. If you use a collar or choke chain, your training your pet out of a fear of being choked response.

I wish everyone who had a choke chain on their pet right now, would be made to wear it themselves. Allowing someone to choke them, the dog owners, into submission to show them, the dog owners, how it feels. If you want more information on my method of training called, LOVE, HUGS and KISSES, then call or write to me.

A SEARCH DOG IS FOUND MURDERED. 11-22-93 93-252-044 Body recovery of SAR dog, Joshua Parks. K-9-3. Joshua was murdered today by a Hit and Run driver. I received a call from one of my dog handler's, "D.P.". She was very upset because she had just found her search dog dead. I was brought in for grief therapy and to assist in the body recovery. After doing this, I used Ranger to track Joshua's route. Joshua had always been secured behind "D's" back yard, in a fenced in and locked gated area. Joshua's track went directly to the driveway next door.

"D's" neighbor's hated Joshua, and upon performing the scent evidence search, I found a single set of footprints had entered "D's" property walking directly to her locked gate, and then opening the gate, and returning to their driveway. It appeared from the track we performed, that they had purposely let Joshua out of his kennel and then ran him over, killing him with their vehicle. I also obtained Joshua's death scent on the neighbor's van parked in their driveway. We transported Joshua's remains to the Oregon Humane Society for cremation. We also filed a police report regarding the incident. Joshua you are deeply loved and missed by all who knew you.

DOG KIDNAPPED AND MURDERED. THE SUSPECT WAS CAUGHT THROUGH SCENT ID. 07-09-94 94-331-068 A pug dog named Indy. R.P. "K.O."SW Heights Ln. Beaverton, Ore. "K". woke up in the morning to find her pug dog missing. The only person who had a key to her home, was her ex-boyfriend. He of course, denied any knowledge of the dog disappearance. I came in with SAR dog Ranger and tracked Indy's scent from the upstairs bedroom (PLS), down the stairs, to the driveway and then the scent stopped. Indicating to me, the dog was taken by vehicle at this location. The only person that Indy would have allow to touch him other then K was K's ex-boyfriend. K's ex-boyfriend worked for a company that had over 100 company vehicles in its fleet.

We obtained a consent to search from the business owner of the company vehicles. Ranger gave a death alert off of Indy's scent, in one of the company vehicles. We searched this vehicle closely, and found pug dog hair matching that of Indy's. We learned that this vehicle was signed out by K's ex-boyfriend on the day and night that Indy disappeared. In investigating this case further, we learned that the ex-boyfriend had in fact, used his house key to gain access to K's home while she slept.

The suspect took Indy the dog, placed Indy in a gunnysack, and killed Indy. He then threw Indy's remains off a bridge into the Willamette River. All because he was mad at K for breaking up with him. This case was turned over to Beaverton City PD for prosecution.

94-393-130 Dog named Sadie. R.P. "D.D". SE 21 St. Portland, Ore. The dog was stolen, along with a commercial cleaning van. Valorie tracked the stolen van and missing dog to where the dog had been killed by some bad guys. Five days later, we caught the bad guys, and prosecuted them. We used the vehicle tracking system. I first learned about vehicle tracking from watching a TV show where a state trooper, working a bloodhound, had tracked a kidnapped victim for 12 miles, to where they found the victim's remains. In researching this method of tracking, here is what I've learned.

When a person kidnaps another person or animal, as they drive away inside a vehicle, they still can be tracked by a SAR dog. A window only has to be opened enough to allow air to flow inside the vehicle, striking the victim or suspect. Their scents are picked up and then escapes through the opening in the window, to the outside roadway area near the vehicle. The scent drops to the ground, and then blows to the sides of the road, where it attaches itself to the brush, dirt and mud.

You can then bring in search dog, introduce it to a scent article belonging to the suspect/victim and start your track/trail search. Once you've established that you have a track, and a direction of travel, you then get into your vehicle and drive to each intersection. You let the SAR dog out of the vehicle, on lead, and allow the SAR dog to show you which direction the scent traveled. If you don't pick up the track at the next major intersection, then you go back to where your last good track was, and walk the route. If you do pick up a track, then you continue until you locate the victim/suspect(s).

When I first heard about vehicle tracking, I thought the State Trooper was nuts. But when we discussed it, the system made a lot of sense. Air escaping from the victim drops along the route taken, whether the victim/suspect is riding on a horse, bicycle, motorcycle or inside a vehicle, with one of the windows open enough to allow air currents to pass in and out.

The way I teach this type of tracking now, is to get a victim/suspect to drop his/her scent article outside their vehicle, by traveling in a vehicle for 8 blocks, with his/her window open. In the beginning, I allow the search dog to meet the driver and then I introduce the search dog to the driver's scent article. Once the dog recognizes that this is who he/she is tracking, then I allow the SAR dog to watch the person drive away. Just like a run away, hide and seek, search training mission. Then I have the driver drive about eight city blocks with his/her window open all the way. Then I have the search dog team start their track. We make the route known for the first 10 tracks. Then I have the driver open their window only 1/8th of an inch, and drive 8 blocks in an unknown route. Then we have the SAR dog team perform the vehicle track.

Once the SAR dog team does this type of tracking, 10 out of 10 times successfully, then I have the victim/suspect drive 30 miles, with a window slightly opened. We give the SAR dog the scent of the victim/suspect and we then go track them. It takes a lot of practice. There are a lot of problems with vehicle tracking.

If another vehicle drives over the scent and then travels another direction, this can give your SAR dog a false track to follow. If your dog is following scent fluids, false trails can be left by numerous vehicles, traveling in all directions. Example: A bad guy gets mad a the victim and runs the victim over with his vehicle and then flees the scene. As the vehicle leaves the hit and run site, the suspect is dropping his/her scent and also the caked up scent of the victim that has been transferred onto the outside of the suspect's vehicle. A SAR dog can track this scent, if it's a rural or wilderness setting.

P# 73.
I found in the city urban environment, that once another vehicle picks up body fluid scent, such as the victim's blood, urine, feces, brains, etc., on the bottom of its vehicle tires, then it also will carry the victim's scent. So if you have ten vehicles that run over a puddle of blood at the scene of the crime, then you will have ten different directions the liquid scent will be traveling. Now if you are on a rural road situation, and have a hit and run case, and law enforcement can contain the area and close off the road immediately, then you have a good chance at a successful track to find the suspect vehicle.

I've also used the search dogs repeatedly to identify whether a vehicle found at a suspect(s) home or business was used in a kidnapping or murder through the use of scent evidence. Remember the chalk on the hands picture that I described earlier?

If a person kills a person, and then walks away and enters a vehicle and drives away, usually the bad guy will unknowingly transfer the victim(s) scent onto the bottom of their footwear. The scent stains into the seam areas of the boot/shoe. Then the driver/passenger bad guy steps on the floor mat and rubs his/her pant leg against the seat and steps on the gas or brake pedal.

Or, just by placing their feet on the inside of the vehicle, they will now give the SAR dog and its handler, scent evidence to search for. You should get either a consent to search, or a search warrant, and with a witness, get a scent article belonging to your victim. Then give it to the search dog and have the search dog team, search the suspect(s) vehicle inside and out. (See attached diagram). I usually will start on the driver's floorboard area, then move to the drivers seat, then to the passenger’s side, then to the back seat and cargo area. Then I search the front bumper, rear bumper and the trunk. If the victim(s) scent is located, the dog will alert and I bring in a second dog to confirm.

Once the scent has been confirmed by a second search dog, I write up my reports and diagrams, and submit it to the detectives and the DA's office. I've been successful in hundred's of vehicle/home searches using this method.

SAFETY CONCERNS: On the back of the SAR van, we have a yellow rotating flashing light bar to caution drivers of our presence. The dog team is in constant radio contact with the SAR van driver. The dog handler is working his/her SAR dog on a 6 foot tracking lead, while doing a track on a busy road. This lead is long enough to allow the dog to cast left and right to track. It is short enough, that the dog handler can pull in the search dog, if a vehicle gets to close. The handler is always wearing a bright orange reflective vest, and the SAR dog is wearing its search jacket. At night, both the dog and handler, are wearing flashing safety lights, so they can be seen.

I've done over 400 vehicle tracks regarding kidnapping and murder cases of both people and pets. I've successfully located 50 of these victims. This type of track is extremely hard to do, mostly because of the time and cost involved to track them, along with the heavy vehicle contamination that we face. I've done over 200 vehicle/home victim/suspect ids with 190 confirmed hits for the detectives to follow up on. Example: See Tennessee cases.

The following is our written policy regarding, Crime Scene Searches with SAR Dog Team.

*Dog Handler leaves his/her SAR dog attended to by a K-9 support person. The dog handler then obtains the reports and information regarding this case that has been collected to date. The SAR dog handler then obtains his/her own scent article belonging either to the victim or the suspect(s). Not allowing anyone else to collect it.

P# 74.

*Dog handler's first search regarding a missing person with no suspect known.
The dog handler obtains the victim's scent article, and then attempts a track or trail of the victim. If and when the track stops, the dog handler should look for clues of a burial, or struggle, or tire tracks, to indicate what happened to the victim at this location.

*If there is a suspect, the dog handler obtains a consent to search or a search warrant and gives his/her search dog the victim's scent article only. If the SAR dog alerts in the front seat, back seat or trunk of the vehicle, watch what kind of alerts you're observing. Stress, normal alerts, or death alerts. If the suspect has killed the victim on a hard surface, floor, ground etc., often the victim's death scent will be transferred from the victim's liquid scent, body fluids, to the suspect(s) footgear. When the suspect drives off, he/she in turns transfers the victim's death scent to the suspect vehicle's gas pedal, clutch area and carpet or mat area, on the drivers side floor if the suspect is driving. Study your dog’s alerts closely here. (VIDEO TAPE YOUR SEARCH WHEN EVER POSSIBLE).

*If you still can't find any track scent from the victim, then obtain the suspect(s)* scent article, and try to obtain a track from the PLS of the victim. (If the suspect wrapped the victim in plastic, there will be no scent escaping from the victim to track).

We did a victim/suspect track and ID recently in Tennessee. A young girl had been kidnapped and the suspect admitted to," Throwing her in the river". The local Law Enforcement and SAR community were able to prove that, the suspect's claims were not highly probable, on where, and how, the suspect got rid of the victim. After we tracked the victim, we wanted to reconfirm the suspect's route.

We obtained the suspect's scent article, and then we tracked the suspect's route. This was the exact same route the victim's track led us. This reconfirmed what the victim's earlier track was. We can now testify, that both the victim and the suspect traveled the same route, that the victim was picked up in the suspects vehicle, placed in the right front passenger seat, there was definitely stress alerts from the front seat right passenger side, and death alerts from the driver's side, floor area of the gas pedal and carpet on the floor.

*If there is a good suspect in the case, and you're given either a consent to search, or have you have served a search warrant on the suspect's residence, business, or vehicle, document everything well. Write down the time, date, location, air temp., wind direction, and your findings. Photographs your findings if you can.

* If it is an enclosed area that is to be searched for scent such as a barn, home, vehicle, understand that scent can stick around for approximately a year or longer. It depends on the amount of contamination of the search area. In Searching a vehicle for scent evidence, start with the driver's door and concentrate in the floor board area. If the suspect(s) walked on the death scent sight, then the victim's death scent, will have transferred from the victim(s), to the gas and clutch pedal areas, the floor mats and carpet areas. This is very common in many scent searches involving homicide cases.

Diagram showing how I search a vehicle with a SAR dog for scent evidence.

P# 75.

Once I've completed my vehicle, building, area search, I will complete my chain of evidence form. Remember, NEVER TOUCH ANY THING THAT MAY BE OF EVIDENTIAL VALUE, UNTIL POLICE HAVE ARRIVED, PROCESSED, PHOTOGRAPHED, MARKED, AND SECURED THE ITEM AS EVIDENCE.
Here is the form we use.
Chain of Custody Report Form:

IK9SARS Case#________________. Purpose of Collection:_______________.
Location Collected from:_________________________________________________.
Date & Time Collected:_________________By:______________________________.
Tag/Bag ID#:______________________________.
From-Collection Site-To:___________________________.Date/Time:_____________.
From:________________To:_______________________. Date/Time:_____________.
From:________________To:_______________________. Date/Time:_____________.
From:________________To:_______________________. Date/Time:_____________.
From:________________To:_______________________. Date/Time:_____________.
From:________________To:_______________________. Date/Time:_____________.
Attach Diagram of Scene/area showing where evidence was located, flagged, secured, tagged and bagged. Give: Lat:_____________________Long:________________
Section:________________________.(If Known).
Property Control Officer:_______________________________________________.
Describe in detail evidence/article collected from scene: ____________________________ Handler/Searcher Signature:

01-23-95 95-410-006 Dog named Tasha. R.P. "L. S. " SE Lambert Portland, Ore. Valorie tracked the missing dog from the home (PLS), to where we found the dog in a nearby house. Valorie alerted in their garbage can, which was located outside the house in the neighbor’s driveway. We opened it up, and found the missing dog's skinned fur. The house owner refused to open the door to us. I could see the dog's remains, the dog had been killed, gutted, skinned, steamed, and was sitting on the dining room table, in a bowl of rice, being prepared to be eaten. Portland Police responded. The neighbor's who were about to eat the dog, were from Korea.

DOG SHOT AND KILLED AND REMOVED FROM THE AREA. 06-19-95 95-488-084 Lost dog Neige. Great White Perinese. 10-1/2 years old, 150Lbs. female. RP."K.R." SE Francis Rd. Gresham, Ore. SAR dog Valorie tracked from the residence, down to Francis Rd. then to Oxbow Parkway. Then down the road to SE Parkway. Witness stated, "he heard two gun shots after he saw the dog walked down the road towards SE Parkway". Valorie tracked down to SE Parkway and gave me death alerts at the entrance of the fenced in area. We found a single set of the dog’s tracks near the entrance. Police report was filed with Mult. Co. SO.

DOG KILLED AND EATEN BY A RACCOON. 07-04-95 95-497-093 Washington Co. Lost dog Bentley, a toy Poodle. R.P."I.W" SW Pleasant Valley Rd. Beaverton, Ore. Valorie tracked 1/4 mile behind house through a field and into an orchard, then down to a steep brushy embankment. Valorie gave me a strong death alert in a raccoon hole.

Death of Katie. 11-05-95 95-584-179 Clack. Co. Lost dog. R.P."D.H.S". Hayden Rd. Estacada, Ore. Dog’s name is Katie, a cocker spaniel. Valorie tracked Katie to where we located her body. She was on Molalla Rd. South bound 100 feet from Hayden Rd. East side of road in a ditch. Hit by vehicle. We packaged the victim, returned her to her owner and we then returned home.

DOG KILLED BY IGNORANCE. 11-27-95 95-607-202 Mult. Co. Lost dog Emily. A purebred black lab. five months old. 29 lbs. Choke chain collar. R.P."C.A.N." Portland, Ore. Valorie tracked the dog, in poring down rain and heavy winds, through heavy vehicle traffic, 8 blocks NE to where the dog was found dead, choked to death, from getting his collar caught on a hedge. It appeared Emily got her collar caught and she got scared and started pulling to try and get out of her collar. The choke chain strangled poor little Emily to death. Ignorant pet owner. *(See end of book where I talk about collars, id and choke chains).

HIT AND RUN. 05-06-96 96-729-085 Clack. Co. Lost dog, Mini-Doberman named Max. RP "Joan J." Portland, Ore. Tracked the dog to a construction site and ditch area. Hwy 212 and 224 area. Valorie gave a death alert in the ditch. Max had been hit and killed by a vehicle.

DOG DROWNING. 02-24-97 97-956-031 Clack. Co. Lost yellow female lab, Maggy. History of seizures. RP "J.W." SW Ribera Ln. West Linn, Ore. Valorie tracked Maggy down to the Tualatin River. We took a canoe onto the river and located Maggy dead from an apparent drowning, post seizure accident, 20 yards downstream from the PLS.

DOG DROWNING. 08-02-97 97-1052-129 Columbia Co. Lost dog Leon Berger. RP: "B.B." Rocky Point Landing Slip# M-57. Dog's name was Erniem, a 2-year-old male. Tracked dog to where it drowned. Owner advised. Note, 08-04-97 Dog recovered dead the next morning, in the water where Valorie alerted at.

LESSON: If you going to work, play or sleep near the water, protect your children both four legged and two legged with life vests.

08-10-97 97-1055-132 Washington Co. Lost dog. RP Vet Clinic. Lost German shep female with IV Catheter inside vein of left front leg. The dog was accidentally let out of the clinic by a person making a back door delivery. Tracked to where dog was staying in the back yard of someone's house off Dale Ct. Dog was recovered right where Valorie tracked her to.

Old Dog wanders off and died. 08-30-97 97-1065-142 Mult. Co. Lost dog. RP "S.H." N W Reeder Rd. Portland, Ore. Haas was a 14 y/o Germ. wired hair pointer. PLS was its residence. Valorie tracked Haas to where we found Haas' body laying in the brushes near Reeder Rd. Haas appeared to have died of a heart attack. Assisted in grief therapy and Hass' body recovery.

DOG MURDERED BY OFF DUTY PPB POLICE OFFICER. 09-22-97 97-1083-160 Wash. Co. Death Investigation regarding George. A yellow lab shot and killed by an off duty PPB Officer. I acted as a consultant for George's family attorney. An off duty PPB officer, who has 9 years of experience on the force, was jogging when George, a hundred pound yellow lab, ran up to the jogger to say HELLO. Instead of a HELLO response back, George was shot to death by this off duty police officer. When the PPB department was approached by the media for a statement regarding this incident, their public relations officer stated, " It was only a dog, so what".

COMMENT: There is absolutely no excuse for this officer to murder this innocent dog. George just wanted love and attention. Yes I've heard the hard liners say ,"well it's the owners own fault for not leashing up their dog". Their statements are partially true. The dog owners do have to accept some responsibility. But not the reality of being afraid of some coward, who is paid to protect and serve the public blowing away their loving dog.
This officer had been faced many times with aggressive dogs in his line of work on the streets. If this off duty police officer was really fearful of being attacked, all he had to do was give this dog something to chew on, such as a comb, wallet or shoe.

Then if the dog showed more or continued aggressive behavior this officer would have been more justified in protecting himself with the use of deadly physical force.

Many times I've been charged on the streets by territorial dogs. I stand my ground and yell at the dog to, "Go Home", or "SIT". If they still persist, then I bring out my chemical mace, which by the way, is issued to each PPB Officer. Only after the officer has attempted to remove himself from his situation, used verbal communication to stop the advancing dog, used mace on the aggressive dog, and the dog remains aggressive in a threatening manner, is the officer justified in my opinion, in shooting the dog.

It's no different when faced with a human aggressor. In law enforcement, I taught Police officers the various stages of use of force.

(1). Presence’s, how an officer carries him/herself often will calm the situation or antagonize the suspect.

(2). Verbal communication, advising the aggressor what's going to happen if he/she persists. (if the aggressor gave the officer the time and opportunity to talk).

(3). If the suspect persisted on becoming more violent and aggressive, then the officers were instructed to either back off and get back up so that no one had to get hurt.

(4) If the situation warranted, I then taught the officers to use their mace, defensive tactics, or a defensive baton to protect themselves and others, and to take control of the suspect.

(5). If this failed, and the officer felt he/she was in serious physical danger, then and only then, were they justified in blowing the suspect away. Now having been a police officer I know all of these five stages of force can escalate within a matter of 2 or 3 seconds.

This officer is also a self-defense instructor. This officer in my opinion used extremely poor judgment. If your an officer and need training in stopping an aggressive dog from saying "hello", then contact your local animal control agency or write to me and we'll be glad to give you instructions on protection from animal aggression.

DOG DROWNING. 12-05-97 97-1126-203 Mult. Co. RP: "L.L." from Bend, Oregon. Dog's name was Ace, a mini snauzer. "LL"'s boat was docked at the River Place Marina. Date last seen of Ace was on Nov. 13, 97. Valorie tracked Ace to where Ace jumped or fell into the water off of the end of the dock. Ace's body was recovered the next day right where SAR dog Valorie took us to in the water.

LOST CAT SEARCH-LIVE FIND-45 DAY OLD TRACK. 08-31-95 95-539-135 Mult. Co. (45 day old track) on very busy trucking road. Lost cat, Milo. Missing since July 15, 1995. R.P."A.P." NE Vancouver Way. Portland, Ore. Tracked from PLS, 1-mile away south to Portland Meadows Racetrack horse stables. Talked with the tenants at the stables area and they have positive confirmation that they have the cat in the stable OK.

Lesson: This was a very old track. The area is driven every day by approximately 1000 vehicles, so it is a heavily contaminated area. This just goes to show you what a good tracking dog team can really do and that scent does stay around for quite a long time even in heavily contaminated areas.
Dead Cat Search. 11-19-95 95-601-196 Clack. Co. Lost cat. R.P. "S.&C." Troon Dr. West Linn, Ore. Valorie tracked the cat behind the house and into some woods where we located the cat dead in owl poop.

FLYING THE FRIENDLY SKIES. 12-21-95 95-637-232 Mult. Co. Portland Airport COMMERCIAL AIRLINES lost cat, Katy. RP "L.R." Newtown Ave. SE Salem, Ore. Cat lost off flight 1876 Arrived PDX 2230Hrs. 12-20-95 from West Germany. After obtaining permission. We searched Portland Airport and runways area. Valorie tracked the cat to the west end of airport property where cat tracks were found. Cat picked up by a person driving by the airport.

VAL GOES HOLLYWOOD. 07-15-16-96 96-790-146 LA County, Orange Co. West Hollywood, CA. Lost cat Christie. RP "J."&"T" Rising Glen Rd. (Actor Jimmy Deranti's home). LA Hollywood, Ca. Tracked from PLS to 1889 Rising Glen Rd. 1/2 mile up street to driveway where cat was picked up. House owner on vacation. Family advised. Valorie got to go swimming at Jimmy Deranti's piano shaped swimming pool. She loved it.

CAT GOES FOR A LONG CAR RIDE. 09-11-96 96-842-198 Washington, Columbia and Cowlitz Co. Lost cat search, Nutmeg. RP"M.H." SW 171PL, Aloha, Ore. Vehicle track from SW 185th. To North to I-5 North On ramp. Search stopped here at this point.

Upon interviewing the family they remembered that their daughter drove this route to go to college at Washington State University. The track took a total of 6 hours and traveled 150 miles by foot and vehicle. The cat later was spotted at the daughter’s campus. The cat rode from home to college with the daughter not even knowing the cat was in her jeep. GOOD VEHICLE TRACK.

DOG ATTACKS - CAT OWNER SUFFERS HEART ATTACK. 11-04-97 97-1107-184 Mult. Co. Inj. Cat. Attacked by two rotweillers. RP "A.M." N. Willamette Dr. Portland, Oregon. Two dogs entered Agne's residence this afternoon and attacked her cat. Agnes with the help of her son Richard, fought off the attacking dogs and removed them from Agne's house. One of the Rotweillers carried off the cat. No blood found at the scene. Mult. Co. Animal control responded. Officer #721 stated the cat was last seen traveling East on Willamette Dr. from the residence. Unknown if it was injured.

Agnes suffered a heart attack and was transported to the hospital. Cat's name is "Lucky". Performed track and located cat 6 blocks away alive on top of a garage.

10-07-93 93-237-029 Mult. Co. Tibiae. Ranger located victim dead in a nearby field killed by a predator. Remains recovered.

06-11-94 94-312-050 Yamhill County Lost cat named Turner. McMinnville, Oregon. Ranger, Brandon, my son, the cat’s owners and I, followed Rangers track to where we located Turner dead. He had been killed and eaten by coyotes. We found cat parts in the woods 100 yards from the house. A definite Coyote kill. Hipbone and fur from the cat’s tail were left at the scene.

FOUND DEAD CAT. Dead from old age and illness. 11-22-94 94-387-124 Mult. Co. Geko R.P."L.K." SE 22 Portland, Ore. SAR Dogs Ranger with Valorie, located the cat dead in a basement closet. This was to be Ranger's last search. He has been in a lot of pain lately from advanced hip dysplasia. I knew I was going to have to retire him. But I sure wasn't prepared for Ranger to die. On 11-25-94 I lost my best friend.

Lesson: The missing cat owners swore they searched the house. This is a repeated statement on every search. "The cats not here we already searched the house from top to bottom".

By working Ranger and allowing the new SAR dog in training, Valorie to follow along side Ranger, Valorie learned how to work SAR. When I first thought of using Ranger to teach Valorie SAR, many people were skeptical. But when you think about it, why not? In the wilderness the coyote and wolf elders teach their young. So with Valorie at his side, Ranger searched methodically from room to room, and when he got down to the basement, his tail went down between his legs, his eyes grew very sad, and he looked at me with his ears down.

Then I knew that the cat we were looking for was dead. It had crawled back into a storage closet and died. This was to be SAR dog Ranger's last mission. He died three days later in my arms. I will always miss him. There is a place in my heart that has room for only Ranger. At Ranger's memorial service, the church was filled with people and pets that Ranger had helped save. People from Oregon and Washington showed up to pay their respects to one of this worlds Hero’s. Goodbye my friend, I love you. Dad.

CALIFORNIA KITTY. 03-11/12/96 96-696-052 LA County. LA, California. Lost cat named, My Kitty. RP Dr. Richard Chapman. Killion St. Woodland Hills, CA. Tracked MY KITTY, 1/2 mile to where we found she had been killed on someone else's property, by a coyote. I talked with the land owner and she stated," she also had two of her cats killed earlier there by predators". My Kitty had been missing for one month.

Lesson: Coyotes, raccoons, possums, bobcats, foxes, other feral cats, dogs, owls, hawks, eagles and humans are the normal predators of lost pets.

The Turkey Earthquake report. 8/99.
Here’s an example of one of our missions. I.K.9.S.A.R.S. Case# 99-1448-127.
SUMMARY: On 08-16-99 Turkey gets hit by a 7.4 earthquake. Over 40,000 are confirmed dead.

Marla Petal & Ted Suha Ulgen, (Witness to searches).
Simitci Tahir Sok# 4. Kuzguncuk, Istanbul, Turkey Tel (0216) 391-9055/3. Cel: (0542) 594-6249. GIS,GPS Realtime GPS NTV Mehmet Binay, Translator. Marla was present during the searches in Deregimende. Witnesses the live finds and dead finds of Mr. Oakes and SAR Dog Valorie.

Adapazari (First City Assigned to search) (0264) 333-1310 Ad HQ. Berna (0532) 3006059. Base Camp Assistant

Murat Frkurt (Support Team Day#1). (212) 526-3734 NY 100 Warren St.#1107 Jersey City NJ 07302 Ankara, Turkey (312) 235-1995. Murat worked with me on day #1.

Samy Nasraddih (Support Team during searches) Hm: 00-800-12277. 011-90 -212- 262-3933 Wk: 212-653-8911 Kennel 212-239-7613 Owns textile mill. Has a search dog in training named "Dax". He and his wife Remmick, can verify everything that this report states.

Mr. Harry E. Oakes Jr. (SAR Dog Handler
SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. SAR Dog Valorie
08-20-99 Friday. 0630Hrs. Flew on Delta Airlines.

08-21-99 Saturday. 1122Hrs. Arrived Istanbul.

1150Hrs. Briefed at Airport CP with Task Force#1 FEMA Florida. Drove to Adapazari in small car with local volunteer SAR folks.

1640Hrs. Arrived and briefed at CP to just go start searching areas. NO ICS system set up. Set up my camp with German team in front of Governor's office.
1705 Hrs. First Building searched called "The Plaza" Cumbunyet Mah. Dr. Kamilsok's office building. Valorie found 3 DOA.

1757Hrs. Searched a collapsed Bakery store on Char St. and Sasyapastone St. Found one Dead.

1900Hrs. Very tired, rested. Base camp with teams from Hungary, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and USA. Met with representative from Governors office. Each district has a different government. There are five districts in Turkey. We got into a heated discussion with all teams as the Turkish Government feels," There are no more survivors and want to bulldoze all of the buildings and spread lime". We all said "no we're not leaving". But they started telling every one (All team leaders) that, "If we quarantine the areas, you'll be here for a minimum of one month then". The Belgium team left that night. The rest of us stayed and continued our work.

2215 Hrs. Sipi St. near Bakery Found 1 Dead and a 14 yo girl ALIVE. She was buried under collapsed home, brick construction, in a back bedroom. Local rescuers dug her out. Her right leg had to be amputated. This made the local news.

2300Hrs. Did Taped interview with CBS. Hungry Team with me during live find and they dug her out.

2400Hrs. Went to bed. Too hot, stressed. The stench of death is every where. It's a 100 degrees plus, outside.

08-22-99 Sunday. 0400Hrs. Searched building near Irik St. in Adapazari. No alerts.

0429Hrs. Searched another building next door, found 2 dead.

0540Hrs. Searched Yenidogan Fabrihn St. and Tung St. Found one dead, one alive. 50 yo woman trapped in bedroom under four stories of debris. Apartment complex. Local military and police providing security. Ambulance transporting victims, both dead and alive. Fire Dept. standing by and watching, doing nothing. Military spreading LIME for disease control. We had to ask them to stop, as it was hurting all of the search dogs noses, eyes, feet. Also had to ask the heavy equipment operators to stop using machines, so we could bring search dogs in to search buildings. Many of the dead that we found, were in buildings already cleared by teams that didn't have search dogs. Lots of glass, sharp metal, power lines down everywhere. Buildings, some standing fine with just broken glass. Others collapsed right on the spot from contractors using the wrong kind of sand in their cement. They were found to have used sand from the sea. This I am told has air pockets and crumbles at the touch.

0800Hrs. Searched another building two blocks away and found 3 dead.

1100Hrs. Searched another building next door found 1 dead. There are no street addresses here. Who ever owns this portion of the street puts their own name on the street. There are no maps of the areas.

1200Hrs. Took a much-needed break. The heat is horrible and so is the stench of death. Valorie very tired and depressed. Cleaned up self, repacked gear, and cleaned up Valorie. Many people coming up to me to search more areas. I sadly had to say, NO. We needed a rest. We need more dog teams here.

1600Hrs. Marla and Suha gave us a ride to Istanbul. Hyatt Regency in Istanbul Rm#407, comp room Val is first dog ever to spend night at Hyatt there. Took two showers and three drinks of whiskey to get the stench of death out of my mouth.

1700Hrs. Did interview with a reporter from USA Today.
1900Hrs. Dinner meeting with Marla, Suha, Sammy and his family. Discussed politics, disaster mission, post mission concerns. Street dogs, and local religious beliefs.

08-23-99 0900Hrs. Monday. Did 2 radio interviews with media. Met with Rubi Olson American with Turkish Husband. We talked about disaster education to the local public.

1030Hrs. Breakfast. Talked with Mary N. Biddle from People Magazine.

1200Hrs. Met with LA Times #401 Mary Beth Sheridan. F/ Mexico.

1300Hrs. Met with NTV reporter and crew. Discussed government’s position on closing search down and bulldozing buildings. Talked with Philadelphia Enquirer and Washington Post reporters.

1400Hrs. Went into Avcilar City west of Istanbul. Met with General Figuaro. He gave consent for us to search four buildings they were in the process of bulldozing. B#1 Val and I found 2 dead. B#2 Val and I found 1 dead. B#3 Val and I found 1 dead. B#4 0 finds. All buildings unstable, not shored up, and very dangerous to search. No looting observed. HOT outside. Many aftershocks. Some parts of the structures collapsing during aftershocks while we were inside.

1458Hrs. Admin. First Aid to Valorie. She cut her left rear pad deep.
1600Hrs. Left Aviclar, toured stricken areas. Met with Military CP for Avcilar. They refused to allow any more search dog teams to search in their sector. 3 more live recoveries occurred today throughout the area. This has to be an embarrassment to the government who is closing down all SAR Operations.

1700Hrs. Dinner meeting with Marla and Sammy. Debriefed on mission today. SAR Dog Dax in training belonging to Sammy did great for his first searches with Harry and Valorie.

1900Hrs. I called airlines, I cannot get out until the Aug 29. So I'm here. Will use the time to teach the people post disaster operations. Work with NTV ref: story about before, during, after a quake on what to do. Many people are uneducated about earthquakes and don't understand they can move back into their homes that haven't been damaged. They are too scared and ill informed. The Government troops I'm being told are so corrupt, they do what they want. This comment was made by every local civilian that I talked with.

08-24-99 0500Hrs. Started working on my reports. Meetings with local government, Sammy, Nasraddih, Cengiz Varisl, and others to start a search dog training program here. Will work more search operations tomorrow. Valorie and I need a day of rest.

08-25-99 Tuesday. Meetings all day with Samy Nasraddih & United Kennels Cengiz Varisl. We discussed dog / handler training methods. Shutsen, RCMP standards, I.K.9.S.A.R.S. & NASAR Standards, Politics, discussed other methods of dealing with the ongoing current disaster in Turkey. Discussed Water SAR, Trailing, Tracking, Air scenting, suspect id, scent discrimination, basic dog obed. Agility training.

Watched a street dog get hit and killed today. The driver of the dump truck didn't even slow down. Just kept on going. Sam had to drive over it to finish it off as it was laying in the street dying. God that was sad.

Before responding.
1). Find out more about local resources ref: food, water, shelter, transportation,
contacts, vet resources.

2). Get letter of authority from local government officials to repond, search, dogs
to stay in hotel, restaurants, etc. We had this, but it needs to be in more
3). Better dog first aid kits and anti biotic meds.

While Responding.
1). More intro PR information for public.

After Responding.
1). Send out reports to agencies, supporters, teams.
2). CISD CISM Debriefings.
3). Health evaluation for self and search dog. Parasites, worms, etc.
4). Repack and gear up for next one.

Emotionally I feel sad, numb, angry, happy. Sad because there is so much death and destruction, my heart tells me there's more that I can do for these people. Despite the government’s request for all rescue teams to stop, many are continuing on our own. Numb, there is so much destruction, we have to just move through our own personal emotions and think of the good of the people. Angry that the government is giving up on it’s own people.

There are still many people alive under the rubble and their bulldozing it. It rained Yesterday. That may give trapped victims more strength to carry on. Happy because I've meant some wonderful people here. The USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) teams from all over the world. We left our politics at home and focused on one thing. To be a part of a whole effort to help save lives and locate the dead for their families. In the Philippine Earthquake in 1990 the USAR team found two alive after 10 days in the Hyatt Regency in Bagio. There's no reason why people can't still be alive today.

08-25-99 Went to the town of Degirmendere. We obtained approval to enter this town for SAR Purposes. Many teams have gone home, but still, many are sticking it out. We have people from Japan, Turkey, England, Holland, Germany, USA, S. Africa. Also met the local AKUT SAR Folks. Wonderful people. Their exhausted.

Went to Building # 1. Val gave one live/one dead alert. We heard tapping from within. Everyone was happy and yelling with joy. We confirmed with 2nd dog team and a sensitive microphone. They dug for 3 hrs. Returned to reconfirm the exact spot and both dogs gave death alerts. The person had died during the rescue attempt. Went to second building, obtained two death alerts. They uncovered a man and woman sleeping in their bed holding each other dead. We also uncovered another older mans remains. His brother dug him up.

Went to third building SAR Dog Dax cut his foot, so we stopped, cleaned up the wound and administered first aid to his left front pad. Deep cut. Worked Val on the next three sites. She's exhausted. Third building we obtained 2 more death alerts and one live alert. They began digging. Unknown what the results were of that rescue effort as dog and handlers were exhausted. Went to fourth building collapsed and obtained two more death alerts. Both bodies recovered. One older woman and one younger man.

NOTE: ON 08-26-99 We were informed that the two live victims that Valorie and Dax found in the rubble had died during extraction/rescue. This according to the Doctor on scene. So both dogs were correct in all of their live and dead finds. *Witnesses: Marla Petal (0216) 391-9055 Sammy Nasreddin (212) 262-3933. Email:


Performed CISD/CISM on team members and local victims of the quake with counselor Marla. She did a good job. 08-26-99 Repacked SAR gear. Worked on reports. Took a long walk to deal with the death that I’ve seen. Toured the city. Met with some off duty FEMA support teams. Discussed political issues and wrote reports.

NOTES: Dogs. In Turkey there are many (Hundreds) of street dogs. These people dump them on the streets and in the dump. It was not uncommon to see 100 dogs per 20 miles of travel scavenging for food. The pound, which is run privately by a older woman, named Yuli Weston. She has approximately 700 dogs in a kennel fit for 200. It's loud, cramped, but the dogs are maintained, fed, shots are given. She hits the streets every day and travels to markets and restaurants and gets scraps of food for these dogs. You can hear dog fights every night and see hundreds of dogs that have been shot, or killed by vehicles laying along side the roadway.

POLITICS: The military and government is very dishonest and corrupt. This I am told by every citizen of Turkey that I've talked with that speaks English. The military owns all prime real estate here. They guard it with their soldiers. The only role that I've seen the military perform while here is that of a support security force. Some of the commanders have great compassion and are putting his troops to work digging and recovering bodies. But most, don't care and keep everyone out and let the bulldozing begin. I just learned today that many small towns haven't even been searched yet by ground teams. The local citizens are very angry and are speaking out. The local media's focus is on the issues of:
1). The government’s discussion to close off the dog searches and rescue efforts
and just bulldoze the sites to rebuild.

2). The corruption of building officials and the building officials are destroying
their records (Evidence) and have been repeatedly caught doing so.

3). I'm going to assist the local K-9 instructors here on starting a K-9 SAR Team
of their own.

4). The fact that K-9 teams from all over that have stayed are still finding live
victims after the government said they would not.

Emotions: Very angry and frustrated about losing the two live victims that we had tried to rescue. But that's life. On my way back to where I was staying, I saw a little 2 yo boy smiling. I saw this through my own tears of sadness of the destruction. This boy reminded me of why I was here. He smiled, he waived excitedly, he petted Valorie, and as we drove off, he blew kisses to her repeatedly. It's all about love. The love he shared with Valorie and I, hit home. That's why I'm here. That's why everyone else from all over the world is here.

The love we have for our fellow humans and animals. We've never meant these folks before and have no bonds to bring us here. Just the bond of doing the right thing when others are in trouble, is what I've felt and thought on these many of sleepless nights that I've been here. I'll be going home in four days. During that time, I have numerous meetings scheduled with local dog teams to bring my experiences to them so they can learn and start their own. I'll be meeting with the media to stress before, during, and after quake preparedness and education. I'll be meeting with government officials to reeducate them on what it takes to use the ICS system, and outside rescue resources effectively. Just maybe I've been able to so some good while Valorie and I have been here.

08-26-99 Worked in various areas. Found nothing new. Visited the hospital and did grief therapy with the children who lost all of their families, and homes. Worked on training two Turkish K-9 SAR dog Teams all day, so they can continue their work.
08-27-99 Took a day off and just visited Istanbul. Val and I burnt out and needed a rest. What a culture. Lots of history. Sure is beautiful here other then the destruction. The churches here, built over 600 years ago, are still standing after the quakes. Not a single one suffered any damage.

08-28-99 Had meeting with the American Conciliate and debriefed. Also met with the AKUT (Turkish Search and Rescue) teams. It went well. We debriefed their teams and ourselves ref: the rescue work and political issues. Discussed ways that might better their operations. Large debriefing dinner and meeting later on that night with other K-9 teams.

08-29-99 Flew home.
08-30-99 Wrote reports.
08-31-99 Went to CISD/CISM Counseling to deal emotionally with the death and destruction.

I.K.9.S.A.R.S. Worked a total of 276 hours. Traveled a total of 16, 680 miles.
Donated a total of: $43,160 dollars. to the Turkey Earthquake Disaster. Finding 39 dead and four alive.
Samel Celebi wrote:
Mr. Oakes:
I came across your name while listening to the 'marketplace' on the radio. I wanted you to know that, like millions, I feel indebted to you and Valorie for what you have done in Turkey in the aftermath of the earthquake. I don't know if you are officially contacted yet, but it seems like, as a token of appreciation, Turkish Ministry of Tourism is starting an initiative to host the foreign rescuers in a Turkish seaside resort during the period of October 1-15. Considering how chaotic things are over there now I wanted to make sure that your name doesn't get missed. I have some acquaintances in the Turkish consulate. Should the need arise, I would be more than
happy to forward your address to them.

Samel Celebi
Lucent Technologies-Bell Labs Innovations 101 Crawfords Corner Road, Room 1K-460
Holmdel, NJ 07733 Phone (732) 949-3894 fax:(732) 949-5025

Harry's response.
Thank you so very much for your kind offer. Unfortunately I used all of my personal savings up to pay for the airfare and time off work, to fly to Turkey and come help, so I can't afford to pay my way again.

The Thanks I got was in the smiles in the children's eyes, the warmth and love that the Turkish people shared with my search dog and I, the tears that I was able to wipe from the dust stained cheeks of a little old lady who lost everyone in her family and her home. I just held her while she cried.

That's all the thanks I need.

If you folks ever need anything, please feel free to call on my team and we'll be there for you.

Mr. Harry E. Oakes Jr. SAR Dog Valorie. K-9-1.
International K-9 Search and Rescue Services.

Date: 28 Aug 99 00:59:07 EET DST From: BASAK ARPACIOGLU
Dear Sir,
We are very much pleased to have been worked with You after the earthquake in Turkey, Adapazari.

You were very kind to help Turkish people there and after all I am very much proud to see Your web-site including a help for our country.

We wish You success in Your work. And we'd like to thank for everything You did and do in the name of earthquake victims, GEA and Turkish people.
Yours sincerely,

Basak Arpacioglu
Subject: NPR Story
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 15:00:04 -0700 (PDT)
From: Angie Glielmi
To: Harry Oakes
Attn: Harry Oakes
Harry, I was tuned into NPR when they aired the story regarding your trip to Turkey to help search for earthquake victims. I was deeply touched by your generosity and compassion and couldn't help but think long and hard about the two survivors you found.

It made my day to hear about your efforts and your attitude toward helping others. At the time I heard the story I was of the mind that my life had been turned upside down, but hearing about your trip to Turkey put things in perspective for me. Its comforting to know there are people like you out there.

Should you ever come to San Francisco (which I hope would not be because of an earthquake), I'd be delighted to show you around the city.
Regards, Angie Glielmi


Samy Nasreddin wrote:
Hello again.
Thought you might like to know that there is apparently a full page article in the "Hurriyet" newspaper, 5th page, based on the interview you gave the other day, including a picture of the "6" of you. I have not yet seen it and will have difficulty reading it because it is in Turkish, but will manage to do both shortly. We will of course send you a copy ASAP, (do you want a few) and I will also try to write down a translated version for you. I just spoke to Samy, he's at the Kennel, and he tells me that today alone, based off of the article, they have received over 250 telephone calls, 150 faxes, and 5-6 customer visits per hour.

Awesome response. Apparently people are calling (travel agencies, medical supply companies etc...) to offer their services and or resources as well as wanting to know if they can join in learning to do K-9 search and rescue. The response is phenomenal. I told Samy to use this enthusiasm wisely and find a way to bring you back, all expenses paid of course, in the very near future, perhaps for a one week intensive course or something along those lines.

Remmick & Sammy
Martin Colwell wrote:
Dear Harry,
Thank you for the most dramatic account of your response to the earthquake in Turkey. I have used your account as the basis of a 'Newsflash' article for SARINFO. I am sure our readers will find your account both fascinating and informative. Congratulations on a job very well done.

Best wishes, Martin Colwell

Thank you. I've been to many disasters like many other rescuers. But I had to think yesterday when a local reporter asked me "How long did you stay?" When I received some email even today of the people we helped, thanking us for all we did, I guess part of me, just like so many other rescuers, will be there in the hearts of these folks, forever. And their memories will be in mine also.

Thanks Harry Oakes and SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1.
Each disaster offers up its own uniqueness and sadness. What I'm impressed with is the people who survive are so filled with grief and yet, they still find it in their hearts to share the love they have for us. When all is lost, your home, your children, your families,
your job, isn't that what is last to go? Your love. Everywhere we went, so many people came up to us and shook our hand, patted us on the back, gave us hugs and kisses. We don't speak each other's language, except the language of love, which is honest, and pure, it's from the heart, the soul. Thanks Harry and Search dog Valorie.
Marla Petal & Suha Ulgen Simitci Tahir Sok. #4 Kuzguncuk, 81200, Istanbul
We're making great progress on a Recovery Information Systems proposal with a geographic front-end.

Some good is continuing to come out of this... the energy behind the mobilization of civilian efforts is tremendous. The recognition that their government has betrayed them has been quite cataclysmic.


There is a growing movement of people wearing black ribbons in memory of the victims and in protest against the indifference of the government to saving lives. All of our efforts to communicate the tragedy of ignorance piled upon the forces of nature were not in vain!

Looking forward to seeing you back here soon.
Cheers, Marla
Here's something to think about. While working the disaster in Turkey I had two opportunities to talk with dog owners. The first case actually saved a whole family near the Town of Degiremunde.

This older man about 50 years old was awakened by his mutt dog as he called it who had physically gone to each of the four rooms and woke up each child, then the parents, and then grabbed the dogs lead (the dog did this) and insisted they all go outside immediately. The dog refused to allow anyone to go back to sleep. They all went outside (This is 0300Hrs. in the am) and then the quake hit destroying their home. WOWSERS for BOWSER...Good job MUTT DOG.

The second is a another dog trainer I meant who has a dog kennel there. He informed me that he was awakened by all of the dogs going nuts and barking around 0300Hrs. He went outside to see what was up. Then all of a sudden all of the dogs went very silent. Then the quake hit.

So there is a story here. If your dog wants you up in the early am, it's for a reason and listen to them.

Harry Oakes
International K-9 Search and Rescue
Here's proof.
A report from an outside witness on Harry and Valorie's efforts in Turkey.
Subject: Degirmendere Search Date: Thu, 16 Sep 99 13:01:09 +0200
From: Marla Petal To: "Harry Oakes" CC: "Sami & Remik Nassreddin"

Marla Petal 855 Castleway Court, Port Hueneme, CA 93041
To Whom It May Concern,
This letter will verify that I accompanied Harry Oakes Jr. and his search and rescue dog, Valorie during the searches that they performed in Degirmendere during the fourth week of August, 1999.

In Degirmendere I witnessed Harry and Valorie identify two live finds and several dead. In the first search rescuers were trying to reach a location that two other canine teams had located. They reported that the other teams had not been able to say whether the find was dead or alive. Valorie and Harry clearly identified a live find in that location which immediately refocused the location and renewed the energy of the search.

At a second location, a young man approached Harry explaining that he believed that his aunt and uncle had been buried under a building in which stored coal had ignited and exploded. The site had been cleared by relatives who had collected pieces of charred bone here and there. The man had returned to the area daily in the hopes of getting help in finding his relatives. Harry and Valorie quickly located two sites within the rubble with dead finds. Within a few minutes the young man and some friends located a corpse. Bystanders stood back respectfully, allowing the young man, digging with his bare hands, to reveal the bodies of his aunt and uncle, in each other’s arms on their bed. At the other location, another body was unearthed..


At a third site undergoing bulldozing, Harry and Valorie identified a second live find. Valorie in particular was relentless in her communication of this. Teams of machinery operators and Ford factory workers quickly undertook the rescue effort. South African doctors were on hand. Rescue efforts were slowed by the complete lack of knowledge and inherent difficulties in removing layers of debris without risking further collapse of the rubble. Several times Valorie reconfirmed and redirected the search to a particular location.

At least three hours had passed and back at the first site Harry and Valorie were asked to provide another location fix now that another couple of meters of rubble had been removed. Valorie did so at the same location, but this time clearly identified the find as dead.

Valorie had reopened a wound in her paw. We all were intensely disappointed that the rescue efforts could not reach the survivor in time. There was still hours of uncovering to go. Before we left the area I obtained the phone number of the Caterpillar manager on site.

The next day I called the Caterpillar manager to ask the results of the rescue operation. He said that unfortunately both the individuals that had been identified initially as live finds had been found dead (one we had expected, the other we were unsure). I asked him how long they appeared to have been dead and he reported to me that both were still a little warm.

As heartbreaking as it was not to have been able to reach survivors in time, the hundreds of volunteer rescuers and observers were all moved by the experience of observing the dedication and the accuracy of Valorie and Harry's work. As we watched the search process, those gathered watched in awe and gratitude. Countless individuals expressed their thanks that Harry and Valorie continued to work beyond the 5 days that the government allowed official search and rescue to continue.

I will forever remember the image of a young man digging with his bare hands to retrieve the bodies of his aunt and uncle, a young man whose healing could now begin. And I will forever associate it with the image of the unerring communication between a generous and compassionate man, and the best friend he had learned to communicate with, a dog.
Marla A. Petal mpetal@imagins
Tel. U.S. (805) 986-4444 Turkey (90) 216-391-9055 Fax U.S. (419) 781-1246
Kormac Sokak No.2 Kalender, Ustu Yenikoy, Istanbul
Turkey 80870 Tel: 90-212-262-3933 E-mail:
September 18, 1999
To Whom It May Concern:

On August 25, 1999, I drove Harry E. Oakes Jr. and SAR dog Valorie, as well as Samy Nasreddin and SAR dog Dax, from Istanbul to the town of Degirmendere. This town encored massive damage and was declared a disaster site following the August 17th earthquake. We received special permission to enter this area. As part of their support team, I was witness to their efforts and what follows is an account of that day’s work.

The devastation and destruction was so complete it was beyond comprehension how the rubble that stood before us was ever a multi-story apartment building - there was nothing left but a tangled mass of concrete boulders, re-barb wire, and broken glass. The idea that anyone could possibly be alive under such a mess was inconceivable to me as a newcomer to search and rescue - that was until I saw the SAR dogs give their first live alerts.

At the first building, SAR dog Valorie gave 1 death alert and one live alert. The hope and anticipation I felt at that very moment took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. The second SAR dog Dax was brought in and confirmed the same, 1 dead and 1 alive, at exactly the same locations. Next, a microphone was brought in and some tapping was heard from beneath the rubble. The extraction and rescue process began. It would take about 3 hours, during which time both dogs and handlers were searching other buildings. When we returned to this building, the rescue attempt was still underway, the dogs were put to work again, but this time both SAR dogs gave death alerts. The victim had died sometime during the recovery attempt. The body, which was recovered shortly thereafter, was apparently still slightly warm, according to the doctor at the scene - both dogs had been correct in their location and alert signals. Our hearts sank and filled with deep sorrow and grief for the life that only a moment ago was lost forever.

At the second site, we were asked by a young man for help in finding two members of his family. Valorie gave two death alerts; the other SAR dog Dax again confirmed this. The man began to dig with a shovel; later he would be assisted by heavy machinery; and in the end he would use his hands. It would be hours before we returned to this site, but when we did, the bodies of a husband and wife were being lifted from the ground - they held each other in a tight embrace. Their bodies were found under the collapsed remains of eight floors of debris and rubble. Despite his loss, this young man was so grateful to have found his aunt and uncle - they could now receive a proper burial. Had it not been for the tremendous work of SAR dogs Valorie and Dax, these two people would still be considered missing.

SAR dog Dax had incurred a deep cut to his paw so we stopped and administered first aid to him. We went on to a third site, again a mass of destruction. Harry put SAR dog Valorie to work. I watched as she howled and whined with grief as she found a place where she smelled the bodies of two dead people. She moved on and continued to search, then began to bark and became excited, continually running between her handler Harry and the site of the victim. She had found someone alive under all that mess and she was telling us so. The extraction process would be a difficult one and many hours passed before we learned the outcome, - Harry and Valorie had done all they possibly could at this site and it was time to move on and search different areas. We later learned from medical personnel on the scene that the victim died sometime during the extraction effort - the victims body was not yet cold when finally freed from the rubble. Once again, Valorie was correct in her finds.

As for the rest of us, we were immensely frustrated and disheartened over yet another loss of life, and were left wondering if this person could have been saved had the proper equipment and personnel trained in urban rescue been available.

At the fourth and final building search that day, Valorie gave two death alerts. The bodies of a young man and older women were then recovered.

This day in Degirmendere will be imprinted in my mind forever. Never before have I felt so in awe as when I stood in the midst of such destruction and carnage. How fragile and vulnerable we all are. Witnessing Harry and Valorie in action renewed my faith in humankind. Before my eyes stood a man and his dog, whose only mission was to help people. The world needs more “peaceful warriors” like Harry and Valorie, who carry on despite the odds, so that others may live. They make the world a better place and I for one can sleep a bit more soundly at night knowing that people like him exist and that should I be buried under the rubble of my home after the next earthquake, I may have a chance of living if someone like him and his K-9 partner will come looking for me.

Remmick Nasreddin

More missions:
P# 89.
Valorie proves a person is dead through scent evidence. On 12-10-97 97-1127-204(B). Wash. Co. Missing Person. S Nasir. Teams: H. Oakes SAR Dog "Valorie" K-9-1. Results: On 12 -20-97 I met with a Private Investigator for the case at their Tigard office. They had 6 blue shop towels that a suspect had used to clean up his van with. I put "Valorie" on each towel for victim id. Using a scent article from the missing person. Valorie gave me a “Death alert” on 3 of the 6 cleaning rags. The search was video taped. Suspect later arrested for the murder of the S Nasir.

The Karl Schomburg search. 02-06-98 98-1147-012(A). Tillamook Co. Missing Person. Teams: H. Oakes SAR dog Valorie K-9-1. After numerous local and state SAR Agencies responded and found nothing including teams certified by the OSSA. The family and friends of Karl asked us to respond. Within 2 hours, we pinpointed an area of death alerts along the steep rugged cliffs South of the PLS. I rappelled down cliff, checked on areas of interests of the SAR Dogs from IK9SARS. Observed footprints and dirt/sand release at top of ridge. Dogs continued to give death alerts in this area. Winds from the Northwest. Friends of the victim advised.

Found victim buried 5 feet deep. Identified murderer RP: Sheriff Spencer. On 02-23-98 the Darke Co. Sheriff's Dept. requested IK9SARS to enter the search efforts for a missing girl. L. Topp. From Rossburg, Ohio. Date Last Seen: 02-21-98. 0800Hrs.

Met with Sheriff Spencer. Obtained a scent article, then did track to where Lynn was abducted. 02-27-98 We then drove to nearby city PD ref: a wma who claimed he had Lynn for a satanic ritual. Did vehicle check for scent id on suspects Brown Phoenix and found no alerts on missing persons scent. Went back to other areas of interests and cleared more areas. Definite alerts in one area searched. A large 14-foot high brush pile. Landowner claimed there were three pigs that were buried on his property. Sheriff dug where Val and two other cadaver dog teams alerted and found the victim’s remains.

L had been killed, her face had been cut off, her fingers removed, gas poured on her body, she was wrapped in plastic and buried five feet deep. Good job for all dog teams that id this site.

SCENT IDENTIFIED AFTER 3-1/2 years. 02-27-98 98-1153-017 (A). I drove to Union City, Ohio, ref: a missing girl, scent id. A prisoner bragged to the police that his partner had confessed to killing this child and burying her in a cornfield. I met with Union City. Officer B. Jamison, Piqua, Oh. Ref: S Farrell Age 18 WFA DLS: 08-08-94. Mother D Farrell Piqua, Oh. Met at 1715 Hrs. PU Scent article a Prom dress in black plastic garbage bag. Mother stated it hadn't been washed. Val and I worked the search area. (See report). Val showed 3 areas of interests. Death alerts each area. Val then did a boot / shoe suspect id, off of victim's scent article. Valorie id one pair of brown boots 3 times and one pair of black tennis shoes twice as positive hits. All video taped by Police

Valorie located another death site. 03-06-98 98-1152-016(F). Responded to Milan, TN ref: a missing child. Searched and confirmed pond # 4. Middle Rd Pond. That a death scent was coming from the pond. PD Advised. Divers searched and see report for findings. We found evidence of a body but not the one we were looking for. Clothing recovered were Red Maroon Pants, White T-shirt, Five Cinder Blocks with wire clothesline loop bindings still tied and the murder weapon an Axe. Steel plates with bindings also here by Valorie and divers.

Search for missing pets after a major fire. 04-20-98 98-1172-036 Mult. Co. Apartment Structure fire. 6th and SE Morrison Portland, Ore. RESULTS: As a combined effort between the Oregon Humane Society and the Portland based, International K-9 Search & Rescue Disaster Response Teams for People and Pets, the two agencies met at the site of the large apartment fire on 6th and SE Morrison St. today at 2:30 PM. Oregon Humane Society Officer Randall Covey and Search & Rescue dog Valorie K-9-1 being handled by her handler Mr. Harry E. Oakes Jr. obtained consent from the building owner and searched the fire gutted remains of the building for any live and dead animal victims.
Oregon Humane Society Officer Randall B. Covey entered along with Harry and Valorie to document any finds and recover any animals found.

The first, second and third floors were searched. When SAR Dog Valorie entered the apt ruins of Apt# 302 SAR Dog Valorie alerted in the corner of the bed and there we located the dead remains of Mareen's pet hamster.

SAR dog Valorie then continued her search and alerted in the closet. There under numerous wet-clothing articles were two cats, in shock but still alive.

PETS: "Teddy" 7 yo . and "Jessie" 5 yo was recovered by Humane Society officer Randall Covey and Harry Oakes and the cats were then transported to the Pacific Vet clinic hospital for treatment for shock and smoke inhalation. "This combined search effort was extremely successful and we worked very well together," said Oakes while on scene with officer Covey. Oakes also stated," This just goes to show you what team work can do".

Ms. Valorie is the hero here said one of the building safety workers who was also present when the finds were made. "Without her finding and saving these cats, they would had died". Ms. Valorie and Harry are back at home now resting. A well deserved rest. Good Job Valorie.

10 month old track. 08-31-98 98-1261-125 Drove from Portland down to Eureka PD and did night search for missing Karen Mitchel. She has been missing for 10 months. Valorie did great track to where body was disposed of in the inlet ocean.

Hurricane Mitch Honduras Report: Teams: I.K.9S.A.R.S. H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie and M. Keating SAR Dog Yogi. 11-10-98 Flew to Tegucigalpa. Stayed at Bomberos Fire Dept. Met with Riley Wooten and staff. Got assignments. Searched stricken areas. Found 29 dead buried victims from flood/mudslides. All confirmed by Fire Dept. 11-18-98 Wed. Flew home from Tegucigalpa, Honduras on American Airlines.

Sheriff’s office kills another child. On12-07-98 Klamath Co. Lost 8 yo boy. I offered services by fax to the Sheriff’s office. They replied, "if they need us, they will call us". After local teams failed to find the child in snow, on 12-09-98 I again offered our services of our search dog team by fax. I then talked with Derrick's mother Lori and on 12-13-98 I offered services to Derricks Grandmother. She stated she would talk to Derrick’s father. On 12-28-98 I was called by a friend of families to do a search for the child.

On 12-29-98 I drove to the search site. I met with Derricks' parents and was briefed. On 12-30-98 I worked the search area with SAR Dog Valorie. We found where Derrick slept in the woods. Where he crawled under a downed tree, chopped at it with his hatchet. And, climbed a tree to avoid a cougar. Where he walked down Pelican Butte Rd to where we lost the scent trail on the road. This is the site where a witness saw a small child wrestling with an adult and being forced into a car. All evidence photographed by Derricks father, grandfather and family friends.

We found all of this after numerous other State Cert. Dog teams (Over 20 teams) from California, Oregon, Idaho had been brought in and found nothing. The family stated we were the first dog team to provide them with positive leads. The sheriff failed to use proper containment, turned back hundreds of local area residence volunteers and again cost this child his life.

Kayak Drowning Victim. 03-14-99 99-1354-033(C). Clack. Co. Missing Person. D Aszman. PLS Sandy River near Dodge Park. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. We floated down to Oxbow in large raft. Water COLD. Valorie alerted 1/2 mile down stream in a deep section. Near where his kayak was recovered.

Captured Runaway. 04-06-99 99-1367-046 Mult. Co. Missing person: J A Jager.
DLS: 04-05-99 NMCLC case. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Tracked Jennifer to where she was staying.

Cat eaten by Cougar. 09-15-99 99-1464-143 Issaquah, Washington. Lost cat. RP: Vizquel Issaquah, Wa. "Romeo" missing cat DLS: Friday. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Flew to Seattle. Valorie found cat DOA outside property on road. Confirmed by two tracks and matching hair samples. Owners advised.

MISSING PERSON. 09-19-99 99-1468-147 Mult. Co. Missing Child. Waterfront Park. Victim: J Bergstrom Meds. "Zoloff". Mentality of an 8 yo. RP: S Bergstrom
Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Located subject alive and fine.

BIG DOG STUCK IN DRY WELL. 09-22-99 99-1473-152 Dog Rescue in Well. Clack. Co. RP: K Richard SE Lusted Rd. Boring, Ore. Team:H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Responded, crawled under the house and found a 4'x 20' dry well. The dog a mastiff 120lbs female named "zoey" was caught in debris 8 feet down. Scared, in shock. The owner had put a noose around the dog’s neck with an electrical cord, which I promptly removed. I then calmed the dog down, rigged a 2:1 z pulley raising system, used tubular webbing and rigged a harness on Zoey. Got dog out of there with help from Kara and Keith f/OHS. Zoey was then returned to her 6 newborn puppies.

TURKEY QUAKE #2. 11-13-99 99-1510-188 A-B. While teaching in Turkey, (Teaching Search and Rescue to the mountain rescue teams here and the K-9 teams here). We experienced numerous after shocks from the quake two months ago. Fri. night. We here in Istanbul felt a strong quake. It lasted only 30 seconds and then we turned on the news, wow what a mess. Three cities all small in population about 4000 population each, were destroyed about 140 miles SE of Istanbul. Near Ankara.

We all geared up and the Istanbul K-9 team that I've been teaching all week got the real test for their dogs and themselves. We arrived SATURDAY AM in a small down near DOKAR, and every other building was leveled. So we went to work. This was much different then working the quake here two months ago. This time everyone was helping including the military that just stood around last time and did nothing. We were the only search dog team here in this area for two days before more resources were brought in from Great Britain and other countries. In a cafe there were 24 bodies. In a covered bus stop, there were 7.

We found 8 live persons and 21 dead between 6 search dog’s teams and mine (Valorie). We would put Valorie and I in first to identify where they were, then I would bring in another new team and watch them work. Each handler did their job great and so did each dog. They avoided the falling debris, which could have killed them, and their dog instantly. They avoided the exposed hazmat and electrical lines, sharp nails, metal and glass that surrounded the search areas. Once we marked the spots, the ORDOS AND AKUT (Local search teams) would start digging. Every where that VALORIE and the other search dog teams hit, we produced either a live or dead person.

In one 18 hour day, we cleared 18 destroyed structures finding both live and dead persons. It was approximately 46degrees F, which is pretty cold for these parts, and many of the persons we found alive lost a limb or two. They had been pinned in by heavy concrete structures and the local doctors and medical personnel had no other choices. It was not uncommon to return to the search area after they removed the victim to a hospital and the dog would alert to a dead human body part, which turned out to be a foot attached to a leg.


The most emotional part of the search for me was a home with 7 small children in it. We located one child alive, age 11. When we dug him out, he said there were 6 more children. We spent many hours searching this collapsed structure, digging, and researching. As Val and I were literally crawling on our stomachs through one section, she alerted under a couch, I reach down with my hand and felt under it and a crumpled carpet with the light of my head lamp on my helmet as my light source and found a little 4 year old boy crushed to death. His face so innocent, not yet allowed to live his life and experience what it could have been. He was gone instantly. I checked him to confirm he was dead (were required to do that) and his body was still warm.

Which meant he had just died. I fought back the tears of anger and frustration and moved on. We eventually found all of the kids three in the kitchen and the rest in the stairwell. All dead. Crushed to death. To look into these parents eyes and through in an interpreter tell them their children are dead and hear the screams of anguish and pain was horrible. But to give them closure was a comforting feeling as we all wiped the tears from our eyes. The total dead as of today stands at around 450 with 1600 injured and thousands homeless.

Many more will survive this one compared to the last one two months ago because the Government learned their lessons and so did many of the people and we all worked together as one team to help those stricken.
Harry E. Oakes Jr. SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1.

STACY ALMOND DROWNING. 02-09-2000 2000-1566-028(A). Clack. Co. Missing Person. DLS: Saturday. Missing Person: Stacey L. Almond of Estacada, Ore. Age 32. Truck found in Clack. River near Carver. PU 78 Orange/white Ford Ranger East of Carver. . Results: Offered services to family. I.K.9.S.AR.S. were brought in. We searched the river and located the victim’s scent coming from the water. Sheriff’s office and family advised. Body later recovered down stream.

Coos County Missing Girl. 07-05-2000 2000-1665-126(A). Coos Co. Missing Girl 15-year-old girl who disappeared while walking home. Leah Freeman of Coquille was last seen on June 29. Coquille Police Chief Michael. We offered our services and were refused. They used their own dog teams and OSSA Cert. Dogs. Found nothing. Victim later found murdered. Victim found near where one of her shoes was found by a citizen.

Young Man Disappears from an Island. 07-18-2000 2000-1675-136 (A). Mult. Co. Missing person Gov. Island, Missing person is J. Nero. DLS: Sunday 07-16-2000 Government Island West of I 205 Bridge 1/2 mile. Parents had found his T shirt and wallet. Mother found foot prints on the beach that matched his size. Boat was a 16' aluminum open boat. Small horse power engine. Boat found up stream underneath bridge. 0130Hrs. Multnomah County Sheriff’s Dept did their search with no results. Even brought in a State Cert. SAR dog team. Nothing found. We then entered the search on a private request of the families. Our SAR dogs tracked victim’s scent into the water. We advised the sheriff and the victims body was later recovered downstream.

BOTCHED SEARCH. 07-23-2000 2000-1678-139 (A). Marion Co. Lost hiker. Opal Creek area, M. Newton, age 50, of Canby. Marion Co. SO contacted and we offered our services. They refused to bring in any SAR Dog teams. After five days and nights in the rugged wilderness, a Civil Air Patrol located the victim and her dog. When rescuers located the victim, they left the dog behind in the woods to die. It luckily made it out on its own.

CRIMINAL COMPLAINT FILED AGAINST THE OSSA TESTER. On 07-24-2000 2000-1680-142(A). I received a telephone call hang up. Upon *69 the call, it came back to the lead tester of the OSSA K-9 Teams M. N. This is the same person who bad mouths our efforts all of the time. I then called him back and asked him what he wanted. He threaten my life at this point for exposing the truth about his testing. I then filed a Criminal Complaint for telephone Harassment with the Ore. Dept of Justice and DEM Oregon and City Of Gresham Police Dept. nothing ever happened. They covered it up as usual.
Claudia K case. 08-15-2000 Tues. Was requested to assist the Miami Office of the FBI and the family of Claudia In their search for Claudia who disappeared in Jamaica. We were the first dog team ever to be allowed in Jamaica. On 08-15-2000 We did a track off Claudia's scent articles from Beaches resort Rm:621. FBI and Local JPD police with us. Tracked Claudia's most recent scent from her room, west to the ocean sandy beach area, into the water, then out of the water South East. Then south along the beach to Swept Away resort. Then East through Swept Away resort to the security gate to the public road where scent stopped on road.

At this time Claudia got into a vehicle and left the area. There was no stress alerts in this area of the track so she was not afraid at the time she walked this route. Winds gusting from the North at 5-15MPH. Clear sky, warm. Searched homes. Searched a possible suspect’s vehicle on Green Island. Home #1, belongs to possible suspects mother. SAR dog Valorie gave "MAJOR STRESS ALERTS" and “Death alerts” after being introduced to Claudia's scent articles. SAR Dog Valorie alerted in the back seat, trunk, and on a pair of leather, Grey, vibram-soled hiking boots that were stored in the back of the Toyota.

The possible suspect admitted they were his boots. The soles appeared to have yellow hard rocks imbedded in them. There were no grains of sand attached to the insole areas or inseam areas. The boots appeared to have been worn only once. This disputes the possible suspect’s statement that he wore them while on the sandy beach. SAR Dog Valorie also alerted on Claudia's scent on a cleaning brush located in the back of the car, and Val also alerted on the gray trunk liner. In the possible suspect’s bedroom, Val alerted on a MAJOR STRESS ALERTS on a pair of soiled leather gloves and some clothing found by the FBI teams. These items seized by the FBI.

NOTE: When I informed the FBI team that the possible suspects boots needed to be taken into evidence. The possible suspect immediately picked up his boots and handed them to his mother and she immediately started walking away with them. I had the police stop her. She denies any knowledge of such an incident. The local police took the possible suspect to the local police department where we interviewed him. He repeatedly denied having any idea of what happened to Claudia.

When asked about lying to the police and FBI agents repeatedly during their initial investigation and again while being given four different polygraph examinations, which he was reported to fail. The possible suspect stated, "None of you know what you're talking about.”

When I explained to him how scent and scent evidence works, and how search dogs detect scent and the transfer of scent from one person to another person or another person’s clothing and vehicle, the possible suspect stated, "Your dog doesn't know what she's doing.” Then the possible suspect's attorney arrived on scene and we explained everything to him about how search dogs detect scent and the nature of scent

08-16-2000 Wed. (R). Did a retrace of Claudia's route from Beaches Hotel Rm# 621. Val did same track ending up at same location along the main road in front of Swept Away Resort.

08-20-2000 Sun. (T). Flew home from LA, Ca. to Portland, Oregon. Cleaned gear, self, dog. Did phone interviews. Worked on reports.

O8-26-2000 2000-1704-166(A). Mult. Co. Kidnapping case of 3 yo child in Gresham, Ore. We offered our services by a hand carried letter to the GPD. They refused. Eventually GPD brought in a State Cert. SAR Dog team from S-1. while searching near an abandoned house based on a tip to the police detective, the K-9 handler stated to the detective, “There was no cadaver scent detected”.

Later the rotting corpse of the murdered child was found by a telephone call leading detectives back to the same house. (Which by the way was only three blocks away from the Point last seen (PLS). Oops. It’s our professional opinion that if GPD had brought in a qualified tracking dog team as soon as the child had been kidnapped, we possibly could have save the child’s life.

A statement was later made by the defendant that he kept the child alive for a while he tortured it before he killed it. It’s also our opinion that this State Cert. K-9 dog handler really screwed up. How can he not find a death scent in and around a house with the rotting corpse inside? This really gives credibility to the OSSA K-9 testing and it’s testers.

I start to solve cases by Email and Telephone.
Because of my success at finding people, I started receiving calls from all over the world.

08-21-2000 2000-1699-161 (A). Egypt Missing Persons Consult Case:Lamia Eltouny Elizabeth, N.J. 07208 brother's name: Ahmed Eltouny Dena Eltouny

11-02-2000 2000-1737-199 (D). Minnesota. Missing persons cases. ARPIL GEYER Rose Forcum. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Flew to Minn. Results: Found victim and evidence. Turned it over to SO.

11-17-2000 2000-1753-215(B). Coos Co. Missing Bow Hunter 46 yo Chris Lapping. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Drove to Medford. PU Scent articles, signed contract, interviewed Dawn, searched home/garage, premises, property and vehicles. Then drove down to Roseburg and met Teri and family. Drove to search site on Burnt Mtn. Set up camp. Searched crash site.PU track heading SE f/ Cliff elk trail. Determined he was dead in the area. Remains in coyote feces.

12-16-2000 2000-1761-223 (A). Missing Person. Clark Co Andrew John Allinger Brush Prairie, Wa Date Last Seen: 12-15-2000 Walk up the road goes 3-4 miles. AlderBrook. 5 miles. Team:H.Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: tracked missing person to where he got picked up. CCSO and SKSAR and SSSAR on scene. I then checked the pls Bank in BG and confirmed he was there. Family advised. Family called. They received a letter in pm, Andrew walked and rode exactly where Val tracked. He’s OK up in Seattle, Wa.

01-28-2001 2001-1784-015(A). Wasco. Co. Inj. Snow sledder. Fx left radius. White River Canyon. Victim: 11 yo Tim Wyman Gladstone Park Church Trail Inn Youth group. Tim's father is Don. Mother is Sue. Wit. Pam House Nurse at P/A Psych unit. She gave Tim one oral tylenal. I admin. hard splint. checked vitals, and made contact with parents through s.o. Teams: H. Oakes SAR dog Valorie K-9-1. M. Keating SAR Dog Yogi K-9-2. Results: Pt transported by POV to hospital.

02-18-2001 2001-1793-024(A). Clack. Missing Person Ken Bowlsby SARM. Team:H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Milw. Ore. 97222. Results: Ken located in Providence Milw. Hospital.

02-28-2001 2001-1796-027(A). Earthquake Portland, Ore. Inspect. Montgomery Bldg, OHSU, VA, NW Hills, SW Hills, SE Ptld. Inspected buildings for victims and damage.

06-27-2001 2001-1886-117 (A). St. Croix. Missing Police Officer Wendell Williams. CPD. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Flew to St. Croix for SARM. Missing Police Officer. Search various areas for Police. Val alerted in Ocean near Hay beach. Police advised. Water search conducted.

09-08-2001 2001-1960-190(A). Pacific Co. Wash. Missing 8 yo. Rod show. Team:H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. ST: Tiffiny Allen ST#1. Results: Child found ok by family upon arrival.

09-11-2001 2001-1964-194(A). New York World Trade Center Towers Terrorist Explosions. Teams:H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. M. Keating SAR Dog Yogi K-9-2. Results: Offered services by email and fax to EMS. Also did TV interview by telephone for Tulsa OK news crew ref: Disaster.

09-13-2001 2001-1964-194(C). New York World Trade Center Towers Terrorist Explosions. Teams:H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. M. Keating SAR Dog Yogi K-9-2. Results: Offered services through Congress Frelinghausen 11th District NJ. by telephone and contacted NY City F.D. EOC. Did newspaper interview by telephone for Gresham Newspaper.

09-24-2001 2001-1976-207(A). Marion Co. Missing child. RP:Emily Doss (Mother) Bunker Ridge Rd. S. Salem, Ore. Husband: Franklin Doss. Sarah Elizabeth Doss DLS: 09-19-2001 1800Hrs. Team:H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Did initial telephone interview. Found Emily hiding at boyfriends home.

10-10-2001 2001-1987-218(A) Missing Person. Clack. Co. Poss. Runaway. RP: Starla Busselle Faye Ore. City, Ore. 97045. Daughter: Tracy Ann Busselle We recovered her daughter back alive.

11-12-2001 2001-2019-250(B). Clark. Co. Missing altz pt Mr. Earl Sexton Met at victim's residence. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. M. Keating SAR Dog Yogi K-9-2. Results: We located where his body was in Washougal River. CCSO and family advised.

12-01-2001 2001-2031-262(B). Tillamook Co. Missing Persons. Eugene H. Hyatt, 18, Kami L. Vollendroff, 16. Team:H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results. Drove to Depot Bay Boiler Bay winds f/ SW 70mph raining hard. Val gave death alerts in the bay. Family advised.

12-04-2001 2001-2032-263(A). Attempted suicide. RP: Roy Holland R/C 2116Hrs. Missing Person: Tamara marie Holland Wife DLS: Today 1255Hrs. Central time. Killeen Texas, Last seen wearing blue jeans w/ right knee torn. White tennis shoes size 6-1/2. Grey color sweet top w/ hood. Wedding band, marki diamond. 5'07" 120 lbs. WF blue eyes. Killeen PD Team:H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results. RP Called ref: obtaining a private dog team. I sent him an email ref: Suggestions on how to find his wife. Wife found alive.

03-08-2002 2002-2150-080(A). Mult. Co. Assisted in Arrest of Mike Neighbor to Nancy Irwin. Mike approached me shaken. Explained he was high on meth and just violated his R.O. PPB arrested him. Val held him until ppb arrived.

03-15-2002 2002-2146-076(H). Clack. Missing Child Ashley Pond. Team:H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Searched Wards property. Made contact with Lori from the ptld FBI, did interview with Don and his wife (lori's step dad and mother). Checked library records, talked with neighbors. Did search down in creek. Did interview with AP reporter. Results: See report. SAR Dog Valorie located Ashley's remains are under Ward Weavers poured cement. I advised the FBI). I also reported that at the time of the search, Miranda was in Ward’s kitchen inside a lay down freezer that was locked. (This later confirmed by Detectives) Aug. 2002 FBI Finally dug up the concrete. SAR Dog Valorie was correct. Ashley was stuffed inside a 50 gal barrel. Four feet down under concrete slab. Val was the only search dog of the 14 they had search wards property that located where Ashley was. Miranda Gaddis was in the freezer in the kitchen. FBI refused to acknowledge we found Ashley. We went public four days before they dug Ashley up and told the media where her body was. We were right. Search One K-9 Det. Marty Neiman searched this site along with other STATE CERT dog teams. They all went public to the Portland Tribune stating ”There’s nothing here”. They were wrong and we were correct again.

P# 96.
03-20-2002 2002-2146-076(I). Clack. Missing Child Ashley Pond. Team:H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Searched Hwy 213 and found two femur bones in canyon below hwy. Took them to hospital and orthopedics verified these were human. (Fresh Human). Turned them in along with reports, photos on cd and hair that we recovered the other day to Oregon City PD MK and Y find human hair inside coyote poop. All given to OCPD property officer. PD never gave us credit for finding a 3rd body.

05-29-2002 2002-2255-185(A). Drowning. Hucko. Tippecanoe river in Winamac, Indiana Team: H. Oakes Results: Did email consult. They did what I asked them to do and found their father’s body.

06-06-2002 2002-2269-199(A). Missing person Germany. British Louise Kerton disappeared in Germany at the end of July 2001. No one has seen or heard from her since. This is extremely out of character. She knew no foreign languages and her bank accounts & mobile phones remain inactive. German police forces will not do anything to search for her. The family she was staying with are extremely suspicious. English police from a previous murder enquiry knows them. They will not cooperate with our family or the police. There are vast fields/woodlands/quarries surrounding where she went missing that have never been searched. The family, our private investigators & English police strongly feel they should be. A psychic who has solved many missing persons cases in the past says that her body is located near Kemper Werth and Diescholl on the following maps Team:H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Placed team on sb. Did email consult.

06-07-2002 2002-2270-201(A). RP: Sharon Schroeder Missing Regina Wright Lake of the Ozarks Missouri Woman missing w/ 45 muscle relaxers and a loaded 38 revolver. Suicidal. Did consult. Team:H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. See reports.

06-07-2002 2002-2271-202(A). Missing 14 yo in Salt Lake City Utah. WMA 5'08 dark hair, small cal. weapon. Tan denim type jacket and white baseball cap. Gray Nisson or honda. Missing Child is: Elizabeth Smart age 14, abducted 3 days ago from home. Team:H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Offered services by fax. They refused. She was eventually found 3 miles away from the PLS. See reports.

07-21-2002 2002-2324-254(A). Clack. Co. Missing Person. RP: Kristy Schaefer 44 yo male Randy Johnson Douglas Way L/O missing x 4 hrs. Care Giver Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Did telephone consult and placed on sb while LO PD Did their search. Subject found alive 4 blocks away.

08-13-2002 2002-2351-281(A). Missing Persons. RP: Carol Missing 27 yo wma Court Demas from NJ. Father George Demas Mother Bea. DLS July 15. HuayHuash Mtn Range Lima Peru Chiquiam City Trek PLS: Huraz. Dear Mr. Oakes, I am coordinating the search for Mr. Court Demas and his traveling partner. At this time, we have a team on site led by Joel Hardin. They are working with local resources, including a local canine team. One of their tasks is to determine what, if any, additional canine resources are necessary. If additional resources are required, I will work with the family to arrange for them. Team:H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Did email Consult. Worked on logistics.

10-13-2002 2002-2409-338(A). Clack. Co. Injured Mtn Biker. Team:H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Denise w/ her two G.S. Dogs. Results: Came across mtn biker w/ injured right leg. Laceration. Results: Bandaged leg. Totals: FAH

10-18-2002 2002-2404-333(D). SHAWN DAMIAN HORNBECK Team:H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Flew to Missouri and worked SARM. Did initial interview, gathered scent items. Did night SARM Track. Cleared areas. Located Kidnapping site. Did cisd w/ family. (Shawn later recovered alive by police 6 years later). 
P# 97.
12-09-2002 2002-2572-400(A). NY City. Camera Planet TV Show Amy Rubins Pet Detective stories Producer Bruce K. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Sent her info. by email and telephone.

12-18-2002 2002-2575-403(D). SARM SP Dom. Republic. Sean Clinton Stover. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Sent them telephone message and email consult. Worked on logistics. Flew to Dom. Republic. Met w/ Stovers in Philiy and we flew to Dom.Repub. Then looked at Hospital and city morgue for their son, sean. Then drove 6 hours West towards SAR Area. Airlines lost my luggage. Did search. Val located Sean's death site. A crocodile had killed him.

01-06-03 2003-2591-002(B). Clack. Co. Missing Child. RP: Bonnie Kellar SE Olsen Rd. Mil. DLS: Dec. 20 Hiedi Joyce White Team:H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. J. Russell K-9-3 ST. Results: Went to Bonnie's home, interviewed her. Obtained a scent item, photographs, missing persons profile, and a signed contract. Eventually tracked down Hiedi.

01-14-03 2003-2610-022(A). Missing Woman Modesto, Ca. San Diego, Ca. Lacie Rocha Peterson. Age: 27 DLS: 12-24-02 0930 in laLoma Area in Modesto, Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Offered services. Police Dept spent over $150,000 in tax payers $$$ money when Val could have done the work in 1 day for far less $.

02-05-03 2003-2641-052(A). Mult. Co. Carol interview ref: Dog Nose News ref: NASA Recovery efforts and cadaver dogs. Carol Frischmann. Team: H. Oakes Results; Did telephone and email interview.

07-25-03 2003-2863-172(D). Nappa Co. Drowning Lake Berryessa, Ca. Victim: Jose Louis Ramos July 12, 03 Nappa Drove down to Lake Berryessa. Arrived Lake Berryessa 0300Hrs. Went to PLS with Ezmeralda and her husband, val and I 1000 feet off shore line of island 60MN 125f of water. Val’s first alert. 1500’ out at 60D MN val went nutso. Informed Sheriff and other side scanning sonar person involved. Val’s 3rd alert at 500’off shoreline 60MN. Diagramed area. Debriefed NCSO, Ezmeralda,

08-16-03 2003-2888-198(A). Missing Climber. Fred Freaun case. Clack. Co. Mt Hood. I climbed to Ill. Rock area. Val and I rode the chair lift up and back and did search in crevasse while K-9-3 JR and Mocha and K-9-7 C and Ogen did canyon sar. Found where a body is stuck in crevasse at 9500 foot level. Teams: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. J.R. SAR dog Mocha K-9-3. CM SAR Dog Oden K-9-7.

08-30-03 2003-2899-209(B). Coos Co. Death Investigation reopened. Chris Lapping. See 11-19-2000 2000-1753-215(D). RP Jim Lapping Terri Mother Teams :H. Oakes SAR dog Valorie K-9-1. C, Umphrey’s SAR Dog K-9-7. Results: Drove to sight, hiked in, determined it was a suicide. Family advised

09-17-03 2003-2924-234(A). TV Show consult. Amy Stark Researcher It's A Miracle PAX Television Team:H. Oakes Results: Returned several calls and emails ref: The Angela Bush case.

12-08-03 2003-2998-308(A). Clark. Co. Injured Horse Rider. Kozy Manor Stables. Rider inj. Heidi Dietz See report on file. Team:H. Oakes. Results: Did initial verbal and visual survey, called 911,
03-12-03 2658-069(B). Clack. Co. Hood River (Missing shoe shoer). RP: Marnie Frauen Ref: Fred Frauen NE 27th Ave. portland, Ore. Team:H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. M. Keating SAR Dog Yogi K-9-2. J. Russell SAR Dog Mocha K-9-3. Did initial phone interview. Gave her our web site. Janna made first contact upon my request. We discussed what we could and couldn't do and when and also CISD/CISM and use of dogs. Prob. factors.

04-29-03 2003-2792-102(A). Disaster aid. Urgent Humanitarian Call my name is Dr. Fatima Al-Abdali a member of a Voluntary Committee for POWs n Kuwait. : This is an Urgent Humanitarian call for your good self and other specialized Rescue Teams for Missing. Our sons and daughters are in Prisons in Iraq and trapped underground at different levels. Sadam Regime had built on these traps some sewage systems, concrete walls, and basements are filled with water and closed with mysterious doors. We need trained dogs, pumps for water suction, sonar equipment for detection, and drills to break the concrete walls and locked doors to reach them. We had sent many civilian and military teams to Iraq but not specialized, they only have information and maps about those suspected prisons.

Please this is a very urgent call. We will arrange for all your requirements. We need your urgent support and response. Thank You Dr. Fatima Al-Abdali POWs Families Committee 25/4/2003 Kuwait Dear Sir, We are a group of Families of POWs and Missing Kuwaitis (about 600 persons), who are held in Iraqi Prisons since 1990 after the Invasion of Kuwait. As you know Iraq has been liberated from Sadam Regime since the 20th, of March 2003. Until this moment we dont have any information about our sons and daughters in Iraq. We appreciate if you can send us the mechanism and the procedure of having your help and service to search and rescue our POWS. We can arrange through some NGOs, the Government and the Parliament here in Kuwait. Dr. Fatima Al-Abdali We would be glad to help. We need to agree on many things before we leave.

1). What are the names of the local area vetirnarians that can help our search dogs should they get hurt during a search?

2). How bad are the land minds in the areas we will be searching?

3). Is the Kuait hospital up and running again?

4). We have confined space cameras, underwater cameras, search dogs, and listening devices for missing persons. (trapped under rubble). Do you have climbing ropes? Harnesses? What kind of digging and shoring equipment do you have available? Hand tools, ? What can the IRAQ government pay per dog team per day for us to respond? We usually charge $200. per hour plus $25.00 per hour travel time each way. It's 40 hours travel time each way, we're guessing about one months worth of work (AT LEAST). Where would we be staying? What's the contact # to the retired General (US) that is assisting kuait in rebuilding? Is the airport open for us to fly into? Who would pick us up? HOw would we be transported from the airport to the staging area? Thanks harry oakes SAR Coordinator I.K.9.S.A.R.S. Results: Sent copy to Pdx FBI.

07-25-03 2003-2863-172(D). Nappa Co. Drowning Lake Berryessa, Ca. Napa, Ca.Victim: Jose Louis Ramos Went to PLS with Ezmeralda and her husband, val and I 1000 feet off shore line of island 60MN 125f of water. Val’s first alert. 1500’ out at 60D MN val went nutso. Informed Sheriff and other side scanning sonar person involved. Val’s 3rd alert at 500’off shoreline 60MN. Diagramed area. Debriefed NCSO, Ezmeralda.

08-16-03 2003-2888-198(A). Missing Climber. Fred Freaun case. Clack. Co. Mt Hood. I went to PU Brandon for SARM and he never answered the door nor the telephone. He later called me and stated “he was in the shower”. I climbed to Ill. Rock area. Val and I rode the chair lift up and back and did search in crevasse while K-9-3 JR and Mocha and K-9-7 C and Ogen did canyon sar. Found where body is stuck in crevasse at 9500 foot level. Teams: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. J.R. SAR dog Mocha K-9-3. CM SAR Dog Oden K-9-7.

08-30-03 2003-2899-209(B). Coos Co. Death Investigation reopened. Chris Lapping. See 11-19-2000 2000-1753-215(D). RP Jim Lapping Terri Mother Teams :H. Oakes SAR dog Valorie K-9-1. C, Umphrey’s SAR Dog K-9-7. Results:Drove to sight, hiked in, determined it was a suicide. Family advised.

09-17-03 2003-2924-234(A). TV Show consult. Amy Stark Researcher It's A Miracle PAX Television Team:H. Oakes Results: Returned several calls and emails ref: The Angela Bush case.

12-08-03 2003-2998-308(A). Clark. Co. Injured Horse Rider. Kozy Manor Stables. Rider inj. Heidi Dietz See report on file. Team:H. Oakes. Results: Did initial verbal and visual survey, called 911, had her friend Jennifer perform c spine protection, called jeff her husband, filed report.

12-23-03 2003-3012-322(B). King Co. Missing persons case Everett, Wa. RP: Donna Yantis Canby, Ore. 97013 Sister Anderson, (Maiden - Yantis) Shari Christine DOB 10-07-50 Reported missing Everett Mall Dec. 02-2000. By husband John Anderson Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results; Drove up to make contact w/ Suspect, found veh. There no answer at door. Val gave death alert. See reports.

02-04-04 2004-3057-026(C). Lost person. Mexico. RP: Jim Vos Vanc. BC.San Jose Del Calbo Cabo San Lucas. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Worked early am search in Arroyo area, then night search in desert and ocean. Did water search. Val alerted in specific area. Police notified.

07-07-04 St. Croix USVI 2004-3179-154(A). Body Recovery (old human bones) Worked SAR Dog Valorie on actual cadaver area search. Hwy 70 near 707. Unearthed soccer field. Located death site of a human and some bone fragments. All items diagramed, photographed. Took Bones to Gov. Juan Luis Hospital pathologist. He confirmed they were human bones. Turned over to forensics.

07-15-04 2004-3182-157(A). St. Croix USVI Escapee Search with Corrections and VIPD. Teams: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. J. Russell SAR Dog Mocha St. Croix USVI ST#1 Elroy Moorehead. Four prison Correction guards armed with automatic weapons. Flack vests and side arms. Prisoner 2100Hrs. met at Prison Asst Warden Gloria Samuell Results: See report to Dep. Chief VIPD. We identified the house the suspect was in.

07-28-04 2004-3199-174(A). Wash. Co. Meet TV producer Tiller Russell Recreation Ward Weaver Ashley Pond Case.
11-08-04 2004-3284-284(A). Hood River Co. Missing Person. Kimberly Ann Forbes. We located a body in the Columbia River. Faxed detectives the location.
11-15-04 2004-3243-243(E). Clark. Co. Wash. Carolyn Killaby Search. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. M. Keating SAR Dog Yogi K-9-2. Results; Found some human HAIR. Family found it where our search dogs alerts.
12-04-04 2004-3300-300(A).Ecuador Lost person. Saturday 27 of November Mr. Mario Montero Santa Cruz Island Galapagos Island, Ecuador. Did consult.
12-04-04 2004-3301-301(A). Sandpoint, Idaho Missing Person. Dan CLune Missing. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Pending, Offered services by email.
12-06-04 2004-3302-302(A). Philippines Mud slides. Offered assistance to OFDA/Philippine Govt.

12-26-04 2004-3334-334(A). Indonesia Disaster. Offered services. They refused US Search dog teams.
12-29-04 2004-3334-334(B) Thailand Disaster. Teams: M. Keating ST. H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. C. Umphrey’s SAR Dog Thor K-9-7. Results: They refused US Search dog teams.
07-11-04 St. Croix USVI 2004-3180-155(A). Found Human Remains. Teams: H. Oakes J. Russell. St. Croix USVI K-9 teams. Hwy 70-707 area. All K-9 teams did tight Type 3 grid search and found fresh human bones, schrunchee and chewed up shirt button up type turned over to VIPD forensics.
01-06-05 2005-3349-006(B).. Lost person Herminder Sidhu Hwy 1 Rock Climbing. Moss Beach. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1.Results: Tracked Herminder where he fell to his death on the south side into the Ocean.
01-04-05 2005-3347-004(A). Skam. Co. Missing couple.63 yo Dale Collins 63 yo Verna Collins trip f/ skam. Lodge. Sub. Located alive by snow mobile driver during search.

01-06-05 2005-3349-006(B).. Lost person Herminder Hwy 1 Rock Climbing. Montara, Ca. Moss Beach. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1.Results: Tracked Herminder where he fell to his death on the south side into the Ocean.

02-27-05 2005-3344-063(A). Pierce Co. S.O. Drownings x 2. Lake Kapowsin Thomas Johnson age 26. & Kenneth Brisby, 26. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. J. Russell SAR Dog Mocha K-9-3. Results: Located both subjects. Family and Pierce County Sheriff’s office notified.
On 02-28-05 the family called me and stated Deputy Pressell the Pierce Co. SAR Deputy refused to acknowledge our findings and stated we weren’t credible. When I called him personally, he denied saying anything like that. He just stated, I’ve heard rumors (which he passed on to the family unsubstantiated. I reeducated him.
My letter to the SAR Deputy. International K-9 Search and Rescue Services P.O. Box# 1472 Longview, Wa. 98632 Office 360-414-8093 Mobile 503-705-0258
To: SAR Deputy Presell, Pierce Co. S.O. 253-377-7892.

Per our conversation earlier ref: Our drowning search at Lake Kapowsin, Washington for Thomas Johnson & Kenneth Brisby.
I received a call this am from Diane, Darlene, & Howard Johnson and Dave Mcsweyn.
To my surprise when the Johnson family told me that you made the statements that “you didn’t believe our search dogs, that,” I wasn’t credible” and that, “I have been removed from searches for showing up uninvited”. I was shocked. If you don’t believe my search dogs, my abilities. Those are your issues. It’s not fair to make the families suffer because of SAR politics.
Even though we talked, I’m going to share this letter with you to reeducate you because I’m very disappointed that such a professional as yourself would say such a thing.

You represent a uniformed law enforcement agency that people look up to. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Pierce Co. S.O. and was totally shocked that one of their paid staff (YOU) was slandering my good name, my business, my efforts without any written proof or documentation to support your statements. For that, shame on you. You of all people know that’s not right. You dishonor your agency when you do this.
First off your statements are incorrect. I don’t know where you’ve heard these statements made but I would ask you to provide me with written documentation, dates, times, agencies where I’ve shown up uninvited and have been forcibly removed from a search. I tell everyone who badmouths me, my team, my efforts to, ”Put up or shut up”.
You wouldn’t like it if I was spreading “rumors and lies” about you and your hard work. Why should I be any different? All I’m asking is for you to treat me like you want to be treated.

When I first became a law enforcement officer, people would flip me off and call me a “Fricken Pig” because I was wearing a badge and uniform and driving a patrol car. I felt sad for these folks because they knew nothing about the real me.
The fact that I was the first law enforcement cadet at age 18, ever to graduate from a adult police academy in Oregon. (BPST# 9863).
The fact that I’ve won several letters of awards for life saving from various agencies that I’ve worked for. The fact that I’ve received letters of thanks for my work in law enforcement and SAR from two different Presidents of the USA and two other countries, Philippines and Honduras.
The fact that I, like many other good cops, risked my life daily to try and make this world a safer place.
When I quit Law enforcement after 10 years of service with a 100% conviction rate and many letters of accomplishments in my resume’, I continued my service to the community through Mountain Rescue. As a member of Portland Mountain Rescue, I co founded the search dog program for the state of Oregon.
We grew to be an International team and many sheriff’s used us, me, my search dog teams quite successfully. Sheriff Kanakoa from Clark Co. Vanc. Wash. and Sheriff Ray Bladesdale, Skamania County Stevenson , Washington used my team and me exclusively. Along with Sheriff Ray Steele from Polk Co. Dallas, Ore. So obviously I am successful and credible or they never would have use my search dog teams over and over again.
Then as Sheriff’s retire or move on, eventually I had stepped on some toes of other Sheriff’s that were more interested in their egos, and stats then they were saving human lives. I didn’t badmouth them. I simply kept quite and removed myself from the sheriff’s resource list and went private because I didn’t want to be a part of their issues.
I wanted to use my search dog skills to save human and animal life and since 1986, I’ve been successful at just that. I keep hearing from all the various SAR groups, sheriff’s departments on, ”How I’m not credible”.
Tell that to Eli Kelt’s family after I found his body in Benton County Ore. This after the local Sheriff and his certified K-9 teams, divers, and helicopter searched for four days and found nothing. It took my dog 20 minutes to locate his body.
Tell this to Della Carlson’s family in Clastop Co. This after State Certi. Search dogs from Oregon and Washington, the sheriff’s dept teams, searched for two weeks and called off their search and I went in privately on the families request and located her remains in the original search area in less then two days.

Tell this to the 10 victims’ families in the Oklahoma City Bombing search that I’ve been credited in finding through the FBI, Oklahoma City Police Dept and Fire Dept.
Tell this to the families of the 59 victims in the 1990 Philippine Earthquake that the Philippine Government in finding buried in the rubble has credited me.

Tell this to the families of the 29 victims I located with my search dog teams in Honduras after Hurricane Mitch struck Honduras.
Tell this to the families of the 71 dead and 14 alive victims that I’ve been credited in finding in both of the 1999 Turkey Earthquakes.
I have hundreds more documented that I’ll be glad to share with anyone who cares to check on them.
Each time we’ve been bad mouthed publicly by another search dog team or law enforcement agency, we’ve asked them to provide legal documentation to our attorney to support their statements. In 33 years of service to the community, not a single agency or volunteer search team has provided one single piece of documentation to support their statements. Yet we’ve backed each and every statement through our documentation 100%. It’s stood up to the Oregon Dept. of Justice Audit. In fact they (Oregon Dept of Justice) complimented me and my teams for our documentation. They also helped me set up my professional for profit K-9 SAR Team business which now averages 450 calls a year.
So obviously I’m doing something right. I pay my taxes, document all of our search calls, try not to step on anyone’s toes. Go in and do my job and go home at night just like everyone else. I obey all the laws. I’m damn proud of my accomplishments and I’ll be damned if I’ll allow you or anyone else to bad mouth me, my team, my efforts.
I didn’t see you or any of these other folks that bad mouth me, standing by my side in Oklahoma City during the search finding pieces of dead children and adults.
I didn’t see you or any of these other folks that badmouth me, crawling through the rubble in the Northridge, S.F., Philippines and Turkey earthquakes. Or in the snake infested jungles in Honduras looking for human remains.

Why don’t all of you give me credit for my work there?
It’s not illegal to perform a private search or a training function. It’s not illegal to go in privately and perform a search of a specific area and tell people what I’ve found.
You didn’t see me running to the media and try to embarrass your agency or your team efforts. In fact just the opposite. I kept a quiet low profile, we went in, did our search and I provided your agency, along with the family of the victims our findings.

In the future out of respect for your position I will attempt to contact you and give you a heads up on our private searches as we spoke of this am when it’s in Pierce Co.
Not out of being required to by law, just out of respect. But, in return I ask you to not make harmful slanderous statements regarding me, my search dog team, our efforts without written documentation that will hold up in a courtroom.
I hope we understand each other very clearly.
I will not stand by and be bad mouthed any more by your agency, you, your volunteer search dog teams, the State of Oregon or Washington Search Council.
If I hear of anything like this happening again, the person(s) and agencies involved will find themselves answering to a judge in a civil suit.
Mr. Oakes
1-cc- Files.
04-17-05 2005-3455-109(B). Eureka, Ca. Missing Person – Murder case. Brad Thompson from Garberville, Ca. DLS 02-24-05. Teams: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Drove to Ca. Met w/ Family. Obtained scent articles, searched house, location where veh. Was found. Val gave death alerts and tracked death scent to river. See reports and diagrams.
06-21-05 2005-3520-176(A). Marion Co. Missing 15 yo. Scott Spansel Jr. Wallace Marine Park. Salem, Ore. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Drove to Salem, did search. Located victim's position in large pond in Wallace park. Police and family advised. The next day (Wed) an Ore. STATE CERTIFIED CADAVER DOG TEAM was brought in and they failed to find anything in front of the victims family, friends and law enforcement. The victim’s body floated up 3 feet from where I put my flagging in the pond. Again we're right and the state of Oregon has failed the families. The detective suppressed the mothers written press release giving us full credit for finding her son.
07-12-05 2005-3548-202(A). Lake Berryessa, Ca. Drowning. Victim: Kellie Forristall Did telephone consult. Victim’s boyfriend located her remains after doing what I suggested to find her.

07-31-05 2005-3572-226. Clack. Co. Missing person Carlos Rubio. Teams; H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. C. Umphrey’s SAR Dog Thor K-9-7. Results: Found victim’s right shoe, bloody cling, tied balloon and nylon cord. All items photographed and flagged. This after local search dog teams and ground search teams failed to find anything.
08-04-05 2005-3575-229(A). Sabine Parrish, Lo. Missing person. Missing 2 days Missing person. Mykel Sonnier, Mother Denise Sonnier. Richard Sonnier WMA, 6’01 155lbs. Brn hair, no facial hair, wears reading glasses. Medical heart condition High BP, Cardio Mioprathy. Since 2000. Wearing: Pair of Cammo pants, tennis shoes size 12. white T shirt. Catholic brown jewelry. Bad back. Pain meds. Ruptured five discs. Mult. Surgeries. Muscle relaxers. 323 Mike St. Many, Louisiana. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Pending. Totals: .15 min. 0 miles. Local volunteer Fire Dept. from Peg Lake and Lake side F.D. vol. Searched for 3 hours. Totals: 180,000 acre lake, alligators. Did consult.

08-17-05 2005-3588-242(A). King Co. Missing Person. RP: Jill & Juan Reyes Pl. Renton, Wa. Son Sean Casey McClain Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results. Sent contract, prepped for SARM. Drove to Search site. Canceled enroute, subject located alive at Tocoma Mall.

08-28-05 2005-3596-250(A). Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans Emergency Management Ofc (504) 565-7200 1300 Perdido St # 9eo6 New Orleans, LA Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. On S/B. Results: Faxed Governor’s office 225-342-7099. Pending. Sent offer to help. FEMA Had this so %&#@ed up they turned away our services along with the US Navy, Houston and Dallas Fire Depts as well as Police officers from Idaho. We wrote Senator Clinton and with her help got the director of FEMA and The director of the ARC fired. FUBAR. If this disaster had happened in Beverly Hills, Ca. the victims would have been rescued in hours instead of weeks later. We did assist in the overhead logistical support for animal rescue efforts with LSU. Office of Public Affairs Louisiana State University 3960 West Lakeshore Drive Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70808 Vini

09-09-05 2005-3572-226(P). Clack. Co. Death investigation. Re:Carlos Rubio SARM Teams: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. J. Russell SAR Dog Mocha K-9-3. Results: Drove to 4220 Rd. Hiked into location where body was recoverd. Located game stalking overslippers which explains how Carlo’s shoes were so clean. Found remains in bear feces. Debriefing with family.

09-20-05 2005-3614-268(A). Klamath Falls Medford Ore. TV producer Re: A. Pond Case. Bishop, Shane (NBC Universal)"
10-08-05 2005-3626-280(A). India/Pakistan Earthquake. 7.6 Teams: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. M. Keating SAR Dog Yogi K-9-2. Results: Sent email to Embassy LA, Ca. Offered services. They couldn’t afford to pay our way and neither could we.

10-21-05 2005-3455-109(J). Myers Flats, Ca. Missing Person – Murder case. RP: Carl Re: Brad Thompson from Garberville, Ca. Teams: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Met with family, debriefed. Asked to do another search along S Eel River near Arch hyway. Val located an area where she smelled a dead human body. I then drove to Eureka and met w/ Detective Pete Jimenez. Advised him of Valorie’s findings.

11-01-05 2005-3654-306(A). Clack. Co. Ashley Pond Interview w/ MSNBC Clackamas Park. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Did interview re: Pond case.

11-01-05 2005-3654-306(B). Clack. Co. Ashley Pond Interview w/ MSNBC Lake Sacajewa Park. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Did more film shoot with MSNBC re: Pond case.

12-29-05 2005-3706-357(B). Jefferson Co. Wa. Poss. Suicide. RP: Bob Carter . Re: Lynn Ohana Port Townsend , Wa. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Drove up to Port Townsend, met w/ Bob. Drove to PLS. Obtained scent articles. Did search. See reports.

01-07-06 2006-3714-004(D). Suicide RP: Suzanne Bellingham, Wa. Suicide victim Peter Holzman. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Drove to residence. Did death notifications and grief therapy. Man walking his dog located Peter DOA sitting against a tree 300 yards up on the ridgeline above the parking lot.

02-07-06 2006-3744-034(A). Tillamook Co. Drownings x 3. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: UCSG recovered one near Twin Rocks. Jeff King, 30, of Garabaldi, The captain and owner of the vessel, Craig L. Larsen, 32, of Warrenton, and crew member Trona B. Griffin, 30, also of Garabaldi, are still missing. SAR Dog Valorie located one of the remaining missing near the debris pile boat, North of Tillamook Jetty. USCG Tillamook and Garabaldi stations advised.

02-17-06 2006-3753-043(A). Philippine Mud slides. Sent letter and email to Wash. DC. Offered services.

02-20-06 2006-3755-045(A). Iraq. RP: Ajay Surtani Iraq re: Bomb Detection Dogs. See reports.

02-28-06 2006-3737-027(B). Skam. Co. Downed Aircraft. Team; H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. ST Carol Dreyer. Searched area of HPOD. Nothing found. Heavy snow on the ground and in the trees.

03-16-06 2006-3770-060(A). Klamath Co. Missing Family in Motorhome. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Sent offer to assist to Senator.

03-18-06 2006-3772-062(A). Kaui, Hawaii Broken earthen dam search for victims. Team; H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Offered services to gov. office. Teams Placed on Standby.

04-09-06 2006-3790-080(A). Cowlitz Co. DAT Response. Trailer Fire Alabama St. Longview, Wa. 98632 Victim A. M. H. Oakes Bob Galivan. Results: Met at ARC Longview. PU ERV. Drove to site.

05-02-06 2006-3822-112(A). Columbia Co. Cadaver Search. Delina Megar Team; H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results:Val located four sites. Consulted with land owners. Old Indian artifact area.

06-14-06 2006-3890-181(A). Thurston Co. Missing Person Christopher Bridgeman Jr., Missing since 1964. Evening magazine did a story. Consulted with family.

06-20-06 2006-3902-193(A). Polk Co. Missing Person. Byron Jeffrey Fusselman disapeared Nov 4, 2005. Case pending. Consulted w/ Family.

06-23-06 2006-3909-199(A). Yakima Co. Missing 15 yo girl. Greg (Father) Missing child Kirstie Gurnlose. Team; H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Did consult with family.

07-11-06 2006-3956-236(B). Murdered victim search. Byron Fusselman. Case pending. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Team placed on S/B.

07-16-06 2006-3968-257(A). Himalayas South America Jose Antonio Delgado Has been in his tent at 7.000 meters for 4 days in mountain nanga parbat. He has a GPS and a radio. He is continiusly talking with his group but they cant rescue him because the weather is not good and is snowing, so the snow over his tent is too soft. we just need a helicopter but in Pakistan nobody seem to help. Just the army but I couldn’t contact the army. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results; Started working on getting permission to go over there. Sent letters to US Air Force asking for an emergency air drop.

07-21-06 2006-3976-266(A). Grant Co. RP: Antonio Javier Ramos DLS: 06-03-06 Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Did consult.

07-24-06 2006-3983-272(A). Cowlitz Co. Missing Person Lori Hamm. Team; H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Faxed offer to help to LPD Det.

07-26-06 2006-3983-272(B). Cowlitz Co. Missing Person Lori Hamm. Team; H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Searched various areas.

07-30-06 2006-3988-277(D). Lost climber RP: Missing Jon Francis Stillwater Saw Tooth Mountain Ranger Idaho. Team; H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: did all night search. Stayed on the mtn all night long searching. Val indicated death alert from South. Family advised. Our findings were documented and turned over to the family, Police, Governor’s office and USFS.

09-21-06 2006-4078-378(A). Missing person Cyn Dee (Cynthia) Maurer Height: 5'10" Weight: 160lbs Eyes: Brown Age: 50 Last Seen: Sept 19th 9:30pm - Silver Honda Accord 2005 4-Door. Heading to Barnes & Noble Walnut Creek from Dublin. Results: Offered our assistance. Sent overhead management information.

10-03-06 2006-4104-404(A). Cowlitz Co. Child Safety. RP: Hello Harry this is April from US bank. I would love some more info for protecting my son. Your fingerprint and child id cards and Child Safety Info. Thanks April. Have a great day! Sent info.
10-09-06 2006-4114-414(B). Tillamook Co. Missing Hunter. RP: Norman Moore. 79 yo male. Veh. Located in forest with hearing aid, weapon, in veh. Flat tire. Foss Road in the Cook Creek area around 10 a.m. Results: Drove to Tillamook. Met w/ RP. Obtained contract, down payment and scent articles. Drove to PLS did search. Val located the area where Norman’s death scent was present on west side of canyon. Family and S.O. advised.

10-25-06 2006-4128-428(D). Crater Lake, Ore. Missing child. Samuel Boehlke Cleetwood Cover area. Portland, Ore. 97221. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Drove to Crater Lake, Did search for Sam. Val tracked SARM and located where he was dead. Possible cougar. Also located what appeared to be two strands of human hair in predator feces. Park Ranger given hair for evidence. Family advised.

11-12-06 2006-4167-467(B). Missing Person. RP: Re: Michael missing from LV Nv. RP: Tara Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: Did overhead management and consulting for family.

11-29-06 2006-4198-498(A). Inj. Child. Cowlitz Co. First Aid Pt: Alison T. on payment in front of 616 20th ave. Longview, Wa. 98632 12 yo female child fell with numerous witnesses on pavement. Small lac. On forhead. I applied 2x2 gauze pad and kling. Step father on scene.
Patient transported to hospital.

12-01-06 2006-4200-500(A). Missing Kim Family. Southern Oregon. SFPD. Case# 061269588 Kim family. PLS Ptld. Ore. DLS: 11-25-06. Cal DOESF 2005 Silver SAAB SW SFPD Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. Results: We received a request from the private search efforts to assist. I did the initial overhead management for the Kim search. Their family and friends refused to sign our contract for services. So the only thing I could do was to give them some free advise.

They did listen to my suggestion and ping’ed the cellular telephone to determine the area where the vehicle and family were later found by volunteer search helicopter. The sheriff nor their search teams never did find these victims. It was strictly the volunteer helo pilots.

If the family had hired our services with my 32 years of SAR Experience, we may have brought closure to this case much more quickly. This isn’t arm chair quarterbacking. It’s the truth. I’m not passing judgement on the Kim family or the sheriff’s dept and their search teams. Just stating the facts.

I’ve taught outdoor survival and the Kim family made many huge mistakes that cost them Mr. Kim’s life.


1). Not sticking to the main roadway. Depending on an electronic GPS device to show you a shorter way to your destination doesn’t take away the use of common sense. The family ignored four posted signs that stated, this road impassible during winter conditions. When they first spotted snow, that should have been a clue to turn around immediately.

2). Not being prepared for spending the night in their vehicle in inclement weather.
All families / persons who drive on a trip should have a min. of 4 days supplies of water, sleepbags, change of clothing and food for everyone in the vehicle. In case of disasters, earthquake, floods, fires, bad weather, snow, ice, etc. This is common sense.

3). Never ever leave the vehicle unless it’s on fire. Had the Kim family had the sleeping bags, min. equipment to survive, they could have stretched their food supplies to last a week or two.

4). If the private search efforts are paying $2000.00 per hour for a helicopter, why not use experienced help? That’s what we’re here for. They overlooked our professional services which could have guided the helicopters and ground search teams into the area of highest probability in a more timely fashion.

The sheriff’ should have used all available resources. He still can manage his / her search effort when using both state resources and private search teams.

12-08-06 2006-4215-515(A). Hood River Co. Missing Mt Climbers. Brian Hall, 37, of Dallas, and Jerry "Nikko" Cooke, 36, of New York. And Kelly James, 3 missing Climbers on Mt Hood, Ore. We’ve offered our avalanche k-9 teams and technical ice rescue teams to the sheriff by email. They refused our trained professional services.

Note: These climbers could have survived if they had built a snow cave, marked it’s location and stayed in one place for rescue. I’ve led climbs up Mt Hood and was part of Portland Mountain Rescue from 1986 to 1994. I’ve led climbs for search and rescue, teams for the US Forest Service and members of the Mazama’s. I’ve taught winter survival to search and rescue since 1986. Things to remember.

When you dig a snow cave, you must remember to dig it deep enough for all persons to lay flat comfortably. The person(s) inside the snow cave must also mark the location for search and rescue folks to spot it from the ground or the air. They should have ensolite or other padding between their bodies and the snow and their sleeping bags.

When the winds gust to 50 mph, this brings the wind chill factor and temp down to 35 to 50 degrees below zero. Inside the snow cave, it stays a constant 34 degrees above zero. So if you stay inside, light a candle, melt snow, and ration your food, you can survive for weeks inside. The main concern at this altitude is HAPE HACE and Hypothermia. High altitude Pulmonary Edema, High Altitude Cerebral Edema, and Hypothermia can kill quickly. Usually HACE and HAPE won’t occur unless your at the 10,000 foot level or above.
Hypothermia can kill you within minutes depending on your location and clothing attire.

Another concern is suffocation. A build up of carbon dioxide. CO. When you sleep in a snow cave, it’s vitally important to punch a fresh air hole with your ice axe or ski pole every two hours. Make sure you are getting fresh air. We’ve seen climbers die on Mt Rainier from carbon dioxide poisoning from not doing this.

Search dogs in this environment. I won’t risk our search dogs or teams until the weather calms down. We can and have worked in white out conditions. But when a person purposely puts themselves at risk and climb during the winter time, they must realize help could be a few days in coming. I’ve snow camped in snow caves in the Three Sisters Wilderness, on Mt Rainier, Mt Hood and Mt St Helens. If you are prepared then you’ll survive.

What are the searchers faced with? Lugging up a 60Lbs rescue pack in these conditions is hard work. The search teams face extreme avalanche conditions, heavy winds, crevasses, falling ice, rock, snow. Blinding winds. Extreme cold temperatures. We’re willing and ready to put search dog teams in the area, but not until the winds calm down to at least 20 MPH. The dogs can air scent the search areas and determine if there victims in the area. Our prayers are with the victims, their families, and the searchers at this time. Mr. Oakes
SAR Coordinator. IK9SARS.

NOTE: Reflection & Politics.
Many of the police depts. in Oregon and Washington don't like us because we come in to the search privately on behalf of the family and find the victim(s) or what happened to the victim(s) when the police and their certified K-9 SAR teams failed to find anything.

This happens all the time. If the Sheriff’s departments would take a step back and learn that we could be their greatest asset instead of their rival (which they perceive us to be), they would come out looking much better in the end.

If they would learn our techniques of finding the missing, and put in the same amount of energy we do, it would save the department thousands of dollars a year and many families a lot of heart ache.

When a police dept calls us in, we work for them and won’t talk to anyone regarding their case and our findings.

When they refuse our offers to assist and the victim(s) family calls in, we then work for the family. If this embarrasses the law enforcement community, it’s not our fault. We’re just doing the job we’ve been hired to do. I have the deepest respect for most of our law enforcement community. Remember I wore a badge and a uniform for 10 years and am damn proud of my service in law enforcement.
What I don’t condone is the abuse of power by some law enforcement agencies officials who make everyone else look bad when these particular agencies officials put their egos ahead of their IQ’s and innocent people die from it.

The following counties have employees in the Sheriff’s dept who abuse their power by not allowing all available trained resources to assist. These counties have openly discriminated against other search teams including ours. This has cost many lives.

Pierce County Sheriff’s Dept. Tacoma, Wa. Multnomah County, Portland, Ore. Clackamas County Oregon City, Ore. Columbia Co. St. Helens, Oregon. Marion County, Salem, Oregon. Clark County, Vancouver, Wa. Clatsop Co. Astoria, Ore. Skamania County, Stevenson, Wa.
Tillamook County, Tillamook, Ore.

These counties have gone out of their way to verbally bad mouth our efforts to make themselves look better. They have cost human life in doing so. It’s sad when from 1972 to 1994 while I was involved in the military and in law enforcement, I was called in as a credible and reliable resource by most of these same counties.


As soon as Sheriff Kanakoa, Clark Co. Sheriff Ray Steele, Polk Co. and Sheriff Ray Bladesdale Skamania County, retired, then all of a sudden we quit being used. Now the new sheriff’s and their representatives tell the families that “, I’m not credible, I’m unreliable”, that I’m,” only out to take money from those suffering from a loss of their relatives”, “a quack”, that, ”I’ve been kicked out of every search I’ve ever been on”.

Now remember I’m the most documented and decorated search dog handler in the USA and prob. The world. Everything I’ve done, all the searches, all the awards I’ve won, from sheriff’s offices in the past, and from two presidents of the USA, Bush Sr and Clinton are documented. From Governor Roberts to Two other Presidents of other countries. Philippines and Honduras. If I wasn’t credible then why have these agencies and presidents issued me the awards and letters they did?

Now who is looking less credible? Me with all of my continued success and documentation and awards? Or, the Sheriff’s departments who continue to put me down for my documented success and their failed efforts in finding the missing?

Example: Feb. 05 The Johnson family called me and told me that Pierce Co. SAR Deputy was badmouthing my efforts in helping this family find their drowned son.

In Feb. 05 two 26 year men went out on Lake Kapowsin and drowned. Pierce Co. SO put in divers for 3 days and found nothing. After searchers and the family failed to find anything for two weeks, my team donated their time and located where both of the victims bodies were in the lake with the use of our search dogs.

We didn’t charge the family or the Sheriff’s Dept anything. We donated our time, work, and our own money to help the family bring closure to this search. When we sent our report in to Pierce Co. S. O. asking Pierce Co. to put in divers and recover the two drowned victims, they told the family that, ”I wasn’t credible and not to trust me”.

I gave the Thomas Johnson family and Kenneth Brisby’s family a copy of my CD listing all of my credentials. Theses families asked the sheriff’s dept to bring another dog team in if they (the sheriff’s dept didn’t want to believe our dog teams).

March 6th, 05 the Pierce Co. S. O. brought in 6 volunteer K-9 water trained SAR dog teams. The family watched as each of the dogs independently alerted in the same exact locations as our dogs had done.

When the search was over that day, the families were told by the dog team coordinator ,”that none of their dogs had alerted in the lake”. Now, let’s look at this statement.

Either the dog team coordinator is an outright liar, or he doesn’ t have a clue of what he’s doing and shouldn’t be a coordinator.

The family was given instructions by me on how a search dog is trained, worked, tested on finding victims in the water. They independently watched each dog verify exactly where our search dogs alerted a week before.

Remember in my early stories I told you the reader, “Search dogs don’t know how to lie”.

So our conclusion is either that the SAR Dog Coordinator was told to tell the families this outrageous lie, so as not to give any credibility to our search dog’s findings. (Which we marked on a map during our search and on the lake itself).
Or, these search dog handlers ignored their dogs whining, biting at the water, jumping in the water at the exact same location our search dogs did. And in the families opinion and mine too, this SAR Dog Coordinator and dog teams should be removed from SAR Dog service until they are properly trained.

Fact, we have two victims drowned in this lake.
Fact, we located their positions with our search dogs on the day we conducted our search.
Fact, according to the family, the other search dog teams verified our findings.
Fact, qualified divers have been in contact with this search effort and requested to come in but were refused by Pierce Co. S.O.

When I called the SAR Deputy from Pierce County who told the Johnson family that, “our dog team couldn’t be trust and that if I show up on scene again he would arrest me”.

I demanded to know where he got his information? He’s a uniformed law enforcement official sworn to uphold the law and tell the truth. His comment to me was,” I heard this from another agency”. When I asked him to provide this information on who said what in writing, he refused.

Tillamook County told the family of a missing elk hunter not to use me because, “I cause trouble”.

When these agencies badmouth me, to try to make themselves look less incompetent and, after all these years have failed to provide me, my attorney, or the public, with one piece of documentation to support any of their statements. We all must start asking the question.
Where really does the lack of credibility lay? With the accuser (the sheriff’s dept’s.)?


With Harry and his teams who has provided documentation every step of the way?
Letter written by one of the victim’s families.
My name is Howard Johnson. My son and his best friend drowned in Lake Kapowsin on February 19, 2005.
Pierce County Search and Rescue searched for my son and his best friend from 11:00 Saturday night February 19th until about 6:30 Monday night February 21st that is only
43 ½ hours then they gave up by suspending their search stating that they have did all they could.
One week later on February 27th a volunteer team of dogs from Northwest Disaster Search went to Lake Kapowsin to search the lake. They found a point of interest and told me personally that they were going to get a hold of Search and Rescue. At that time they will tell them of their findings and that they were going to try and get the Search and Rescue back out with their sonar and maybe a dive team. The Search and Rescue never did that.

On the same day Harry Oakes from Portland also volunteered to search the lake. he found 2 death scents. His recommended action was for Search and Rescue to go retrieve the bodies with either hooks or divers. Search and Rescue again would not do it. They simply tried to discredit any of Harry Oakes findings. Anyone wanting a copy of Harry’s credentials is more than welcome to contact me at 253-884-3659. What is Pierce County hiding in Lake Kapowsin??????
Family and friends of these two young men searched for the next two weeks until Pierce County was shamed into going out with their dogs on March 6, 2005 Friends and family watched from the west side of the lake. Every one of us saw the Search and Rescue dogs bite and lap at the water. The dogs also wined and barked and tried jumping into the water while the searchers held them back but we were told that the dogs found no scent.
We have had numerous dive teams tell us that they would help us find our loved ones but, they tell us that Pierce County has to call them and tell them that they cannot find the young men and are out of resources, but Pierce County will not do that. Some of these teams are more qualified then what the Pierce County Search and Rescue dive team are. Diving is the only job of some of those teams that want to volunteer their time and skills.
Is Pierce County afraid that they might find something else in Lake Kapowsin? Each and every time a dive team tries to join the search, Pierce County puts a stop to it. What is in Lake Kapowsin???? Pierce County says stumps and 3 feet of silt, logs and cables but each dive team has been told that and are still willing to dive.
Is it pride or are they hiding something? Does Pierce County know something about Lake Kapowsin that they don’t want the rest of us to know? You be the judge…..
This book is dedicated to all of the honest men and women in Search & Rescue, Law Enforcement and EMS fields and to their K-9 partners, who risk their lives every day to make this world a better place in which to live in.

I have an old saying and I'll say it now to all you individuals who wish to bad mouth me and the other people, like myself, who are out there doing the work you only wish you could do. "Put up or shut up", AND "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all".

Base the information that you listen to and pass along, on documented facts, and you will get along better with everyone who works with you. Each one of the individuals who has openly badmouthed either me personally or the members and efforts of our SAR dog unit. None of these individuals has ever provided me or anyone else, when we confronted them, with one single piece of documentation to support their statements. One individual got himself sued for giving the public and police false information about my team.

Let's get the facts straight so you individuals who wish to pass on information can pass on accurate information.

More Many thanks goes to the following people.

Sgt. Noble Kiest, Multnomah County Sheriff's Explorer Post #900, Adviser.
Noble was an adviser who allowed us to make the mistakes we all make. He had the patience to allow each of us to learn from our mistakes and the leadership to pull us through the muck. The ability to stand beside us and support us when we needed the help and encouragement.

Sgt. Walter Stav, my Firing Range Instructor, while I attended the Police academy through Multnomah County Sheriff's Reserve Academy in 1973-74. He taught me focus and fortitude, along with sensitivity, made me a good police officer, not the badge or the uniform.

To my instructor from Rocky Mountain Rescue Dogs. My SAR dog Instructor. A very patient and kind instructor. She taught me the K-9 basics on tracking, trailing and air scenting. Then she challenged me to succeed when everyone else told me I wouldn't.

To M.C. a past member of Portland Mountain Rescue. Founder of the Buck Reach and Treat (RAT) teams, and assistant founder of Oregon D.O.G.S. M taught me to believe in myself, my skills, and to keep focused on what's important despite the challenges.

Lt. N. J. Clackamas County Sheriff's Office. Taught me what the meaning of teamwork was all about, and the realities of the ugliness of politics in SAR.

Skamania County Sheriff's Department past DEM Director Nancy Sourek who trusted in my teams, our resources, and me. Because of her faith in our teams, together we saved many lives. She stood by us when everyone became jealous and started spreading rumors and lies about us, so that they could be used instead of our teams.

Special Dedication:
To my first SAR Dog Kodi, K-9-1. (A black lab). You led the way, often through the dead of night, in the cold wind, rain, and snow, to show me the light at the end of the tunnel, thank you. You helped me start the search dog teams in the state of Oregon and SW Washington. You tolerated my slow learning abilities regarding scent and scent evidence.
With loving memories of service from 11-01-86 to 10-01-87.

To my second search dog partner and love of my life. SAR Dog “Ranger”. (A lab/newfoundland pound puppy). Your memory lives on in the hearts of all that you've touched. SAR Dog Ranger, K-9-1. 05-25-87 to 11-25-94. Rest in eternal peace my friend. I love you and miss you. You're gone from here, but your spirit will live on forever. Gone but never forgotten. Your loving partner, Harry.
(Ranger is now an Angel Animal). Contact us at our web site at: and order your “Angel Animal” today.

He’s the only search dog in the world to win the prestige’s Higgens and Langely Swift Water Rescue Award from N.A.S.A.R. During his memorial service after he died in my arms, there was standing room only at the church. People came to pay their last respects. They brought their children, their pets, their families that “Ranger” had saved in the past. Numerous SAR and law enforcement agencies also showed to pay their final respects.
To my son Brandon E. Oakes, who has played victim for the search dogs in all types of weather, since he was old enough to walk. For his assistance in helping me train Kodi, Ranger, and Valorie. For his support in participating in over 70 SAR missions around the world with me. Now he’s a US Marine and I’m damn proud of him. Thank you, love dad.

To my loving parents Harry Sr. and Deloris Oakes who have had to suffer the ugliness of the politics. They have stood by me and through their love and understanding, helped pull me through the good and bad times. Ignored the newspaper and media reports that were a one sided attack on my credibility to protect the bungling acts of the local law enforcement agencies.
To my current partner SAR dog Valorie, K-9-1. (A Border collie, Skiperkee, Kelpy mutt pound puppy mix). Thank you for sharing your life with me and being my partner. I couldn't have gone on without you. You've pulled me through many rough times. The death of Ranger, our volunteer search efforts in the Oklahoma City bombing disaster, Hurricane Mitch disaster in Honduras, both of the Turkey Earthquakes, and the Pacific NW Floods, just to name a few.

The repeated ugly politics that followed each effort by jealous SAR dog handlers and the one-sided media attacks on our abilities. We never ever saw any of the media, the sheriff’s, or the jealous dog handlers that bad mouthed our efforts, standing beside us in Oklahoma City when we documented 10 finds, Honduras when we documented 29 finds, Turkey when we documented 71 dead and 14 live finds. It’s amazing that the media would even attempt to discredit our abilities after all of this work.

Valorie, like Kodi and Ranger, you give your heart and soul on each and every search. I only wish that everyone else could do the same. In the last 12 years, Valorie has documented over 5,106 missions with 1,452 documented finds. Your grateful partner, Harry.

SAR Dog Willow is a 19 month old border collie. She was rescued from Seattle Border Collie rescue and started training with SAR Dog Valorie and handler – instructor Mr. Harry Oakes, March of 2007. SAR Dog Willow has documented 544 searches, finding 127 victims.

Sharon Harmon -Operations Director of the Oregon Humane Society.
Your friendship and trust has always meant so very much to me. Thank You.

Past Sheriff Ray Steel, retired Deputy Bill Sealey, SAR Coordinator Dudley Berry Polk County Sheriff's Office. Dallas, Oregon. Thank you for your continued support. Together we've made a difference that we couldn't have done, without each other’s trust, support, and by our work together as a team.

Kris Desylvia Kris was there for me day and night as a friend and housemate. She offered a shoulder to lean on when nobody else was willing to be there. She held me when I cried my heart out after placing the dead in body bags. She’s helped make telephone calls while I was packing my SAR gear. She never once doubted my honesty or my dedication to my work in Search & Rescue. Kris you’re a true friend.

Pastor Charlie Ross. Pastor Ross helped me understand and cope with the horrors, pain, and the suffering that I deal with daily. The kidnappings, assaults, rapes, and brutal murders of the men, women, and children and animals that we found. The loss of life from disasters and human ignorance. The ugliness of the politics. The untruthfulness of those lacking security within themselves. Through Pastor Ross' support and God's love, I have learned to understand the process of life and death and use my faith and experience as a Christian grief counselor to help others in their time of loss and pain.

To my SAR partner's Ken Bowlsby, Jim Burgett, Michelle Keating, Charlotte Blevins, Pat Foss, and Beatrice Liedecker. You all have helped me keep focused on what's important in our work and helped me understand that, “Nothing else matters”, when we know that what we are doing, is the right thing to do. That the only people we have to answer to, are the people we've helped, and to our GOD on judgment day.

Dr. Angie Untiz and Red dog. Our loving friends.

To my friends from Sitka Fire Department Search Dogs.
Thanks for your support and friendship over the years. In loving memory of their search dogs who have passed on.


To all of the SAR dogs over the years who have given their lives in the line of duty.
Mountain Wilderness Search Dogs. Ranger – Murphy, Jerelle - Kodi - Smokey - Otis - Joshua - Amber - Breezy - Bear - Brandy - Max - Miranda. Gone but never forgotten.

Larry & Rebecca McLintock To my friends from the Critter Gitter Services for their support, patience, and teachings.

Art Jordon from Cowlitz County Search & Rescue. A very compassionate, patient leader and friend.

Stephen Jenkevice, Marylin Mann, from the National Missing Children's Locate Center of Portland, Oregon. They've stood along side of me guiding me with their friendship, their respect and the mutual love we share for the missing children. Every day is a struggle as we attempt to bring the missing children back home alive.

Mr. Charles Ringo - Attorney At Law. Charlie stood by my side both as a friend and as an attorney, to help me fight the injustices we faced. Without his legal expertise and friendship, I wouldn't be doing what I do today to help find and save others. Thank you Charlie.

And last but not least. This last section is dedicated to certain members of Oregon Dept. of Emergency Management, The Washington State of Emergency Management, certain members of FEMA, and NASAR teams, who throughout the years have repeatedly tried to bad mouth our teams efforts, trying to shut us down out of jealousy to make themselves look better and less inadequate.

Who repeatedly put me down through their false one-sided media releases. Their ignorance has repeatedly showed through and caught up with them. The people we’ve helped in the past, when these teams couldn’t or wouldn’t, now know the truth.

You all are an outstanding example of what’s wrong in the world today. You put your egos and politics in front of the mission and oath of office you’ve sworn to serve. A big outstanding shame on you is in order. I certainly wish it could be more. That’s for GOD to take care of when judgment day arrives.

In loving memory of those you’ve helped kill. Nathen Madsen, Eli Kelt, Tommy Gibson, Ashley Pond, Miranda Gaddis, the 165 victims of the Oklahoma City Bombing Disaster, the victims in the 911 terrorist attacks, and so many other innocent victims who’ve lost their lives due to politics and egos.

When will these agencies who are sworn to protect us ever learn? If we work together FEMA / NON-FEMA / NASAR / NON-NASAR teams if managed properly during a search effort using the ICS system will go along ways to helping save human and animal lives. Both types of teams have a lot to offer the SAR Manager.

Harry Oakes

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